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Or, how I learned 900 kanji in less than a year.

So! Today we are going to talk about the thing I've devoted the last ~9 mo. to AND SO CAN YOU: The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test, or Kanji Kentei (日本漢字能力検定)

Wait! Don't run away! Just because it's a kanji test doesn't make it really scary! I promise.

Why You Should Consider Taking the KanKen )
How to Prepare )
Applying for and Taking the KanKen )
Special Explanation: The Compound Formation Section )

In conclusion, I hope this will be helpful to all of you out there studying Japanese! Please tell me if there's anything I've forgotten in the comments :D
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So, a lot of people are like, "how did you get so good at Japanese?" and I'm like, "I watch TV" and then they think that sounds like a super great easy fun way to learn. And it is, if you do it right. I will now explain how.

How to Improve your Language Skills by Watching TV )

And those are my ten rules for learning through TV because I am a DOWNER who just need to RAIN on everyone's PARADE.
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This is a short post for anyone's reference who needs it, because there was no information readily available on this subject when *I* needed it. Now, being American, I *know* how to get through airport security, but. 'Twas overkill. 面倒くさいoverkill.

This applies to DOMESTIC flights only.

--Plan to be at the airport 30-45 minutes in advance. My Okinawa book actually said 20, and while I did it in 20 (I missed the earlier train I wanted to take/ And the one after that :/), but I was freaking out the whole time. You do NOT need to be there any earlier than that. (I figured Haneda, being in Tokyo, would be along the same lines as Dulles' 1.5 hrs. No.)

--Laptops come out of the bag, and of course you have to get through the metal detector.

--You do not need to take off your shoes, scarf, coat, etc. There was an announcement at Haneda saying they were checking shoes, but they weren't.

--Liquids are not restricted. (And after I went to all that trouble to find a plastic bag :/) If you have a bottle or can of something to drink, you may bring it with you, but you must give it to security to run through their scanning machine. (A SCANNING MACHINE. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.)

--Sharp objects, balloons, firecrackers and so on are prohibited in carry-on baggage. You are only allowed one lighter.

--You do not need to present identification. As a matter of fact, your boarding pass is not inspected, merely scanned. The security dude was very confused when I tried to prove I was myself.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. One other thing: on the way there, we were asked to put all our luggage in the overhead compartments and not at our feet?? Not that that should be a problem, I'd just go straight for the overhead bin to avoid having to move your stuff later, just in case.

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[ profile] nicocoer was sad about her lack of shiny special characters over on twitter, so to help unlock the magical treasure trove of ~jtext~, I am putting together a tutorial! So that we can all have shiny special characters.

This is written for Windows XP, but I hope with a little ingenuity it might be applied to other versions of Windows? Sorry Mac and Linux users, no idea. You do not have to know Japanese to use this tutorial. It would just make your life easier.

How can I get other languages on my computer box? )
But I have JText. How do I see your magical characters? )
I want my own! How can I set up custom emoji? )
Other cool things to do with Jtext )

And that's it! Let's paint the internets with special characters! ☆♥♪♡★

EDIT: [ profile] nekokaze explains what to do about those horrible gibberish filled windows pop-up boxes in Appendix A, if you're interested :D


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