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I should get back in the habit now, huh?

Control )
Gosei )
Goukai 1-3 )
Tacobar )

In other news, I recently rewatched Kabuto, and I actually have no new thoughts on it. Deka, on the other hand... I'm pining for Tetsu, you guys. (We're actually stopped on the episode before he gets introduced.) This is not cool.
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Well so [ profile] niav was talking about this one post and was like, why doesn't sentai talk about this, and then [ profile] itsbuttery was like, we should talk about this on LJ because LJ fandom doesn't EAT ITS MEMBERS ALIVE, and Lord knows I have nothing better to do, so.

Thoughts on female rangers in Sentai )

Discuss Away!

Gosh, that took forever AND made me contemplate the chaos that would result from Houka/Tsubasa. I hope you're happy, [ profile] niav!!!
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あたし・・・すべった? (--;)


Mendol 12 (Actual End) )

...You would not believe.

So, I can't find the post, but the older members of my friends list may recall that I had the brilliant idea that I could get an xbox in Japan and talk to my brother over the internet (since it's not like he does anything but game anyway), and he told me the lag was too great from Japan, he wouldn't play with me. And then today! He tells me I have to get an xbox so I can play Earth Defense Force, which is apparently the best game ever except for how it's not.

Brother: And then, this mothership comes, but instead of shooting robots it shoots giant bugs! Ah, sorry to spoil it for you.
Me: ...I do not see how that is anything remotely close to a plot twist.

But, at least he's obedient enough to bring me tacos ♥

Right now he's having a LAN, and there is a girl here. (That was the cue for half of my friends list to shake their heads and say "poor Token Girl.") And they're playing something with music I recognize but cannot place. ALAS!

I've been going to the gym (woo!), but I was sad because I didn't realize they were showing Batman today until it was too late D: Ah, well, DINO SQUAD was just as good. ...except not. I know I'm not *exactly* the target audience, but, just. I am a big fan of five person teams that have powers deriving from dinosaurs, seriously. (Although this team reminded me of the Jetman team from some reason, even though I know that is not based in fact. Especially because Kaori was a guy and all the UST was between Ryuu and Raita. (This was probably due to the fact that they had no Gai. I TOLD YOU THE PARALLEL DIDN'T WORK, OKAY.)) Even so, this show... Kids can tell if the quality is low, producers. And this show reminded me of one I watched when I was younger (and could tell it was bad) where there were these mutants and, like, one was a shark. (I feel like [ profile] mariko_azrael could tell me what show I'm talking about.) The good thing was, though, that I did want to watch the whole thing, so I didn't give up on running even though I wanted to. *shrugs* In bad children's shows there is training.

In other news, I want to an online course in teaching English, but the internet isn't being very accommodating D< Stupid NVCC, why you gotta be this way??

And! I got a letter from Asami! Half of it was 年賀状, but half of it was a letter with a ~four leaf clover~ pressed inside. Also, her stationary is really pretty. I have mine out to write back to her/write thank yous to relatives, but... I haven't done it yet.

Speaking of things I haven't done, I'm changing my goal to just be the 2008 requests by year's end. Mostly because, the reason I didn't write those other prompts is because they didn't inspire me. Which means five days to write two fics. Should be okay, right? Especially since I don't plan to post this until I have written one of said fics. Oh, look, here it is now.

Title: Species of Vigor
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, Tomasu "Hoji" Houji, Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan
Word Count: 635
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 40
Summary: "You could be doing so much more with talent like yours, you know." GENFIC
Author's Notes: For [ profile] estirose who requested Sen, vigor. I'm sorry, I kind of ended up dragging Hoji into it (^^;)

Species of Vigor )
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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Well, I mean, I started/meant to post this on Christmas. But, as usual, I got distracted by shiny things.... So pretend :D?

Oh, mixi, you never let me down. Why do I leave you for such long periods of time? *wipes tears from eyes* Tell me what you notice about this list I complied of people's picks, from a thread asking your top ten of Arashi's songs:

4.oh! Yeah
5.moev your body
6.Ready To Fry
7.Luckey Man
8.beautyful days
9.I was somebody


これにて一件コンプリート! I have now written every Dekaranger with every other Dekaranger (and some people who aren't). I feel like I've now proved myself as... something. Not sure what, but. Any and all congratulatory gifts will be accepted :Pv

Title: Awake When Others Sleep
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Kodou "Umeko" Koume, Reimon "Jasmine" Marika, Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, Tomasu "Hoji" Houji
Word Count: 802
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 47
Summary: It's always been hard to keep Umeko down. Umeko/Jasmine
Author's Notes: Prompt by [ profile] mariko_azrael: Something pre-series: Jasmine is still adjusting to life without Gyoku Rou and Umeko is assigned to the team and she's all 'XDDDDD' and Jasmine's all '>:((((' in her own Jasmine-y way, and the plot revolves around Umeko trying to get through Jasmine's walls to learn about the woman hiding behind them? I deviated a little, but that's because I like Umeko enough to think she deserves, you know, a backstory :P

Awake When Others Sleep )
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Have I mentioned recently that kansai-ben is hard? Kansai-ben is hard, you guys D:

Also difficult: gyoza. Seriously, how do you fold those things?

Japanese Law and Maou OR I am a gigantic nerd )
Kisarazu Cat's Eye 8-9 (Final) )
AnS 96, DnA 103, MentoreG, Pacific Concert MC )

Something I remembered I loved yesterday: Tetsu's crush on Swan-san.

And... I appear to have a copy of Hurri v. Gao that I don't remember getting? So! Some toku to watch!
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Are you guys seriously for serious? *puts head down on desk* I had a two hour meeting this morning, too. And I have to cook. (Luckily, I cut up all the vegetables yesterday, so it's just stuffing the gyoza and steam/frying them. I should go steal Occhan's secret method to make them taste better...)

I am happy, though, because I finally ripped Best Eleven and so can wallow in how Keita can sing twice as high as me. (Also, VIBES and the YamaTaro soundtrack because it was just hanging out on my flash drive?)

Kisarazu Cat's Eye 3-7 )
TOKIO on Heyx3 (05) + VSA bits I forgot yesterday )

UGH. I haven't translated anything in *days* and now my brain hurts. And I was going to write today, too. No, you know what, I *am* going to write today. Although, not what I originally intended to write. TAKE THIS, BRAIN. Oh my gosh, this is so bad why did I ever get this crazy idea in the first place. Double drabble!

Title: Holding His Breath
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan, Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Tetsu is wondering who's going to notice. Sen/Tetsu
Author's Notes: Yes, I have forgotten how Tetsu addresses them all.

Holding His Breath )
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Gokusen 3 10 )
Himitsu no Arashi-chan 14 )


No, seriously. I volunteered for not one but *two* things to do, and I am still INCREDIBLY BORED.

This is why I need to plan ahead and stealthily rip the audio off things so I can stealthily translate them. ALAS.

And then I think, "I should write." AND I GET NOWHERE.

OKAY, SEN/TETSU, YOU ARE GOING DOWN. (Since I don't want to force something for Mariko's Umeko/Jasmine idea or [ profile] estirose's Sen fic she gave me a prompt for XDXDXD)

...I cannot do this while listening to "Happiness."

Why you should not listen to 'Happiness' while writing )

...No. It's not happening. ALAS. Let's try watching an episode with them in it over the weekend. Because my only screencaps are of Tetsu giving Sen a WTF look for praising Umeko's horrible shooting, and him playing Keytar while Sen is on bass.

But I have been jamming to the Top 100 from 1996? I turned on the radio to get away from my playlist, ironically just in time to hear "One Love." But after the weekly they went to 1996's yearly chart. And I recognize some songs! And some bands! It's exciting, because I can be half-nostalgic for the time when jpop in America was so scarce we were literally years behind the times (^^)~~

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I am writing this down in a effort to not forget: Nuances of Japanese grammar be here )

This weekend I need to rip the audio from the stuff I want to translate so I can do it at work; this is getting ridiculous. Speaking of audio only, I was listening to Reccomen (because apparently it was greatly anticipated?), and there was this GRATE conversation where Yoko is like, "Yeah, I went to dinner with Nino and Aiba and they were all normal" (i.e. not letting Arashi's success go to their head) and Yasu is like "Is Aiba really tennen?" (tennen = someone naturally absentminded/stupid) and Yoko is like "YES. He is the epitome of tennen, for serious." <3

I'm kind of really tempted to write a post about why everyone should watch Boukenger. Except, Boukenger wasn't really all that awesome? But then, neither was Kabuto and this is my audience, so. It's just, I've heard things flying around, and some of them I kind of want to correct/provide context for (some of them I have already). Hmm. ...Would anyone be interested in seeing that?

In related news, in trying to lure people into Dekaranger, I realized it would sound better if I could drop the "almost" from the "I personally have written almost every main character with every other. Don't you want to come play in my fandom? :D:D:D" SO. TO THAT END. Anyone got a prompt/bunny/idea/anything for a Sen/Tetsu or an Umeko/Jasmine? Because... if you're going to do something, you should do it all the way, right? :D

Ummm, and in conclusion.... Amazon is very presumptuous.
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Well, I *could* write about my very confusing outing on Friday. OR, I could babble about nothing.

...I think the choice is clear.

First, my roundup of OMG Kabuto Fic, which, I realize I maintain [ profile] finalauraburst for, BUT. I DON'T EVEN CARE. KABUTO FIC.

ALSO, [ profile] litany_sh used my translation to make subs for HnA 7!

Kimi, Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 8 )
Tensei Kunpuu, D no Arashi, and TOKIO stuff )

The *good* news is, I've looked at the drama schedule for Summer, and it looks like I'll only have to watch four (whoo!): Shibatora (Suenaga Haruka<3); Yasuko to Kenji (Mabo is in it, but really, the plot sounds hilarious); Taiyou to Umi no Kyoushitsu (Um, everybody EVER, but mostly Yamamoto Yuusuke and Nakamaru Yuuichi); and, of course, Maou (Between my vast loves for Ohno and Toma, I mean, really)

So, to continue my Den-O , I have for you a hugely spoilerific AU (I love how Den-O has so many timelines you can write an AU and have it not be an AU) and horrible, horrible ficlet for which I expect to be paid a dollar. Also, a Dekaranger fic, because I can write any pairing as long as it's Dekaranger! ...I hate my life.

Title: Contraband
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Nogami Ryoutarou, (Ko)Hana, Sakurai Yuuto
Word Count: 308
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Hana is a really big spoilsport, for a six year old. AU; Incidentally Yuuto/Airi.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] estirose who requested "Ryoutarou, chocolate," like, a YEAR AGO, AND THIS IS WHAT I BRING HER. I AM SO SORRY I AM A FAILURE AT WRITING MY FRIEND (;_;)

Contraband )

Title: Whispering Truths
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Urataros, Nogami Ryoutarou
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 22?
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Urataros already knew the answer to that, of course, but it was interesting seeing if Ryoutarou would try to lie. Episode tag for 22.
Author's Notes: So, I kind of have this theory (which you may have picked up on in my other Den-O fic(s)) that Urataros's role in Ryoutarou's life is to talk through things with him. (I mean, he does it with Momo.) So... yeah. For [ profile] lazulisong, who kind of requested it.

Whispering Truths )

Title: Hardening Hearts
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan, Lisa Teager
Word Count: 235
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Episode 40 (+ Tetsu's intro)
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Tekkan remembers, just barely, what she was like when she was still "Lisa" and not "Chief." Lisa/Tetsu
Author's Notes: Um. I know this is easy to forget (since his actor is the eldest), but Tetsu is "much younger than" the other Dekas, so... he's like 14 here. And he's 5 when he meets her. Just FYI. For [ profile] niav, who requested Lisa/Tetsu.

Hardening Hearts )

What was my first name again? Oh, right, FAILURE-AT-TITLESでございます. (Only funny if you've seen Odoroki 4, I'm afraid)

Tonight I 挑戦 Moo Shu Chicken. Wish me luck!
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To Whom It May Concern;

I have written another manifesto. I certainly didn't *completely forget about it*, if that's what you were thinking. But I do confess, the fanworks section feels a bit sparse to me. I'm planning on going through [ profile] finalauraburst when I have some time (ha, time), but if you know of anything I have forgotten, please do let me know. Same with typos or broken links or basically anything; I hadn't had anyone read it due to time constraints.

Many thanks,


Also, I knew there was a reason I liked him.

YAMATARO PICSPAMS WITH LITERARY ANALYSIS. Please excuse me as I retire to my fainting couch; I have been overcome with awesome.

In case you hadn't heard, strike? I haven't sorted my feelings on it yet, so.

Punctuation for the Mighty Warrior.

Periodic: The Tables Have Turned would be a *great* movie.


I should really watch some Toku sometime. Anytime. Or a drama. Something. Because my life doesn't make content on its own.
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I passed the frickin' JLPT. Barely, but I did. ...BLERGH.

Actually, to be completely honest, I'm really proud of myself not for passing necessarily (although I *am* glad about that), but because I am *so much better at Japanese now*. And, certainly, part of that is my devotion to Japanese variety shows that are full of education and are not in any way related to a certain sparkly boy band. But I can *read* so much *more* now, and that's thanks to the JLPT. Obviously, I've still got a long way to go, but.

☆ Is it bad I'm actually beginning to think Fukuda fails harder than Abe?

No, seriously, NO WORDS. )

☆ So, I have a class in the same building as my roommate just after hers, meaning we pass between classes. And this morning, when she sees me coming, she just starts laughing. Finally, when we're close enough, she says, "You invited Aiba over to our room in my dream," with the implication of, "Why would you do such a thing??" So I answered the only way possible: "It was for science!"

Meme about fanfic writing stolen from Etapa )

☆ Do you know the difference b/t ご飯 and ライス? Gohan is in a bowl and raisu is on a plate. Yeah, I was disappointed too.




The best post written about Kabuto ever. P.S. Read the comments.


Hilarious Results of that JE sorting thing )

☆ There is more to say, but I don't feel like saying it. Also, I wrote a fic and may be posting it soon.
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Y Hallo There, Internets.


I have done many things recently. I educated my mother on the Internets (she has a long way to go, but she's trying). I went food shopping (SO MANY KINDS OF RAMEN). I got moar DVDs and an S-VIDEO CABLE (finally; I need it for the super sekrit J-House activity plan).

But, most importantly, I watched Den-O 47 )

There is something else I wish to discuss with you, Internets. Specifically, with my Internets fandom friends. Because you see, I was reading this article on seme/uke structures, but since it is on JournalFen I cannot comment, and, well, I think I need a little discussion on the topic.

Stereotyped Relationships in Our Fandom )
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Well, so, fall semester is FINALLY OVER. Let me sum up:

Prof: You have 15 min. left. Anybody have any questions? Anyone need a hint?
Guy: Did you say 'miracle'?
Prof: I said 'hint'.

BUT. It's over now, and as always, NEXT SEMESTER WILL BE BETTER! Particularly because it is the *last*.

So, last night I ate my EEL with sushi rice. I wanted to share it with Kate, but she never returned my phone calls, so I shared it with Vogel and Anna instead. SHE IS A GOOD FOR NOTHING BUM. No, really.

After this, I watched Kimi wa Petto )

This morning I tried to get that class I need, but failed, and drove Anna to the train station before coming home. I ate cookies and went to get sushi with my parents. And then I SLEPT.

Also, after much hemming and hawing, I finally just decided to make a new claim at [ profile] ship_manifesto  and FINALLY got a due date. I mean, REALLY. So, I suppose you know what that means... SEN AND UMEKO 4EVER!!!oneoneelevenexclamationpoint )

In other news,

Bambino )
Pika☆Nichi I+II )
Full House )
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Only one final left. And four days before it! GAH.

Sarah and I decided on our J-House Activity. I think it's BRILLIANT. And educational (something new, I assure you). AND utilizes our strengths as internet scavengers and people who become strangely obsessed with people for no apparent reason! (←This one's actually just me...) Right now it's a secret, and I can't tell you because one of the people in the house reads my f-list. ALAS! But, seriously. SO EXCITED.

So, I got caught up on Stargate... )

Aside: Relating to Stargate, I was playing FFII, and in it there are monsters called Wraith that heal themselves when they cause damage to you, and I was like, "!!!" because, well, you know.

And, because I can never just, you know, stop: Nodame Cantable )

But the best part of Nodame? When, in the finale, I just realized I'd played Beethoven's 7th before, even though they'd been playing the song for the *entire series*. (^^;;;;;;;;;;) In my defense, the timpani parts *do* all sound the same. Saa, Timpani. But this particular song has a BLEE-BADADUM at the end which I remember. Mostly because dampening is hard...

Stand Up!! )

I've also got Bambino!, Kiken na Aneki, and the two Pika☆Nichis in the works, so.
(No, those don't all have a connection to Arashi. Just three of them. I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT.)

And now, all aboard the WTF train!! Den-O 45 )

So, time to get around to writing some of that stuff I promised a while back, huh? This one took me a long time because I couldn't decide whether to go forwards of back. Well, now you get both. The style is... different from the original, I think, but then, the POV is different, and it's been over a year since I wrote "Someone." That was actually, what? My fourth or fifth fanfiction? So. Without further ado.

Title: Turning
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Akazan "Ban" Banban and Kodou "Umeko" Koume
Word Count: 384
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Ending
Summary: "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose." - Ecclesiastes 3. Ban/Umeko(?)
Author's Notes: Sequel to Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself. For [ profile] lkwreader.

Turning )

Title: Shattered
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, Reimon "Jasmine" Marika, Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan, Tomasu "Hoji" Houji, and Kodou "Umeko" Koume
Word Count: 745
Rating: PG for character death
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Whole Series
Summary: Just one minute can change so many lives. Sen/Umeko
Author's Notes: Prequel to Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself. I had to revise some of my original fanon for Sen, because I had missed the "ichi" (one) in his name. Now: Three older sisters, two younger brothers, one younger sister. Also, I wanted to call this 鏡の欠片, but that doesn't make any sense in English. For [ profile] toranoko.

Shattered )

Soul Flour

Nov. 2nd, 2007 02:21 am
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As always, Happy November Birthdays!

As promised, I bring to you the icons of the past two months at [ profile] toku_icontest. I still have to make this week's...

I really need to find myself a hush icontest... )

Incidentally, my Halloween costume was a goatee I made out of an index card. NO ONE GOT IT. It was upsetting.
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I have seen the face of my death.

(No, seriously. I mean, I'm glad the fandom is getting bigger/more active, BUT.)

In other news, The HanaKimi staff has obviously never seen Boukenger... )

Aside: I apparently capped Bouken 25-28 but never actually did the summaries? This is PREPOSTEROUS. I could have sworn I did the one with Timeranger...

Also, something that may make some things come together: one of Deka's producers was a foreigner who actually speaks English.

My voice is gone from Kendo practice, and I should REALLY sleep. So, I will answer LJ comments/e-mails LATER.
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LJ. Right.


THE RACISM! IT IS HILLARITY! [Must be a member of mixi, but the discussion is in English]

A poll of science.

KataKoi 7-8 )
HanaKimi 9 )
End of Gokusen II )
Coffee Prince 14-16 )
Den-O 30-31 )
Hurricanger Movie )
Deka Vol. 1 )

Blue + Pink = Enduring OTP? )

Today I made three Star Trek references in my Government notes. She just makes it TOO EASY. Also:

Professor Gilgamesh (he doesn't want us to call him that, so I am): Well, this is actually pretty easy reading. I mean, it's at least in English.


EDIT: I forgotted:

Give me a series, a character and/or pairing, and a word. I'll try to keep it at 100-200 words, but it might wind up longer. ^^;

Fandoms: Uh, you know, Car, Mega, Time, Aba, Deka, Magi, Bouken, Kabuto, Den-O, Star Trek, Star Wars, HP, Stargate (what!?!?), M*A*S*H, QL, etc.

Okay, this entry is officially over.
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Me: Hey, you guys watch more TV than I do. Have you seen a show called Swingtown?
Parents: No. What's it about?
Me: I don't know.
Parents: Who's in it?
Me: Jack Davenport. ...Don't say it.
Mom: Who's Jack Davenport?
Me: ...Now I have to put this in my Livejournal.
Brother: Who's Jack Davenport?
Mom: I don't know. I saw a movie with him in it last week and she pointed him out to me and I still don't know.
Me: ...

One of Many Reasons Why I Will Never Learn French:
Me: There's also jamais vu, which is when you know logically you've seen something before, but you can't remember it. How do you pronounce that, anyway?
Kate: Jah-may.
Me: Oh, I was going with "ja-mace." ... "Is that a mace in your hands, Hans?" "Ja, mace."
Kate: hahahahaha!!1

Saturday was spent at the Girl Scout Sing-Along (95 years!). Well, kind of. We left late, and then the air conditioning leaked on my foot which felt like burning and the Metro was super slow because there was maintinence, so actually we were only there for, like, 20 minutes at most. And then we chilled in the Freer/Sackler and came home. It really was more about the journey.

Okay, so I just watched Chou Ninjatai Inazuma! )

Now it's time for another edition of good idea/bad idea. Good idea: Use subtraction to find out when you should go to sleep in order to be well-rested for your job in the morning. Bad idea: Use subtraction to figure out how much longer it is until the download cap expires so you can forget sleeping and watch more Timeranger. )

Continuing with Toku-type stuffs: It's like a meme but not. )

We went to PeiWei (the first time for me) yesterday. Luckily there were enough leftovers I can make it last at least three, if not four days! w00t.

And finally: nobody had better archive this post on [ profile] finalauraburst, because Tuesdays are mine. Thursdays too. And I am always bored out of my MIND at work. So. *narrows eyes*
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Ow. My head wants to die. Anyone wanting explanation can see this FAB post I just compiled.

And now here I sit, looking with trepidation at my Korean apple juice (Juice Day: Apple, so fresh) hoping against all hope it will taste like Japanese apple juice. Verdict: while not the same, interestingly tart with a honeyed aftertaste. I approve.

Today I larked about frivolously with Kate. We made a total of nine bank deposits and ate at Taco Bell and (wait for it) WATCHED MULAN. And then we picked up my brother from lacrosse practice. No, I woke up before noon, really.

I've also listened to my w-inds. CD at least 10 times since I got it yesterday, and a significant amount of the time in between I've been asleep.

I *really want* the Kabuto Hyper Battle video since it's the awesomest thing since ever, but I think I'll have to get it from TV-Nihon b/c I haven't seen any raws.

I also wanted to make something clearer about Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.

Details ensue )


So, I'd like to ask advice from the Toku community: I'd like to write a ship manifesto. Should I do Sen/Umeko or Satora first? I have the intention of writing both, unless something goes horribly wrong, but I'm not sure about the timing. So. Which one first? P.S. Resources for either pairing would be mucho appreciated.

I apparently have not content in my life. Actually, that's not true. I have no content in my life I wish to put on my public journal. And at this moment I'm not inclined to ramble in an f-locked post no one will read.

I am just a ray of sunshine.


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