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Ryuuki 45-End, Episode Final )

Work tomorrow D: Guess I will have to marathon another Kamen Rider to distract me from my misery :Db
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So remember how I mentioned in the post before this how I always stare sadly at the bookshelves but they never have Hero Vision?


And, in the spread for Shinken vs. Go-On...
Me: *points to picture* See, I told you he thinks everyone in the world is his girlfriend.
Lisa: *eyebrows lost above hairline*
Me: ...You didn't believe me until just now, did you?

Anyway, most of my life recently has been spent on ~video letter~, which I got completely edited, mailed, EVERYTHING today :Dv Which means I can enjoy tomorrow's movie guilt free.

ALSO, d'you know how people have irrational crushes on things? I will confess: I have one on Joe Biden and his love of trains. ♥
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Me: So, those are the jobs we're doing today, but is there any other job you want to know how to say in English?
K: What about suitsu akutaa?
Me: It's the same, "suit actor."
Other two teachers/rest of the class: What is a suit actor????
Me: It's the actor in tokusatsu who dresses up in the suit and plays, like, Gozilla or Kamen Rider.
Me (to K): :Db
K: :Db


W 10 )
Shinken 17-32 )


When you button your shirt, where do you start:
A. top
B. bottom
C. middle
D. like, two buttons from the top (right below the throat)
E. some other place I will elaborate on
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I am going to tell you something I'm sure you will find shocking, utterly shocking:

I am not prepared for the kanji kentei that's in a week.


I mean, I'm certainly *better off*. But for a test you need a 70% to pass, uh, yeah, no.

Anyway. [ profile] vintage_belle came and stayed and we went to ikebana class and a doll store and I bought several phone straps and ate Wendy's and KFC and finally went back to BookOff to get me some HikaGen.

I of course bask in love and adoration from my students. Even if I did have a problem with Takano-sensei last week that had me ready to destroy things. I *did* get to complain about having to learn HSJ, but no sooner did I get 9(!) of them right, they asked me about B.I. Shadow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY orz We started a reading-writing club for kids who wanted to come. I've been kind of surprised at the turnout! Exciting~

I've also tried to get better at kendama, because I'm seriously fail. Although, given I have that test in a week, maybe I should spend the time practicing *kanji*...

Anyway, I'm sorry, I remain unmotivated to write *anything*, even though I really do want to.

I did clean my entire apartment, at least? It was way hardcore.

...Okay, I'm going to bed.

Me: [Eats squid]
2-3: どう?
Me: 味がない。
2-3: 鯵がなかったら、買ってあげる。 :P
Me: *facepalm*

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Blah blah no one wants to read this, probably not even *you*, Staubs. )
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I don't think I even wished happy May birthdays? So, Happy May Birthdays!


I have a pet marimo now, but I don't know what to name it. Is Mario too unoriginal?

Also! I decided to take the kanji kentei in June! Level 5, which is all the elementary school kanji. I dunno, I'm not sure if I have confidence or not. I am learning what all the radicals are called, though.

And. I started ikebana! You may be aware that I have wanted to do ikebana for YEARS, and now I finally can! Three Saturdays a month. Woo~

Okay. Well, I guess I'm going to back to drawing Pokemon now or something... I leave you with this ACUTAL QUOTE.

Takano-sensei: Many Japanese are crazy.
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Look at me, not posting about what I said I'd post about. WHAT A SURPRISE. Yeah, I honestly don't know when I'll write about training, because it is TOO COLD for that.

To start: This made me laugh SO HARD YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. I love it when fandoms collide~ Well, and then:

Me: I'm sorry
I have to go to the grocery store before it rains
Me: but I will be back soon
Sarah: okay
you just made up for any time lost with that comment, btw
Me: lolololol

Blah blah work is lame )

Time Stranger Kyoko 2-3 (End) )
Shinshi Doumei Cross 7-11 (End) )

...I should really get caught up on my TV shows. Really really.
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So, you know how sometimes it feels like your life is plodding along like you decided to get on 495 at 5PM and then suddenly EVERYTHING KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR AND YOU ARE FLYING 80MPH DOWN THE HIGHWAY.

That's what my life is like.

I hope there are no cops on my tail... )

Switching gears, Asami reads my LJ? HI ASAMI (^^)/~ I was kind of surprised because on a scale from 1 to impossible to understand, I think this journal is a 99, between the gibberish and the netspeak and the fangirling and the general difficulty of understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth. But she says she can read it *shrugs*

Went shopping this weekend, seriously. Circuit City, the H, and Kohls. At Kohls I bought a necklace to go with my sweater. It's one of those long circle-y ones, and it makes a JINGLY NOISE. Kate would have told me "no," but she wasn't there :P At the H we predictably bought food. This week's menu: Kani Chahan and Miso soup. The chahan is a package mix, but the soup is from scratch, and it will feature this week's special ingredient: King Oyster Mushrooms. We also bought YanYan b/c [ profile] verusmayaii was talking about it, and because my brother had never eaten it before. And then at Circuit City I got my webcam and many DVDs. Predictably, my favorite thing to do with the webcam is turn on face follow and then move around suddenly. >P


Somebody linked a clip of this British comedy show in one of the Arashi comms, and while the Arashi link is a 10 second discussion of KwP, they did at least get one hilarious thing right:

Host: They're called "V6" because there's six of them, and the "V" stands for "violence". Or possibly "vegetables". Or "very" as in "very good".

Hahahahaha no one knows what that "V" stands for. NO ONE.

Kumagusu: department stores-stamps )

And while I am talking about V6, this video made me want to die laughing oh my gosh.

And then, Hurri 23-28 )

In conclusion: I burned my mouth on my burrito D:
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Woo, I have at least one job interview lined up! YUSH. I've applied for 9 jobs so far, 7 English teaching and 2 tech support. Only the tech support ones are in Tokyo, but it looks like the shinkansen runs through most of them? I found out that there is not yet a shinkansen stop in Kanazawa, though, and after Miura-sensei's OMGEEZCOMETOKANAZAWA nengajou... Anyway, I'm kind of hoping a lot of them come through, but then also kind of not, because the ones that sound the best are in Tohoku and Kyuushuu, which, in case you didn't know, are on the far ends of Japan. Also, TOHOKU IS COLD. And my exposure to Kyuushuu-speech consists of Utahime. ALAS. The one interview I have is for a position in Tochigi. ...At least it's in Kanto? But I'd rather end up in Kansai, I think, because won't it be COLD? ALASALASALAS. Well, and, of course there are no options in Ishikawa or Wakayama, which is where I actually have some loose semblance of friends (that isn't Tokyo). SIGH.


My Christmas presents finally came, which was awesome ♥ Because if you guessed "Christmas presents" is code for "half of Arashi's discography," you'd be right :D ALSO HIKARU GENJI. Ah, 80s pop~ The best part, though?

Me: You ready for some 80s Japanese Pop?
Dad: Uh...
Dad: [is bopping his head with the beat]
Me: HA! Everyone loves 80's pop!

Also, I will NEVER STOP LAUGHING OMG. Look at the relationship chart for UtaOni! )

And, of course, I also watched stuff.
Hurri 17-22 )
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN 2008 and other Kayousais )
Arawaza 1-4, AnS 116, That Ninja SP )

And now, I have to get a webcam. Anyone have a webcam they like?
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So, as you may know, I've been busy at work and school. And instead of spending my limited free time translating so I could get this out today... I watched a drama. It's a good thing it only takes me, like, two days to watch one, sheesh.

Security Police 1-11 (End) )
HnA 31 )

In Chinese class, Laoshi suggested one of my classmates say something rude to his [Chinese] wife and then tell us about the outcome. Laoshi sounds like my kind of person.

Also, does *every* language have a word that used to mean something bad that young people co-opted into something, well, awesome?

Also, Gmail, I am not happy with you and your new colors. This means I'll have to go to the trouble of picking a color scheme, doesn't it? *shakes fist*
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HEY JAPANESE SPEAKING FRIENDS: Does anyone know anything about this book? Because, I could reaaaaaally use something like that, if, in fact, it teaches you what it says it does in the subtitle. I have laid eyes on one other book by the author (Essential Kanji), but never looked inside. But, as I recall, Tuttle published the Kansai-ben book I love so, so...

Um, I also want to remind everyone to not get complacent with dangerous conditions on the road. I was in an accident yesterday because I got careless in a situation that I forgot was dangerous because I drive through it everyday. Just because you get through it fine 99% of the time, you still need to be prepared for that last 1% when the poor situation will come back and bite you in the rear end.

A lot of people have been putting up holiday things, either sending cards or wishlists. (Or signing up for holiday ficathons orz). I have to say, I've been too fail with cards in the past to commit to anything, and the only thing I want from the internet is for Kakushi Toride to get subbed quickly so I can give my ex-Army, foul-mouthed, coaches three football teams, smokes *and* dips, good ol' Southern Boy officemate a copy of a movie with Matsumoto Jun in it. (Don't try to pretend like you don't find it hilarious too, Internet.) So.

Work has been okay. I finally spoke to that guy you may recall me trying to call, like, three weeks ago, on Friday. Other than that... I need to overcome my inertia. Put some acceleration back into my life.

Chinese I have not talked about in a while. I am three characters away from completing all the "work" (workbook and characters) for the entire class, which is nice. Even that one guy hasn't been so stupid lately. And Laoshi says I've gotten a lot better, so, I'm hoping that's true. I may just be crazy enough to try watching another TDrama before finals. (HEY, YOU KNOW, ACTUALLY. My avid drama watching helped when she sprung on us to find all the TV dramas on this simple TV schedule, since I had learned this one character that I think means "serial"; I actually found one she missed :Pv)

In other Chinese news, let me talk to you about hen. No, not that hen, this hen: 辺 (Kun readings atari and be). Do you know what this guy looks like before simplification?? 邊 ...Yeah, idek. But! What is interesting is that China simplifies it like this: 边 (Mandarin: bian1). And the REALLY cool thing is that flowers around the edges (花邊) means "lace." XD

And... I'm done now. Baibi.

EDIT: VSA will be delayed until Friday/the weekend; something at work just came up that I'll probably have to spend tonight doing. That said, if someone wants to sub it, I could send you 28 so you could get a head start~ :D?
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You guys! I won the solicitation! Which means I am now proud holder of the ~crown~ :P (It's on my cow.)

Chinese test was fine, although I did forget how to say "repeat after me." It was a weird test, though, b/c the questions would be, like, the same. I know it's only a chapter's worth of material, but. Also, who holds class after a test? Like, I guess she didn't want us studying through the lesson, but. Geez.

I watched a lot of news! I'm... tempted to cut it, but, can you have spoilers for news?

Firstly, Sho told me about the recall election that I guess Japan is actually having? For those not paying attention, in a repeat of Abe (why would you copy Abe?), Fukuda bugged out earlier this month, leaving Japan trying to find a new PM. Aso was mentioned. Of course. (This is his third or fourth bit for LDP head and, by extension, PM.) But he actually did it this time! And at first I was all ":/" but then! Sho tells me elections will be on October 3rd, and the LDP is in really bad shape, so it's possible Aso will only be Prime Minister for nine days. I would laugh SO HARD, you guys. There were also lots of graphics explaining how you dissolve the House of Representatives, who the other failures at PM were (four other PMs who all served for a double-digit number of days), and the cute names for dissolutions in the past, such as the "You're Stupid" one in 1953. Apparently they all have cute names, so Sho asked Murao to come up with one for this dissolution, but it was LAME. (Sho is also going to be getting a text from his mom about messing up :P) Also, apparently, something about Japan's food being poisoned? The uploader only put Sho's part up, so I only got the commentary on that, and the Beeb didn't say anything.

Next, Jon Stewart informed me about OMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TREASURY'S BAIL OUT BILL. I JUST. CAN YOU. NON-REVIEWABLE???? The US Gov. is SERIOUSLY SCARY recently. (The scarier part is that the Today Show had two senators on to talk about why the opposed the bill and neither mentioned that was in the bill.) Also, Bill Clinton was on! I don't really... have... an opinion on Bill Clinton. Which I guess is because, he's new enough that there isn't much in the way of "lookbacks", and so all my info comes from what people say and what I remember from the news growing up, which was mostly about his sex scandal(s?). But anyway, it was a good interview, I really did think so.

And finally, the Today Show told me it is vitally important that I convince my parents to vote for Obama, because apparently McCain can't with without Virginia(?) They went to Williamsburg, so it was linked on [ profile] william_mary (which was the only reason I watched it). What was hilarious was, most everyone had a McCain or Obama sign but one guy had a WARNER sign. Just. What. Nobody cares about Senate elections!! Also, I don't even know who he's *running against*, and I literally just looked it up in Wikipedia. That's how much it's not even an issue. The Today Show also told be about some woman who's toddler is "missing" (but she apparently probably killed her), Palin (ugh) and the French First Lady be-bopping around New York, and Clay Aiken coming out, which, aside from me having already heard from [ profile] metaquotes (Your source for news!), I thought, wasn't he the A one? ALAS.

Now, yesterday, I watched Go-On 31 and New Zealand Soap Opera, which, it was really interesting, because as a woman, it had me reacting very differently to kind of the same thing.
No, please, tell me about this apparently selective feminist lens )

I also saw the new Ryuusei no Kizuna CM, and I am reminded of those roles Nino *used* to play. You know, the crazy serious overdramatic people? SEE: Ao no Honoo, Akimahende, the beginning of Namida wo Fuite, Abunai Houkago. So, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what he does with it *now*, now that he's had so much more experience, if it does indeed turn out to be that way. And, um, also three new interviews can out and I might have to translate them. orz. At least I can't do the one where Ryo calls Nino a cloud and Nino marvels at how Ryo gets along with Jun, because there aren't may people outside Arashi who can deal with him because the words are cut off. Even if I do find it hilarious Ryo accuses Nino of being popular with the ladies, and Nino being like "huh??" (It's the magic.) Or how Nino scares Ryo a little before informing him, don't worry, I won't be like Nagase. Or Nino reading idol magazines to get info about Ryo. ...Basically Nino is very awesome, and I would be very scared if I were Ryo. But I'm not, so :D:D:D

This is going to be a GRATE drama :D:D:D

I may be going to DTRA for a meeting tomorrow. I REALLY hope not.
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Well, since Go-Onger 18 is TAKING ITS SWEET TIME loading, I suppose I should start writing about my massive watchings.

Maou 11 (end) )
HnA, VSA, DnA )
Gekiranger 26-49 (End) + Movie )
Go-Onger 4-17 )

Other things:
-Got Chinese text support! Kind of at a loss for how to use it... But 老师 has promised us a tutorial, so I'm not too worried.
-Speaking of my computer, it keeps downloading trojans every ten minutes? I'm not too terribly worried, because my virus scan promptly catches them and puts them in the SLAMMER, but I think this must be symptomatic of some larger problem...

Chinese, Day 6 )

And for those of you on Twitter, you may have noticed that I mentioned Gekiranger distracted me from ranting about my father. I don't really... Obviously I'm not as upset now as I was four days ago, but, you know, I just *knew* he didn't actually get the asexuality thing.

So apparently asexuals can't love. )

I also worked really hard yesterday, guys. See what withholding the finale of a drama from yourself can do? :P
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AH! My new office is so awesome! We have a door to the balcony and climate control and I got the back part of the office. <3<3<3

New Zealand Soap Opera )
Maou 10 )
KCE World Series )
YasuKen 8 )
CnA )
GeI, VSA, old Utabans, &c. )

I've been wanting to do a meme for a while now... So, here are all the "you-comment-I-respond" memes that appeared on my flist in the last 500 entries. (That would be back to August 25th.) Pick one! Pick all! But don't pick none, because there is nothing sadder than a meme with no answers. Which is why I'm giving you 7 choices.

7 Memes )

In other news, I got a twitter, mostly because I think I will either not use it OR abuse it mercilessly. Experiment GO! If you want to risk you sanity, please feel free (same username b/c I am creative), but. As a sample, first entry will be: I am being driven slowly insane by "Gimmick Game". Or rather, the second entry, as I believe I am obligated to make some kind of first entry first. *shrugs.
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YOU GUYS. [ profile] dimmie is often provider of amazing things, but if you are like me and too lazy to d/l the Geki v. Bouken Making Of, I feel like this is probably all you need to know.

Chinese Day Four )

Good idea: sleeping.
Okay idea: Watching the finale of a drama OR reading the new chapter of DDG.
Idea you're going to regret in the morning: Doing both.

One guess as to which I picked.

Namida wo Fuite 6-11 (End) )
Romantic Princess 2-4 )
HnA + A million YamaTaro appearances/interviews )

I was going to finally get around to scrying for meaning in "truth" (like I've been meaning to for weeks), but in actually sitting down and looking at the lyrics... There's not much to scry. By which I mean, they're pretty straight-forward, particularly for a drama where 90% of your main character's lines have double meanings. The only thing I caught was a possible reference to death, but even that... *shrugs* (A lot of the time dramas like to hide stuff pertaining to the second half/ending in later verses of the theme song because they know the song will not be released until halfway in. And while I guess I could see it in "truth"....)

So I guess that means I'm forced to watch Romantic Princess until I can watch Maou. Woe is me(?)

Also. Am thinking of replacing OTP icon. Not sure with what yet, though. Maybe that Kagami one I've wanted for a while....
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Things tone deaf people should probably not do: try and learn Chinese.

But I'm the Class Captain anyway? :D? )

In other news, have you seen these lyrics? I'm not really sure how I feel about them. Well, I'm not really sure how I feel about the song in general. I've been lurking in the comments, but so far it's mostly just "lol thx" and not any actual thoughts on the song. WHY WILL NO ONE GIVE THEIR 感想s?? (I realize this may have something to do with it not being in English yet, but.)

My tl;dr 感想 on 'Re(mark)able' )

Speaking of DnA (well, I did up there), I was so sad, I only got through one episode of C and one of D before I was too tired to go on. I wanted to watch an episode of Namida wo Fuite D: That said, Ohno can be... interesting when he wants to be, can't he? I also loved the music choice for the barber shop. Oh yeah.

Erg. Too tired of writing to do anything more. I guess I'll go watch Romantic Princess and wait faithfully for the calls of the masses. orz
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Coworker: We should have 11,000 left!
Me: [Thinking] That's over 9,000.

Nagase gets us over the hump )

So, I'm going to tell you something I bet you didn't know: Chinese is hard (;_;)

Click bu click!? )
Boring list of things I learned in Chinese class )

In other news, there is no "stop" in "seat". It is actually "earth".

Although I am confused by why, if you add a person to yuuutsu's yuu (melancholy), you get awesome (like in yuushou) and not, like, suicide. It's a puzzlement. (Although, it is also "actor"...)

And now, I guess I have to go look up all those denshi jisho posts in [ profile] japanese and see if I can find one with Chinese too. ALAS.

I am doubly excited for Friday now, because not only MAOU but also DnA with the series that made me an Arashi fan: Ninomiya and Matsumoto's At Home Shopping! I cannot wait. SERIOUSLY. Especially because I imagine I won't know what to flail at Sarah over first. (I actually got to talk to her because we were on at the same time last night! I imagine she's in Latin now-abouts, though. Or maybe something horrifying like whatever EAS core requirement she had left. (Geez, I know she told me, but I can't remember now. orz))

EDIT: Almost forgot, Nino in Duet, LOL man. They keep asking him about stuff (e.g. what did you want to do this summer) that he has no answer for, until finally they ask him something and he can answer. The answer is: In Sapporo Jun and I went to eat Genghis Khan** ("You're going to tell them that?" said Matsumoto), and while at the end Nishikido and others showed up, during most of it, it was just the two of us.

He also takes credit for the success of "truth" :P

**This is a food, but I forget what type right now.
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Joe is someone I do not understand at the best of times, but, just. Okay, so, he messed up his back in the Army, and therefore walks with a cane. He also gets injections seasonally directly into his back to help with the pain. He had one the Thursday before last, and took Friday off.

Monday: "The doctor says I'm not supposed to move for so long afterwards, but I think I did everything possible to mess 'em up on Friday. I was inventorying the football equipment, and I was painting lines on the field, all kinds of stuff."

Then, mid-last week his injections stopped working.

Today: "Yeah, my injections didn't take too well this last time."

GEE, JOE, YA THINK? You tell me all about how you BLATANTLY IGNORED the doctor, and now you're surprised/upset they didn't work??


Aaaaanyway, do you know who I love? TOKIO. (I bet you weren't expecting that!) I've been watching some of the older Countdowns (which has actually been good for me, making sense of them-wise), and I finally got to one I had seen before (2003-2004), but this copy has better picture quality AND I know a lot more people than when I first watched it, so I decided to watch (most of) it again. And *then* I decided I had to make a billion* animated gifs just from their first song, because, GEEZ TOKIO. In one of the earlier countdowns Kinki said something about not being able to match TOKIO's energy, and it's... very true that they are just WOW. Also, every time I see him I love Leader more.


So, I was thinking, I would bring you a gif a day, to make up for my lack of being around.

Gussan expresses my feelings on Mondays )

P.S. I apologize in advance about the lack of Mabo. He just... didn't do anything gif worthy. Please keep in mind, he *is* in a group with Nagase and Taichi and the fail that is Leader, so.

w-inds., hair, Den-O flash game, and other sundries. )
YasuKen 7 )
Ohsama no Brunch )
Olympics! )

It's times like this, when I have a hamburger on my monitor, I wish I brought a camera.
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How does this show keep making me want to stop 4 minutes in and flail all over the internet?

Maou 8 )

In other news, I had a stroke of genius about my work situation, so I may only have to be in the conference room one week :D:D:D Cross your fingers, plz!
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GAH. They moved me earlier than I was expecting, so now I'm in the Conference Room (with my monitor to the room); that's okay, I guess, because I cleverly saved a lot of work to do these next two weeks. BUT. This is not going to be fun, because there is a squeaky noise and other people talking and Joe will be sitting next to me with his spitting tobacco and I think I might A) die, or B) go deaf from turning up my earphones too high. At least I don't have too far to go to get tea if the smell starts to get to me... (He uses some kind of flavored one sometimes; the Conference Room is right next to the kitchen.)

I was also forced to spend an hour and a half with Windows Updates &c today, because Matt wanted me to be able to check the database, and for that I needed a program. I also thought while I was at it I might as well get Firefox3, but there is no TabMixPlus I think I'd die. The world must be joyless for you, FF3 users. Also, no I mean, geez. Although I like whatever crazy thing I have at home better.

Basically this all boils down to, you will probably be hearing less from me for the next two weeks, and I will probably be focusing on translations of videos.


Still doing that V6 on Channel-a clip (I can't recognize the voices and I want to die), but last night I noticed this:
...Is Go married? Did I miss something? I don't *remember* him being married, but it's not like it's out of the realm of possibility...

EDIT2: I can't tell left from right, even though, I thought about this one you guys! orz

And while I was at it!

Nino would make a great pirate )
<s>OMGWTF</s>BBQ Watermelon? (HnA preview) )

Other than that... what did I even do last night? Oh, right, watch the full version of Hey!x3. Which, it was TOTALLY worth it for Arashi's expressions at Ohno's dream, oh my gosh.

So... yeah.

EDIT: OHMIGOSH, YOU GUYS. Do you know what is "in" this season?

A. Purple
B. Giant necklaces

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Nagai Masaru! He's getting a renzoku drama! *is excited* Well, especially because my host father really likes this manga, so... I assume it's good? :D!

Changed my layout (finally)! It's not actually a big change in actuality, since I actually really liked my old layout (if only it had a tags box on the side it would be perfect), I just changed the pink to blue (haha Sleeping Beauty), and replaced the header/words. I ended up not liking that Carranger one... So! I used my new *favorite font* ever. :D

Also: I did not know only one company shot the footage for all of the Olympics and then sold it to broadcasting companies. I mean, it makes *sense*. But.

Also, my peach was tasteless today D: So I had to go buy pretzels from the vending machine. Or, you know, throw up, whichever. ...I chose the pretzels.

ALSO. Got my first help desk phone calls from a crazy guy! Except they were messages.

I just said "also" three different ways; I need a new conjunction.

MAOU 6 )
Yasuko to Kenji 5 )
Kisarazu Cat's Eye 1-2 )
Nurseman SP )
Gakkou e Ikou! MAX )
HnA, VSA, DnA 102 )
EDIT: Kaze no Mukou e! )

Why have I not seen Climax Deka? D: Also, I have not seen last week's TOKIO shows yet, and that is just a TRAGEDY, because I hear they get stuck in a giant wristwatch. ALAS.


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