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Title: Heartbreaker
Fandom: Enjin Sentai Go-Onger
Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,241
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Go-Onger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Heartbanki is out to ruin Valentine's Day, but there's no way the Go-Ongers would allow that!
Author's Notes: For [ profile] viridian_blue5, who requested "Hiroto, Chocolate." It's only kind of related, but *shrugs* SPECIAL THANKS TO [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge and [ profile] vintage_belle for looking this over and catching all my stupid typos. Oh, and also for not making me feel like a horrible writer :Db

Heartbreaker )
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So remember how I mentioned in the post before this how I always stare sadly at the bookshelves but they never have Hero Vision?


And, in the spread for Shinken vs. Go-On...
Me: *points to picture* See, I told you he thinks everyone in the world is his girlfriend.
Lisa: *eyebrows lost above hairline*
Me: ...You didn't believe me until just now, did you?

Anyway, most of my life recently has been spent on ~video letter~, which I got completely edited, mailed, EVERYTHING today :Dv Which means I can enjoy tomorrow's movie guilt free.

ALSO, d'you know how people have irrational crushes on things? I will confess: I have one on Joe Biden and his love of trains. ♥
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Dear [ profile] beckerbell,

I don't know if you've seen Geki v. Go-On, but at 1:25 in, I already know you will agree with me that it is the best thing ever.



Go-On v. Geki* the other 50 minutes. )

Okay, so, in other news, things that nearly made me cry:

New Zealand Soap Opera 75-79 )

Um, I also wanted to say something about some being WRONG on the internet *gasp* )
Sorry, maybe I am a little angry.

Anyway, um, I'm seriously about this close to DESTROYING Toshiba. It took them 3 1/2 weeks to find out the hard drive was bad (the 1.5 month old hard drive!!), they had to call to confirm that I wouldn't mind losing the data even though I TOLD THEM EXPRESSLY IN WRITING IT WAS FINE, and now it's been three days and still no word. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REPLACE A HARD DRIVE?

*deep breath*

Just think of the train cafe. Tiny trains ♥
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Well so [ profile] niav was talking about this one post and was like, why doesn't sentai talk about this, and then [ profile] itsbuttery was like, we should talk about this on LJ because LJ fandom doesn't EAT ITS MEMBERS ALIVE, and Lord knows I have nothing better to do, so.

Thoughts on female rangers in Sentai )

Discuss Away!

Gosh, that took forever AND made me contemplate the chaos that would result from Houka/Tsubasa. I hope you're happy, [ profile] niav!!!
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I really am working on that longer reaction post, I promise.

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE A ISSUE WITH WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT SEXISM, SPECIFICALLY RE:JAPAN: This is not the meta you're looking for. Also, Spoilers for the most recent Shinkenger.

Okay! Now that *that's* out of the way.

So, as all the poor suckers on my flist know, two of my main fandoms are Toku (Yeah Toku side of the flist yeah!) and Jmusic, specifically JE (Yeah boyband fans, represent!). These two fandoms can have some interesting overlap sometimes.

My favorite overlap? How [ profile] megthelegend and [ profile] still_ciircee are steadily molding their children into becoming the next generation of fans. You guys should share tips, seriously. (If [ profile] still_ciircee was on my flist, I would make it happen you guys. It'd be like those crazy crossover fics we love, except real life.)

But another, less hilarious commonality has arisen: People objecting to the sexism they see in their media.

I'm going to cut it here, because it's probably going to get long. THAT'S THE WAY I ROLL, OKAY. )
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So! I should put a post together since I imagine I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off tomorrow and Friday.

OKAY. ANYBODY WHO WANTS A POSTCARD FROM JAPAN, SPEAK NOW. And by "speak" I mean "send me a PM," but. Because it's not like I won't be able to send you one later, but. I should do it before I forget. Plus, while I'm sure they have touristy postcards in Tokyo, I am not sure about Tochigi? Well, probably if I go to Nikkou. (I AM GOING TO NIKKOU ONE DAY, BTW. THERE AND THE DENEN.)

I will maybe write about dramas/Toku one day, but not today, as I am SO BUSY. I can say: I love Shiken 4 ♥, I love Ryousuke's dad (Voice), I'm sad about Mameshiba, I LOVE Love Shuffle because I thought it was going to degenerate AND IT DIDN'T, and everyone should watch Dousoukai because it is nominally about a horrible, messed up love triangle (detailed explanation), but is actually about rain scenes, shower scenes, and a gay man named "Arashi".

In other news, I was following the other comments on a post that was talking about something else entirely, somehow the conversation got turned into Go-Onger. The person was saying they didn't think Go-Onger was really interesting other than for mocking, and they pointed out how unfortunate Sousuke's jacket might be. Specifically:

And I thought, "That sounds like a challenge." So. Who's up for a King Uke* Sousuke commentfic challenge? You know you want to.

*I don't mean this in the traditional sense

To Wit: 1) Participants shall write a comment fic that 2) involves Sousuke and some other character from wherever and 3) him getting owned by them due to how he apparently thinks the entire world are his girlfriends and they realize how stupid he is. Or, you know, whatever. I'm flexible.

I thought I would start by writing whomever is least popular to pair with Sousuke (as that seems to be my niche), until I realized, I did not know who was least popular to pair with Sousuke. So. You should give me some guidance there too :P
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*sporfle* Matsumoto Jun.

To everyone in Johnnys

I'm in the mood to go drinking, so please contact me. If you say you saw it in WinkUp, I'll pay. I'm waiting for your call.
[Emphasis mine]

Is he a mattress retailer?? A car dealer??? I just. Dying

(All the WinkUp messages were pretty funny, actually...)

Go-On 50 (End) )
Super Ultra 8 Brothers Movie )
GoGoV 2-4 )
UtaOni 3 )
Love Shuffle 4 )
VSA 41-42 )

Finally, I joined iKnow with [ profile] nicocoer, so... learning some business words! Yay!
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I return!

Happy February Birthdays!

Ack, I have a lot of stuff to sort through, don't I?

Movie: New in Town )

Voice 3 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 3 )
Room of King 9 (End) )
Go-On 48-49 )

And still so much stuff to watch! Like, uh, Ultraman Movie. And also Love Shuffle 3 and Voice 4 and NAGASE ON ANS and VSA. And also Decade...

But first I guess I have to clean OH MY GOSH EVERYTHING IS A TOTAL DISASTER. orz
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...And I was like, "Did I miss the part where Go-On turned into a Kamen Rider?"

Go-Onger 47 )

Anyway, I was mad yesterday, so I guess that's part of the reason I'm not up for being more grr at Toei. It's just. You know. It's one thing, being Catholic but not agreeing with the Church's stance on stuff, you're going to run into people saying things you don't agree with. And that's fine, because the reason I *don't* agree with people is typically because I don't believe that stance shows enough love of our fellow people/Earth, so I'd be a hypocrite if I was all grr at them. But then sometimes you get a homily comparing abortion to slavery, and that just CROSSES THE LINE. Because putting aside your feelings on abortion, not only is that comparison NONSENSICAL, but it is MISLEADING. And I hate how I can't believe anything I hear in church.

And I have to say, I should have known, this priest's homilies are never very well put together anyway. Usually that's fine, because you're not there to hear a great speech. But the big problem here? The word "woman" was not used once. I remember hearing "mother" once. And the rest of it (mostly extensively quoted from Dr. King, whom I have no complaint with) was about "men" and their "sons." Although the part that stuck out the most for me was, "And the language of slavery is there. 'I don't care about the baby in my womb, it's my body.'" Aside from how I can't see how that is at all related to slavery, that is *so* not what this is about.

Slavery is about the measure of a person. Abortion is about where one person's rights end and another's begins. To imply that slave owner's property rights are the same as a woman's right to control what happens in her own body is just disgusting. There is no one out there who *wants* to kill babies, who thinks abortion is a great thing. There is no one saying that a fetus the mother's property, to frivolously do with as she pleases, as if this isn't about the consequences to her, her body and her life and her baby's life.

Although, there is a parallel to slavery I might have swallowed. Where our society is the master making women like slaves. Where a woman is expected to go through nine long months and sundry while a man can walk away. Where an unmarried mother is looked down on. Where she might get thrown out of her home or lose her job (which she's already paid less for doing than her male colleagues), or else might be forced into a marriage. Where rape victims are made out to be at fault, where sexual abuse and harassment against women is widespread and tolerated. Where doctors and pharmacists can refuse to give a woman contraception or refer her to someone who will. Where a white male priests in suburban Virginia have power over 153 million women.

The reason I try not to talk about abortion much is because it's a complicated issue, and my feelings on it are accordingly complicated. Because I believe abortion really *isn't* the issue, the status of women in our culture is. But regardless of whether or not you think it should be legal, do NOT try to reduce it to such simple terms, and do NOT exploit the suffering of the slaves in such misleading and underhanded means.

...Wow, this is a happy post.

Uta no Oniisan 1 )
Love Shuffle 1 )
HnA )

Maybe that's better? Except after work I have to go home and destroy a virus on my computer.... >|
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-Put together visa application
-Mail it to Japan
-Order new Arashi single
-Make dinner
-Clean (part of) the house

-V6 post for [ profile] moonbyrd
-Stein Mart for Sale - Suits
---Room of King 9
---24HR TV
---AraWaza 3
---More Dec. & Feb.

Voice 1 )
Go-On 45-46, Seminar, Net Movies )
Hurricanger 29-39 )

And sorry to whomever picks up FAB next, my net was finicky yesterday, sorry D:


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:08 am
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SO. MUCH. TO WRITE ABOUT. But I have not been doing it.

Mostly because I have been on a fanfic binge of a pairing that makes no sense~ (for me). AND YET. It was like. It had a plot other than the massive angst/UST of the two main characters! There was fighting! And explosions! AND OTHER PEOPLE IN THE STORY BEING AWESOME. It's been such a long time since I got to read something like that. *sigh*

But also because OMG JLPT. Especially because, you will never guess what word was on it. As for how it went... it's hard to tell. I think that kanji and vocab went basically the same as last time (which isn't good because you need 70% to pass, not 60%). But I nailed the listening section (OH WHAT A SURPRISE.) and I actually understood all the passages in the reading. Or should I say, I understood the words in the passages. Reading comprehension (or rather, tests of reading comprehension) has always been my downfall. So, I dunno. I do have to say, I'm sad I wasn't taking level 2.

Also got praised by Laoshi :D

RnK 8 )
Mendol 9 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 7-8 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/8/08 )
5LDK 8, AnS 112-113, HnA 33, GnA 18-19, VSA, Narutomo, AneCan 09.1 )
MnA 2-26 )
Go-On 41 )

I need to get out of this reading stage, and quick, because I keep forgetting to do FAB when I'm not posing myself orz
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Apparently, whilst my computer was being fixed, Hugh (the technician) told my father that the network card was damaged, and I should call Dell again to have them send a replacement.


My Chinese test was unbelievably difficult. This would be because she was asking for all sorts of crazy things we didn't know. Luckily I'd read the next chapter and have been watching dramas with Chinese subtitles, because without them I would have really been lost. Geez, Laoshi, how hard is it to read the book?

Utahime 1-11(End) )
Go-Onger 40 )

I cannot believe November is almost over. I am SO DOOMED.
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I was mostly cut off from the internets this weekend due to my relatives coming (ALAS), but. That doesn't mean I don't have my ways?

Ryuusei no Kizuna 4 )
Ikebukuro West Gate Park 1-3 )
HnA, VSA 30, Utaban, MSta )
Go-Onger 35-38 )

At least I am not the only KY in my family, tho. *sideways look at parents* That's the last time I'm giving them detailed information about something that they will ask probing questions about leading back to something I do not want to discuss at that juncture. Sheesh.
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Oh, New Zealand Soap Opera! I give you way too little credit sometimes.

Shortland Street 24-25 + Asexy Stuff )

Go-On 33 )

Nothing exciting happened in Chinese class, either, aside from me realizing that 机 is the simplified 機, which means it is not a desk. (Laoshi: This is wrong. Me: No, it's Japanese. Laoshi: Where does it say desk? Me: [Points] It says it right here. Me: [Thinking] Not like you can read it. Laoshi: That's strange.)

In conclusion, way to many articles, way too little time:

MISS (Aiba)
Baoa (Jun)
SEDA (Nino)

Fineboys (Nino)
...V6 on Channel a? :D?

Follow up with that V6 article that I may have to just translate

Wish me luck.

Soredewa, Lunch with co-workers! :D
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I bet you thought with all my translating I didn't have time to do anything else. You thought wrong.

Go-On 32 )
Amagi Goe )
HanDoku!!! 1-3 )
VSA 24 )

That said, about the translations:
You may have noticed I haven't been doing the "at the set" pages; this is because Japan hands out spoilers like there's no tomorrow, and above all spoilers are DO NOT WANT. Although in my skimming I did catch a story about Ryo messing up this line a lot, and Nino saying without thinking, "how many times were you planning on messing up?" and then on his, like, next line he messed up for the first time and the entire staff laughed. So that is the reasoning behind that.

I AM ALSO REALLY INTO OLD JOHNNYS MUSIC. Seriously. I got, like, Matchy and Hikaru Genji and Shonentai and Otokogumi and Ninja and Four Leaves and SMAP* on my playlist. It's the first time I've listened to a lot of these songs in their entirety/carefully, so. Like, "Andalucia ni Akogare" (also known as the song that goes with the Coat Dance Higashiyama-sempai/Tsubasa does) appears to be about a gang fight? (Except he also dances with Carmen...?) AND "Glass no Jidai" IS SO AWESOME. I LOVE IT.

*SMAP is old.

Relatedly, I think I may have discovered why Satou Yuuki (Kagami Arata, Kamen Rider Kabuto) changed his name to Tomohito: He does not want to be confused with the much more famous 80's idol. The characters aren't the same, but.

And look, I even have time to wish you a Happy New Year :D
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You guys! I won the solicitation! Which means I am now proud holder of the ~crown~ :P (It's on my cow.)

Chinese test was fine, although I did forget how to say "repeat after me." It was a weird test, though, b/c the questions would be, like, the same. I know it's only a chapter's worth of material, but. Also, who holds class after a test? Like, I guess she didn't want us studying through the lesson, but. Geez.

I watched a lot of news! I'm... tempted to cut it, but, can you have spoilers for news?

Firstly, Sho told me about the recall election that I guess Japan is actually having? For those not paying attention, in a repeat of Abe (why would you copy Abe?), Fukuda bugged out earlier this month, leaving Japan trying to find a new PM. Aso was mentioned. Of course. (This is his third or fourth bit for LDP head and, by extension, PM.) But he actually did it this time! And at first I was all ":/" but then! Sho tells me elections will be on October 3rd, and the LDP is in really bad shape, so it's possible Aso will only be Prime Minister for nine days. I would laugh SO HARD, you guys. There were also lots of graphics explaining how you dissolve the House of Representatives, who the other failures at PM were (four other PMs who all served for a double-digit number of days), and the cute names for dissolutions in the past, such as the "You're Stupid" one in 1953. Apparently they all have cute names, so Sho asked Murao to come up with one for this dissolution, but it was LAME. (Sho is also going to be getting a text from his mom about messing up :P) Also, apparently, something about Japan's food being poisoned? The uploader only put Sho's part up, so I only got the commentary on that, and the Beeb didn't say anything.

Next, Jon Stewart informed me about OMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TREASURY'S BAIL OUT BILL. I JUST. CAN YOU. NON-REVIEWABLE???? The US Gov. is SERIOUSLY SCARY recently. (The scarier part is that the Today Show had two senators on to talk about why the opposed the bill and neither mentioned that was in the bill.) Also, Bill Clinton was on! I don't really... have... an opinion on Bill Clinton. Which I guess is because, he's new enough that there isn't much in the way of "lookbacks", and so all my info comes from what people say and what I remember from the news growing up, which was mostly about his sex scandal(s?). But anyway, it was a good interview, I really did think so.

And finally, the Today Show told me it is vitally important that I convince my parents to vote for Obama, because apparently McCain can't with without Virginia(?) They went to Williamsburg, so it was linked on [ profile] william_mary (which was the only reason I watched it). What was hilarious was, most everyone had a McCain or Obama sign but one guy had a WARNER sign. Just. What. Nobody cares about Senate elections!! Also, I don't even know who he's *running against*, and I literally just looked it up in Wikipedia. That's how much it's not even an issue. The Today Show also told be about some woman who's toddler is "missing" (but she apparently probably killed her), Palin (ugh) and the French First Lady be-bopping around New York, and Clay Aiken coming out, which, aside from me having already heard from [ profile] metaquotes (Your source for news!), I thought, wasn't he the A one? ALAS.

Now, yesterday, I watched Go-On 31 and New Zealand Soap Opera, which, it was really interesting, because as a woman, it had me reacting very differently to kind of the same thing.
No, please, tell me about this apparently selective feminist lens )

I also saw the new Ryuusei no Kizuna CM, and I am reminded of those roles Nino *used* to play. You know, the crazy serious overdramatic people? SEE: Ao no Honoo, Akimahende, the beginning of Namida wo Fuite, Abunai Houkago. So, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what he does with it *now*, now that he's had so much more experience, if it does indeed turn out to be that way. And, um, also three new interviews can out and I might have to translate them. orz. At least I can't do the one where Ryo calls Nino a cloud and Nino marvels at how Ryo gets along with Jun, because there aren't may people outside Arashi who can deal with him because the words are cut off. Even if I do find it hilarious Ryo accuses Nino of being popular with the ladies, and Nino being like "huh??" (It's the magic.) Or how Nino scares Ryo a little before informing him, don't worry, I won't be like Nagase. Or Nino reading idol magazines to get info about Ryo. ...Basically Nino is very awesome, and I would be very scared if I were Ryo. But I'm not, so :D:D:D

This is going to be a GRATE drama :D:D:D

I may be going to DTRA for a meeting tomorrow. I REALLY hope not.
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Spent last night finishing up Go-On, cracking passwords to Japanese fan sites, and then trying not to THROW MY COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW. (I should seriously just call Dell. Especially since the insulation has ripped on my power cord again...) Consequentially, I only finished half the site I wanted to get through. ALAS. Ah, well, there's plenty of time yet.

I also.... Think I may be skipping Kiva in favor of Gao and 555 for the time being. I just... I'm not sure about following something weekly again. ALSO, excitingly, I saw some Jetman on Veoh, but all the numbers were pretty low, and I have the beginning of Jetman. *shrugs* Also! Need Hurricanger like BURNING. Gah, so much Sentai to watch! This is why I stopped for so long in the first place (-.-;)

But, so, Go-On. Conveniently split to not spoil my friends watching the subs (^^)/

Go-Onger 18-28 )
Go-Onger 29-30 )
Best part of Go-Onger )
Meme answers for ant_power and sennetari )

And because no entry is complete without boybands: We were listening to V6 in the car (He agrees with me about "LIGHT IN YOUR HEART", even down to my feeling Ultraman's butt is a *little prominent* at a certain point), and he was like, "Is this actually them on the guitar?" I told him no, and then he said, "One of them should, because then he could get so many more chicks. I mean, come on, lead guitar." Aside from the fact that I think they all probably have more than enough chicks, my mind immediately went to Leader and I laughed.

...I just misread a banner ad as "Because LJ hates you."


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