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I want you to know, this totally counts for 2009, I was just momentarily distracted from *posting* it by all the sequins. Then again, it just barely counts, so that's why it's all so short and lame I am never asking for interesting prompts again *weeps*

Title: lj user=moon
Fandom: The Solar System
Characters: Moon, Sun, Earth
Word Count: 312
Rating: G
Summary: Excerpts from The Moon's LJ
Author's Notes: So there's this icon... For [ profile] verusmayaii, who requested "Sun/Moon, TRAGIC."

lj user=moon )

Title: Nice Assitance
Fandom: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger/Star Wars
Characters: Ikenami Ryuunosuke, Shiba Takeru, Umemori Genta
Word Count: 162
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Shinkenger belongs to Toei, Star Wars to Lucasfilm, so don't look at me.
Summary: Ryuunosuke makes sure Takeru evacuates Hoth
Author's Notes: For [ profile] kades905, who requested "Ryuunosuke from Shinkenger has to escape Echo Base when the Empire attacks.." Clearly he forgot to take into account that it's called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Like, can a prompt *be* any easier?

Nice Assitance )

And finally, for [ profile] beckerbell... This is one of those things that is a great *concept* but not such a great fic. Here's a snippet anyway:

Mei-chan no Hitsuji )
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I was listening to the Maou soundtrack and someone had this Star Wars icons of Padme being all cryface at Anakin, and I was like, "Maou was so much better than Star Wars, but Star Wars could have been awesome." And then I thought "What if the people who did Maou did Star Wars?" And *then* I thought how hilarious Naoto running to Shiori's Coruscant apartment after Naruse killed everyone in the Jedi Temple, him being like "I HAD NO IDEA HE WOULD TURN OUT TO BE EVIL" and her being like, "...I thought *you* were supposed to be the one having visions in this one, being a Jedi and all."

...It's times like this I wish I was better at graphics, because I would *totally* p-shop Naruse and Naoto's heads on this.
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If you guessed I'd spam one of my friends with Star Wars references/how Star Wars doesn't go like that when I watched The Last Princess last night that night I watched this (Monday?), you'd be right.

Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin: The Last Princess )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/15/08 )

TRUTH. [General; Internet]
Best OC Ever [DC Comics]
Incredibly awesome game [Puzzle game]
And finally, maybe the best manip ever go shower [ profile] niav with love right now omgeez [Arashi; Humor]
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Okay, first things first: There is a friends-cut on the horizon. It's been a little over a month now with all the friends on my list, and I think have enough experience to adjust. For most of you, this is fine, as I'm mostly just targeting people who never added me back. But, just wanted to give you fair warning, because I know my journal is the light of your life. [/sarcasm]

As an example:
Star Wars Guide to the 2008 election. I LOL'd.

Also, [ profile] estirose has brought to my attention that I am like scarily like Yuuto. This is one of those occasions when you have to stop and examine your life. No, seriously. Fortunately (maybe) I've moved past tiny!angry!violent!Yuuto. In other news, putting this together with my Hikaru-ness makes a disturbing image start to appear.

Speaking of things that make me die, a certain Sakurai Sho is on my bad list. Why? Because he has almost killed me twice today.

Exhibit A: KITTEN!
(Ohno's kitten is pretty adorable, too, to be fair. It just... it looks so unhappy.)
(No, I don't like puppies or think they are cute.)

Exhibit B: This is old news that I just found out today, but Sho is going to be in a movie. That is not in and of itself an unusual thing. It is a movie called Yatterman based on the anime of the same name. An anime with heroes and robots and explosions. Hmm, a live action movie with heroes and robots and explosions? That sounds suspiciously like a TOKU. HE IS GOING TO BE IN A TOKU ASFOUIFNORINGLSDJKVN *BRAIN BREAKAGE*!!!!111oneoneeleven

I gotta say, though, at least it's not the Gatchaman remake because then I would have to die. Die right there. Which would be a great tragedy because I'd never get to see the movie. Of course, then I'd die while watching the movie, like I will when watching this one, particularly I plan to be in Japan in Spring 2009 and-- Rambling stopping.

And for the finale in your death trio, Skya's class has five open slots but they all need instructor permission. CURSES!! *SHAKES FIST* I did e-mail him, though. *crosses fingers*

In conclusion, I really need to get an *iz ded* icon, because apparently heart stopping news is lurking around every corner.
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If you speak Japanese (or even if you want to just use the WWWJDIC), I'd like you to direct you to my most recent mixi entry. Subject? THE MEATBALLS OF MY PEOPLE. Yes, friends, I wrote 723 characters on the awesomeness that is the Sweedish Meatball. Mostly because IKEA IS ON THE WAY TO JAPAN WILLIAMSBURG. YUSS! Even if you don't know Japanese, you should see the picture I stole from the Ikea website. It's adorable :P

P.S. If you were wanting to read this but lacking the appropriate street cred, hook me up with an e-mail address, and I'll invite you straight away. ...I am never allowed to use "street cred" and Brittishisms in the same sentence EVER AGAIN. But, srsly, not kidding.

Is this Luke male or female? I can't tell.

I actually don't have much to say today. Because, well.

BOUKENGER. While I am greatful to finally have the mystery of whether or not they lived at the Museum was solved, I... I know it's necessary exposition, but. Masumi, did it occur to you that picking *this second* to challenge Satoru to a duel that DOESN'T EVEN MAKE LOGICAL SENSE might not be the best plan!? Oh, and then you lost and now you're evil. Well, gee.

...Um, there were spoilers in there? 悪かったね。

Anyway, Kabuto was better in the sense that I was involved in the story but worse in the sense that I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT WERE COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS. I think those necklaces turned people in worms? Which is where Dark!Tendou came from. Which is why YAGURUMA KILLED KAGEYAMA OMGEEZZZZ. And, uh, Mishima's a Worm having a hostile takeover? Except Mr. Native man is in on it too... And Creepy Kagami's dad A) Finally gets taken down; B) It is like the only time in the TV series that someone calls Kagami "Arata," which, you know, makes me squee. And I, of course, felt really bad for Kagami. He's being manipulated, he was forced to take down Tendou, and he has the whole thing with his dad. Man. Poor guy. Other than that, I think the salient plot points have escaped me. Although I would just like to say DAISUKE'S COMING BACK OMGEEZ JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY!!!!! Oh yeah. Oh, yeah.

And... um... I am le tired? Goodnight.

EDIT: Also, I am totally doing my [ profile] finalauraburst update at work tommorrow, so nobody better do it before me. Capiche?
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Hokay. So. I added SO MANY 顔文字 to my custom dic it's scary. Example: (ノ`・ロ)ノ<嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌!!!! Okay, okay, I really like that one. But, yeah, they make me happy v(^_^)ブイ

And... I... posted?

Not actually long, but I feel like making a cut here. It's about GCF stuff, anyway, so I'm sure you all don't care. )

For those who don't watch [ profile] sentai: Anyone know anything about this crazy Christmas CD? タブ asked me to get to the bottom of it (a while ago, actually...), so...

Today I have many links, because I've been going through the journal of someone who recs things quite often. Except, said person creates a whole new entry each time. Geez.

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness. 'Nuff said. [HP, Colbert Report, Fic, Humor]

I CANNOT COMMUNICATE IN WORDS how much this review made me laugh. I'm pretty sure it'll be funny even if you have no knowledge of DC. [Batman, Humor]

This guy actually calculated statistics like in Basketball to see who is the best Jedi. Of course, I already knew the Jedi winner, because that's just how awesome he is. [Star Wars]

I don't like Riker, but put him together with Zoe in Serenterprise-D? <3 [Star Trek, Firefly/Serenity, Fic, Humor]

Alfred finally gets the recognition he deserves! Ah, vindication. [Batman, Fic, Humor]

[ profile] timfinity is a project to take Tim Drake (Robin III) and put him in as many AUs as possible. I love this one because Tim can never rest on his quest for pants!!!! [DC, Fic, Humor]

I only have a peripheral knowlege of Buffy/Angel, but this amused me anyway. [Angel, Sesame Street, Humor]

READ THIS STORY! READ IT RIGHT NOW!! The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra OR A Story in which Dick and Babs are Doomed. [Batman, Fic, Humor]

Shredder in a raincoat. [TMNT, Art, Humor]
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Okay, LJ, jigga-WHAT IS THIS UPDATE PAGE!? Anyway, I should be asleep as I have that paper to write tommorrow and half my books are trapped in the libary and I *really* hope they don't reshelve them before I can get there.

It occurs to me that I should probably link my Boukenger 40 translation since it's hidden in the comments of... Kabuto 43? That Trinity, always popping in at the weirdest times.

Hee. I love Star Wars films.

There is a great deal of language in this, but the idea of Aquaman ranting about talking to fish was too good to pass up.

I've been reading a lot of DCUfic lately, by which I mean, I've been filling in gaps in my schedule with snipets here and there. But so, I have some recs. I'm only reccing this one right now, but.

Able to Suceed by [ profile] brown_betty, in which Tim is tested and Batman approves. Kind of. Well, you know how it is with him. The reason I like this story is two-fold: 1) Batman is just this kind of guy. 2) Tim is awesomer than people I give him credit for, and this story reminds me I should respect him more. Or something.

I was going to do a meme, but I'm too lazy even for that. And by lazy I mean tired and I really should sleep before I fizzle out shouldn't I why don't I take better care of myself, really. Things to cover in next entry: Kate's visit w/egg drop soup, jury, fog and wawa, strange need to narrate things as though life is a novel, links to JLU epis on YouTube, other things I've forgotten. Oh, and recent Boukens/Kabutos. Here's a preview: I'm not fond of Eiji the Rock.
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HAHA! A summary! Bet you weren't expecting *that*!

...No, seriously, not *one* word. Or else. Not kidding.

This is mostly going to be a links list as I have SO MANY TABS OPEN, and I used up all my typing time on that summary. Also because CLASSES ARE FINALLY OVER and I have forgotten nearly everything else.

Stiletto Boy and the Blonde Problem. I shouldn't even have to tell you it's about Minako causing trouble for Yaten, because you should have already clicked on it. It's way awesome. [Sailor Moon, humor]

Did I link this before? It's about MissingNo. from Pokemon. I found it interesting... [Pokemon]

Li Shang is totally hot. [Mulan, humor]

Relatedly, Japanese lyrics to "I'll Make a Man Out of You". [Mulan]

Geography lesson! [humor]

Also, How to Pass for a Canadian. I suddenly understand BNL's If I Had 1,000,000 Dollars. [Canada, informative, humor]

This guy watched all six Star Wars films in a row in numerical order for the first time. His thoughts. [Star Wars, humor]

Star Wars YMCA. WATCH THIS. [Star Wars, humor]

Bruce Wayne character study. With scans!! [Batman]

What is this guy's job, and how can Will get it? What happens when you dip stuff in liquid nitrogen. [humor]

I can't decide if this makes me feel better about Webb or worse. [Political, kind-of funny?]

I don't usually link icons, but I wanted to give you guys A Piece of the Action. [Star Trek, icons]

Gattack's Steak House! Kagami never fails to make me laugh. My fav's number 2 ^_~ [Kabuto, humor]


Two parts: Tied Down | Loosing Ground and Falling Faster by [ profile] coldfiredragon. [Batman] Dick hates Bruce for foisting the company on him, making him the Batman, but mostly Dick hates him for dying. -- Yeah, yeah, it's a darkfic, but it's SO GOOD. READ IT.

Oh, and Kabuto 43 (and other recent Kabutos?) )

Also, I am quite cross with Kato-sensei. She's basically made me feel like I'd be a horrible person if I didn't take 402. KATO-SENSEI! *shakes fist*
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It is 3AM. I am not finished with my lab report. I am barely started with my lab report. I have to do my problem set too. And I have to be awake and in front of my computer at 8AM to try and get into history.

One source of my woes: scheduling )

My Upcoming Death in North Carolina, complete with CAPS LOCK )

I have decided I am not sleeping tonight. Perhaps I will nap between lab and jazz. Unless I don't finish the problem set/lab, in which case, who knows when I'll sleep. Banner's trying to freak me out, and I have a lot of math to do, so I guess I leave you here.

*I told you the Canadians were up to no good! [Humor]
*...It's probably thanks to their advanced technology. [Humor]
*For those who missed it the first time, NINJA MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. [Humor]
*Do we have this many euphemisms in English? [Japanese]
*I hate this essay. Which is why I love it. [Star Wars]
*Im in ur f-list, linkin u to laffs. [Humor]
*I would explain this, but... ムリっす。 [Japanese Humor]

Finally: We are drunk of Borg. Resistance is floortile.

EDIT: Nearly 7AM. A bag of Skittles and some Vault later, I'm halfway through and stuck. Oh noes

EDIT2: OMGeez. Do you know what, the Registrar? I HATE YOU. I am not allowed to register with the juniors because I am a sophmore, but because I am a "junior" I am not allowed a sophmore seat. GRAWR. I think I'm going to complain. I'm definitely going to complain. They put me completely out of the running for this class I *need* to graduate, and they will again next year when I'm a social junior but academic senior. BGRAR.

In other news, I figured out how to do the lab report, so I'm almost done with step 6 of 8. Then it's just the writing. *sob*

EDIT3: Do you think I can do it in 30-45 minutes? I have to code the equations and write the words... Hmmmm, it would be SO NICE, though, to have it done before lesson. Then the conversation can be changed from:

Prof. Boyd: You're really bad.
Me: Sorry, I haven't played in the last two weeks.
Prof. Boyd: F.


Prof. Boyd: You're really bad.
Me: Sorry, I've been really busy, and just last night I didn't sleep at all in lieu of a lab report. But it's done now!
Prof. Boyd: Alright!

Oh how tricksy I am. And by tricksy I mean rationing Vault and bugging my eyes to wake me up.
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Moral: You should always give little girls the action figures they want as a child, or something like this might happen. I think she has a future in marketing.

Maybe the geekiest hat ever. I wish I knew how to knit in the round.

Breaking News: Man is Fired because Boss Believes He is a Ninja.

I realized today I was being stupid about how to Deka-ize the lookback: Just conduct it in English! I mean, there's enough phrases to put together: "Nonsense" "Judgement" "Got You" "Emergency" "Face On" "Action" "Perfect" "Get On" "What Happen?" "Oh my God, I'm sorry!" "Special Weapons and Tactics" And that's just off the top of my head.

Prof. Carone had some good quotes today, my favorite being: "Rutherford's getting smacked in the face with a bowling ball." Yeah, he deserves it. >O

I've finally finished Friday's Musashi reading. Only 350 pages to go by class on Wednesday! ...*cries* When am I going to get time to catch up? More precisely, how am I going to motivate myself to power through all that? At least Musashi is interesting; let's not talk about the Zen reading I have to do. >< And physics test on Friday does not improve my spirits, nor does Japanese tests on Wednesday and Friday.

mixi'd it up a bit. It's horrible! One of my マイミク's friends disappeared in Los Angeles! Unfortunately, none of us live in LA (to my knowledge, anyway), and the link to the picture of the guy is broken. :(

Good news: Ironed things out with Andrew ^__^ And both lunch and dinner were good! Gasp, horror, shock, I know.

I also apparently have a package? I don't know what it could be because the Little Mermaid hasn't been released yet, and I have all my textbooks. ...a surprise? Wow.

*書き物? (また1ページしか残ってない!)

Bah. I don't like that list. It needs to be shorter. Or maybe less difficult.

Speaking of difficulty, I think I might graduate in three years after all. Because, well... I think I should. There's no reason to stay. I could be in grad school, or working, or not spending my parents money on tuition. Not to mention, apparently it is impressive to double major in three years. I suppose it would be more impressive if I did honors, but unless they're significantly less hardcore than they seem, I don't think that's in the cards. I think it's going to be difficult anyway to get a professor to take me on with only sophmore physics and sundry under my belt :( I should have taken AP Physics seriously. CURSE YOU, PAST SELF! CURSE YOU, DR. DELL! But, let's focus on what we have, not what we don't.

This week's homily was about setting a goal and then objectives to get there. Obviously he meant it to apply to spiritual life, but as I am le clueless there, let's apply it elsewhere, shall we?

Goal: Become a Physicist
1. Get academic advisor for East Asian Studies
2. Get into a research lab
3. Finish degree requirements
4. Get a scholarship in Japan
5. Take GREs and JLPT
6. Get Masters
7. Get scholarship for Ph.D.
8. Get Ph.D.

Speaking of which, I have decided I am a ronin. I'm wandering, lost, trying to improve myself along the Path, but I can't find a Master to serve. I tried Kato-sensei, but she apparently does not want me as a retainer. I wasn't even asking for many bushels of rice as salary. The only conclusion I can come to is that my Spirit is too weak. :( And I thought I was good at that; it's certainly not my swordsmanship that gets me through kendo.

This could be because I have been reading too much Musashi...

Speaking of Musashi: I'm only two books in, but I'd actually like to recommend this novel so far. I totally thought it would be boring, but it's not. He gives you just enough history so you know what's going on without being bored, the plot is complex and has interesting characters, and it's compelling. I actually laughed aloud at some parts! I'm really enjoying reading it, even though I am 150 pages in the hole. Besides, the author's name is Yoshikawa Eiji. Ha ha, now I know you will all read it!

You want to do a really unique fic challenge? [ profile] 25_streetsigns. I have too many to do at the moment (I have two more sets of 10 I'd like to do AFTER I finish the 40 total I'm already signed up for), but I'd like to see what someone does with it.

Took on another cadet XC "Ben Tolstoy" appears to be a big upstart, but it would be unfair to deprive the new GIRL DOCTOR of a GIRL DOCTOR training officer. ...except she's pretending to be Addral right now, but w-ev.

Speaking of GCF, I feel REALLY lost as to Gallo's character and purpose. It doesn't help I committed professional suicide by going to the Academy... *rolls eyes* But I was originally aiming for a character a lot like my brother except more intellectual and sarcastic, because you have NO IDEA how hard it is holding Sarah back :P Anyway, the fact that he's not getting anything written for him means I can't get a sense of him. BAH.

And, of course, it doesn't help certain people *cough*[ profile] lillianloop*cough*[ profile] redrangergo*cough* are dragging butt on posting. XC

And no post would be complete with babbling about Sentai a bit )

P.S. In addition to Hirai Ken, I REALLY want some CHEMISTRY CDs *weeps*
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Well, I *was* updating [ profile] finalauraburst, but then I realized it would be dumb to do so before making my post...

First, I am obligated by Best Friend Law to make an obnoxious marquee:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOT-MY-AIBOU!!! ♬It's your birthday, so I will sing this song even though this is the internets♬ Happy birthday, おばあさん! \(^^\) (/^^)/ You are 19 now, and your birthday is the 19th, so how cool is that? Also, it's funny because I called you old, but I'm older than you. ^______________________________________^ This is a really long marquee, isn't it? Fear not, I can go on! I will proclaim your greatness: YOU ARE.... GREAT! SUPER GREAT? WHATEVER. I wish I had some radioactive ninja... Can you put images in marquees? ♬La La, お誕生日おめでとう‼♬ (Did you know those exclamation points I only had to type once and it gave me two?) Ah, your stupid marquee c------

*cough* Okay, content now.

TIMERANGER 20-21 IS OUT *dances* But I have not seen them yet, so let's stick to what I do know:

Boukenger 29 )


Um, so... Caught up with all my fics today. Was especially happy with the The Exiles and For Such a Time as This updates. ...but then, that's because the Shitennou and Siriwan make my little fangirl heart burst with joy. Also: NEPHRITE GETS A JOB AT CROWN. BEST. NOD. TO. PGSM. EVER.

And... I have some digest-ing to do, so let me be off.
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Um... College? Yes.

Classes and Sundry )

Speaking of crazy things, WHY IS THERE A CRAZY COPYRIGHT POLICY NOW? It makes lounges "public areas," meaning if we watch movies in there we're violating copyright law. Unless it's Disney. ...or Japanese? Apparently Japanese copyright law allows people to watch things in public as long as no money is changing hands. I don't know if that comes with Japanese works, though, or if it's applicable to things in Japan... I'm hoping the former, because then if anyone calls me on it, I have in print, as opposed trying to argue "educational purpose" and "fair use." And... I'll have to read what the handbook has to say; more research! What fun. Of course, I also know how to write a letter to get permision for that.

Why I care? Because I'd like to show the Lafcadio Hearn Movie. It's actually fairly easy to argue educational intent for that, but... I don't *want* to argue, I'd just like to be able to do it. Not that the entire rule isn't BS anyway. I *live* here. The lounge is like my living room or something.

Okay, I'd just like to share this.

Anyway, happier things. Saw a lot of "souls" (including Danielle XD), am teaching Irene HTML/CSS in the future, am going through Crystal Light Ice Tea like it is going out of style, am the stupidest person ever for NOT BRINGING RICE, etc.

I'm disappointed but not surprised we're in a state of emergency and the college doesn't care. CANCEL AFTERNOON CLASSES! DO IT!!!! Because I don't want to spend my morning in the bookstore reading three chapters. Just saying.

It just occured to me Alia theoretically has a copy of this book... too late now, I suppose.

Also, at least the PS3 will be used by *somebody*.


Two of my favorite characters meet, and the pigs are cute. COMMODORES FTW.

Also, I've been listening NON STOP to POP STAR by Hirai Ken. The video is really amazing (especially around 3:40) because he plays EVERY PART. (I also know the dance XD) I think I have no choice but to get his single collection. It's actually kind of a travesty I don't have it already, what with ハリソン and all, but.

Kanji learned to date: 宝 (たから、ホウ)(takara, hou) - treasure. THANK YOU, BOUKENGER. No, I'm *really* not kidding, it's how I learned the word *and* the kanji.
定(テイ、ジョウ、さだ)(tei, jou, sada) - decide, fix, establish

...okay, so I have a ways to go. Look, I got a PERFECT SCORE on lvl. 4 kanji. So now I suppose I should take lvl. 3 and fail see what happens. As of right now, I'm planning on taking lvl. 2, but I might go up to lvl. 1 if it becomes clear to me I should. ...I don't think it will. Also, you know what's surpising? I'VE STUDIED JAPANESE OVER 1,000 HOURS! Wow. Just, wow. I suppose it make sense I'm "suddenly" able to understand TV and stuff. See, I never tried until Boukenger *made* me. Maybe I could have done it sooner? Although, it doesn't excuse the SORRY STATE of my vocabulary. Hopefully be solving the kanji problem, I will solve that as well. One can hope...

ABSENTEE BALLOT THINGY is going in the mail. Perhaps you should do one, too?

Oh, and a meme )

And finally:
Kate: He's like white trash but better.
Me: White Recylcling?
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Dear California,

Thanks for the heat wave. We owe you one, man. IN THE FACE.

No love,


No, for serious guys, pay attention to the heat out there, especially where babies and pets and old people are concerned. We don't want anyone getting heat exhaustion and dying.

Why Anakin was not allowed to design his own suit.

ZOMG A [ profile] kenobi_explains! And I got the second comment! FTW.

Google Calendar wants me to remember to say HAPPY AUGUST BIRTHDAYS as it it the first of August. LJ, however, says I do not know anyone with an August birthday. I know this to be a lie (Mike), but still... And it says Kate's the only one with a September birthday... Late summer is just not a popular baby time, I suppose.

Speaking of it being August first, I have achieved my unofficial goal of daily updates in July (I missed by one in June)! Now that I have done it, I don't have to be so worried about it anymore, so I suppose there may not be one everyday anymore (How will you cope)? No, I don't know. But I'm not holding myself to a strict update schedule anymore.

Writing yesterday's fic (and the one I'm about to write) has made me realize I'm kind of getting to be a little more depressing than I should be. So, to counter this, I signed up for [ profile] 10_laughs in an attempt to counter-balance this. (Claim was approved in 7 minutes!! WHOA!) Of course, Souta was the obvious choice, but, and don't kill me, I had to pair him with someone, and I chose Sakura. *winces* I know, I know, I am willingly busting up my OTP, I am a horrible person, got it. But, (and this is advanced warning) [ profile] 30_deathfics is going to be a Satorapalooza. And Episode 22 cemented what I discoved in "In Her Shoes": Soukura is a pairing it's easy to buy into. I realize many of you have not yet seen 22, but. Take my word for it, it's true.

Halfway through my requests! And there was much rejoicing.

Title: Wandering in Darkness
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan and Tomasu "Hoji" Houji
Theme: 11. Pain
Word Count: 373
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: References events in episode 48, though not with enough detail you'd know what happened.
Summary: It was always the same; Tetsu would come to his door and they'd wordlessly sit on his couch, trying to make some sense out of it all. Hoji/Tetsu
Author's Notes: All I could think while writing this was "Boku ga soba ni iru." Thanks, Hiyori. :P For [ profile] lillianloop

Wandering in Darkness )

Title: A Dog with a Bone
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Inou Masumi and Mogami Souta
Word Count: 303
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 22
Summary: Souta decides Masumi is perhaps the best person to tease on the entire planet. GENFIC, perhaps pre-slash if you are so inclined.
Author's Notes: "Wan Wan" is the Japanese eqivalent of "bow wow," so Kaze no Shizuka calls him Wan-chan. I found that to be about the cutest thing ever, hence this fic was born. I'm sorry for releasing it so soon after the episode, but I just *had* to. For [ profile] mariko_azrael.

A Dog with a Bone )

Title: Half a Life and No Regrets
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Akashi Satoru and Nishihori Sakura
Theme: 1. Regret
Word Count: 850
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 4
Summary: Satoru reflects on something that happened when he and Sakura had first met, and how they had both changed since then. Satora if you're so inclined.
Author's Notes: Sequel to The Heart of the Steadfast Soldier. That middle bit is a flashback, just to avoid confusion. Also, technically everyone in the SDF is a civilian, but I didn't really know how to phrase it otherwise.

Half a Life and No Regrets )
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Boukenger 21 )

Kabuto 25 )

Kate brought me a Darth Vader from New York to point at me and look menacing. may notice I am on LJ anyway, Darth. You don't gnome me~!

I have a bruise on my arm. Why is this?

Also, I think I'm going to expland the last of Sakura's nevers into a longer fic told from the general point of view, as if it was an episode. And a Kagami fic for [ profile] estirose and something for [ profile] shinosaisei. And Koushirou fic and that story I've been working on that doesn't have a name but is about Sakura and her son. And Empire stuff. And Kabuto 24, 25, and Boukenger 21 summaries. And Souta and Eiji screencaps. Oh, and that Masumi essay I just thought up! Yeah, I think I've finally got enough to keep me busy :P Unless of course, someone else wants to challenge me to some fanfiction writing, because I am ALWAYS up for that.

You know what's weird? It seems whenever I finish an LJ entry I am listening to Glory Colors by ZONE. This is not by design. Well, today, I'm letting it play out while I type this. So there, Glory Colors.

P.S. Wanted to read Five Things that Never Happened to Nishihori Sakura but didn't want to waste time clicking on five different LJ cuts and be guilted into leaving five different comments? You are clever. Here it is, all in one go, for anyone who missed it.
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Spent the day shopping and cooking with my aunt, grandmother, and mother. Got Kate's KA-RAZY gift, but I think she'll like it. Brother watched Kabuto 20. It's good I got those two summaries off my plate. Finished d/ling Faiz (finally). I am now an uploading fiend. I think maybe I should take adavntage of this good fortune and get Hibiki and Blade while I'm here. Haven't watched Changeman 2 yet, though.

Revenge of the Sith was on TV tonight. My aunt and uncle had never seen it before. I explained the whole plot of the prequels to my aunt, so I think she has a vague idea. I also did it in under 10 minutes, which is really good for me and explaining things. See, Mom? I could *totally* explain Harry Potter to you. For. Serious.

Got the obligatory this month's episodes spoilers from the Sentai Fanclub, but [ profile] taa_kun usually translates them so I think I'll go to bed instead. Tommorrow will be a long day, as I will be spending a great deal of it at my grandparent's house. HINT: Kate, if you, you know, felt like calling and keeping me on the phone for hours...

Before I forget: JULY BIRTHDAYS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] marshmellin and KATIE!!!!

P.S. I hate my nose.
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GOSH that Boukenger summary took a long time. ...Probably because I kept getting interrupted.

Yeah, um, I'm in New York now. Good news: staying with Cool Aunt and Crazy Uncle. Also, they totally hooked me up with the internets, like, ten minutes after I got here. GIANT <3 s!

Let's see... Last night I meant to do Boukenger, but I got distracted by P/O and Shades. (I like Shades. It is awesome.) I have to stop in on [ profile] mistful soon... So, anyway, stayed up way too late reading fic. Then had to get up early to go to the airport. The flight was unremarkable, and I did get some reading done.

We saw the grandparents. We also saw Wendy XC She *asked me my GPA*. Not that my GPA is *bad*. Okay, who am I kidding, I am disappointed in it. But the point is, it's not bad to the rest of the world, and yet it's the principle of the thing! I was tempted not to answer, but I decided just to get out of there as soon as possible.

I've been listening to all my new CDs, and watching the accompanying DVDs XD

ZOMG totally just took a shower and SNAKES ON A PLANE was in Entertainment Weekly. ...This is sad. I don't even have any *intention* of seeing SoaP, and yet I become excited at the mere mention of it. Hmmmm...

Qui-Gon taught him well. ...AND THEN GNAWED HIS FACE OFF. "Obi-Wan, Master Yoda was just trying to make me eat stew, so I chopped him up and put him in. It tastes loads better. Wanna try?"

And I think that's it. I guess I'll.... sleep....
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Hmm, since my last entry consisted entirely of Kabuto, let's try to consist of actual things going on.

Of course, on the top of my page is the upcoming repairs to my car. Hopefully they'll be done tommorrow. Unfortunately, I have to go in 7:30 tommorrow (BLEGH) in the case of it being done. This would be because the inspection place closes at 5. *grumble* I hate mornings.

Andrew, my father thinks you should call the police on guy-who-smashed-your-car. Of course, my dad has very limited information on the subject.

I have to work up the nerve to call Borders, because I really want my job back. It's weird, isn't it, that I'd take on working there for 75% of my pay at BRTRC, but I really like it. Books make me happy. I guess I'll call them from work while I'm on lunch. Why am I such a wuss when it comes to this? If I'm lucky I'll get someone I know on the phone. *crosses fingers*

Got a spindle of 100 DVD-Rs today. w00t. Especially since it was only $25. Beat that.

Went shopping with brother (who is sick and may have a girlfriend, "Rachel." ...That is not right. Why can't he get a GF with a name I can spell? All we know is that her talked on the phone with her for an hour yesterday with the door closed, and she called again today. And he apparently read this yesterday, so I should stop. Although, I did jump up and down with glee, so he probably won't do it again) for said spindle and father's day/birthday cards. d00d, the birthday card has Superman, Green Lantern, and BATMAN on it. BEAT THAT.

On a similar note, Hallmark has some really cute stuff for Father's Day. It's worth a browse past the window, certainly.

My goodness, I have an addiction to the written word, don't I? I looked through my assignment books past, and aside from figuring out where all my calculus notes went, it occurs to me I would just write anything. Except in 8th grade when I used every single white note space to draw something. *shivers* "honegai." Yeah, master of research, that was me. I mean, on one hand, it is the very thing I get angry about with the ickle fangirls. On the other hand, I got better. I don't know when it was brought to my attention not to be "honegai" but "onegai." Certainly not before 3rd quarter J1, because I knew hiragana at the time of the writing. But I *did* learn, which I suppose is the desired effect.

Like, as much as we do the head turn of confusion (Katana-- Dibs on Sakura. She and I are way too similar anyway.) to ARUDIASU AKONE, we are completely aware of his padawan status and, as such, he doesn't bother us. But other people... I guess, the fact is, he doesn't misrepresent himself like most of the fangirls. He's like, "I really don't know that much," (YES! Japanese modesty all the way! If nothing else, you must learn how to turn down people saying how good you are (Especially because they'll be impressed with a 'con-itchy-wah')! I am so proud of you!) whereas they're like, "HOMG I've benkyuu-ed the nihango for, laik, ji-yuu whole funs! I am totempole ii! You should totally shinjiteirumasu zenbu of my Nihonga, kara watakushi am an eXpReT. LOLz!!1" ...That sentence is so painful, and yet SO TRUE. I feel like such a bad person abusing the Japanese language like that. It'll probably want some kataki (thank you, Natsuki). w.

Anyway, as that was utterly in comprehensible to anyone who doesn't speak-a the Nihongo... Set up new DVD/speaker system, this time including VCR. Now if only I could get my compy in the mix, it would all be perfect.

My parents don't believe me about my eye pains. They say it's fatigue from the compy. I say normal eye fatigue doesn't incapacitate you for several hours, nor does it not go away after having your eyes closed for those hours.

Dinner at Chipotle. Oh, burritos. WITH RICE.

I am apalled at my lack of fortitude in the face of the pterodactyls. Or, more precisely, the motrin's lack of fortitude.

Okay, I promised you more comics, and here are numbers 10, 11, and 12 (the first was 9). I'll go back and pick up the beginning, but I had to do the Masumi tripping ones. Oh man.

Possesion is Nine Tenths of the Law, CONFISCATED!, and Pie in the Sky. My titles are so bad. )

Lastly, for anyone with a big WTF plastered to their face (this means you, Kate, as you appear to be the only out of the loop), I have recieved word from the ROC. You're not going to like it. Apparently the poor dear's network is down, and as such, he cannot be on the internets much. He says he's working on it, though, which is really all I can ask.

Oh, did you see? Roc was in the crossword puzzle! "Roc of Gibraltar." heehee. ...Has Roc ever been to Spain?

Bah, 6:30 wake up. Not since I rode the bus did I have to wake up this early. I have to stand with Hawkeye on this one: "Now I know why they shoot prisoners at dawn. Who wants to live at 6 in the morning?"

EDIT: Meme+Cut: OTP )
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Well, so, here I am. Nothing much has been going on. You know, just working and reading PotC fanfics.

Ouch. My car just failed the inspection. Apparently blahblah muffler manifold blahblah leak blahblah no pressure blahblah fails emmisions inspection. (I know lots about cars; can you tell?) Apparently Midas will fix it on Tuesday, which is good because the end of the month is Wednesday. I am just not a fan of the big REJECTION sticker in the front. BUT THE PLATE LIGHTS WORK! That was a bit of awesome electrical engineering, if I do say so myself. So, yeah. And then maybe Jiffy Lube to round out my making-the-car-better experience. Need to get job at Borders back... Will apparently need the funds....

On the other hand, I really can't buy another car. I mean, I'd basically have to get it used as I don't have a job for long enough to afford car payments, and I really don't see how any used car would be any better than mine. At least I A) have the piece of mine of knowing its entire history and B) only have 76,000 miles on the thing (trans: not a lot for a 14 year old car). Did I wish I didn't have to keep it held together with packing tape and prayer? Yes. But it appears to be my old option, and at least I love and trust it.

So, I was reading this article and a discussion that went along with it. It's about guidelines auggesting for all women of childbearing age to as if they are pregnant and just don't know it. Obviously the article is abrasive; it's in the Washington Post, that's what they do. But even realizing there's a spin on it, I still find myself strongly offended by this idea. And I don't even know why. I mean, I'll admit there are certainly a lot of unplanned pregnancies, and even beyond that, doing most of the suggested things (healthy weight, not smoking, etc.) are good for you anyway. Logically it makes perfect sense, but I still can't help but feeling this horrible thing in the pit of my stomach. And then there are of course cases like this, where this woman cannot get the proper medication on the off chance she might get pregnant DESPITE her protestations otherwise. And of course, the stories from women who have been sterillized being asked such things. And I can totally see where they're coming from. But it offends me every time they ask me.

Now, I am not sterile (at least not to my knowledge). I'm not sick, I don't have any "conditions," and I'm 19, which is not a bad age to have a child from a physical standpoint, and certainly not un-heard of as my own mother was only 21 when I was born. It is perfectly understandable for someone like a doctor or someone to say, "hmm, I wonder if she might be pregnant and she doesn't know it." I mean, I'll even admit I am woefully uninformed about pre-natal care (read: I know only a bit more than the average person knows, certainly not enough to sate my must-know-everything tendencies, especially for such an important thing as a new life), mostly because it's never really come up. But on some uncontrollably emotional level I still find myself galled that someone would just assume I was sexually active, or that I wasn't careful with birth control*, or that I was reckless enough in the first place to be dangerous to an unborn child I did not know about! Now, thankfully, I have never been asked "How about some birth control pills with your cough syrup?" like some of the other women apparently have, so it could be worse. But still... Thoughts, ladies, gentlemen?

*Please note that birth control is not a guarantee, merely a preventative measure, and I know this, and you should know this.

I would like to ask my sentai friends: Why did no one tell me how awesome Jasmine's image song is, how great it would be for DDR, or how well it fits with the opening to Sailor Stars?

I would like to beg my nose to kindly *stop* being stuffy and/or bloody, as I've had this cold now since mid-February, and I feed and water and give sleep to it, and therefore cannot possibly understand why it will not oblige by forcing the removal of the bug from my person.

Dear Tom,

I saw a car like yours driving on Guinea Rd. It probably wasn't you, but in case it was, the right brake light is out; you may wish to fix it.

Someone who doesn't want you to fail inspection, too.

And now, lastly, I have found a comic online that reminds me of I (harth) Darth. I plan to make some icons and more animations in the future, but for right now, I give you ヒーローなんていない OR Don't Cry Over Spilled Ice Cream )

EDIT: Doug the Jedi
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First, Beth recently asked for userpics, so I figured I'd let you all in on them. Go to the and enter "sarahcosmo," with the password being "password." Typically the last half of the icon name is the maker who needs to be credited; I can help clear that up at any rate.

[287] User Icons )

So, my brother needs a senpai. He seriously needs someone who he thinks is older and cool and he looks up to, because he needs a good influence in his life, and of course, as a teenager, he refuses to listen to the adults in his life. I guess that is kind of bad about being 5 years older than him, and so mentally intimidating besides, because I'm kind of lumped in with the wet-blanket group. Bah.

Roman History according to my brother

Me: Hey, are there any 'z's in Latin?
Brother: No, they're forbidden.
Me: *laugh* Someone *forbid* the use of 'z's?
Brother: Yeah.
Me: Was it the Pope? Because I wouldn't put it past him...
Brother: They didn't have a Pope in Rome.
Me: I meant-- (NOTE: I was talking about later, when the church was the only user of Latin)
Brother: Well, maybe they had a pope for a little while. But then they went back to worshiping Zeus. I mean, Jupiter.

Started a game of RISK, but then my brother had to go to bed. I keep giving my mom a chance to take Kamchatka and then get OUT of Alaska, but she is not going for it. I may have CRUSH her when play resumes tommorrow.

I realize I don't talk about my family much. Part of that is certainly the fact that I've been away at college, but I didn't really say a lot about them beforehand either. I'll try to correct that.

Switching gears, I played two great games of Questions last night, one with the Tristanator (who has taken to calling me "(the) Admiral" and has apparently told Telik to do the same. Thanks, Will Shipe.) and the other with my main man, Seth. I won the one with Seth, but the Tristanator copped out TWICE. He's just lucky I'm honourable. It's a little hard to play over t3h AIM since you can't lose with hesitation, but I still had a good time. Kate, I looked up the rules online, and it doesn't have a rule for rhetoric. Since we don;t even know what that means, I suppose it's just as well, but *shrug*

Speaking of my convo w/ the Tristanator, KATANA: He says we're (Gallo and Addral) finally going to be DOING something at the Academy. Which is good. Because I am bored. Apparently we have to be the cadetkins CO while they do whatever it is their job is. I'm sure you and I will have no problem with that, what with our inate leadership skills and extensive training/experience. If only Gallo or Addral had any of that. Which brings me to my nefarious plans. These are my nefarious plans. )

Musing: Why do we call Seth "Seth" but everyone else we refer to by their character names? ...Probably because it'd be too hard to keep track of all of Seth's different characters, which is why we used to call him "aitsu." I shouldn't ask questions I can already answer....

My computer is bombinating.

I have burned my ENTIRE tongue. Even the sides! Ramen, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.

Fuki said she'd e-mail me this weekend, but the weekend is over in Japan, and I still have to e-mail. :(

FYI: I am going to NY the last week of June, and I might go to Florida the week before school starts in August. Other than that, I'll be here. Working.

Hmm, I really wish Boukenger was done because I really want to know what's up with Masumi. Oh, well. Sore ja.
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EVEN BIGGER NEWS: ANNIE TAUGHT ME TO READ HEBREW!!! You thought I was cool before, wait 'til I read Hebrew* at you!!
*This means refering to my list of letters and going very slowly. But I am improving!

BIG NEWS: MY WM SITE ACTUALLY HAS AN INDEX PAGE!! WITH LINKS!! THAT TELL YOU WHAT'S THERE!! THIS IS STUPENDOUS!!!!! (In case you were wondering what's there, it's all been on the LJ with the exception of one: three mp3s, a picture, and my Digimon Fic Rec list.)

In other news, Darth Vader had a run-in with the Japanese Police. Oh yeah.

Also, I like this essay on Obi-Wan and Padme. I think it's really nicely done and original.

What else? Firefox went CRAZY on me and was CRAZY.

Parents came and took a lot of stuff home. Also, we cleaned a lot.

VICTORY OVER THE CARPET WITH A CAPITAL "L"!!!!!! No, for serious, we chucked it lock, stock, and centipede(!) in the dumpster. Booyaka.

I made Ramen of tasty with vegetables. Of course, I had to use Will's hammer to open the can of mushrooms. This made me displeased.

I read all about the Batman Family in Wikipedia. "Oh, Dick, you're my hero!!" Geez, other Robins, get a GRIP. Bruce messed. him. up. FOR SERIOUS. Get a better role model! Like... ALFRED!

Psyched for Kabuto 13 which is currently 82.5% finished. And a new Boukenger soon! w00t! Okay, this new one, Sakura has a GUN. Like, a MACHINE GUN. And she gives one to Natsuki. So they can rescue Chief? Speaking of Chief:

ME: *Watching Boukenger 11* *falls over laughing*
Kate: You okay there, chief?
ME: *gasping* No, no Chief is not okay.

SO, earlier in the episode Chief had taken off by himself causing MAJOR WORRY by not explaining where he was going and letting everyone think he was a bad guy. This, understandably, upsets Sakura (Pink) because she is madly in love with him. So, Masumi (Black), in his very misguided way says, "You can hit him as hard as you want the next time we see him." Sakura brushes this off, but is comforted. LATER, baddies defeated, they ask Chief why he didn't tell them, and he was like "it was an adventure, man!!" (That's how he is. Crazy.) The filming here was excellent. Sakura walks over. "But you forgot one thing." Switch to Chief's face. "Oh?" Chief's face contorts in pain. Switch to Sakura's fist in Chief's gut. "I won't forgive you if you exclude us again." Chief falls over. Sakura covers her mouth in shock. HILLARITY! Really, you should see it. If I hadn't deleted that video editing software, I'd totally do it. As it is: WATCH BOUKENGER.

What else?? I am a fan of multiple punctuation today. But not commas,,, (<--inside joke)


And, uh.... CompSci Grade back. *does dance*

Alright, time to bug out.

EDIT: When speaking of Voldemort as the object, does it become "Him-who-must-not-be-named" and "you-know-whom," or is it more of a proper noun/title that shouldn't be changed but taken wholesale as-is?


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