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lololol Happy Boxing Day.

I should sleep.

Title: Family
Fandom: Juuken Sentai Gekiranger/Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Characters: Kandou Jan, Fukami Retsu, Uzaki Ran, Taiga Sae, Fukami Gou, Hisatsu Ken, others
Word Count: 1,097
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Gekiranger and Gaoranger belong to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: End of Geki; Sae's family
Summary: Jan's family gets bigger.
Author's Notes: Give me a little time, and I'll get on an omake picture for the ending. For [ profile] megthelegend, who requested "Sae is secretly Jan's older cousin."

Family )

Title: Jerks
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Inou Masumi, Takaoka Eiji, everyone else
Word Count: 634
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: When Eiji one ups him in the battle for Akashi's affections, Masumi knows that means he just needs to one up him back.
Author's Notes: Do you know what influenced me greatly? Those stories where you have to be really careful what you ask for, else the Genie/Giant Fish/etc. follows the letter of your wish, not the spirit of it. Oh, also, shoujo manga :Db For [ profile] moonbyrd, who requested "Masumi and Eiji fight over Akashi."

Jerks )

Title: Love is a Giant Battlefield 2: The In-Law Menace
Fandom: Minesweeper
Characters: 1, 7, 1's parents
Word Count: 455
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Minesweeper belongs to... Microsoft?
Summary: The two numbers brave the minefield once again only to encounter yet another minefield... in-laws. 1/7 Sequel to Love is a Giant Explosion.
Author's Notes: This is like, just for an example, the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies; not only does it not resemble the original in anyway, it also kind of ruins it. For [ profile] itsbuttery, who requested "The two numbers brave the minefield once again only to encounter yet another minefield... in-laws.." I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY *weeps*

Love is a Giant Battlefield 2: The In-Law Menace )

Title: Yay Panda!
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishiori Sakura, Mogami Souta
Word Count: 297
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: SGS finally rescues an endangered animal like was promised in the first episode. Souta/Sakura
Author's Notes: I am sorry this is so bad. For [ profile] icysnowdrop, who requested "Souta/Sakura and a panda."

Yay Panda! )
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Well so [ profile] niav was talking about this one post and was like, why doesn't sentai talk about this, and then [ profile] itsbuttery was like, we should talk about this on LJ because LJ fandom doesn't EAT ITS MEMBERS ALIVE, and Lord knows I have nothing better to do, so.

Thoughts on female rangers in Sentai )

Discuss Away!

Gosh, that took forever AND made me contemplate the chaos that would result from Houka/Tsubasa. I hope you're happy, [ profile] niav!!!
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I really am working on that longer reaction post, I promise.

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE A ISSUE WITH WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT SEXISM, SPECIFICALLY RE:JAPAN: This is not the meta you're looking for. Also, Spoilers for the most recent Shinkenger.

Okay! Now that *that's* out of the way.

So, as all the poor suckers on my flist know, two of my main fandoms are Toku (Yeah Toku side of the flist yeah!) and Jmusic, specifically JE (Yeah boyband fans, represent!). These two fandoms can have some interesting overlap sometimes.

My favorite overlap? How [ profile] megthelegend and [ profile] still_ciircee are steadily molding their children into becoming the next generation of fans. You guys should share tips, seriously. (If [ profile] still_ciircee was on my flist, I would make it happen you guys. It'd be like those crazy crossover fics we love, except real life.)

But another, less hilarious commonality has arisen: People objecting to the sexism they see in their media.

I'm going to cut it here, because it's probably going to get long. THAT'S THE WAY I ROLL, OKAY. )
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I'm sorry for the two entries so close to each other, but this is a very important question:

And I will get these other short things no one cares about out of the way )

Also, I have my microphone out, so I guess it's a good a time as any to do that voice post meme. Urgh, can't find it, guess I'll have to make it up:

Give me a topic and I will make a "voicepost" about it :D
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For Beckerbell, Dvampyrelestat, Jadenmd, and Tabu )

(Memes will be open all week, so feel free to participate~!)

Ah, that was tiring. So, the only other thing I want to say is HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PV?? Spoilers for Ultra movie I. I. Will someone please tell me how much Ultra canon I'd have to catch up on to see this movie, because OMG. DO WANT. AWESOME. (You can d/l at [ profile] v6_unlimited, but you have to join first.)
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YOU GUYS. [ profile] dimmie is often provider of amazing things, but if you are like me and too lazy to d/l the Geki v. Bouken Making Of, I feel like this is probably all you need to know.

Chinese Day Four )

Good idea: sleeping.
Okay idea: Watching the finale of a drama OR reading the new chapter of DDG.
Idea you're going to regret in the morning: Doing both.

One guess as to which I picked.

Namida wo Fuite 6-11 (End) )
Romantic Princess 2-4 )
HnA + A million YamaTaro appearances/interviews )

I was going to finally get around to scrying for meaning in "truth" (like I've been meaning to for weeks), but in actually sitting down and looking at the lyrics... There's not much to scry. By which I mean, they're pretty straight-forward, particularly for a drama where 90% of your main character's lines have double meanings. The only thing I caught was a possible reference to death, but even that... *shrugs* (A lot of the time dramas like to hide stuff pertaining to the second half/ending in later verses of the theme song because they know the song will not be released until halfway in. And while I guess I could see it in "truth"....)

So I guess that means I'm forced to watch Romantic Princess until I can watch Maou. Woe is me(?)

Also. Am thinking of replacing OTP icon. Not sure with what yet, though. Maybe that Kagami one I've wanted for a while....
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Application: T minus 8 days )

Also yesterday, I went to the H and eel was on sale!! They were also having a time sale, and something insane in me wanted to participate, but... I didn't even need ground pork/beef. I would have used Shishou Ikegami's technique, though (take it in advance and go back for the sticker).

I am probably going to Boston next weekend. This is exciting, if INCREDIBLY RECKLESS. More on this story as it develops.

I really wish my best friend would stop asking me to marry her, because every time I am more and more tempted to call her bluff, except she would call mine, and it would end in a trip to Canada because we are both too proud to back out. (Or, actually, California, because I *really* like San Diego and I think that would be a nice place to get married.) And, really, 20 is to young for her to marry her best friend just because whatever. Also, I would get tired of endlessly explaining that she is straight and I am A and we are just married because she is insane and I am reckless. Because I think being married might give some people the wrong idea about us. Just a little. AND I don't think it would help The Cause at all, which is reason enough not to do it. GEEZ KATE.

Even though the only people I've heard from are people who already love Boukenger, it's this or my applications; like *that's* a choice.

Boukenger! You should watch it! )

In related news, TOMALICIOUS RELEASED THE HANAKIMI SPECIAL. You know, the one in which they all argue over who was the awesomest toku actor. Words cannot express my love for it, really. Well, and HanaKimi, because where else can you get two Kamen Riders, two Rangers, and an Ultraman? (And I hear two have gone on to be in Kiva and one in Go-Onger.) Besides Gokusen or WATERBOYS, I mean. AND APPARENTLY YAMAMOTO YUUSUKE CRIES A LOT. <3<3<3<3<3<3 (I wonder, if I rewatched Kabuto, would my love of Yamamoto Yuusuke overcome my dislike of Tsurugi?)
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I am writing this down in a effort to not forget: Nuances of Japanese grammar be here )

This weekend I need to rip the audio from the stuff I want to translate so I can do it at work; this is getting ridiculous. Speaking of audio only, I was listening to Reccomen (because apparently it was greatly anticipated?), and there was this GRATE conversation where Yoko is like, "Yeah, I went to dinner with Nino and Aiba and they were all normal" (i.e. not letting Arashi's success go to their head) and Yasu is like "Is Aiba really tennen?" (tennen = someone naturally absentminded/stupid) and Yoko is like "YES. He is the epitome of tennen, for serious." <3

I'm kind of really tempted to write a post about why everyone should watch Boukenger. Except, Boukenger wasn't really all that awesome? But then, neither was Kabuto and this is my audience, so. It's just, I've heard things flying around, and some of them I kind of want to correct/provide context for (some of them I have already). Hmm. ...Would anyone be interested in seeing that?

In related news, in trying to lure people into Dekaranger, I realized it would sound better if I could drop the "almost" from the "I personally have written almost every main character with every other. Don't you want to come play in my fandom? :D:D:D" SO. TO THAT END. Anyone got a prompt/bunny/idea/anything for a Sen/Tetsu or an Umeko/Jasmine? Because... if you're going to do something, you should do it all the way, right? :D

Ummm, and in conclusion.... Amazon is very presumptuous.
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-Came out to my dad. Was surprisingly anti-climatic, even when he asked me if I was a lesbian. Not quite sure he gets it, but I'm still counting it as a win, since he says he believes me. Did not blatantly steal from Ruka.
-I've been really tired recently. I actually also overslept this morning, but it was okay b/c I can get dressed really quickly. Also, I'm not feeling very talkative because of it.
-Started a search for a document at least six hours ago; it is still running.
-Firefox 3! I hear they fixed the memory leak. This makes me overjoyed with joy.
-Fanfiction author survey

Title: An Accident of Time
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger/Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Characters: Mogami Souta, Domon, Kaze no Shizuka
Word Count: 876
Rating: PG
Spoilers: End of Timeranger
Disclaimer: Boukenger and Timeranger belong to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: "...You don't happen to be from the 21st century, do you?" GENFIC.
Author's Notes: For, of all people, [ profile] kades905, who asked for Domon from Mirai Sentai Timeranger meets Mogami Souta while the former is out timeranging. They're chilling over a token drink, getting to know each other, when something bad happens. I really had to mess around with things to make this even remotely work, but.

An Accident of Time )
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So let's ignore it and talk about a drama for two and a half pages!

Hokaben 5 )



No, no, that's not true.

What I hate is when something doesn't come out right the first time, because while I'm good at editing *other* people's stuff, I look at my own and just kind of fall into a depression about how bad a writer I am. But, here. Look. This is a request from a long time ago, actually, and I wrote the first draft back in February. I even discussed how to make it better with my Best Friend/the Requester. But it's taken until now for me to even look at it again, and even this is because I'm so BORED. GAH. Well, you know, here goes nothing.

Title: 180 Degrees
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Mogami Souta, Nishihori Sakura, Akashi Satoru, Mamiya Natsuki, Inou Masumi, Takaoka Eiji
Word Count: 1,411
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Masumi worries, Natsuki squees, Souta laughs, Sakura fails at being aggressive, Satoru is unable to repress, and Eiji, the only one with any sense, is largely absent.
Blame: [ profile] lillianloop

180 Degrees )
Bonus macro! )
EDIT2: HAHAHA, EXPRET icon to go with my EXPRET macro!!

So, I wanted to kill some time, and I tried to find a meme. Unfortunately, the Internets didn't really help me. But I *did* look at all the entries in the draw yourself as a teenager meme. So that's something?

*headdesk* I should be tagging things. That's my Big Project, you see. Tagging FAB. Blergh, two years worth of stuff is hard.

EDIT: Oh! I also showed my mom the ending credits to Fantastipo, which consists of Toraji*Haiji + Crack + dancing, because my parents came home while I was learning the dance and were like, "...what."

For your viewing/listening pleasure.

Anyway, no lie:

Mom: [Referring to the one in black (Domoto Tsuyoshi)] Is that a girl?
Me: No.
Mom: How about getting a hair cut like his?
Me: ...Actually, I already have a Japanese pop star whose hair style I really like.
[The subs cut out in the second verse to display the actor's names]
Mom: What is he singing? Is he singing those names?
Me: ...No.
[At the end]
Me: So?
Mom: Yeah, that was weird. But in a good way.

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I passed the frickin' JLPT. Barely, but I did. ...BLERGH.

Actually, to be completely honest, I'm really proud of myself not for passing necessarily (although I *am* glad about that), but because I am *so much better at Japanese now*. And, certainly, part of that is my devotion to Japanese variety shows that are full of education and are not in any way related to a certain sparkly boy band. But I can *read* so much *more* now, and that's thanks to the JLPT. Obviously, I've still got a long way to go, but.

☆ Is it bad I'm actually beginning to think Fukuda fails harder than Abe?

No, seriously, NO WORDS. )

☆ So, I have a class in the same building as my roommate just after hers, meaning we pass between classes. And this morning, when she sees me coming, she just starts laughing. Finally, when we're close enough, she says, "You invited Aiba over to our room in my dream," with the implication of, "Why would you do such a thing??" So I answered the only way possible: "It was for science!"

Meme about fanfic writing stolen from Etapa )

☆ Do you know the difference b/t ご飯 and ライス? Gohan is in a bowl and raisu is on a plate. Yeah, I was disappointed too.




The best post written about Kabuto ever. P.S. Read the comments.


Hilarious Results of that JE sorting thing )

☆ There is more to say, but I don't feel like saying it. Also, I wrote a fic and may be posting it soon.
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So, to everyone who celebrates: Merry Christmas!

Man, I just realized, I was going to go to midnight Mass because, you know, AWAKE, but I forgot to tell my parents and I dunno if they're going or what... Also, they would not appreciate me just leaving in the middle of the night. Saa. Guess I'm getting up for 8AM tomorrow... BLERGH.

But, but, but. Positive things.

A) I do not believe it, but I won 1st place this week at [ profile] toku_icontest! It's probably just because everyone was too busy to put a lot of time into their icons this week, but. もうひとつの夢が叶えた! 皆さん、これからも応援してくれてね☆

B) You are not going to BELIEVE this show, but Princess Princess D has not only Takeru (Ryoutarou) and Channaka (Yuuto), BUT ALSO KAI. It's like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? The world of dramas is very small, isn't it?

C) HYAKUNEN NO MONOGATARI IS ON CRUNCHY ROLL!! I *seriously* love this drama, so you should all go see it! It's about woman, her daughter, and her great-granddaughter as their story stretches out over the 20th century (hence the title). It's really interesting from a historical perspective, particularly the American Occupation part I thought, but of course it's also a drama, so. No, really, I'm so excited about this. GO WATCH IT!

Well, I think I'm going to update my "dramas seen" list. Original

This table is, in fact, kind of huge. )

And, finally, November and December's icon post (week 14's happenings won't be until the new year, I realized), as well as a happy(?) surprise.

Ahoy! )

In closing, I wish you all the best of tidings!

ھ the otp meme ھ

C'mon, you know you want to.

P.S. [ profile] nekokaze is not a valid answer, Kate, try to be more creative please.
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最初に言っておく: If you don't speak Japanese, I know it'll be difficult, but wait for the subs on this one, folks. Really.

Den-O 46 )

Den-O Special Talk )

Don't leave me, Den-O ;_______________________;


Um, so, I did a [ profile] 10variations, but I can't post it in the comm yet, and I want something with a time stamp. I *was* going to do the bimonthly icon post early, but Week 12's results aren't out, and I ended up being really bored and making icons for Week 13 too... Anyway:

My OT3 is lost in the desert!! )
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So, two and a half weeks later, I return! What have I been up to? GOOD QUESTION.

Uh, because of [ profile] estirose's impassioned plea, I ended up making two icons for [ profile] toku_icontest in, like, an hour? No, seriously, you can tell (#6 & #10). I was actually kind-of happy with 10, but 6 is pretty blurry. There was another one (incidentally from the same scene as #9), but it was SO blurry I just couldn't submit it. Of course, I had forgotten how much I like messing with graphics, and so I therefore d/led a copy of the GIMP for my very own. Of course, I had a grand total of three screencaps from Gekiranger, all from the end credits, so I had to sift through the 5 episodes still on my hard drive (5-9) looking for caps. I also learned a VERY IMPORTANT LESSON, but I'm going to have to tell you about it later so as not to bias voting. In conclusion, I think next week's theme should be Boukenger because I have a MILLION BILLION Boukenger caps. That or something like a general theme or lyrics challenge. Particularly because

CAAAAAARANGER FINALLY CAME! Of course, I am an idiot. They stuffed 12 episodes into each volume and as a result there are only four volumes, so now I'll have to pay for shipping AGAIN just to get number 4. I'm kind of hoping someone in the house needs something too and we could split shipping, because between this and the workbooks I ordered (BOOK SHIPPING IS SO EXPENSIVE), it's just not good.

Anyway, I kind of slacked off on [ profile] finalauraburst this week and had to pay for it yesterday when there was SO MUCH to wade through. I also slacked off on my laundry, which I will be doing tomorrow (this?) morning. SAA.

We had our first debate in Contemporary Moral Issues. This was basically categorized by us smacking the oposition down. (Topic: Should Same-Sex Marriage be Allowed? Side: Yes.) This is mostly because you cannot make a case for banning it without appealing to religious rationales, which we weren't really allowed/supposed to do. Although, there was some serious scrambling on the other side when I asked if they could prove there was a difference in dynamics between homosexual couples and heterosexual couples (I was the "defender." Therefore my position was one of the two best for delivering smackdownage, along with our attacker, Devin, who was also amazing). And, OMGEEZ. So, half their argument was that same-sex marriage would lead to polygamy. Since studies on polygamy suggest a detriment to women and children (as opposed to studies which say same-sex parents are just as good/maybe even a little better parents), so the "harm" arguement is enough to shut that down. Then they said, "Well, but those studies are just on past forms of polygamy. You can't predict the future." To which I said, "Well, yes, but the little research on polyamory there is seems to suggest it can be just as unstable..." (Note: I don't actually have a problem with polyamory, but I did find a couple of statements saying this, so.) And she just LOOKED at me and was like, "...poly-what?" GUYS! IF HALF YOUR ARGUEMENT IS ABOUT GROUP MARRIAGES, I SUGGEST YOU ACTUALLY DO SOME RESEARCH INTO GROUP MARRIAGES! Of course, there is also the point that if a group marriage could be arranged that *was* positive, what would be wrong with having it? *headdesk* Actually, I do feel bad for them, seriously, they got the short end of the stick.

So, uh, these are kind of terse, but.
HanaKimi 11-12 )
Watashitachi no Kyoukasho )
Den-O 32-34 )
Mega Vol. 5 )
Coffee Prince 17 )
At Home Dad Special )
Aba Vol. 2-4 )
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan )

So, the other thing that has recently grabbed me is music videos by Arashi. Gosh, they are EVERYWHERE! I really had no idea, but they ARE!!

Anyway, this fic should be called "Be Careful What You Wish For." But as you can see, it isn't. Ah, well. This satisfies, like, three prompts.

Title: World's Finest
Fandom: Mirai Sentai Timeranger/GouGou Sentai Boukenger/DC Comics
Characters: Domon, Sion, Ensemble
Word Count: 2,118
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Timeranger belongs to Toei, and Batman and co. belong to DC comics, so don't look at me.
Summary: Batman is going to die of skin cancer, and Superman is not invited to the funeral because it is entirely his fault. Superman/Batman, or, Domon/Sion. Mentioned Batgirl I/Nightwing or maybe Tatsuya/Yuuri.
Author's Notes: BLAME MARIKO.

World's Finest )

Notes. About names and WHERE THIS CAME FROM. )
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I have seen the face of my death.

(No, seriously. I mean, I'm glad the fandom is getting bigger/more active, BUT.)

In other news, The HanaKimi staff has obviously never seen Boukenger... )

Aside: I apparently capped Bouken 25-28 but never actually did the summaries? This is PREPOSTEROUS. I could have sworn I did the one with Timeranger...

Also, something that may make some things come together: one of Deka's producers was a foreigner who actually speaks English.

My voice is gone from Kendo practice, and I should REALLY sleep. So, I will answer LJ comments/e-mails LATER.
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LJ. Right.


THE RACISM! IT IS HILLARITY! [Must be a member of mixi, but the discussion is in English]

A poll of science.

KataKoi 7-8 )
HanaKimi 9 )
End of Gokusen II )
Coffee Prince 14-16 )
Den-O 30-31 )
Hurricanger Movie )
Deka Vol. 1 )

Blue + Pink = Enduring OTP? )

Today I made three Star Trek references in my Government notes. She just makes it TOO EASY. Also:

Professor Gilgamesh (he doesn't want us to call him that, so I am): Well, this is actually pretty easy reading. I mean, it's at least in English.


EDIT: I forgotted:

Give me a series, a character and/or pairing, and a word. I'll try to keep it at 100-200 words, but it might wind up longer. ^^;

Fandoms: Uh, you know, Car, Mega, Time, Aba, Deka, Magi, Bouken, Kabuto, Den-O, Star Trek, Star Wars, HP, Stargate (what!?!?), M*A*S*H, QL, etc.

Okay, this entry is officially over.
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Dear Bridge,



(For sense: Timestamp 5:50)

Anyway, from [ profile] itsbuttery:

Choose three completed stories you've done, and list at least one thing about each you wish you would've done differently when you wrote it.

You assume I don't blast all fics I dislike into digital oblivion. )

And from [ profile] mariko_azrael:

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Oh, my WiPs. The horror. 5 under the cut. )

So, you see, I did *try* to do the Prompt-a-thon, it just... didn't get finished. Or started, really. I have this problem with being unable to decide endings. This is most notable in the one with Sakura's son. I could *not* decide who was dead, and who the father of that child was. Which is why it has been neglected for nearly a year. So.

Oh, and if anyone wants me to do that other meme, leave me a list of 12 characters in the comments. I just wasn't getting anywhere.

Anyway, things that are really awesome:
The Digimon 10th Anniversary CD. You can d/l it over at [ profile] digimon if you want. I like it because of all the uplifting songs. I mean, of course they are. But. Lines like, "Because flowers will always, always bloom," and stuff. They are the stuff of Japanese idealism love. Also, Try Again sounds like a song from StrongBad's e-mails.

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark!. I NEARLY DIED. NO SERIOUSLY. Especially at the spoken "Judgement time chick chick chick chick chick Delete Approval!" I AM DOING THAT FROM NOW ON.

Flash: Blood Will Run. I would write an actual review, but basically it comes down to my undying love for Wally even when he's a jerk. So.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, well, it was what I expected at least. I can't believe they didn't help Dean Thomas, though. Anyway, I would have Deep Thoughts, but I am just Too Lazy.

KataKoi 2-4. You may recall me telling you not to watch anymore, but that doesn't mean I stopped. Besides, I still like Nagai Masaru. Anyway, I'm learning a lot of new vocabulary like "cheating." And how to threaten someone for bashing the JSDF if you are a flamboyant gay man. Also, there is random 80's music.

HanaKimi 5. Have I mentioned my deep, undying love for Mizushima Hiro lately? Because I do. Have deep, undying love. Anyway, the little old lady was awesome. And, um, Mrs. Namba. And their giant light up sign. Also, I have now figured out how everyone was seeing it before me (veoh, while I was actually d/ling it), so I can watch it early too. HA!

This Post. No, seriously, GO READ IT NOW.

Okay, that's my list for now. I leave you with the goings-on of my family:

[Talking about hypothetical grandchildren]
Mom: I will be no one's "Grandma." They'll call me "Nana."
Me: about "Swinging Matriarch Tammmy"?

[My dad doesn't want any apple pie]
Me: You're un-American! We should have you hauled up in front of the HUAC, you Communist!
Dad: I'm sure my 27 years of military service won't count.
Me: Doesn't matter! The only way you can get out of it is to rat out your communist friends!
Dad: Anyway, the Communists aren't the enemy anymore, it's the terrorists.
Me: Ah, but what about the Communist Terrorists?
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I would just like to say for the record, there are TOO MANY MEMES going around my flist.

Here's a meme )

There's a meme )

And another little meme )

Funny meme? NOT. )

Now that that tomfoolery is out of the way:

I am very upset with my parents because they keep deviating from my carefully crafted meal schedule. See if I ever make them a meal schedule again. I don't even think they bought any watermelon :(

Also, my extreme joy at getting a project where I might learn something (how to make a survey with ASP) was premature; I just had a meeting with the programmer they just hired to do it. WHY!? I J


I have no idea what the end of that sentence was supposed to be. All I know is that for a guy they hired to build a website with a survey, he knows disturbingly little about HTML/CSS. I *do* hope they give it back to me for that part.

Anyway, songs I did not know were real: "Yummy yummy yummy I've got ___ in my tummy," the Cool Whip song. Songs I have never heard on the radio before now: Christmas Love is all around us, 上を向いて歩こう (Sukiyaki), Mack the Knife, Venus. I <3 this radio station.

Den-O 24 )


So, anyway, this is riddiculous.

I am writing something RIGHT NOW. Readysetgo!

Title: Lies You've Been Living In
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura, Akashi Satoru
Theme: 13. Lies
Word Count: 304
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Final Task
Summary: Akashi-san is just out of reach, as always.
Author's Notes: This is a kind of weird alternate-epilogue to Mistaking Stars for Satellites, but you don't really need to read it (ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD). There actually is more in the works that does not end this way (or even remotely this way), but "Kill Satoru" is on my to-do list, so. Here you go, [ profile] amazonstorm. For [ profile] 30_deathfics. Prompt Table.

Lies You've Been Living In )


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