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Woo, all Hesiei Riders: watched! I feel... well actually, like a bit of a layabout, but thank you for asking. And, in accordance with Fandom Law, I have drawn my commemorative picture featuring all the riders. I have received glowing praise such as "his head is really big" and "he's kind of lopsided"! Coming soon to a pixiv near you.

555 End )
Hibiki )
Kiva )
Amazon 1-6 )
Recent W )
Recent Goseiger )

Dramas: Moyashimon, Nihonjin no Shirainai Nihongo, Unubore Deka, Joker, Toubou Bengoshi, GM, Hanchou 3 )
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Vol. 1-3 )

So now I have to go watch Decade again so I can, you know, understand it. ONORE DIKEIDOOOOOOOOOO
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Last predictable post for the foreseeable future. KAZUYOSHI, GET ME INTERNET IN MY HOUSE.

Young Victoria )
Alice in Wonderland (2009) )
Meitantei Conan: Tenkuu no Lost Ship )

The Maltese Falcon )

Kaibutsu-kun 1 )
Goseiger )
Double )

And that's all I guess, until I either get a driver's license or internet in my house. D:
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I bet since I haven't marathoned a drama in a while you all forgot I could. HAH.

My Girl 2 )
My Boss My Hero 1-10(end) )
Yuukan Club 1-10(end) )
Tiger and Dragon SP & 1-11(end) )
Love My Life )

ATTN: It's getting to be the time of year where I have to buy New Year's Cards, which means I need to know how many I need, which means I need the addresses of those of you who have moved this year. To be safe, I'd rather have all your addresses, but I know I have certain people's written down, um.... somewhere. とにかく! Speak up if you want a card and you don't think I have your address.
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I really am working on that longer reaction post, I promise.

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE A ISSUE WITH WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT SEXISM, SPECIFICALLY RE:JAPAN: This is not the meta you're looking for. Also, Spoilers for the most recent Shinkenger.

Okay! Now that *that's* out of the way.

So, as all the poor suckers on my flist know, two of my main fandoms are Toku (Yeah Toku side of the flist yeah!) and Jmusic, specifically JE (Yeah boyband fans, represent!). These two fandoms can have some interesting overlap sometimes.

My favorite overlap? How [ profile] megthelegend and [ profile] still_ciircee are steadily molding their children into becoming the next generation of fans. You guys should share tips, seriously. (If [ profile] still_ciircee was on my flist, I would make it happen you guys. It'd be like those crazy crossover fics we love, except real life.)

But another, less hilarious commonality has arisen: People objecting to the sexism they see in their media.

I'm going to cut it here, because it's probably going to get long. THAT'S THE WAY I ROLL, OKAY. )
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So! I should put a post together since I imagine I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off tomorrow and Friday.

OKAY. ANYBODY WHO WANTS A POSTCARD FROM JAPAN, SPEAK NOW. And by "speak" I mean "send me a PM," but. Because it's not like I won't be able to send you one later, but. I should do it before I forget. Plus, while I'm sure they have touristy postcards in Tokyo, I am not sure about Tochigi? Well, probably if I go to Nikkou. (I AM GOING TO NIKKOU ONE DAY, BTW. THERE AND THE DENEN.)

I will maybe write about dramas/Toku one day, but not today, as I am SO BUSY. I can say: I love Shiken 4 ♥, I love Ryousuke's dad (Voice), I'm sad about Mameshiba, I LOVE Love Shuffle because I thought it was going to degenerate AND IT DIDN'T, and everyone should watch Dousoukai because it is nominally about a horrible, messed up love triangle (detailed explanation), but is actually about rain scenes, shower scenes, and a gay man named "Arashi".

In other news, I was following the other comments on a post that was talking about something else entirely, somehow the conversation got turned into Go-Onger. The person was saying they didn't think Go-Onger was really interesting other than for mocking, and they pointed out how unfortunate Sousuke's jacket might be. Specifically:

And I thought, "That sounds like a challenge." So. Who's up for a King Uke* Sousuke commentfic challenge? You know you want to.

*I don't mean this in the traditional sense

To Wit: 1) Participants shall write a comment fic that 2) involves Sousuke and some other character from wherever and 3) him getting owned by them due to how he apparently thinks the entire world are his girlfriends and they realize how stupid he is. Or, you know, whatever. I'm flexible.

I thought I would start by writing whomever is least popular to pair with Sousuke (as that seems to be my niche), until I realized, I did not know who was least popular to pair with Sousuke. So. You should give me some guidance there too :P
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This was a lot like pulling teeth to get written, so excuse the reliance on chat logs in bits. At least I didn't share the bit about MatsuJun and Nakai and sequins.

Toire no Hanako )
Ketsuekigata Betsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Houhou 4 )
Love Shuffle 7 )
Voice 7-8 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 6-7 )
Denjiman 5-6 )
PVs! )

And as for the animated Believe PV: I did not know Nino was moonlighting as Tuxedo Kamen. (Full disclosure: I did not intend that pun, but when I noticed it, I used it deliberately.)

Hollow ._.

Feb. 24th, 2009 11:12 am
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Haha, never posted yesterday, huh? I WAS TOO BUSY WRITING AN EPIC.

So tomorrow is Lent! I am sure we are all very excited. I think I am going to do a ++ version of what I did last year. Although, I'm not sure how it's going to go with my move.... But I am going to try my best! So, what exactly am I doing? I've kind of come to conclusion that denying myself something isn't really the character building exercise its meant to be (aside from the actual fasts themselves, but even they're not *that* bad). I dunno if that's just me, but instead, for the past few years I have tried to take the direct approach to self improvement by forcing myself to do self improving things (denying myself laziness?). To wit: 1) exercise at least 6 days a week, ideally 7 (to allow for moving); 2) floss at least once a day; 3) prayer before meals; 4) At least 3 pgs of articles or 45 min of TV translation a week

...Anyone have anything they want translated?

And, um, I didn't think I had to say this, but: I am open to any and all discussion, both from people who agree with me and people who don't. But if you're going to try and invalidate someone's feelings/hurts/experiences/anything else personal like that, keep it to yourself. I can't *stand* people telling other people how they are allowed to feel about something.

Shinken 2 )
Love Shuffle 6 )
VSA 44 )
My new favorite personage of Japanese TV: Will Smith )

Tomorrow isn't going to be fun, is it? :/
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BEST MALE MASSUER - AND HE'S NAKED! Females/Males/Couples.


Translation: AnS Staff Blog 1/26/09 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 2/2/09 )
AnS: Satou Ryuuta and NAGASE )
Voice 4 )

Uh, also, why has no one written Houka/Yamazaki-san? They would be adorable together, and Kai does heartlessly ditch her to muck about in fur coats. Not to mention, the only thing more hilarious than Houka would be Houka never leaving to get married because she is a lesbian. No, think about it. EDIT: I LIE! IT EXISTS. I am going to read it and leave [ profile] nomadskye a long comment probably involving an apology.


Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something about the story that didn't make it onto the page.
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Possibly the last post of January?? I'll be gone next week, so~ Florida and the Burg and New York! And I have to get my brother a birthday present! So much to do, so much to do.

So, as it turns out, I was apologizing to myself. orz

Prompt post is now linked in my profile for ease of finding it over the next year.

Got in a philosophical discussion about whether it's valuable to teach GUIs in introductory Java courses.

Finally got around to reading FOCA and some opinions on it. I, personally, feel it's pretty clearly spelled out in the bill that it's about what the GOVERNMENT may and may not do, not religious groups. but. Same thing as the stupid "Oh noes we'll be forced to marry gay people in our church!!" thing. I don't understand how they missed the point that this stuff is about the government NOT interfering in people's behavior, not about controlling it, but what can you do?

And then I finished my ninth sentai ♥ I love it when I get to edit my "sentai seen" list.

Hurricanger 40-51 (End) )
GoGoV 1 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 2 )
Voice 2 )
AnS 118, TSD, SCP, Leader's How To Book (Ohno) )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 01/19/09 )

And in conclusion: Kawai as KimuTaku as MatsuJun. I have watched this at least twenty times and it will never stop being funny.
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(I'm excused from my scathing sarcasm, because I *do* actually watch them like the sad, sad person I am. Also, their horoscopes are *hilariously* mean.)

Single Chart )
No, seriously, I'm talking about it. )

I also watched the Giragira finale. And can I just say: wagatomo kaGAmi had a picture of Tokyo Tower behind him and I laughed. Other than that, I'm not sure I have any thoughts. I *really* not in a writing mood~

This was, like, *totally* going to be a post, I promise. It just, uh... Well.

IS THERE EVEN A-- Yes, I see a meme :D

Copied Verbatim b/c I am lazy! )

1. [ profile] nekokaze - 65 points
2. [ profile] onebrainychick - 58 points
3. [ profile] kades905 - 55 points


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:08 am
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SO. MUCH. TO WRITE ABOUT. But I have not been doing it.

Mostly because I have been on a fanfic binge of a pairing that makes no sense~ (for me). AND YET. It was like. It had a plot other than the massive angst/UST of the two main characters! There was fighting! And explosions! AND OTHER PEOPLE IN THE STORY BEING AWESOME. It's been such a long time since I got to read something like that. *sigh*

But also because OMG JLPT. Especially because, you will never guess what word was on it. As for how it went... it's hard to tell. I think that kanji and vocab went basically the same as last time (which isn't good because you need 70% to pass, not 60%). But I nailed the listening section (OH WHAT A SURPRISE.) and I actually understood all the passages in the reading. Or should I say, I understood the words in the passages. Reading comprehension (or rather, tests of reading comprehension) has always been my downfall. So, I dunno. I do have to say, I'm sad I wasn't taking level 2.

Also got praised by Laoshi :D

RnK 8 )
Mendol 9 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 7-8 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/8/08 )
5LDK 8, AnS 112-113, HnA 33, GnA 18-19, VSA, Narutomo, AneCan 09.1 )
MnA 2-26 )
Go-On 41 )

I need to get out of this reading stage, and quick, because I keep forgetting to do FAB when I'm not posing myself orz
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❀Someone PLEASE tell me they have a copy of "V no Honou." PLEASE~ Tudou is lacking, and after the MASTERPIECE that was V no Arashi, I just--

LOOK AT THIS SUMMARY (Emphasis mine):
The volleyball club of Tsukimi High School is about to be abolished, due to insufficient members. The two remaining members, Hayashi & Miyake, are trying desperately to convince their schoolmates to join the club. They managed to recruit Inohara, Nagano, Sakamoto & Okada to make up the team, however Hayashi is unfortunately killed in an accident. Shortly after, Morita, who is a dead ringer for Hayashi, is transferred to Tsukimi High from another school. Although the rest of the volleyball club members are perplexed by his likeness to the late Hayashi, Morita soon wins over their trust, with his enthusiasm and passion for the game. And so, starts their amazing journey to win the Inter-high Volleyball championship...


❀For the discerning RnK fan: "Letters from Canada" is a famous song from 1978, so I imagine that means it is not a reference to Iwojima. Unless, they decided to get a two for one? But that is something I learned today, at any rate.

❀We did actually send that e-mail to Aiba's radio show telling him his English wasn't wrong. Just in case you were wondering about JUSTICE.

❀Having gotten behind on dramas and my "Other Bands", let us try and catch up.

RnK 7 )
Mendol 7-8 )
Giragira 6-7 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 1-6 )
5LDK, MnA, VSA, HnA )
A Skosh about BUI SIX + Best Hits Kayousai )

❀I am not making this title up.
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Apparently, whilst my computer was being fixed, Hugh (the technician) told my father that the network card was damaged, and I should call Dell again to have them send a replacement.


My Chinese test was unbelievably difficult. This would be because she was asking for all sorts of crazy things we didn't know. Luckily I'd read the next chapter and have been watching dramas with Chinese subtitles, because without them I would have really been lost. Geez, Laoshi, how hard is it to read the book?

Utahime 1-11(End) )
Go-Onger 40 )

I cannot believe November is almost over. I am SO DOOMED.
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For those not on Twitter, I will update my status:

After several long months, last Friday D9QNKT71 lost his battle with CCFD. Luckily, since he is a computer and not a person, Dell reckons they can fix him next week. He just needs a new power cord, fan, and motherboard. Until then, I'm on the family computer, which means limited dramas this week.

Also, saw the "Star Trek" trailer and it made me SO SAD INSIDE. SO VERY, VERY SAD.

Ryuusei no Kizuna 6 )
Room of King 8 )
Shaberedomo Shaberedomo )
GnA, VSA 32, AnS 111, TSD, ARASHI )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 11/24/08 )
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Five song translations! One for someone in the Arashi comms (although it is a TOKIO song, Aiba covered it), and one to help my brother spread this video around the internets. (No seriously, you need to see it. You can find it here.) EDIT: Another cover by Aiba was requested, so. EDIT2: And now, an actual Arashi song was requested. EDIT3: AND! A song by V6, which, actually, I couldn't find the lyrics to and so copied from a scan.

Please keep in mind for "Red Parka" it's in Sendai, so a lot of those are place names in Sendai, and some of them I couldn't hear clearly; Kannon is the bodhisattva of compassion.

Translation: TOKIO - Ai no Arashi )

Translation: Red Parka (Broken Wear) )

Translation: Dragon Ash - Hitsuji wo Kazoetemo Yoru wa Owaranai (Aiba Ver.) )

Translation: Arashi - Ima Ai wo Katarou )

Translation: V6 - Kaze wo Ukete ~Keep U' Goin'~ )
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I was mostly cut off from the internets this weekend due to my relatives coming (ALAS), but. That doesn't mean I don't have my ways?

Ryuusei no Kizuna 4 )
Ikebukuro West Gate Park 1-3 )
HnA, VSA 30, Utaban, MSta )
Go-Onger 35-38 )

At least I am not the only KY in my family, tho. *sideways look at parents* That's the last time I'm giving them detailed information about something that they will ask probing questions about leading back to something I do not want to discuss at that juncture. Sheesh.
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Why do you suppose someone would do this in lyrics?

帰り道ナミダ止まらない 僕はずっと
ほろり こぼれてくよ

Ryuusei no Kizuna 3 )
Mendol 4 )
Salaryman Kintarou 3 )
Giragira 3 )
Tokyo Tower )
Yonbun no Ichi no Kizuna )
Sainoudama )
Shinjuku Shounen Tantei Dan )
Shounentachi )
Triple Kitchen )
Kaigo Kazoku -Hana, Sakimakka- )
Mitsuo, Katte ni Nostalgia, Aokisan Uchi no Okusan, Kuruu ga Mama, Haetorigami )
Saiaku no Date, Kowai Nichiyoubi )
Partial Translation: VSA 27 )
VSA 28-29, GnA, Kumagusu 2-3, Tainocchi 2 )
Domoto Kyoudai (K8), Hanamaru Cafe (Hina, Sho, Ohno, Nino, Jun), Utaban (K8, Arashi), MSta (K8, Beyonce, whatever crazy thing Taka and DJ Ozma are doing now) )

So, to summarize where I stand on Arashi's dramas/movies for those keeping score at home: Ohno: 10/10 3/3; Sho: 12/16 6/6; Aiba: 16/17 4/4; Nino: 19/19 6/6; Jun: 16/20 7/8


...So how many pages is *this* one, Andy?


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