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Translation: AnS Staff Blog 3/9/09 )

(yeah, I know)

So, sick since Monday. We'll see how that goes.

Decided in a fit of insanity to try taking some more tests, so my Sundays in November will be pretty (not) busy. Tests! )
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So, for all of you who listened to my last voice post, you know I was whining about a DS, eventually deciding against buying one.

FF3 )

I have also been SO BORED as to actually watch Japanese TV.

SmaxSma, Buzzer Beat, AnS )

And in closing, I've heard the hidden track of the new Arashi album (waiting on 5x10 'til I actually get the thing), but I have to say, unfortunately nothing will ever beat the sheer awesome of the one on V6's VOYAGER album. ...Unless Arashi did one in that style.

Off to getting kicked out of the net cafe and in search of a CD player!

P.S. Pokemon playing friends, what Pokemon are you playing?
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Because when I watch a show, I go all out:

Gaoranger 1-20 )

I also crossed off Go-Onger on my sentai seen list. My tenth sentai~! *wipes eyes*

Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/9/09 )

I also read the Sho+Nino 2 Arashiths, which was, you know, pretty boring (except Nino: What do you think are some adult hobbies? Sho: Hmmmm... Gateball and bonsai, I guess? Nino: ...), but I am excited to see next time is 5 Arashiths! Even if they should have simplified that fraction to 1.

Okay. Lunch, then TESTING FORM~ orz
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BEST MALE MASSUER - AND HE'S NAKED! Females/Males/Couples.


Translation: AnS Staff Blog 1/26/09 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/2/09 )
AnS: Satou Ryuuta and NAGASE )
Voice 4 )

Uh, also, why has no one written Houka/Yamazaki-san? They would be adorable together, and Kai does heartlessly ditch her to muck about in fur coats. Not to mention, the only thing more hilarious than Houka would be Houka never leaving to get married because she is a lesbian. No, think about it. EDIT: I LIE! IT EXISTS. I am going to read it and leave [ profile] nomadskye a long comment probably involving an apology.


Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something about the story that didn't make it onto the page.
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Possibly the last post of January?? I'll be gone next week, so~ Florida and the Burg and New York! And I have to get my brother a birthday present! So much to do, so much to do.

So, as it turns out, I was apologizing to myself. orz

Prompt post is now linked in my profile for ease of finding it over the next year.

Got in a philosophical discussion about whether it's valuable to teach GUIs in introductory Java courses.

Finally got around to reading FOCA and some opinions on it. I, personally, feel it's pretty clearly spelled out in the bill that it's about what the GOVERNMENT may and may not do, not religious groups. but. Same thing as the stupid "Oh noes we'll be forced to marry gay people in our church!!" thing. I don't understand how they missed the point that this stuff is about the government NOT interfering in people's behavior, not about controlling it, but what can you do?

And then I finished my ninth sentai ♥ I love it when I get to edit my "sentai seen" list.

Hurricanger 40-51 (End) )
GoGoV 1 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 2 )
Voice 2 )
AnS 118, TSD, SCP, Leader's How To Book (Ohno) )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 01/19/09 )

And in conclusion: Kawai as KimuTaku as MatsuJun. I have watched this at least twenty times and it will never stop being funny.
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Woo, I have at least one job interview lined up! YUSH. I've applied for 9 jobs so far, 7 English teaching and 2 tech support. Only the tech support ones are in Tokyo, but it looks like the shinkansen runs through most of them? I found out that there is not yet a shinkansen stop in Kanazawa, though, and after Miura-sensei's OMGEEZCOMETOKANAZAWA nengajou... Anyway, I'm kind of hoping a lot of them come through, but then also kind of not, because the ones that sound the best are in Tohoku and Kyuushuu, which, in case you didn't know, are on the far ends of Japan. Also, TOHOKU IS COLD. And my exposure to Kyuushuu-speech consists of Utahime. ALAS. The one interview I have is for a position in Tochigi. ...At least it's in Kanto? But I'd rather end up in Kansai, I think, because won't it be COLD? ALASALASALAS. Well, and, of course there are no options in Ishikawa or Wakayama, which is where I actually have some loose semblance of friends (that isn't Tokyo). SIGH.


My Christmas presents finally came, which was awesome ♥ Because if you guessed "Christmas presents" is code for "half of Arashi's discography," you'd be right :D ALSO HIKARU GENJI. Ah, 80s pop~ The best part, though?

Me: You ready for some 80s Japanese Pop?
Dad: Uh...
Dad: [is bopping his head with the beat]
Me: HA! Everyone loves 80's pop!

Also, I will NEVER STOP LAUGHING OMG. Look at the relationship chart for UtaOni! )

And, of course, I also watched stuff.
Hurri 17-22 )
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN 2008 and other Kayousais )
Arawaza 1-4, AnS 116, That Ninja SP )

And now, I have to get a webcam. Anyone have a webcam they like?
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Odoroki no Arashi 5 )


This is the last one! I saved it for last because, well, I liked the idea the best. (Even though I wish I could draw so I could make it a manga.) And also, I had to make a graphic. See?

Title: The Ballad of Kaga Bishin
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Characters: Kaga Bishin, Kaga Biryou, cameos by Kagami Arata and the Tendou-Kusakabe siblings
Word Count: 800
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kabuto belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: "The name in that file! Maybe that wasn't Kagami Arata. Maybe it's Kaga Bishin? In other words, someone else." - Kagami Arata, Episode 27
Author's Notes: I think this is *technically* my own fault, but I'm going to go ahead and blame it on [ profile] beckerbell anyway :Db You can read the original comments here.

The Ballad of Kaga Bishin )

EDIT: Now with bonus omake of Kaga Bishin + Ten Dousouji in the comments.

...So, anyone got anything they want to see written in 2009 :D?
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If you guessed I'd spam one of my friends with Star Wars references/how Star Wars doesn't go like that when I watched The Last Princess last night that night I watched this (Monday?), you'd be right.

Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin: The Last Princess )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/15/08 )

TRUTH. [General; Internet]
Best OC Ever [DC Comics]
Incredibly awesome game [Puzzle game]
And finally, maybe the best manip ever go shower [ profile] niav with love right now omgeez [Arashi; Humor]


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:08 am
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SO. MUCH. TO WRITE ABOUT. But I have not been doing it.

Mostly because I have been on a fanfic binge of a pairing that makes no sense~ (for me). AND YET. It was like. It had a plot other than the massive angst/UST of the two main characters! There was fighting! And explosions! AND OTHER PEOPLE IN THE STORY BEING AWESOME. It's been such a long time since I got to read something like that. *sigh*

But also because OMG JLPT. Especially because, you will never guess what word was on it. As for how it went... it's hard to tell. I think that kanji and vocab went basically the same as last time (which isn't good because you need 70% to pass, not 60%). But I nailed the listening section (OH WHAT A SURPRISE.) and I actually understood all the passages in the reading. Or should I say, I understood the words in the passages. Reading comprehension (or rather, tests of reading comprehension) has always been my downfall. So, I dunno. I do have to say, I'm sad I wasn't taking level 2.

Also got praised by Laoshi :D

RnK 8 )
Mendol 9 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 7-8 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/8/08 )
5LDK 8, AnS 112-113, HnA 33, GnA 18-19, VSA, Narutomo, AneCan 09.1 )
MnA 2-26 )
Go-On 41 )

I need to get out of this reading stage, and quick, because I keep forgetting to do FAB when I'm not posing myself orz
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For those not on Twitter, I will update my status:

After several long months, last Friday D9QNKT71 lost his battle with CCFD. Luckily, since he is a computer and not a person, Dell reckons they can fix him next week. He just needs a new power cord, fan, and motherboard. Until then, I'm on the family computer, which means limited dramas this week.

Also, saw the "Star Trek" trailer and it made me SO SAD INSIDE. SO VERY, VERY SAD.

Ryuusei no Kizuna 6 )
Room of King 8 )
Shaberedomo Shaberedomo )
GnA, VSA 32, AnS 111, TSD, ARASHI )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 11/24/08 )
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[ profile] lazulisong had on her to do list "Stop bumming around internets hoping someone has magically written a good fic in my fandoms"; I think I should do that too.

Translation: AnS Staff Blog 11/17/08 )
AnS, Can!Jani 5-7 )

Finished translating VSA 28, but probably won't finish 29/30 until tomorrow. I would ask if you think I should release them separately, but by the time I do that... *shrugs*

...Why is the lyric "itsumo sugu soba ni aru" when this is "you" being my soul soul? I dun geddit.

EDIT: Oh, P.S. Dragon Knight: Toku fandom, PR fandom, or cast out, sad and alone?
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Ack. Ack. I don't feel like writing an entry, but I guess I need to, sheeeeesh.

Do you know what you should be watching? ROOM OF KING. Why?

Ryuusei no Kizuna 2 )
Salaryman Kintarou 2 )
Giragira 1-2 )
Mendol 1-3 )
Mukodono 2-End )
Nijuuroku Ya Mairi )
Propose 1 )
Bokura no Yuuki -Miman Toshi- 2-10 (End) )
BOYS BE... Jr. )
AnS, HnA )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 10/27 )

Because my math friends don't read through the cuts:

Does anyone know how to solve this math problem? If a three digit number ABC is multiplied by the number with its digits reversed, CBA, it is a multiple of 2002. What is the factor my which it is multiplied?

ABC * CBA = 2002 * x, find x.

Aaaand, this really gives no indication of the sheer volume of dramas I have watched in the past few days. Ah, well.


Oct. 21st, 2008 10:22 am
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Updated my translation of "Boku ga Boku no Subete" with help from this translation. Because even though there are blatant errors in the translation (I feel like I should say something, but... it's not my job to teach people I don't even know Japanese), she's a lot more eloquent than I was in her English. Which is partially the approach, but partially because sometimes I really just fail at thinking of the natural expression. So! Yes.

In other news of things that make me :/, AS IF I NEEDED ANOTHER REASON TO FEEL SICK OVER THE MCCAIN CAMPAIGN. Obviously I direct you to my source (the real news reported it, too), but let me summarize:

"I certainly agree the Northern Virginia has gone more Democratic [...] but the rest of the state - real Virginia, if you will, I think will be very responsive to Senator McCain's message." - McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer

Look, I do not consider myself Virginian in any way, and I am NoVa secessionist, but. But.


It's disrespectful. It's poisonous. You do a disservice to the country you claim to love, to the ideals you claim to value, and to the people you claim are heroes. Like, for example, my father, who served in the United States Army for 35 years, including in Iraq, and who was born in New York City. Like the thousands of other military personnel who live in this "fake Virginia," part of "fake America."

This rhetoric is a deliberate attempt to *tear America apart*. And for what, political gain? It's not enough that you steal life and liberty and happiness, but now you have to try to turn countrymen against each other and make the country implode?

For people so fond of conservatism, I think you need to go back to your roots. I think you need to think about where the largest threat to America is coming from and whether or not this way of thinking will preserve our nation. And then tell me honestly if anyone who means to divide America and turn it against itself loves this country.


Ppoi (Entire Series) )
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru 7-10 + SP (End) )
Mukudono 1 )
TSD, AnS )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 10/20/08 )

*takes a deep breath*

I'm going to try and call this guy again and hope he doesn't annoy me like everyone else today.
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In order to fight my translation malaise, let us try two (relatively) short translations. I don't really have any confidence in my ability to do song lyrics well, so this translation is more for me than for the world. And then, AnS's is REALLY long, because apparently they asked everyone to write a blurb for what they would put in, like, the TV guide and stuff. ...Which, apparently they used Leader's, but I think it's too late to check that now. So.

Translation: Boku ga Boku no Subete )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 10/13/08 )
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru 1-6 )
Salaryman Kintarou 1 )
VSA 26, TSD Autumn Special, GnA 6, HnA, 5LDK 2, JaniBen, Whatever V6's new show is called 1 )

Okay.... I guess I'll call this guy now. *steels self against fear of talking on the telephone*


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