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I should get back in the habit now, huh?

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In other news, I recently rewatched Kabuto, and I actually have no new thoughts on it. Deka, on the other hand... I'm pining for Tetsu, you guys. (We're actually stopped on the episode before he gets introduced.) This is not cool.
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Hi! I'm back from Australia, but in general very busy and also feeling like a slug. So, to all my kanjipocalypse peeps: I'M SORRY FOR LETTING YOU DOWN. This week I will start putting them up again, okay? PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I just... need some time to be a slug, it seems.

Also! I went to see the KR/Gosei movie, which was awesome, and I ended up taking 14 pages of notes! I tried to write (in colored pen) when something was illegible what I had meant, but... well, you know. Comprehensive thoughts are on the last page. Spoilers, obviously, and image-heavy. )

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Woo, all Hesiei Riders: watched! I feel... well actually, like a bit of a layabout, but thank you for asking. And, in accordance with Fandom Law, I have drawn my commemorative picture featuring all the riders. I have received glowing praise such as "his head is really big" and "he's kind of lopsided"! Coming soon to a pixiv near you.

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So now I have to go watch Decade again so I can, you know, understand it. ONORE DIKEIDOOOOOOOOOO
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Since I actually got up even though I was up until 1:30 cleaning:

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Last predictable post for the foreseeable future. KAZUYOSHI, GET ME INTERNET IN MY HOUSE.

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And that's all I guess, until I either get a driver's license or internet in my house. D:
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Me: Hi.
Kate [on phone]: Hi. I'm in New York.
Me: :O
Kate: I don't know how we do these things either.

LOL my life.

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Finally, an announcement:

[ profile] itsbuttery and I have decided to read and discuss The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler, and while I have full confidence that we will have EPIC and MAJESTIC conversation on our own, I felt it rude not to invite you all. So, if you want, we will be discussing the first five chapters here one week from now. Invite your friends! Or, have a life. You know, whichever.
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I also watched Mulan in Mandarin in this weekend, and dudes! I could understand very short sentences!! I guess I am not completely hopeless in Chinese after all :Db

I also WILL at SOME POINT type up all the V6 lyrics translations I've been doing in preparation for READY?. So, you know, hold me to that.

In other news, have been thinking about moving to DW... we'll see.

EDIT: [ profile] megthelegend wrote me a really awesome and hilarious Carranger fic! Go read it!!
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Things that are epic: my life.

Details at 11 )

I've been meaning to say his for a while, but, does anyone have any thoughts on Toei's apparent obsession with the name "Kaoru"? Off the top of my head I can think of three Kaorus (Kuuga, Agito, Shinken) and one kind-of Kaoru (Magi) which is kind of... a strange pattern, don't you think?

In one of my classes I have two Kaorus, one girl and one boy, and the boy wants to be a detective.

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And, I'm bored, so have a meme. Which I'm sure you'll all give me a fandom for.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.
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So, this weekend was exciting! We went Hina-meguri-ing, because as it turns out, the town I live in has a whole thing where basically all the stores put out hina ningyo and you can just wander in and see them. There were some SUPER old ones! And also ones shaped like giant strawberries :Db It was also good for finding out what was actually around there, because I didn't really know.

Then, we went to karaoke, which was awesome because A) we are awesome, but B) I had made Lisa watch the Kyuushuu summer special from GeI (I MISS YOU, GeI!!!) because I had just recently seen it myself and it's seriously one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. Maybe even beating out Nagano's license. I have not seen V6's debut concert (although I have heard tell), but at one point in the episode they reference it. Apparently, Sakamoto just randomly yelled "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" at some point in "Made in Japan," so Ken, Nagano and Inocchi start yelling "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" to mock him when they play the song on this trip.

So Lisa and I sang "Made in Japan", and, having not seen CONCERT FOR THE PEOPLE, yelled "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" at every opportunity since we didn't know where in the song he did it.



I think it may have to become one of our karaoke standbys. Even as we were looking over our shoulders to make sure the people weren't going to come and tell us we were bothering the other customers.

Speaking of, thank you to everyone who answered my poll about what to do for the KHK Kouhaku (EXCEPT ALL OF YOU WHO WANT ME TO DIE. I SEE HOW IT IS.) I was really leaning towards "Step and Go," especially after I found out that there were some teachers willing to back me up in dancing, but in actually going to karaoke and singing this weekend... I think I finally figured out how to make the best performance, which is by performing (don't laugh at me, I'm slow :/), and I think I can *perform* best to "Dakishimete TONIGHT," so that's what I'm going to go with. Now I just have to choreograph a dance I can actually do. And, I suppose, try and become flexible so I can kick up to my chin D:

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I also just left the TV on, so I "watched" Pretty Cure (I'm sorry, Heart Catch Pretty Cure), and while it is not my cup of tea, it wasn't as D: inducing as the bit of last season I caught. Also, it led to the best observation ever:

"So I guess this year's red guys are all going to drop their henshin items... huh? Which means Terui will soon!?" - @nzggr



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