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I have a test to study for, so of course I am posting on the internet instead!

555 13-16 )

Mito Koumon )
Zettai Reido 10 )
Yatome 9 )
Variety )

As for the KanKen... I'm honestly not sure. I'm getting like 80s and 90s in certain sections and 50s in others (you need a 70 to pass), and of course the most important section is the hardest/my worst. We shall see how it goes. And then afterward we will go see Iron Man 2 :D

In other kanji news, I've decided to do a project for the Kanjipocalypse, so, watch this space!


May. 8th, 2010 11:51 am
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Yatome 3 )
Variety )

Title: Zankan (残寒)
Fandom: Yamada Tarou Monogatari (JDrama)
Characters: Mimura Takuya, Yamada Tarou, Ikegami Takako, Mimura Seiichi, Isogai, Various Yamadas, OFC
Word Count: 1,279
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: YamaTaro belongs to TBS and Ai Morinaga, not me.
Summary: It's right, or it's wrong, or maybe it's both or neither. Tarou/Takuya, Takuya/OFC
Author's Notes: I've had this written for at least 6 months, but I haven't posted it because I really have no idea if this makes any sense at all, particularly due to my apparent inability to tell a story in a linear fashion. [ profile] vintage_belle suggests it may need a "sequel" from Tarou's point of view, but, I guess we'll see.

Zankan )
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W 9 )
Kuuga 27-49 (End) )
Blade 1 )
New Zealand Soap Opera 80-82 )

I also watched some of Arashi's variety appearances, and Jun on HaneTobi was GOLD. I love how he was right, but he had the STUPIDEST reasons for being right. Oh Jun ♥
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Uwaaaaaaaaa, it's been a long time, huh?

Well, especially since my last two posts were meta and music blah.

All I really I have to say for myself is: I've been all over Japan. Gunma and Tokyo and Ishikawa and of course my Tochigi. Today I went to Yaita, for example. [ profile] vintage_belle, いいもの見つけたぞ~

And when I'm not traveling, I'm working. Ah, It's fun but difficult. Makes sense, I guess.

HOWEVER. This weekend! I started Ikebana class! Finally! My dream! And, surprise surprise, I can copy exactly what the sensei does. I think she's going to be disappointed in me when she asks me to do something on my own...

The list of media I have to talk about )

That is not a short list. If there's anything I'm forgetting, please feel free to let me know. Maybe if I try really hard, I could use the next week to get through it :D?

Even though I have to watch original Quiz Show now. Stupid episode 5.

In conclusion, Dear everyone on the internet I'm stalking but can't get up the courage to talk to;

Please read my mind and friend me! I promise I'll be interesting this week as I work through that list of stuff. Pretty please?


P.S. Everyone who *did* friend me already: ♥♥♥

Hollow ._.

Feb. 24th, 2009 11:12 am
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Haha, never posted yesterday, huh? I WAS TOO BUSY WRITING AN EPIC.

So tomorrow is Lent! I am sure we are all very excited. I think I am going to do a ++ version of what I did last year. Although, I'm not sure how it's going to go with my move.... But I am going to try my best! So, what exactly am I doing? I've kind of come to conclusion that denying myself something isn't really the character building exercise its meant to be (aside from the actual fasts themselves, but even they're not *that* bad). I dunno if that's just me, but instead, for the past few years I have tried to take the direct approach to self improvement by forcing myself to do self improving things (denying myself laziness?). To wit: 1) exercise at least 6 days a week, ideally 7 (to allow for moving); 2) floss at least once a day; 3) prayer before meals; 4) At least 3 pgs of articles or 45 min of TV translation a week

...Anyone have anything they want translated?

And, um, I didn't think I had to say this, but: I am open to any and all discussion, both from people who agree with me and people who don't. But if you're going to try and invalidate someone's feelings/hurts/experiences/anything else personal like that, keep it to yourself. I can't *stand* people telling other people how they are allowed to feel about something.

Shinken 2 )
Love Shuffle 6 )
VSA 44 )
My new favorite personage of Japanese TV: Will Smith )

Tomorrow isn't going to be fun, is it? :/
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I have been meaning to say something about this for a few weeks now, but. Japanese speaking friends, what do you make of the first two lines of this song? Because a translator whose work I respect a lot interpreted it the opposite way from me. Namely, one of us thought it means "It's okay to just be who you are/It's best to not say anything" and the other "It's best not to say things like/It's okay to stay the way I am." My opinion has to do with what fits in context with the rest of the song, I'm not sure what her reasoning is (although I have asked her?). What do *you* guys think?

Bought some stuff at YesAsia yesterday due to that I will no longer be able to get the cheap Korean and Hong Kong versions when I am in Japan. Like, for example, I finally bought a copy of YamaTaro for $44 AS OPPOSED TO $200 FROM JAPAN. I also tried to use my YesStyle coupon, but, uh, well. I guess that's what I get for trying to by a shirt from Asia~~

Gao 36-51 (End) + Movie )
Gao v. Super Sentai )
Maskman 1-7 )
Uta no Oniisan 4 )
Love Shuffle 5 )
Voice 6 )

Finally, a word about social media, since my stupid elitist social media friend is stupid.

Specifically what I am talking about started with a comment about Livejournal users not "graduating" to Facebook, but I am going to take the opportunity to discuss some social media topics in general.

All this basically comes down to is, 'Andy, you're stupid,' since with the rest of my flist they already know what I mean. )
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Because when I watch a show, I go all out:

Gaoranger 1-20 )

I also crossed off Go-Onger on my sentai seen list. My tenth sentai~! *wipes eyes*

Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/9/09 )

I also read the Sho+Nino 2 Arashiths, which was, you know, pretty boring (except Nino: What do you think are some adult hobbies? Sho: Hmmmm... Gateball and bonsai, I guess? Nino: ...), but I am excited to see next time is 5 Arashiths! Even if they should have simplified that fraction to 1.

Okay. Lunch, then TESTING FORM~ orz
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*sporfle* Matsumoto Jun.

To everyone in Johnnys

I'm in the mood to go drinking, so please contact me. If you say you saw it in WinkUp, I'll pay. I'm waiting for your call.
[Emphasis mine]

Is he a mattress retailer?? A car dealer??? I just. Dying

(All the WinkUp messages were pretty funny, actually...)

Go-On 50 (End) )
Super Ultra 8 Brothers Movie )
GoGoV 2-4 )
UtaOni 3 )
Love Shuffle 4 )
VSA 41-42 )

Finally, I joined iKnow with [ profile] nicocoer, so... learning some business words! Yay!
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BEST MALE MASSUER - AND HE'S NAKED! Females/Males/Couples.


Translation: AnS Staff Blog 1/26/09 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/2/09 )
AnS: Satou Ryuuta and NAGASE )
Voice 4 )

Uh, also, why has no one written Houka/Yamazaki-san? They would be adorable together, and Kai does heartlessly ditch her to muck about in fur coats. Not to mention, the only thing more hilarious than Houka would be Houka never leaving to get married because she is a lesbian. No, think about it. EDIT: I LIE! IT EXISTS. I am going to read it and leave [ profile] nomadskye a long comment probably involving an apology.


Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something about the story that didn't make it onto the page.
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Possibly the last post of January?? I'll be gone next week, so~ Florida and the Burg and New York! And I have to get my brother a birthday present! So much to do, so much to do.

So, as it turns out, I was apologizing to myself. orz

Prompt post is now linked in my profile for ease of finding it over the next year.

Got in a philosophical discussion about whether it's valuable to teach GUIs in introductory Java courses.

Finally got around to reading FOCA and some opinions on it. I, personally, feel it's pretty clearly spelled out in the bill that it's about what the GOVERNMENT may and may not do, not religious groups. but. Same thing as the stupid "Oh noes we'll be forced to marry gay people in our church!!" thing. I don't understand how they missed the point that this stuff is about the government NOT interfering in people's behavior, not about controlling it, but what can you do?

And then I finished my ninth sentai ♥ I love it when I get to edit my "sentai seen" list.

Hurricanger 40-51 (End) )
GoGoV 1 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 2 )
Voice 2 )
AnS 118, TSD, SCP, Leader's How To Book (Ohno) )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 01/19/09 )

And in conclusion: Kawai as KimuTaku as MatsuJun. I have watched this at least twenty times and it will never stop being funny.
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...And I was like, "Did I miss the part where Go-On turned into a Kamen Rider?"

Go-Onger 47 )

Anyway, I was mad yesterday, so I guess that's part of the reason I'm not up for being more grr at Toei. It's just. You know. It's one thing, being Catholic but not agreeing with the Church's stance on stuff, you're going to run into people saying things you don't agree with. And that's fine, because the reason I *don't* agree with people is typically because I don't believe that stance shows enough love of our fellow people/Earth, so I'd be a hypocrite if I was all grr at them. But then sometimes you get a homily comparing abortion to slavery, and that just CROSSES THE LINE. Because putting aside your feelings on abortion, not only is that comparison NONSENSICAL, but it is MISLEADING. And I hate how I can't believe anything I hear in church.

And I have to say, I should have known, this priest's homilies are never very well put together anyway. Usually that's fine, because you're not there to hear a great speech. But the big problem here? The word "woman" was not used once. I remember hearing "mother" once. And the rest of it (mostly extensively quoted from Dr. King, whom I have no complaint with) was about "men" and their "sons." Although the part that stuck out the most for me was, "And the language of slavery is there. 'I don't care about the baby in my womb, it's my body.'" Aside from how I can't see how that is at all related to slavery, that is *so* not what this is about.

Slavery is about the measure of a person. Abortion is about where one person's rights end and another's begins. To imply that slave owner's property rights are the same as a woman's right to control what happens in her own body is just disgusting. There is no one out there who *wants* to kill babies, who thinks abortion is a great thing. There is no one saying that a fetus the mother's property, to frivolously do with as she pleases, as if this isn't about the consequences to her, her body and her life and her baby's life.

Although, there is a parallel to slavery I might have swallowed. Where our society is the master making women like slaves. Where a woman is expected to go through nine long months and sundry while a man can walk away. Where an unmarried mother is looked down on. Where she might get thrown out of her home or lose her job (which she's already paid less for doing than her male colleagues), or else might be forced into a marriage. Where rape victims are made out to be at fault, where sexual abuse and harassment against women is widespread and tolerated. Where doctors and pharmacists can refuse to give a woman contraception or refer her to someone who will. Where a white male priests in suburban Virginia have power over 153 million women.

The reason I try not to talk about abortion much is because it's a complicated issue, and my feelings on it are accordingly complicated. Because I believe abortion really *isn't* the issue, the status of women in our culture is. But regardless of whether or not you think it should be legal, do NOT try to reduce it to such simple terms, and do NOT exploit the suffering of the slaves in such misleading and underhanded means.

...Wow, this is a happy post.

Uta no Oniisan 1 )
Love Shuffle 1 )
HnA )

Maybe that's better? Except after work I have to go home and destroy a virus on my computer.... >|
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-Put together visa application
-Mail it to Japan
-Order new Arashi single
-Make dinner
-Clean (part of) the house

-V6 post for [ profile] moonbyrd
-Stein Mart for Sale - Suits
---Room of King 9
---24HR TV
---AraWaza 3
---More Dec. & Feb.

Voice 1 )
Go-On 45-46, Seminar, Net Movies )
Hurricanger 29-39 )

And sorry to whomever picks up FAB next, my net was finicky yesterday, sorry D:
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So, you know how sometimes it feels like your life is plodding along like you decided to get on 495 at 5PM and then suddenly EVERYTHING KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR AND YOU ARE FLYING 80MPH DOWN THE HIGHWAY.

That's what my life is like.

I hope there are no cops on my tail... )

Switching gears, Asami reads my LJ? HI ASAMI (^^)/~ I was kind of surprised because on a scale from 1 to impossible to understand, I think this journal is a 99, between the gibberish and the netspeak and the fangirling and the general difficulty of understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth. But she says she can read it *shrugs*

Went shopping this weekend, seriously. Circuit City, the H, and Kohls. At Kohls I bought a necklace to go with my sweater. It's one of those long circle-y ones, and it makes a JINGLY NOISE. Kate would have told me "no," but she wasn't there :P At the H we predictably bought food. This week's menu: Kani Chahan and Miso soup. The chahan is a package mix, but the soup is from scratch, and it will feature this week's special ingredient: King Oyster Mushrooms. We also bought YanYan b/c [ profile] verusmayaii was talking about it, and because my brother had never eaten it before. And then at Circuit City I got my webcam and many DVDs. Predictably, my favorite thing to do with the webcam is turn on face follow and then move around suddenly. >P


Somebody linked a clip of this British comedy show in one of the Arashi comms, and while the Arashi link is a 10 second discussion of KwP, they did at least get one hilarious thing right:

Host: They're called "V6" because there's six of them, and the "V" stands for "violence". Or possibly "vegetables". Or "very" as in "very good".

Hahahahaha no one knows what that "V" stands for. NO ONE.

Kumagusu: department stores-stamps )

And while I am talking about V6, this video made me want to die laughing oh my gosh.

And then, Hurri 23-28 )

In conclusion: I burned my mouth on my burrito D:
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Woo, I have at least one job interview lined up! YUSH. I've applied for 9 jobs so far, 7 English teaching and 2 tech support. Only the tech support ones are in Tokyo, but it looks like the shinkansen runs through most of them? I found out that there is not yet a shinkansen stop in Kanazawa, though, and after Miura-sensei's OMGEEZCOMETOKANAZAWA nengajou... Anyway, I'm kind of hoping a lot of them come through, but then also kind of not, because the ones that sound the best are in Tohoku and Kyuushuu, which, in case you didn't know, are on the far ends of Japan. Also, TOHOKU IS COLD. And my exposure to Kyuushuu-speech consists of Utahime. ALAS. The one interview I have is for a position in Tochigi. ...At least it's in Kanto? But I'd rather end up in Kansai, I think, because won't it be COLD? ALASALASALAS. Well, and, of course there are no options in Ishikawa or Wakayama, which is where I actually have some loose semblance of friends (that isn't Tokyo). SIGH.


My Christmas presents finally came, which was awesome ♥ Because if you guessed "Christmas presents" is code for "half of Arashi's discography," you'd be right :D ALSO HIKARU GENJI. Ah, 80s pop~ The best part, though?

Me: You ready for some 80s Japanese Pop?
Dad: Uh...
Dad: [is bopping his head with the beat]
Me: HA! Everyone loves 80's pop!

Also, I will NEVER STOP LAUGHING OMG. Look at the relationship chart for UtaOni! )

And, of course, I also watched stuff.
Hurri 17-22 )
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN 2008 and other Kayousais )
Arawaza 1-4, AnS 116, That Ninja SP )

And now, I have to get a webcam. Anyone have a webcam they like?


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