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When was the last time I made an *actual post*? Ah, January 14th. Wow.

Happy February Birthdays!

Let's try this, shall we?

Yasashii Jikan )
Abunai Houkago )
Akimahende 1-2 )
Ao no Honou )
27 Dresses )
One Pound Gospel 2-4 )
Honey and Clover 2-4 )
Honey and Clover Movie )
Yoiko no Mikata 1-5 )
TOKIO 1-15 )
D no Arashi 1-49 )
Arashi no Shukudai-kun 1-18, 36, 52, 54, 64-69 )
Golden Rush Arashi 2-4, 11-16 )
58th Red and White Song Battle )
Kiva 1-2 )

AHAHAHAHA. I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said I was too busy to be on the internets? Actually, I just didn't want to talk to anyone. No, really, no one. So, sorry for being moody and neglecting you?

And (kind of) relatedly: STEP AND GO PV )

Things I've actually been up to:

J-House Activity: Because I live in a special language house, in the spring semester each pair of roommates is required to put on an activity that is educational (and hopefully fun) about Japan. Most people do this by showing a movie and serving some kind of food. But Sarah and I, we are AMAZING. So. We put up our posters to advertise our triumphant presentation on the Awesome Incarnate that is Junichirou Koizumi. And ramen, because that's his favorite food. BUT! THERE WAS A SHOCKING TWIST! KARAOKE AT THE END! Perhaps this explains my cryptic request for music...? :P Anyway, I think it went over really well.

Should you like to see our MOST TRIUMPHANT presentation, I have uploaded it here, although I'm afraid it would have my stunning narration. Be sure to actually watch the show, because there are several animation effects. (^^)v

And, while I was at it, I finally uploaded that intro to Stargate presentation I made for my best friend. It doesn't cover Atlantis Season 4, though, b/c I haven't been keeping up (^^;)

Renga: So, let me share some wisdom with you. If you ever feel the urge to try and read old school Japanese poetry, DON'T. No, seriously. That said, I am enjoying the renga as much as is possible I suppose, and I'm slowly but steadily learning how to read Japanese poetry. It's just... yeah. I never thought I'd say this, but there are TOO MANY HIRAGANA. *weeps* Actually, I was thinking on this...

Travesties the Japanese Language has Visited upon Me:
*HORRIBLE HORRIBLE STRESS over all those kanjis
*Illiteracy over all those kanjis
*Illiteracy over lack of kanjis
*Inability to transliterate
*Loss of vocabulary pertaining to female chickens
*Confusion in science when using lambda
*Conjunctions just hanging out at the end of all my sentences, so.
*Mixed body language including uncontrollable urge to bow
*Roundabout polite language impulses
*Social anxiety about how to be polite to people
*Realization upon just how horrible English is

And many other things, I'm sure. GO BACK! GO BACK NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

(Actually, I love Japanese to little tiny pieces. If only Japan was a place I could love to little tiny pieces...)

Lent: D00ds, what is up with Easter this year? No, seriously. Anyway, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to do for Lent. I have a lot of ideas, but. Hmmm. I should probably get on that. I'm leaning towards something designed to mitigate my tendencies towards procrastination, because they're beginning to get me in trouble this semester.

Also, best thing about Ash Wednesday? The sandwich from Wawa at 12:30AM on Thursday.

Brother's Brithday: The 7th was my brother's sweet 16 (AWWWW). For this purpose I wrote him a card, and then wrote his thank you card to me for him for the T-shirt he linked me to on the internet and I ordered. Obviously I do not still have the card, but it went something like this:

Best thank you card EVER )

Unfortunately, what I received was this, over gTalk:
Him: hahs I enjoyed reading your card
and thanks for the shirt

ALAS! OUR HUMOR IS TOO DIFFERENT! Because if it had been sent to me, the sender would be receiving that card verbatim in the mail in the next few days. *sigh*

Historical History!: I went to the library! (What what?) And I got some books on Japanese history so I could visualize the renga. Including that famous history manga (^^)v


I also got some books on ikebana, but it seems to be difficult due to the books all saying different things but none really being helpful. ALAS.

Interesting revelations: So, I was reading on the Internets (like you do), and I found cause to look up an older episode of the Daily Show. Upon watching the show, I came across this interview.


Heisenberg Principle: If you have power, you can't help but corrupt you.

Yeah, didn't know that.

Shocking thing about high school: So, earlier somebody was talking about their scheduling woes, and it made me think about what I took in high school in relation to what was useful in college. On paper, I didn't do too terribly much: US History, Gov., Calc 1+2+3, Lin. Alg., and writing/foreign language exemptions. But I think a lot of it has come in handy anyway, which makes me happy.

The shocking bit, though: I was always aware of the possibility of three year graduation, but I didn't pay much attention to it; I think one kid I knew in middle school did it? Anyway, the basic diploma is 22 credits, so if you take one high school course in middle school/summer school, you can do three years no problem. You could even do the 24 credit advanced diploma if you did like me and took three high school courses in middle school/did summer school. But, and this is what blows my mind, it is possible to do the 27 credit TJ diploma w/o a senior year. Well, assuming they'd let you, and they seem to frown on that sort of thing. But. Because I spent a lot of my senior year despairing about how I could have graduated already (almost) with a lesser diploma. But I moved some classes around, and *I* could have done it in three years. Like, dude.

Sample using my courses for those curious )

Yes, all of those were actual classes I actually took. *Totally* possible, except for the fact that the frowned on letting you do classes early. Of course, then I would have been in college for four years, so. *hands like scales* free public education, $15,000+ year of college, hmmmmmmmmm.....

Meme time? )

And also? Make me take pictures. Ask me to take a picture of whatever you want, from my favorite spot in the house to the mug I usually drink my tea into, blah di blah. You can ask me to photograph as many things you want, the more the better.

I wonder how many cuts are in this post? Hmmm...
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Only one final left. And four days before it! GAH.

Sarah and I decided on our J-House Activity. I think it's BRILLIANT. And educational (something new, I assure you). AND utilizes our strengths as internet scavengers and people who become strangely obsessed with people for no apparent reason! (←This one's actually just me...) Right now it's a secret, and I can't tell you because one of the people in the house reads my f-list. ALAS! But, seriously. SO EXCITED.

So, I got caught up on Stargate... )

Aside: Relating to Stargate, I was playing FFII, and in it there are monsters called Wraith that heal themselves when they cause damage to you, and I was like, "!!!" because, well, you know.

And, because I can never just, you know, stop: Nodame Cantable )

But the best part of Nodame? When, in the finale, I just realized I'd played Beethoven's 7th before, even though they'd been playing the song for the *entire series*. (^^;;;;;;;;;;) In my defense, the timpani parts *do* all sound the same. Saa, Timpani. But this particular song has a BLEE-BADADUM at the end which I remember. Mostly because dampening is hard...

Stand Up!! )

I've also got Bambino!, Kiken na Aneki, and the two Pika☆Nichis in the works, so.
(No, those don't all have a connection to Arashi. Just three of them. I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT.)

And now, all aboard the WTF train!! Den-O 45 )

So, time to get around to writing some of that stuff I promised a while back, huh? This one took me a long time because I couldn't decide whether to go forwards of back. Well, now you get both. The style is... different from the original, I think, but then, the POV is different, and it's been over a year since I wrote "Someone." That was actually, what? My fourth or fifth fanfiction? So. Without further ado.

Title: Turning
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Akazan "Ban" Banban and Kodou "Umeko" Koume
Word Count: 384
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Ending
Summary: "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose." - Ecclesiastes 3. Ban/Umeko(?)
Author's Notes: Sequel to Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself. For [ profile] lkwreader.

Turning )

Title: Shattered
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, Reimon "Jasmine" Marika, Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan, Tomasu "Hoji" Houji, and Kodou "Umeko" Koume
Word Count: 745
Rating: PG for character death
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Whole Series
Summary: Just one minute can change so many lives. Sen/Umeko
Author's Notes: Prequel to Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself. I had to revise some of my original fanon for Sen, because I had missed the "ichi" (one) in his name. Now: Three older sisters, two younger brothers, one younger sister. Also, I wanted to call this 鏡の欠片, but that doesn't make any sense in English. For [ profile] toranoko.

Shattered )
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HEY INTERNETS! Want to read a paper? ~2500 words, poorly formatted (I'm sorry), cites Star Trek, Stargate, DC Comics, Sailor Moon, and Fruits Basket. I'm tinkering with working Den-O in, but that would be hard, and it might be good like it is? [singsong]I'll love you forever....[/singsong]

Should Memory be Protected from Tampering? )
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(This is a long one, guys.)

Happy December Birthdays!!

List for rest of semester. )

Got almost all my Christmas shopping done, though. ONLY KATE REMAINS. I *would* tell you what I got her already, but, you know, on my f-list. Hmmm. I also bought some frozen eel. YUM.

...Since I am deranged and HAD TO KNOW (THE JLPT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME??) Kanji-> 鰻


So, US News and World Report has apparently ranked my old high school as the best in the country, which... doesn't really surprise me. But you know what? MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS!!!!! THEY DON'T DIE!!! (Actually, it's only been two years, so. BUT.) [For reference, I did not do this project, lest you all ASSUME again, but Tom, whom I am older than, did. I was just amused because TWO people in the video mentioned it.]

Also, note to self: RETURN THAT BOOK. I know, I know, I'm a failure who hasn't been back in forever. Saa.


You know what cracks me up? Hey Hey Hey Telephone Box. I NEARLY DIED.

Continuing with links, actually kind of serious thoughts about fandom and community [via [ profile] metafandom]: The Lurkers support us in e-mail

And in fandom we have PICTURES OF AWESOME from Geki v. Bouken.

Aside from Yasuka's hair, I'm really excited. Especially after the *last* crossover... Also, dark!leather!Sakura will be very helpful for my fanfictions, I think ufufufu~


So, I've been thinking about how to explain away one of my mother's "arguments" against me being A, and I'm not really getting anywhere. And we all know what I do when I need ideas: ask my f-list. So. Labels and You )

And with that, I bid you adieu, because OMG THE JLPT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.
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To my US peeps: Happy Turkey Day!
Everyone else: Happy Thursday!

I, personally, am a big fan of today because, you know, NO CLASS. Of course, the JLPT IS IN A WEEK HORROR HORROR DEATH, and I have to do my Christmas shopping, and I have several paper/test type entities to be thinking about, but right this second I'm just going to pretend like all I have to do today is eat turkey.

Accidentally on purpose came out to my mother. She's the first person I've actually told in person, so that was an interesting experience. She was like, "don't not tell me things because you think I won't react well." And I was like, "I'm not! Oh, no, wait, I am." CURSE MY HONESTY. Anyway, my mother is convinced there is a Cause like Hormones or perhaps my Thyroid. Failing that, it is *obviously* because she told me to focus on my schoolwork for the time being and there would be plenty of time for relationships later when I was in *eighth grade* in a conversation I *don't remember*. Oh, yeah. Her last theory is that my tendency towards paralyzing indecision has caused me to choose not to choose, as it were. Except I didn't have to choose not to choose, so why make a choice at all if it was my indecision? Anyway, I think she believes me in as much as she believes *I* believe it, and is willing to entertain the possibility, so I count it as a win. Of course, she was also like, "good luck explaining this to your father." Yeah, thanks for the support, Mom.

I also saw a broken road sign that reminded me of a Torii, and I think a tanka is hiding in there somewhere, I just have to find it.

Even though this is apparently old internet news, Rice game! Build vocabulary! Donate rice!

Top 60 Japanese Buzzwords of 2007. It is hilarious/horrifying how many of those have to do with the mess-ups of the Abe cabinet(s).

I still love Transformers wiki.

What's in a Tokusatsu? )

In closing: Arashi has a song called "Raise Your Hands" and a song called 「テ・アゲロ」. They are different songs.
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Well, since I have 7 problems left of 8, I suppose it's time to report to you live! From the front. (Of the internets.)

Our first point of interest is about Mikami Masashi, whom you probably know from last year's GouGou Sentai Boukenger, in which he played BoukenBlue/Mogami Souta. Recently his new blog was linked in [ profile] sentai, and readers were able to find news about his recent activities. What has he been up to? Well, it seems he's back in a sentai! Beautiful Skin Spring Team SPAranger, to be precise. Yes, friends, you read that correctly. Apparently he and the rest of the team are going around showcasing various hot springs.

What really deserves comment, though, is the strange Red-Purple-Yellow color scheme, and the fact that Mikami is SpaYellow. I wonder if they got to choose? Mikami just doesn't strike me a yellow, though, mostly because he is not very large and strong while still being comic relief/cranky and disgruntled. But.



Speaking of entertainment news, I am excited for a new play, Untouched. Alas, I cannot go see it (it is in London!), but I am hoping perhaps it will get noticed or maybe brought over here at some point. (This is wishful thinking.)

Also, yesterday, Lindsay came in and somehow we had a discussion mostly about how Lindsay could *possibly* know her boyfriend is The One, but also about how Sarah(!!) and I just completely fail at understanding. Well, I did most of the talking, seeing as it's *Sarah* we're talking about, but. It's incidentally the closest I've come to actually *saying the word*, but I talked around it. *headdesk* I think if I told Lindsay, though, she'd be fine with it; Sarah seems to be a kindred spirit (as I have long suspected), but. AH~

Note to self: stop dramatizing you life. No one cares and, also, it's boring.

Anyway, the point of that was, I've been thinking of maybe doing some political activism type work in the future, and while The Environment is still my pet cause (TREES TREES TREES), I lack the education to really be effective while simultaneously lacking the personal experience to appeal to emotion. GLBT issues, though, I have the personal experience to (kind of) understand, and also it's a way to work on something I care about without making it *personal*. Or, uh, those are my thoughts.


I feel it is my duty to pass on this rec, via [ profile] itsbuttery for the the best fanfiction EVER. No, seriously.


And now we go to your weekly TV review.

Yamada Tarou Monogatari )
Scrubs 7.1 )
SGA: Travelers )
Den-O Stop 39 )


Happy Halloween, everyone. Next time I bring you an icon post!!
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So. Much of nothing. Except that EVERYONE IS LEAVING ME and also MY STUPID COMPUTER WON'T PLAY MY CARRANGER. No, seriously, VEXATION. On the plus side, I finally burned a lot of DVDs and therefore can watch things on the TV in the lounge. It's *amazing*

Went to see "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... SUPERMAN!" on Friday, mostly out of duty to my best friend (who was, of course, very amazing and moving and in-tune and broke many legs). For those wondering what the play was like, mentally revise Superman into the 60's Batman TV show, add more music, and there you go. I give them points for sticking with the 60's theme, although I'm not sure they had a real choice. Anyway, the breakout star was very clearly Abner, the mad scientist. No, seriously. He was *amazing*. I'm glad I went.

Also, we got ボゲル to read Snarry. Well, I should say, Lindsay did. I got him to read "The Way We Get By" by [ profile] mistful, because I adore Maya and also it is not full of explicit gay lovin' like Lindsay's DIRTY DIRTY SNARRY. Or explicit het, for that matter. Basically just awesome all around. GO READ IT.

In other news, I watched Swing Girls for the first time. It was very much like I expected, but also MIKAMI WAS IN IT. I was like, "...HOWHAT??" Yeah. It was fun, I liked it.

Den-O 38 )
Atlantis: Doppelganger )

And, finally, I am surprised by this, but I have been winning things in [ profile] toku_icontest. So, please excuse the awards/resources post that is upcoming. Ive been thinking about it for a while so as to clean up my user info, but now with two new banners (at least), I think it deserves a post and a cut of its own.

Also, the lesson I learned but could not tell you about earlier: DO NOT MAKE TRANSPARENCIES OF PEOPLE WITH COMPLICATED HAIR (read: Mele). OMGeez, that was horrifying. Also, the stars in this week's were a MAJOR PAIN to cap (Yes, I capped them from the Deka ending. I am crazy and/or foolish, I know). No, seriously. Does anyone have a better program than VLC to use?

I leave you with: おしりかじり虫 (The Bottom Biting Bug) has moved up to #7 on the Japanese charts.

EDIT: How did I forget? Scheduling! )

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So, first, I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. I mean, wow, totally not what I was expecting, and also totally *amazing*. But then, you guys always surprise me for the better, so (^__________________________^) <3s.

And now, for the other half of my f-list who does not care about my melodramatic personal issues, I give you:

SGA: Reunion )
Den-O 37 )

And, also:
So, I watched Japan Countdown last week, which is a show that counts-down the top 40 singles and 10 albums every Sunday. You know, pretty standard. And do you know what? Action-ZERO, Coffee Form, *and* Real-Action were all on the countdown!! (Action-ZERO has since fallen off, and the other two lost a lot of ground this week. but then, given that they introduced 16 new songs this week, and Real-Action fell 14 spots while Coffee Form only fell 13, I suppose that says something? (This is those two's second week; I dunno about Action-ZERO, but last week's 37 was "up".) Anyway, it was pretty cool! Although, the purpose of watching it was to find cool new songs, and I already had a lot mentioned. I guess I'm more up to date on music recently?

Sidenote: Arashi's PV for Happiness is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever seen, and yet I LOVE IT.

Another sidenote: a while back, [ profile] kades905 asked me if I could explain this. My answer: "Japan is weird, did you know that?" But do you know what else? おしりかじり虫 (The Bottom Biting Bug) is the #10 single in all of Japan this week. (It was #16 last week.)
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So. Take home test due in t-minus 5 hours. Question 1-a completed. No motivation to work AT ALL. No, seriously, this is bad.

So, I will instead post this stuff I wrote about Stargate earlier:

And now, a new season of Stargate means a return to me writing about the new season of Stargate!

Atlantis: Adrift and Lifeline )

Also: I may or may not be downloading Arashi's entire discography. I also may or may not be CRAZY. Like a fox.

In conclusion: Icon 9.
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So Angela has kind of made me responsible for her calls, which I was afraid of, but it's not like I'm doing anything *else*.

I bought four books today, because I already have one (victory!), and philosophy has not listed the books. Speaking of, I have edited my class schedule (as well as Where to find me) to accurately reflect the changes. So, the books:

In which there is a booklist )

Anyway, so. I wasn't going to say *anything*, but Kate COMPLETELY SEPERATELY brought up an interesting crossover. So. Mine is Bill Weasley/Vala Mal Doran OTP OMGTHERELOVEISSOLIBERATING (for the treasure that is). And hers... I dare someone to write this fic: The Trust infiltrates the Brittish government, and Teal'c recruits Samuel L. Jackson to go and fight the "snakes." No one can pull one over on Kingsley Shacklebolt, however, and the three of them try to eliminate the Goa'uld once and for all.

I am singularly unmotivated to write the various reviews for stuff I've watched/read. Well, except to say, Observe! Den-O 26 thoughts. )
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So, many things have ended recently.

SGA: First Strike )

SG-1: Unending )

Den-O 21 )

Anyway, the big news is, I will be out of town for the next four days, and I don't know if I'll have any The Internets. Alas, mine is a sad fate indeed. You may recall last time I went on this trip I came back with 80 icons for you. I don't know if that will happen this time, but I *do* have to watch the end of Boukenger again for a fic I'm writing, so. We'll see. Especially because last time I had Carranger, Hurrricanger, and Gao to keep me amused; this time I have nothing waiting in the wings (SINCE MEGA IS TAKING SO LONG ZOMG).
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Today I begin my journey of Swedish! (Not kidding.) I've gotten to the point with Japanese with the only thing that's going to improve it is serious studying of the kanji and/or accosting Japanese people into talking to me. Neither of these is feasible at work, however, due to the COMPLETE LACK OF J-TEXT. But you know what I can do at work? Listen to Swedish people talking on Learn Swedish CDs. Or any people, really, I just chose Swedish because the Danish resources were seriously lacking, and aparently Swedes like me are not supposed to like Norweigans(?). Anyway, there were lots of Swedish books (okay, not "lots" but "lots more than I expected"), which I have to wonder why. Are lots of people going to Sweden now? The quest for tiny meatballs continues!

...Anyway. So, I bought the CDs and a book on Swedish grammar, and I have to say I love this language already.

I am pleased to discover the meatballs and the language are on equal levels of awesome )

Obviously I am not very far in, but this language gives to me the appearance of one I'm going to like. Well, if I can get my mouth around the sounds.

Also, the lady on the CD is like "Brilliant!" and "Have a go!" and says "ahfter." (Because she's Brittish.) And each section starts with an upbeat acordian polka!

As a final note: This site has Swedish WITH JAPANESE TRANSLATION. What more could you ask for!?

Anyway, Swedish is also my test of my model of learning languages )

Also, I think I forgot to talk about Stargate last week. Maybe I am a week behind? Whatever. Vengance and Dominion )

So, finally, I have that fic for you I've been talking about. It incorporates two drabbles I wrote for Summer of RAWK (Stay and 100 Days), so I suppose you can guess where it's going from that. If pressed, I would say this came from the same weird part of my brain where Hoji!muse lives. Poor Hoji!muse. But, seriously, he has got to have the highest BRAQ, like, ever. Also, yes, there is more to this which I am currently writing. But this can certainly stand alone. Whatever, less talk, more story.

Title: Mistaking Stars for Satellites
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura, Mogami Souta, Akashi Satoru
Word Count: 1,611
Rating: PG for extremely dark thematic elements
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Whole Series
Summary: It was the perfect balance, actually, that she was between the diametric opposites of someone so bright as Chief and someone so dark as Mogami Souta. Sakura/Satoru, Sakura/Souta

Mistaking Stars for Satellites )
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Just a short entry today, in which I repeat my plea for someone willing to read my latest fic for canon compliance with Boukenger. Also, to give me advice on what they think the rating should be. Pretty please?

Betaing and other thoughts about Toku fandom )

Stargate: Submersion and Family Ties )
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Happy June Birthdays!

Okay, exciting news for everyone who loves the Den-O opening: iTunes music store sells music by AAA, the group who sings "Climax Jump." Unfortunately, Climax Jump itself is not (yet?) available, but it sounds like their other songs are along the same lines. So.

Now it's time for fun times with my mom:

[In a discussion of how poor my father's table manners used to be]
Dad: She kicked my under the table one time!
Mom: I'm sure I've kicked you under the table more than once.


[While Watching The Wedding Date]
Mom: You've seen this before?
Me: Yeah. But back then I didn't know who Jack Davenport was, so I have to watch it again.
Mom: Who's Jack Davenport?
Me: ...It continues.
Mom: ???
Me: That's Jack Davenport.
Mom: Why should I know who he is?
Me: *headtable*

And, a bonus:

Me: You have a song by Mariah Carey?
Brother: [Shifty-like] That--That's not mine.

So, I think this Summer of Rock thing is a great idea. The problem is, I've only heard two of the songs ("You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Stairway to Heaven"). I'm thinking maybe I'll use other rock songs? I've heard quite a few (I listen to the Classic Rock station on and off), and there are a lot I really like. Of course, I am also a big fan of 50's and 60's Rock, but I'm thinking this is more of a 70's/80's thing. Either way, I'm doing it. I should load the School of Rock soundtrack on my mp3 player for work on Monday.

SGA: Sunday )

One of my trades came today!! And even though it is the fourth trade, I could not wait. Flash: Terminal Velocity )

I am not used to how long my hair is now. I'm like, "ZOMG SOMETHING IS TOUCHING MY ELBOWS/ARMS/WRISTS oh it's just my hair haha silly me." SAAAA.

I also REALLY need to get my computer fixed. This J-Text thing is killing me, mainly the not having it.

I shall sign off now. Ta ta!
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Um, right, suppose I should say something about this:

For the purpose of counting members of fandom on LJ, the journal [ profile] fandom_counts has been created. All you do it join and be counted if you are a member of a fandom, any fandom, on LJ. I joined at around the 3,000 point, but now there are upwards of 25663 members.

If you haven't heard about the rest of the wank, well... LJ is deleting/suspending users apparently because a group called Warriors for Innocence threatened to go to their advertisers. This is mainly being directed at "pedophilia," but other things have gotten caught in the extremely indiscriminate crossfire. [ profile] innocence_jihad is probably where you'd want to go to find out more/try and get involved.

I'm trying to keep up with what's going on, especially because it seems like LJ is trying to put things right (will they suceed? I don not know). But I'm really more of a "wait and see" kind of person, so.

Even though it is only Thursday: Tallion or whatever it's called. The SG-1 episode. )

I'd like to put this up in a timely manner, so I may double post today. If so, I apologize.
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So... I went to a meeting this morning. Yay.

I will have an adventure getting to the movie tonight, let me tell you.

I apologize for my, uh. Lack of anything to say.

Stargate: The Ark and Bad Guys )
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I suppose everyone is wondering just whether or not I ever made it home.

Tale of Woe and Serendipity )

Stargate: Bounty and The Game )

Um, so, other than that... Got my [ profile] ship_manifesto due date. I didn't know you could post anytime before the date, because people are always apologizing for it being early. *shrug* I supposed I should get started, but then, work starts tommorrow, so...

Went to see "Musical of Musicals: The Musical" yesterday. I didn't get all of the jokes, but it was still pretty funny. Listening to Kate's complaints about Sondheim actually came in handy! To explain, they take the plot of a woman being unable to pay the rent and re-tell it in the style of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Candor and Eb.

Spoilers and thoughts follow )

Hillarious Recipes! [Humor]

Are you a bad enough dude to resuce the president? [Humor, NES Games]

It seems to be discontinued, but what's there is still pretty hillarious: [ profile] isaymckay [Humor, SGA]

I ask you, what could possibly be in my pants that would explain this? [Humor, Stargate] (Read the comments, too!)

Okay, I have a paper to revise, so I think I'll leave off here, since I can't think of anything better. You know, except memes.

Give me a fandom and I'll name you 20 things from my personal cannon.

Behind the LJ cut are the first lines of some of my stories. Possibly some last lines too if I can find some I like. If you're up to it, take a line and write a story/drabble using it as the first (or last) line. Whatever works.

I've tried to pick fandom neutral lines. It was rather difficult. )

(P.S. All those prompt memes I did before? I was stocking up for work. So submission is certainly still open.)

(P.P.S. I think my mind may be forming a Jonas Quinn story. Somebody save me, please.)

EDIT: Stupid DiNitto-sensei is telling me to do things with commas I *know* are wrong. I really just want to be stubborn, but I think my grade needs every boost it can get. h8.
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I don't know why this paper is so hard to start. Just by answering all the questions Prof. Hamada strictly asked, it should approach the 15 page requirement, I think. Somehow the due date just doesn't feel real, I guess. Even though I have to be in Washington with said paper in less than five hours. *And* I'm starting to feel tired. If I thought I could trust myself to wake up from a short nap, maybe I'd do that, but...

Nope, instead I've been reading SG-1 fic, which has actually been full of JOY. I do so *love* joy.

Speaking of my paper, Prof. Hamada doesn't seem to think my findings support my hypothesis that Asians accept contradictions better than us Westerners. I think she must be illiterate if she read my paper and thought that. But, just out of curiosity, any of ya'll got any thoughts on contradictions? Like, for example, if I told you that when something moves at speeds approaching the speed of light, like in a spaceship, people moving along with it in the ship will measure that object to be lighter/longer/faster than people standing on a nearby planet. So, like, the thing weighs both a lot and a little at once. Time moves differently for the person on the planet and the one in space. This is not possible by conventional thinking, yes? You might call it a contradiction to have a meter stick simmultaneously be a meter and shorter than a meter. If someone just asked to accept that wholesale, would you be like, "fine"? Or would you be like, "You crazy"? I appreciate the input.

How to be a Superhero's Girlfriend [Humor]

Christine already linked this, I think, but for the other two groups of f-list: Map of Online Communities [Humor]

So, I know almost nothing about the Fantastic Four, but these four panels are HILARIOUS. Because the Thing apparently has an infinite well of snark. [Humor]

Best story about pretending to be a lesbian to get rid of a guy EVER. [Humor]

Professor X has some accreditation trouble. [Humor]

(As a side note, I have no idea if "acceditation" is a real word; my computer can't decide if it's on battery or AC, so it keeps flickering and breaking my concentration.)

An Idiot's Guide to Reviewing. As a side note, sorry Tem's Anthro group; I was laughing at this, not you. [Humor]

Roy and Ollie are such saps. [DC]

Thoughts on 'The Tao of Rodney' and 'The Shroud' )

...I am printing another copy of the group paper and going to sleep. This is riddiculous.
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I find it very sad going back 10 entries in my journal equates to roughly two months.


So, the most exciting news is that I finally updated [ profile] finalauraburst!!

Okay, maybe actually more sxciting than that is that I've begun keeping a database of all the fanfiction I read in order to keep not only a record, but also the number of tabs down. So far I'm only about 90 entries in (open tabs and recs under the links tag), and not even all of those are complete, but it's a start. I figure if anyone's interested I could put up periodic updates so people could see what I'm reading if they were looking for something. Luckily, I added a yes/no column as to whether or not I liked it.

Well, actually, maybe the *most* exciting is that I signed up to do that Satora essay. You know, in [ profile] ship_manifesto. ...Yeah...

Song that I really love: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulter. He's the guy doing that song-a-week podcast or whatever it was. The point is, THIS SONG IS SO COOL OMGEEZ. LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW. [Video, Humor]

Because it is a form. [Humor]

This entry has become more stream of conciousness than I expected )

Oh, I, um, finished Season 3 of Atlantis, catching me up for the year. Wow, Stargate. Geez. Also, I was spoiled for "Sunday", and to be honest I felt a lot better about it than I think I would have going in blind. So, if any of you rabid SGA fans who read my journal want me to tell you (I don't think you exist, but.), I will. It'll be better than reading the wiki article. I would have been upset just reading the wiki article. So, Rachel, if you didn't already tell your mom, you should. That is all (for now).

Saw Spiderman 3 Friday. Wow, was it CHEESY. Like, NOT EVEN KIDDING. But running in the rain was fun ^^

See it now!
See it
Uni Mall
Don't see itX

Well, recently memes haven't been having such a big turnout for me, but I guess I'll copy this one in too. It's been all over my f-list, but the person I actually physically copied it from was [ profile] etcetera_kit.

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return (and if inspired), I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

(I was going to do those quizzes from Staubs/Rachel, but they were tedious and way off base. Example: One called me extroverted and only 67% intellectual.)


Apr. 26th, 2007 11:05 am
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So, I've really been neglecting my life, haven't I?

As of Sunday night at 2051hrs I am officially finished with Stargate SG-1.

I... don't have any coherent comments yet. But I am indeed glad I watched it.

Even though it's pretty late: HAPPY APRIL BIRTHDAYS. Yeah, I'm a lo0ser.

Also, I guess it's time for that Fall Schedule thing )

From [ profile] mariko_azrael

I will write a drabble for the first ten people who comment with one request. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal.

EDIT: Um, anyone up for being my signifcant other to help me particpate in a psych research tommorrow night? ...I thought not.

*headdesk* I am so. dead.

Edit to the edit: Another study opened up! Yay for not having to trick someone into dating me in the next 24 hours!


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