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Hi, V6 friends! I bet a lot of you wonder why you keep me on your friends lists. Maybe this could be part of the reason? I'm working on all of "READY?," but first I have to handle the singles, so. (Except "way of life"? I don't have that single, so.)

Translations Policy

Translation: LIGHT IN YOUR HEART/Swing! - V6 )
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Translation: AnS Staff Blog 3/9/09 )

(yeah, I know)

So, sick since Monday. We'll see how that goes.

Decided in a fit of insanity to try taking some more tests, so my Sundays in November will be pretty (not) busy. Tests! )
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One of the things people tell you about Japan that just doesn't really sink in until you're here is the hugeness of SMAP. Oh, sure, maybe you see clips on YouTube of them getting Will Smith and Michael Jackson and Avil Lavigne and all sorts of other huge stars on SmaxSma. Or maybe the uploader didn't cut the commercials out of your most recent episode of Hi!cartoon-dash-magusu-jani no shukudai-kun (lol news doesn't have a show lol), and you got tired of seeing Kimura's face. But it doesn't really *sink in* until you have stood in Shibuya and thought to yourself, "Why cannot I not look in any direction without a picture of SMAP being there?" Or the train. (Although, to be fair, Hina is also in some of them.)

Which is why, I spent nearly my entire time in Sapporo feeling something wasn't right. What was it that was wrong?

There were no SMAP ads.

It is sad that they have conditioned me such that I find a lack of SMAP so odd that it niggles at the back of my brain after only 6 months.

But so, with that wordy introduction, I bring you translations of both sides of SMAP's newest single, "Sotto Kyutto/Superstar★," because I saw the performances on SmaxSma, and I figured if I was going to laugh *that hard* I might as well buy it. (I had to go buy GUILTY anyway.) Please note that I am not a member of [ profile] smapxsmap because I am not lame old that much of a SMAP fan, so I will not be posting this there, but if you have a SMAP friend who really wants to know what the lyrics to Superstar★ mean, feel free to direct them here.

Translations Policy

Translation: Sotto Kyutto/Superstar★ - SMAP )

Relatedly: I find it hilarious Nakai joins in on telling his kouhai to eat a sandwich. Or, well, meat. Whatever.
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Bunnies ♥ Uh, also, this took a supremely long time, so please let me know if you spot any errors.

Translation: MISS April 2009・Sakurai Sho-kun Collection )
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Because when I watch a show, I go all out:

Gaoranger 1-20 )

I also crossed off Go-Onger on my sentai seen list. My tenth sentai~! *wipes eyes*

Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/9/09 )

I also read the Sho+Nino 2 Arashiths, which was, you know, pretty boring (except Nino: What do you think are some adult hobbies? Sho: Hmmmm... Gateball and bonsai, I guess? Nino: ...), but I am excited to see next time is 5 Arashiths! Even if they should have simplified that fraction to 1.

Okay. Lunch, then TESTING FORM~ orz
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*sporfle* Matsumoto Jun.

To everyone in Johnnys

I'm in the mood to go drinking, so please contact me. If you say you saw it in WinkUp, I'll pay. I'm waiting for your call.
[Emphasis mine]

Is he a mattress retailer?? A car dealer??? I just. Dying

(All the WinkUp messages were pretty funny, actually...)

Go-On 50 (End) )
Super Ultra 8 Brothers Movie )
GoGoV 2-4 )
UtaOni 3 )
Love Shuffle 4 )
VSA 41-42 )

Finally, I joined iKnow with [ profile] nicocoer, so... learning some business words! Yay!
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BEST MALE MASSUER - AND HE'S NAKED! Females/Males/Couples.


Translation: AnS Staff Blog 1/26/09 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/2/09 )
AnS: Satou Ryuuta and NAGASE )
Voice 4 )

Uh, also, why has no one written Houka/Yamazaki-san? They would be adorable together, and Kai does heartlessly ditch her to muck about in fur coats. Not to mention, the only thing more hilarious than Houka would be Houka never leaving to get married because she is a lesbian. No, think about it. EDIT: I LIE! IT EXISTS. I am going to read it and leave [ profile] nomadskye a long comment probably involving an apology.


Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something about the story that didn't make it onto the page.
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Possibly the last post of January?? I'll be gone next week, so~ Florida and the Burg and New York! And I have to get my brother a birthday present! So much to do, so much to do.

So, as it turns out, I was apologizing to myself. orz

Prompt post is now linked in my profile for ease of finding it over the next year.

Got in a philosophical discussion about whether it's valuable to teach GUIs in introductory Java courses.

Finally got around to reading FOCA and some opinions on it. I, personally, feel it's pretty clearly spelled out in the bill that it's about what the GOVERNMENT may and may not do, not religious groups. but. Same thing as the stupid "Oh noes we'll be forced to marry gay people in our church!!" thing. I don't understand how they missed the point that this stuff is about the government NOT interfering in people's behavior, not about controlling it, but what can you do?

And then I finished my ninth sentai ♥ I love it when I get to edit my "sentai seen" list.

Hurricanger 40-51 (End) )
GoGoV 1 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 2 )
Voice 2 )
AnS 118, TSD, SCP, Leader's How To Book (Ohno) )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 01/19/09 )

And in conclusion: Kawai as KimuTaku as MatsuJun. I have watched this at least twenty times and it will never stop being funny.
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There is a rogue parenthesis towards the end that I couldn't figure out what to do with, but it's okay because that paragraph was pure gold. Never change, guys (^o^)b There is also a typographical error in the credits, but I fixed that one.

Translation: TV LIFE 2009.01.24-2009.02.06・Ohno Satoshi x Uta no Oniisan )
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Woo, I have at least one job interview lined up! YUSH. I've applied for 9 jobs so far, 7 English teaching and 2 tech support. Only the tech support ones are in Tokyo, but it looks like the shinkansen runs through most of them? I found out that there is not yet a shinkansen stop in Kanazawa, though, and after Miura-sensei's OMGEEZCOMETOKANAZAWA nengajou... Anyway, I'm kind of hoping a lot of them come through, but then also kind of not, because the ones that sound the best are in Tohoku and Kyuushuu, which, in case you didn't know, are on the far ends of Japan. Also, TOHOKU IS COLD. And my exposure to Kyuushuu-speech consists of Utahime. ALAS. The one interview I have is for a position in Tochigi. ...At least it's in Kanto? But I'd rather end up in Kansai, I think, because won't it be COLD? ALASALASALAS. Well, and, of course there are no options in Ishikawa or Wakayama, which is where I actually have some loose semblance of friends (that isn't Tokyo). SIGH.


My Christmas presents finally came, which was awesome ♥ Because if you guessed "Christmas presents" is code for "half of Arashi's discography," you'd be right :D ALSO HIKARU GENJI. Ah, 80s pop~ The best part, though?

Me: You ready for some 80s Japanese Pop?
Dad: Uh...
Dad: [is bopping his head with the beat]
Me: HA! Everyone loves 80's pop!

Also, I will NEVER STOP LAUGHING OMG. Look at the relationship chart for UtaOni! )

And, of course, I also watched stuff.
Hurri 17-22 )
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN 2008 and other Kayousais )
Arawaza 1-4, AnS 116, That Ninja SP )

And now, I have to get a webcam. Anyone have a webcam they like?
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NOTE: "Sora no Mukou e" is not a typo on my part, the show messed it up.
As for the riddle, um... "he" is pronounced "kare" which is almost the same as curry (karee), and so it makes sense. Kind of.
Also, I think "Hasshi" might be a person? I don't really know.

Translation: Ontama SP 2008.12.25 )
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If you guessed I'd spam one of my friends with Star Wars references/how Star Wars doesn't go like that when I watched The Last Princess last night that night I watched this (Monday?), you'd be right.

Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin: The Last Princess )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/15/08 )

TRUTH. [General; Internet]
Best OC Ever [DC Comics]
Incredibly awesome game [Puzzle game]
And finally, maybe the best manip ever go shower [ profile] niav with love right now omgeez [Arashi; Humor]
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(I'm excused from my scathing sarcasm, because I *do* actually watch them like the sad, sad person I am. Also, their horoscopes are *hilariously* mean.)

Single Chart )
No, seriously, I'm talking about it. )

I also watched the Giragira finale. And can I just say: wagatomo kaGAmi had a picture of Tokyo Tower behind him and I laughed. Other than that, I'm not sure I have any thoughts. I *really* not in a writing mood~

This was, like, *totally* going to be a post, I promise. It just, uh... Well.

IS THERE EVEN A-- Yes, I see a meme :D

Copied Verbatim b/c I am lazy! )

1. [ profile] nekokaze - 65 points
2. [ profile] onebrainychick - 58 points
3. [ profile] kades905 - 55 points


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