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I want you to know, this totally counts for 2009, I was just momentarily distracted from *posting* it by all the sequins. Then again, it just barely counts, so that's why it's all so short and lame I am never asking for interesting prompts again *weeps*

Title: lj user=moon
Fandom: The Solar System
Characters: Moon, Sun, Earth
Word Count: 312
Rating: G
Summary: Excerpts from The Moon's LJ
Author's Notes: So there's this icon... For [ profile] verusmayaii, who requested "Sun/Moon, TRAGIC."

lj user=moon )

Title: Nice Assitance
Fandom: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger/Star Wars
Characters: Ikenami Ryuunosuke, Shiba Takeru, Umemori Genta
Word Count: 162
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Shinkenger belongs to Toei, Star Wars to Lucasfilm, so don't look at me.
Summary: Ryuunosuke makes sure Takeru evacuates Hoth
Author's Notes: For [ profile] kades905, who requested "Ryuunosuke from Shinkenger has to escape Echo Base when the Empire attacks.." Clearly he forgot to take into account that it's called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Like, can a prompt *be* any easier?

Nice Assitance )

And finally, for [ profile] beckerbell... This is one of those things that is a great *concept* but not such a great fic. Here's a snippet anyway:

Mei-chan no Hitsuji )
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HAPPY AUGUST BIRTHDAYS~! I actually have people on my flist with August birthdays now XD

Haha, and on my calendar, all the moguras are rushing at this "watermelon" (appears to actually be a mogura) to do some suika-wari and there's this crab in front of the stampede that is like, seriously freaking out, and it's ADORABLE. <3

Learned how to tie a tie today! Except with a scarf. It's really simple though... (the basic knot anyway)

So, yesterday I had to go buy curry. And while I was at the supermarket I was like, "I really want to eat a daifuku." But I don't... like daifuku? But so I bought one anyway (And cream bread in case I didn't like it), but it was tasty \(^^)/ Relately, did you know a daifuku has no fat? In fact, it doesn't have much of anything until you reach "sugars" (also protein, but that's after sugars). 20mg sodium, 33g sugar, 4g protein, I think. 300 calories.

V6, TOKIO, Arashi, SMAP(!?), and Otokogumi(!?!?!?) )
MSta Funny face gallery! :D )
Yesterday's Article OR Ohno says: Bros before Hos )

P.S. Staubs, don't even try to play like you didn't think the list thing in my last entry wasn't awesome. srsly.

EDIT: So [ profile] honooko wrote YamaTaro fic (yay! GO READ IT.) and there is a line:

“Well, except for when Saburou almost drowned, but Itsuko found him in time, so it’s fine!” Tarou chirped brightly.

My first thought: Aha! I could kill one of the *children*!

My second thought: ...This is why I'm never allowed to write anymore.
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(It erased my entry. I hates it.)

Basically... I was in Key West and then I came home and then Kate and I went to Ikea and I bought a cake plate but it turned into an Umino from ep. 95 and the cookies of my people taste like Honey Nut Cheerios.

aifun;sa,d';.c;m 4 )
Yasuko to Kenji 3 )
Misc. Arashi )
Mabo + K8 )
...Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten? )

In closing: YamaTaro fandom proves to me that if I just have will power, someone will write it for me :D In case you haven't been keeping up:
21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25

(It also occurs to me I should publicize my list as a Service To Fandom, but... I'm too lazy.)
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...Of course, it could just be making up for Last Friends 8 )
Gokusen 3 7 )
Blah blah blah ARASHI and my adventures as a member of hey_say for six minutes )

OH HEY. So, I figured out last night that I am ドS! See if you can follow this logic: )

ALASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I SHOULD BE WRITING FICCCCC. But I'm kind of in one of those stages when I hate everything, even, like, e-mails and comments. D<

EDIT: So, I'm poking around in comments, like you do, and I see BEST ICON EVER in use by someone. So I click on their pics to see what eles they have that might lead to lolz, and she's using one of mine. SHOCK! No, obviously she didn't comment like I told her too (I suppose finding it accidentally gets me the feedback I was looking for anyway), but more importantly, I'm looking at it, and I realize: DID I MESS UP THE SIDE OF THAT ICON? Sure enough, all THREE versions are messed up. *headdesk* This is why I hate my laptop screen sometimes D
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最初に言っておく: If you don't speak Japanese, I know it'll be difficult, but wait for the subs on this one, folks. Really.

Den-O 46 )

Den-O Special Talk )

Don't leave me, Den-O ;_______________________;


Um, so, I did a [ profile] 10variations, but I can't post it in the comm yet, and I want something with a time stamp. I *was* going to do the bimonthly icon post early, but Week 12's results aren't out, and I ended up being really bored and making icons for Week 13 too... Anyway:

My OT3 is lost in the desert!! )
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HEY INTERNETS! Want to read a paper? ~2500 words, poorly formatted (I'm sorry), cites Star Trek, Stargate, DC Comics, Sailor Moon, and Fruits Basket. I'm tinkering with working Den-O in, but that would be hard, and it might be good like it is? [singsong]I'll love you forever....[/singsong]

Should Memory be Protected from Tampering? )
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Den-O 28 spoilers. No, seriously. )

So, I also watched the Den-O movie making of special. )

Speaking of explosions, I was bored, so I watched the OO version of Task 31 (Sakura and Eiji fight a lot, until Eiji realizes her sad childhood is at fault and becomes slightly less of a jerk. But then Gai shows up and cuts him real bad, so Sakura KILLS GAI DED mostly dead), and I have to say, and I cannot believe this of myself, but there were TOO MANY EXPLOSIONS. Also, it was another case of the Hoji/Sky's best friend's evil syndrome. Boukenger was moving; OO made me want to die. "When I was little no one ever told me I was special, so I thought if I learned everything ever I'd feel special"??? "I want to get to know you better, so I'll ask what you had for breakfast"??? Rose, take my advice: if anyone other than your apparently clueless teammate starts asking you the kinds of questions you listed, HE IS A CREEPY STALKER OBSESSED WITH YOU. But, so, yeah. Disappointing.

So, have I mentioned I've been watching Coupling? BBCAmerica has obliged by showing it, like, twice a day or something. Also by putting up funny warnings saying "Warning: this show contains Brittish Accents!" But, anyway, there is a hillarious rant by Steve (JACK DAVENPORT) about throwpillows. It goes something like so:

Steve Demonstrates Why Men Cannot Choose Couches )

Anyway, so, I think that's bascially the funniest thing ever, and then! A metaquote appears. WITH A REFERENCE. Oh, yes, my life is complete. (<---Not true. There are plenty more references out there to get!)

Speaking of Jack Davenport, my parents actually had the gall to MAKE FUN OF ME ABOUT IT when THEY are the ones who CANNOT REMEMBER WHO HE IS. Anyway, my mother did come in while I was watching Coupling, and I did say, "Do you know who that is?" and she did say, "Jack Davenport?" so I *suppose* I can forgive her, but.

Anyway, I've been actually reading コードネームはセーラーV, which is odd for me, so I think I'm going to go back to that.
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Hallo! I return!


Well, I *could* talk about Florida, but the fact is: we did nothing. No, really. I did get some sushi out of the deal (a very little bit), but mostly it was just lazing around doing nothing and/or watching Star Trek. Actually, I got to see that episode I first watched a while back and now I can't find the entry, but it was the frist time I ever thought Picard was awesome because there are these aliens who are like, "Stuff stuff we hate you bye." and Picard keeps getting cut off, but then he uses their own treaty to win AND cuts them off AND makes them wait AND wanders over to see if anyone's dusted the bridge while doing it AND IT WAS AWESOME. My uncle is actually just watching Voyager for the first time, so he's all excited about it (I would be too if I hadn't seen the end >|). But, um, mostly we did nothing.

Friday was also mostly nothing, although I did venture to Springfield to get Kate and then discovered she had never seen Toon Titans and promptly made her watch hillarious episodes until her brains fell out. Or, you know. So.

Saturday, though, we adventured to Leesburg to visit the SteinMart. Now, I have been to SteinMart before seeing as there is one in the Food Lion shopping center in the 'Burg, but this time we were actually looking for stuff since EVERYONE MY MOTHER WORKS WITH LOVES STEINMART. We also went to the Dulles Town Center, and I saw a sign that said: "HAMILTON 9" (as in I was 9 miles away from Hamilton, eat your heart out Erin Hayes :P)

(As an aside, what does "eat your heart out" actually mean? I have no idea, so I use it sparingly, yet indiscriminately.)

Actually, I was also forced into going to the optomotrist, but since my eye pains have (mostly) stopped, I was UNAFRAID. Although, her tests kind of confused me. Because she said, "stop me when you can read it." And I foolishly did not think to ask whether she meant when I *can* read it, or when it actually looks like letters and not a series of blobs that I can figure out what they're supposed to be until halfway through the test, and I wasn't going back and doing it again. I could read the tiny line, though so I don't know what problem she could possibly have with me.

Interesting fact: there are 12 flavors of ice cream in my house. Fried Ice Cream, Vanilla, Double Vanilla, Creamy Vanilly, Chocolate Brownie Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Fudge Tracks, Baby Ruth, Rocky Road, O NO I AM BLANKING HELP ME. Needless to say, it's a lot.

I was recently over in Beth's LJ since IE IS DUMB AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT I'M LOGGED IN TO LJ I had a reply to a comment to reply to, and I toyed with the idea of stealing her tags scheme. It's actually a riddiculously detailed way of doing it, which is of course why I love it. Since I failed at locating that entry today (GOOGLE WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?), it occurs to me I should perhaps invest in better tags. What I REALLY want, though, it some way to be like, "Show me everything tagged --- but not ---" or "show me everything tagged ---- and ---" because my tags are arranged in a heirarchical system currently, and sometimes I want to see just the rectangles that aren't squares! ANYWAY. Actually, really, I have decided I have to see Beth more b/c my tag only hits three entries and I <3 Beth and THIS IS A TRAVESTY I AM A FAILURE AT FRIENDS BUT ALSO CATS SO I REALLY WILL DIE ALONE. *cough*

Someone is eating something that smells good. I think I must venture after my own sandwich.

Thank you for flying [ profile] capncosmo's LJ. We have now arrived at the end of real life events. If you are continuing with us to Tokusatsu reviews, please remain in your seats. Otherwise, thank you and enjoy your time on your friends list.

Turbo 1-4 )

Mega 2&3 )

Den-O 22 )

I would also like to direct you to a wonderful meta on Imajin by [ profile] estirose so you can comment and add depth to the discussion.

I <3 Teal'c

Apr. 5th, 2007 08:43 am
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So, Stargate. )

So, um, now I guess I'm kind of upset. Katie is complaining about noise again, which isn't the problem; the problem is I had to find out from someone who overheard her. Otherwise when Dawn knocked on my door I would have had no idea what was going on. Gosh, I don't know why this bothers me so much. I just don't know how Katie could have possibly thought this was the right decision, and how she expects me to respect her now. Bah.

And, um. I watch a lot of Stargate? You knew that. Let's see if I have some links for you.

Ha ha fanfiction cliches. The sad/horrifying/comepletely awesome part is that everyone I found hillarious enough to share with Rachel is in SG-1's 200th episodes.

OMGeez, how did I forget this? So, one of our words was "Gisei" (sacrifice), and as anyone who was in the SM fandom Back In The Day that has to remind you of our good old friend Giseino Shinzui, Sailor Orion, giant among the otaku senshi. So I did some snooping on the internets, and there's a forum dedicated to it that helped me track down the author's website. What is Meghann McCall doing now? She's apparently professionally writing lesbian novels. [ profile] merryshannon (as she is known to the internets) actually amuses me: She said the most important thing in writing is to finish what you started. And that's your random interents history for today.

Well, I think there are other things in my life, but I don't feel like writing about them right now. Best I can do is to copy paste from my mixi. ...*sigh*

TMNT and Reign Over Me )
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As much as I appreciate the letters you keep sending me about how much you appreciate my lifetime membership, you know what I'd appreciate more? A box of Thin Mints every once in a while. I'd actually even settle for Trefoils. Just, you know, lifetime cookies would be SUCH a better incentive for lifetime memberships.




Want to do something really cool? Come to the G.S. Sing Along This June! You can meet girls from all over, and it's way awesome. So awesome, in fact, my mom has been saving the flyer to make sure we signed up for a year. If you sign up, please tell me so we can go together. And tell all your friends! Especially because there will be swaps, and I don't want to have to make them alone.

The website is here.

<3 Me

P.S. They didn't check that I was registered, so... Even if you're currently not, I think it'll be okay. And you can just leave the troop field blank ^^

GouGou Sentai Boukenger v. Super Sentai (only minor spoilers) )

Geki 4 )

Den-O 7 )


NOW IT IS TIME FOR w-inds. CD!!!!!!
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HAHA! A summary! Bet you weren't expecting *that*!

...No, seriously, not *one* word. Or else. Not kidding.

This is mostly going to be a links list as I have SO MANY TABS OPEN, and I used up all my typing time on that summary. Also because CLASSES ARE FINALLY OVER and I have forgotten nearly everything else.

Stiletto Boy and the Blonde Problem. I shouldn't even have to tell you it's about Minako causing trouble for Yaten, because you should have already clicked on it. It's way awesome. [Sailor Moon, humor]

Did I link this before? It's about MissingNo. from Pokemon. I found it interesting... [Pokemon]

Li Shang is totally hot. [Mulan, humor]

Relatedly, Japanese lyrics to "I'll Make a Man Out of You". [Mulan]

Geography lesson! [humor]

Also, How to Pass for a Canadian. I suddenly understand BNL's If I Had 1,000,000 Dollars. [Canada, informative, humor]

This guy watched all six Star Wars films in a row in numerical order for the first time. His thoughts. [Star Wars, humor]

Star Wars YMCA. WATCH THIS. [Star Wars, humor]

Bruce Wayne character study. With scans!! [Batman]

What is this guy's job, and how can Will get it? What happens when you dip stuff in liquid nitrogen. [humor]

I can't decide if this makes me feel better about Webb or worse. [Political, kind-of funny?]

I don't usually link icons, but I wanted to give you guys A Piece of the Action. [Star Trek, icons]

Gattack's Steak House! Kagami never fails to make me laugh. My fav's number 2 ^_~ [Kabuto, humor]


Two parts: Tied Down | Loosing Ground and Falling Faster by [ profile] coldfiredragon. [Batman] Dick hates Bruce for foisting the company on him, making him the Batman, but mostly Dick hates him for dying. -- Yeah, yeah, it's a darkfic, but it's SO GOOD. READ IT.

Oh, and Kabuto 43 (and other recent Kabutos?) )

Also, I am quite cross with Kato-sensei. She's basically made me feel like I'd be a horrible person if I didn't take 402. KATO-SENSEI! *shakes fist*
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My brother is apparently much better at Latin and may be able to salvage his grade! And the peasants rejoice!

Haha, WashPost makes State Wank, in which everyone in Virginia hates everyone else (and people wonder why I hate it here). Really there is only one solution. I have said it before, and I will say it again: SECEDE. Secession is a time honored Virginia tradition. Not to mention, then we wouldn't be having all these problems. It'd just be "That Other State." The only problem is that basically all the universities are in the south and central areas of Virginia, but... NoVa'd be rich enough without the rest of the state to help make up the difference, I think.

It's good to be a third-party pot-stirrer :P (Well, technically, I *do* live here, so I guess that makes me more of a 2-and-a-half-th party, but...)

Kabuto 38 )

I slept for a long time tonight, though I didn't mean to; I just wanted my stomach to stop hurting. Now my head hurts, so........

I did my kanji sheet last night using lyrics from a song (so many shenanigans), so let's see if I can't get this translation together.

Hard Rain~There's No Such Thing as Neverending Rain - Ayumi Kinoshita (Jasmine) )

My next kanji sheet will be on "“TETSU”の意思で!"! お楽しみに! Other than that, I also have the lyrics to すなお~今を信じて and railway to happiness~いつも笑っていられるように~, so...

And now I'm gonna go update [ profile] finalauraburst, particularly because I forgot last week, then posted at the same time as [ profile] ilustrador (who has a new SN now I haven't memorized yet), then forgot Thursday ^^;;;;;;
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HA! I am very proud of The 15pairings Hall of Fame! Why? Because even though you can't see it, I have used my ninja coding skills to create an entry for each claim AS WELL AS archiving every single fic. MUAHAHA.

Speaking of which, I'm supposed to remind [ profile] lillianloop to WRITE THINGS. You're only 6 away, you know. The closest of anybody, currently. C'mon, you know you want to... You know what else you want to do? POST. But, failing that, you should at least give me a little I can write while you're down and out so that I can continue the storyline.

And, also, I meant to do this earlier but... m4d HTML s|<1||z ensue to bring you tables for 30_deathfics and 10_laughs )

As expected, I ran out of iced tea yesterday. Rasberry Ice is good... but it's not the same.

I've been reading an HILLARIOUS review of Prisoner of Azkaban. Be warned, though, the guy doesn't like Harry Potter, so don't flame him. HE HAS THE BEST THING EVER ABOUT BATMAN, THOUGH.

THE BATMAN hillarity, cut for length )

Erm... content? Mythical. I had something I wanted to say about Boukenger... other than the fact that whoever can tell me WHAT Eiji is drinking will be my hero forever. I'm going to hold off on Timeranger because I only saw Case 6 today, though Case 6 *was* hillarious.

...I got some cleaning done? So, aside from my desk, everything looks nice ^^ Also, MALLETS CAME!! Someone kindly left a marimba in the middle of the hall, and who was I to refuse? :P

Okay, maybe you already know this, but... Consider the Outer Senshi, specifically Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. What's special about them? Among MANY things, they are the holders of the three talismans: Space Sword, Deep Aqua Mirror, and Garnet Orb. Or, a sword, a mirror, and jewel. WHICH ARE THE THREE SACRED TREASURES OF JAPAN!!1asdfghjewiuh;j Oh, so much MAKING SENSE!

Okay, fine. To make up for lack of content... a fic. XD  And a bonus script of that whole scene... Notes from making the fic, I thought with lack of subs (or summaries >< gomen!), you might like to see it? ...Be warned, it's very rough. VERY rough.

Script of scene from Boukenger 26, Sakura enters the Prince's World )

Title: Glass Sin (The Heart's Desire is a Dangerous Thing Remix)
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura, Akashi Satoru...?
Word Count: 1,010
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: ehe, Episode 26 liek whoa
Summary: She couldn't think of anything she wanted more than to stay right here, with her Prince, forever. "With you. I want to be with you." Satora, in a way. AU
Author's Notes: Take off of Epi. 26 and [ profile] amazonstorm's "Glass Sin," though I suggest you read mine first as it has some surprise in it? Maybe? Anyway, probably about 75% of the dialogue is taken directly from the episode. ...whoops. Oh, well, I hope you enjoy my embelishments as I write the way I *wished* the episode would have gone.

Glass Sin (The Heart's Desire is a Dangerous Thing Remix) )
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Do you want a laugh? It's pretty much hillarious.

Hmmm, I should be packing right now... but instead I am watching Carranger. Is this surprising? I thought not.

HAH! I have the answer: CANDY. This will solve all my lethargy problems.

Well, I did some packing and stuff.... And I'm done for tonight. I have all of tommorrow.

I forgot about Thursday! It started at the DMV. Oh, this is not a promising beginning. I was with Kate getting her driver's license (as my mother said, I am a good friend). It took them THREE TIMES to get "Organ Donor" on there. d00ds. For srs. And then we went to the Haloween store where all the costumes for women were slutty (there was actually a Gryffinwhore! Kate said she'd make me a Ravenclaw tie instead if I wore it. ...No. (One might say there's a *reason* it's not already a Ravenclaw tie)). And THEY HAD ALL SORTS OF PR COSTUMES THAT WERE FOR CHILDREN and I was very jealous. Actually, the HurricaneBlue was the WRONG COLOR. And then I found out they had D-Arms!! But no SPD licenses :( What kind of lo0ser store is that, anyway? Then we got pretzels and set out for Woodbridge.

Woodbrige? Why would we travel so far? FOR SWEEDISH MEATBALLS, THE MEATBALLS OF MY PEOPLE, THAT'S WHY!!! They were so tasty. I also got some dishes, and plant holder thingy, and a clothes dryer that looks like an octopus XD And ligenberry jelly for my mom, that too.

Thursday night was spent at Christine's house with her and Tom playing Settlers of Catan, going to Little Korea to eat IHOP(?), and then watching Call Me Madam. We learned Tom is just jealous he can't get girls like guys who can tap dance do.

Since you already heard about Friday, let's skip to today. That would be the doctor in the morning (blegh), the Commissary (always an adventure; I got Batman soup XD), packing, and then adventures in TRYING TO FIND TWO MORE SMALL CACTI OMGEEZ WHY DOES NO ONE HAVE ANY!? See, I went to Wal-Mart. There I got CD/DVD holders I needed. Alas, no Cacti. So I continued on to Target where I got a three in one car opener for 99 cents, but no plants. So then I went to Home Depot, where I got my little cactus in the first place, and stood in line FOREVER returning a hose for my mom only to find they only had BIG cacti. HONESTLY. What is the world coming to that I cannot get a decent cactus?

So, tommorrow brings Mass, phone shopping, She's the Man (I hope), and putting all my stuff in the car. Yes. Adventures. Don't expect for it to be easy to get a hold of me until I get settled in the 'Burg. Sorry to all of ya'll dying to talk to me... :P

ZOMG SAKURAELLA! I MUST SEE IT!! Mainly because it's a Sakura episode, but also because I might *finally* have the other half of my ship manifesto. Look!! Looklooklook!. Of course, then they point guns at each other... IT MUST BE LOVE!!! P.S. Satoru, I wouldn't take her on if I were you. :P (In all seriousness, it looks like two nods to Deka in this episode: target practice and CROSSDRESSING.) And, final proof? Everyone is frozen in fear, but not Satoru! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MEANT FOR EACH OTHER IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

(DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen the episode yet, and was actually too lazy to do anything but look at the pictures. So I suppose I could have misinterpreted something. But not likely!! :P)

And in conclusion, no one should allow me on Rangerboard when there is Satora goodness to be found instead of me packing/writing a post/finishing one of my fics/other things I supposed to be doing but am not.
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I have been apparently tagged for a meme by [ profile] lkwreader. Problem is, I don't have enough answers for some of these questions. Oh, bother.

Meme? )

Thanks to [ profile] daitryk, I bring you Samuel L. Jackson on the Daily Show. It's pretty much hilarity...

The Triangles (or Lack Thereof) of Dekaranger )

Relationships within the Boukenger: Masumi )

Planet Wank: What does it mean for SM cannon? )

Today for lunch I was given Sweedish Meatballs. ALAS, there were only five of them and the sauce was not quite right. I will still have to go to Ikea, it seems.

Come to think of it, I know of exactly one Sweedish restaurant, and that is at Epcot. Why aren't there more? I suppose, perhaps, it could be ethnic traces have been wiped out from all Sweedish descendants (like me and my mom), but...

I have a page and a half of FAQ left to finish. Unfortunately they are the hard pages :( But it looks like I'll get it done before I leave which is good. Because, you know, who wants to leave a job with a project half finished? And then someone will come in after you and TYPE TAGS IN ALL CAPS or take out your comments or use tables. No, I much prefer the text to be as close to finished as possible. ZOMG, I forgot about the print stylesheet! Bah, I'd better do that now...

I did, in fact, see Carranger 16 and 17 yesterday (and 18 finished overnight!). They were both about Signalman for the most part, which kind of disappointed me a little... which isn't to say they weren't both funny. I just... don't like Signalman that much, I guess... The *best* part, though, is the end of the next episode preview when they talk about traffic safety. I guess the videotapes put all the previews together at the end of the tape, and they've been missing so far. Finally I got to see some, and ZOMG XD That is not even an exaggeration.

Apparently Mika Kikuchi sung something for the Magiranger soundtrack? I am perplexed, I was not aware of that. ...It could be "Eien ni..."...

Also, the college has apparently quintupled my webspace. XD
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Boukenger 23, Kabuto 27, and Carranger! (And a bit of Deka) )

So this weekend was VA's first tax-free shopping weekend. Of course we had to go to Kohls...

Point: When somone walks into your store, you want them to think, "Oh what a pretty skirt," not, "Oh that skirt desperately needs to be ironed." Especially if one of the good points is supposed to be you won't have to iron it.

Point: No one wants a skirt that already has holes it it. Geez.

Point: Typically people like to be able to move their arms. Selling shirts that allow you to do so would be a good plan.

Point: Nobody likes olive green, not even the Army anymore. So don't taunt me by putting it on an otherwise cute pink and green sweater.

Point: It is not cool to put an already faded logo on a T-shirt. Is it too much to ask to have a nice Batman t-shirt?

At least I ended up with boots (Mom: Just what we need. More black boots.) and a pirate shirt. ARR.

Mah. I am tired. Lastly:

VH1 has this show called "Best Week Ever"... I don't really know, but they were celebrating their hundreth episode with a chance to get on the show, among other things.

Kate: I guess bad teeth is the only requirement for this show...
Me: Yasuka's a shoe-in, then.

Oh no I didn't? Oh yes I did. BTW, anyone know what's up with his katakana?
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Oh my. In my excitement, I forced a chart of Uses of the Second Person in Japanese on poor, poor [ profile] lkwreader. So she doesn't have to suffer alone, I will now force it upon all of you as well.

Read more... )

There, now wasn't that painful informative?

Kind of unrelated, [ profile] taa_kun, master of spoilers, posted a scan about a new rider in Kabuto. Apparently this guy is going to be called "Kamen Rider Hopper" (it's a grasshopper zecter, everybody, at least i makes *sense*). The weird thing, though, is his zecter is reversable, allowing him to change into two different forms(!?), one for kicking and one for punching. Dudes, zecters are *not* jackets or sleeping bags or skirts. I guess... it's a cool enough concept... (How many Riders is this show going to have!? At least Nine so far! What, are we trying to beat out Ryuuki here?)

Relatedly, I don't really see how that Rider-sword-gun-thing (too lazy to look up name; it's at the top) Hyper Sword is going to work, because let us think for a moment on Kageyama, Daiskue, and Kamishiro. More specifically about how they HATE TENDOU'S GUTS, or at least strongly dislike him. ...Are they really going to lend him their zecters...? I dunno, I guess if they don't have a choice... Also, does this indicate Daisuke might be back for the movie *looks hopeful*? You really don't know what you've got until it's replaced by something even worse.... I was kind of afraid he had made his exit from the series, you know, being the wind and all.

Okay, now that I'm on about Kabuto, it's time again for Crazy Connections!

In the name of the Moon, RIDER CUTTING! )

Congrats to [ profile] amazonstorm on finishing a challenge! ...I should really take a page out of her book and get to work...

Doing something with Kate tommorrow. Not sure exactly what...

And now I shall go off and exercise. ...w00t?

EDIT: Another table! Family terms! )
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Why am I so tired? Bah.

I feel like this should contain things actually about me to make up for my fourteen pages of meme and Empire things yesterday.

Going to see DMC tomorrow. FFX Town Center, 7:45.

Yesterday my brother and I finished watching Ping Pong. He says he likes Ping Pong better than WATERBOYS. I dunno, I just like the story of WATERBOYS better, how they completely learned from scratch and overcame all those obstacles. Of course, the drama was better by far, but that's because it had 11 episodes to work with. I don't know what my brother's going to do with himself now, though, because aside from the occasional Kabuto, he's eaten through everything he's shown interest in. Maybe we could watch Faiz together?

You know what's not cool? Listening to NEXT LEVEL while driving, because you feel like you have to go a million billion miles an hour or else you're going too slowly. Luckily there were no cops around when I discovered this the hard way.

Kate is not here, so I suppose I will put my messages for her in t3h LJ. First: I ate your grandparents lettuce. It... tasted like lettuce. Thank you. Second: I was sitting there, pondering the Bruno and Boots book you lent me, and I thought, "You know, I could read this. OR I could hold it hostage until she get around to reading all of the Tamora Pierce I lent her what must be two years ago." So there.

I should also mention to her Salient made a really fun quiz on the Daily Grind board, though I'm sure she'd fail (:P), and I proposed the suggestion box to Telik and he likes the idea.

My parents finally rewatched PotC. Of course, I still have to cut ties with my mother, because she agrees Norrington is not a coward/evil; she thinks he's a wuss. asdfghjkl is what I have to say to that. I can only hope I will be vindicated by DMC because apparently he's really awesome in it.

I was reading some [ profile] ship_manifestos, and an oddity in Star Trek cannon was brought to my attention: most fandoms need fic for the crazy stuff that happens on a weekly basis on the Enterprise. There are viruses that make people go crazy, alien manipulations, lots of hurt/comfort openings. There is mpreg! It seems to me this is fairly unique to Star Trek, as well. Even other science fiction shows usually have some manner of established boundaries, unlike the Anything-Goes Star Trek. Maybe that's a reason why there seems to be so little wank? So, the moral of this story is, other fandoms include this stuff in your canon and your fandoms will be a lot happier.

Interesting concept: [ profile] bodyandsoul100. ...Not like I finished the last one of those I set out to do. I wonder, if I came bearnig fic now, what would happen? I'm still on the table, but... ...and the rules say no problems. Maybe I should write some more. Geez, I am a loser.

Okay, I'm not getting any further today. Bah.
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I got an e-mail from Fuki today! Yay! Anything know anything about exchanges TO William and Mary?

I also just but my foot down with Mr. Lee. I told him we were going to reverse plant him from now on, so he'd better not give us any more vegetables or be prepared to face the consequences. Of course, he just looked amused... He's probably looking forward to a fruit feud. Curses.

Have been watching the WATERBOYS drama with my brother. He hasn't seen the movie yet... Somehow this seems a little backwards. Episodes 9 and 10 tonight!

More on my cooking exploits-- It seems the three healthiest groups are Adventists, Okinawans, and... Samarians? They live on an island in Italy. Anyway, I obviously need to do more research, but I was thinking of trying to emmulate some of these cuisine items. Especially the rice and miso soup. I'm actually in the cooking wiki now.

Did I write about this? I don't think so. You know that... thing... Haruka always wears? There was one at Kohls! I tried it on, and it looked stupid (just like it does on Haruka...), but now I can say I've worn one!

Been listing to one of my coworkers shared music on iTunes. It's a pretty interesting grab bag.

Oh man, Bohemian Rhapsody is a weird song...

Anywhoodle, back to work.
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Well, so, here I am. Nothing much has been going on. You know, just working and reading PotC fanfics.

Ouch. My car just failed the inspection. Apparently blahblah muffler manifold blahblah leak blahblah no pressure blahblah fails emmisions inspection. (I know lots about cars; can you tell?) Apparently Midas will fix it on Tuesday, which is good because the end of the month is Wednesday. I am just not a fan of the big REJECTION sticker in the front. BUT THE PLATE LIGHTS WORK! That was a bit of awesome electrical engineering, if I do say so myself. So, yeah. And then maybe Jiffy Lube to round out my making-the-car-better experience. Need to get job at Borders back... Will apparently need the funds....

On the other hand, I really can't buy another car. I mean, I'd basically have to get it used as I don't have a job for long enough to afford car payments, and I really don't see how any used car would be any better than mine. At least I A) have the piece of mine of knowing its entire history and B) only have 76,000 miles on the thing (trans: not a lot for a 14 year old car). Did I wish I didn't have to keep it held together with packing tape and prayer? Yes. But it appears to be my old option, and at least I love and trust it.

So, I was reading this article and a discussion that went along with it. It's about guidelines auggesting for all women of childbearing age to as if they are pregnant and just don't know it. Obviously the article is abrasive; it's in the Washington Post, that's what they do. But even realizing there's a spin on it, I still find myself strongly offended by this idea. And I don't even know why. I mean, I'll admit there are certainly a lot of unplanned pregnancies, and even beyond that, doing most of the suggested things (healthy weight, not smoking, etc.) are good for you anyway. Logically it makes perfect sense, but I still can't help but feeling this horrible thing in the pit of my stomach. And then there are of course cases like this, where this woman cannot get the proper medication on the off chance she might get pregnant DESPITE her protestations otherwise. And of course, the stories from women who have been sterillized being asked such things. And I can totally see where they're coming from. But it offends me every time they ask me.

Now, I am not sterile (at least not to my knowledge). I'm not sick, I don't have any "conditions," and I'm 19, which is not a bad age to have a child from a physical standpoint, and certainly not un-heard of as my own mother was only 21 when I was born. It is perfectly understandable for someone like a doctor or someone to say, "hmm, I wonder if she might be pregnant and she doesn't know it." I mean, I'll even admit I am woefully uninformed about pre-natal care (read: I know only a bit more than the average person knows, certainly not enough to sate my must-know-everything tendencies, especially for such an important thing as a new life), mostly because it's never really come up. But on some uncontrollably emotional level I still find myself galled that someone would just assume I was sexually active, or that I wasn't careful with birth control*, or that I was reckless enough in the first place to be dangerous to an unborn child I did not know about! Now, thankfully, I have never been asked "How about some birth control pills with your cough syrup?" like some of the other women apparently have, so it could be worse. But still... Thoughts, ladies, gentlemen?

*Please note that birth control is not a guarantee, merely a preventative measure, and I know this, and you should know this.

I would like to ask my sentai friends: Why did no one tell me how awesome Jasmine's image song is, how great it would be for DDR, or how well it fits with the opening to Sailor Stars?

I would like to beg my nose to kindly *stop* being stuffy and/or bloody, as I've had this cold now since mid-February, and I feed and water and give sleep to it, and therefore cannot possibly understand why it will not oblige by forcing the removal of the bug from my person.

Dear Tom,

I saw a car like yours driving on Guinea Rd. It probably wasn't you, but in case it was, the right brake light is out; you may wish to fix it.

Someone who doesn't want you to fail inspection, too.

And now, lastly, I have found a comic online that reminds me of I (harth) Darth. I plan to make some icons and more animations in the future, but for right now, I give you ヒーローなんていない OR Don't Cry Over Spilled Ice Cream )

EDIT: Doug the Jedi


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