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Me: So, those are the jobs we're doing today, but is there any other job you want to know how to say in English?
K: What about suitsu akutaa?
Me: It's the same, "suit actor."
Other two teachers/rest of the class: What is a suit actor????
Me: It's the actor in tokusatsu who dresses up in the suit and plays, like, Gozilla or Kamen Rider.
Me (to K): :Db
K: :Db


W 10 )
Shinken 17-32 )


When you button your shirt, where do you start:
A. top
B. bottom
C. middle
D. like, two buttons from the top (right below the throat)
E. some other place I will elaborate on
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A) My company is having a Holiday party, and I feel like I should go, but. It's at a nearby(?) hotel, and while it says I can bring someone, it's on Monday December 8th, when *everyone* I know will still be scattered to the four winds. WHAT WOULD YOU DO, FLIST?

B) My cousin called and asked my mother for my e-mail address, which she figured had something to do with needing a webpage designed, but. Now my cousin's sister-in-law has e-mailed me, which I think means he does not, in fact, need any CSS from me. She wants to "def. get together for coffee/drinks/dinner/lunch sometime." WHAT WOULD YOU DO, FLIST?

My *other* thing I could use some 相談 on is: I've been seeing some (frankly appalling) song translations around the net, and I was like, "Will someone *please* do this right?" but then I thought it'd be cool if, instead of a *translation* translation, I could 挑戦 a *lyrical* one. Obviously it's very difficult to get the syllables to match up, but. You can sing this. I have sung it. Woo. But I definitely think there's room for improvement. So. If you wanted to help me refine it... :D?

Lyrical Translation: Beautiful days )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 11/3/08 )

And now my friends, I give you, the very first T no Arashi :P
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I'm sorry for the two entries so close to each other, but this is a very important question:

And I will get these other short things no one cares about out of the way )

Also, I have my microphone out, so I guess it's a good a time as any to do that voice post meme. Urgh, can't find it, guess I'll have to make it up:

Give me a topic and I will make a "voicepost" about it :D
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So, something weird happened on yesterday's AnS, and I'd like to discuss it. I've been talking about the Japanese language a *lot* recently, haven't I? )

MY APPLICATION IS DONE! Well, except for the fact that I don't have my LoR from my boss even though I asked for them by yesterday. BUT I DID ALL MY STUFF XDXDXD I can only hope they won't DQ for the copy of my diploma I'm sending instead of the real thing. ACTUALLY, I was looking at Waseda's requirements, and they want one, too. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL, JAPAN.

I also emailed the post office, except it bounced, so I called them and left a VM. *sigh*

So tomorrow I go to Boston! This is exciting but also kind of freaking me out because I'm not prepared at all. OH WELL.

And! I updated my One Love translation, so all those kanjis should be correct now. I *also* learned how to furigana, which was fun. Wheeee.
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So. Much of nothing. Except that EVERYONE IS LEAVING ME and also MY STUPID COMPUTER WON'T PLAY MY CARRANGER. No, seriously, VEXATION. On the plus side, I finally burned a lot of DVDs and therefore can watch things on the TV in the lounge. It's *amazing*

Went to see "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... SUPERMAN!" on Friday, mostly out of duty to my best friend (who was, of course, very amazing and moving and in-tune and broke many legs). For those wondering what the play was like, mentally revise Superman into the 60's Batman TV show, add more music, and there you go. I give them points for sticking with the 60's theme, although I'm not sure they had a real choice. Anyway, the breakout star was very clearly Abner, the mad scientist. No, seriously. He was *amazing*. I'm glad I went.

Also, we got ボゲル to read Snarry. Well, I should say, Lindsay did. I got him to read "The Way We Get By" by [ profile] mistful, because I adore Maya and also it is not full of explicit gay lovin' like Lindsay's DIRTY DIRTY SNARRY. Or explicit het, for that matter. Basically just awesome all around. GO READ IT.

In other news, I watched Swing Girls for the first time. It was very much like I expected, but also MIKAMI WAS IN IT. I was like, "...HOWHAT??" Yeah. It was fun, I liked it.

Den-O 38 )
Atlantis: Doppelganger )

And, finally, I am surprised by this, but I have been winning things in [ profile] toku_icontest. So, please excuse the awards/resources post that is upcoming. Ive been thinking about it for a while so as to clean up my user info, but now with two new banners (at least), I think it deserves a post and a cut of its own.

Also, the lesson I learned but could not tell you about earlier: DO NOT MAKE TRANSPARENCIES OF PEOPLE WITH COMPLICATED HAIR (read: Mele). OMGeez, that was horrifying. Also, the stars in this week's were a MAJOR PAIN to cap (Yes, I capped them from the Deka ending. I am crazy and/or foolish, I know). No, seriously. Does anyone have a better program than VLC to use?

I leave you with: おしりかじり虫 (The Bottom Biting Bug) has moved up to #7 on the Japanese charts.

EDIT: How did I forget? Scheduling! )

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So, yeah. Cleaned some stuff. Read that book. Saw Transformers. )

Anyway, who's ready for a fun work story in which I inadvertantly destroy a marriage?

So, you all know I'm making phone calls. I'm in the middle of a list of an even thousand at the moment, and dragging myself into work at o'dark thirty so I can hit as many voicemails as possible and just *get through it* (Which explains my odd LJ posts; I *have* to sleep when I get home, and it is my custom to spend nights reading.) Anyway, we're making sure no one needs help registering for our conference. It's a matchmaking conference for small businesses and larger businesses so the small guys can find a larger company who needs something like they're developing. Anyway, this morning I had this conversation:

Me: *schpeel*
Woman: Well, I can take a message for [guy I was trying to call].
Me: *assumes she is his secretary* *continues schpeel*
Woman: So what is this thing.
Me: Well, it's a matchmaking conference--
Woman: [angrily] This is his wife. I don't think he's interested.
Me: ??? Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't--
Woman: *click*
--Ten Minutes Later--
Me: Oh! She thought--!!

So, yes, I am a HOMEWRECKER. I hope that guy didn't get into trouble...

So, I feel the urge to write meta. On being a writer and how *weird* it is. )
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So, apparently I have to call a million billion* people to get them to come to this conference thing because the hosting agency did not do their job and send out the invitations. And I'm just one of six callers. Saa.

*Actually more like 7 hundreds of

Also, the family friends with the chibichans are temporarily back in the country and coming to visit us today/tommorrow. I'm hoping Rosie has outgrown the incessantly trying to brush my hair phase. She should be in middle school by now, I think.

Poll for everyone in the Toku fandom )
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Ha ha! I did [ profile] finalauraburst today, too! I am a *fiend*. Actually, it's more like we don't have an official Wednesday mod and [ profile] seiji982 has a lot of stuff to deal with right now, so the Tuesday-Thursday mod is the natural person to fill in the gap. Mostly because I'd just have to do it tommorrow in the Thursday update if I didn't do it today.

So, I would like to direct everyone over to read the answer to a long standing brilliant idea: Fresh Produce, a wonderful fic written by my best bud [ profile] lillianloop. You should all read it and leave comments because I told her how nice we all are in this fandom and you wouldn't want to give a bad first impression, would you? Thought not. :P

I'm also trying to get serious about this [ profile] ship_manifesto thing since it's due in a month. So, I started with the easiest and made a list of all the Satora fic I could find. In English. Because I am limiting myself to the English speaking fandom. First: I'm surprised at how much there actually is. Second: Now that there's so much, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't rec my own writing like I was going to when I thought there wasn't anything out there, but I made a list anyway just in cases. Third: I only know of one peice of fanart by [ profile] buuzen_kun, I believe. The space one. Anyway, blah blah, you don't care. My question to you all is: Have I missed one? )
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I don't know why this paper is so hard to start. Just by answering all the questions Prof. Hamada strictly asked, it should approach the 15 page requirement, I think. Somehow the due date just doesn't feel real, I guess. Even though I have to be in Washington with said paper in less than five hours. *And* I'm starting to feel tired. If I thought I could trust myself to wake up from a short nap, maybe I'd do that, but...

Nope, instead I've been reading SG-1 fic, which has actually been full of JOY. I do so *love* joy.

Speaking of my paper, Prof. Hamada doesn't seem to think my findings support my hypothesis that Asians accept contradictions better than us Westerners. I think she must be illiterate if she read my paper and thought that. But, just out of curiosity, any of ya'll got any thoughts on contradictions? Like, for example, if I told you that when something moves at speeds approaching the speed of light, like in a spaceship, people moving along with it in the ship will measure that object to be lighter/longer/faster than people standing on a nearby planet. So, like, the thing weighs both a lot and a little at once. Time moves differently for the person on the planet and the one in space. This is not possible by conventional thinking, yes? You might call it a contradiction to have a meter stick simmultaneously be a meter and shorter than a meter. If someone just asked to accept that wholesale, would you be like, "fine"? Or would you be like, "You crazy"? I appreciate the input.

How to be a Superhero's Girlfriend [Humor]

Christine already linked this, I think, but for the other two groups of f-list: Map of Online Communities [Humor]

So, I know almost nothing about the Fantastic Four, but these four panels are HILARIOUS. Because the Thing apparently has an infinite well of snark. [Humor]

Best story about pretending to be a lesbian to get rid of a guy EVER. [Humor]

Professor X has some accreditation trouble. [Humor]

(As a side note, I have no idea if "acceditation" is a real word; my computer can't decide if it's on battery or AC, so it keeps flickering and breaking my concentration.)

An Idiot's Guide to Reviewing. As a side note, sorry Tem's Anthro group; I was laughing at this, not you. [Humor]

Roy and Ollie are such saps. [DC]

Thoughts on 'The Tao of Rodney' and 'The Shroud' )

...I am printing another copy of the group paper and going to sleep. This is riddiculous.
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Ow. My head wants to die. Anyone wanting explanation can see this FAB post I just compiled.

And now here I sit, looking with trepidation at my Korean apple juice (Juice Day: Apple, so fresh) hoping against all hope it will taste like Japanese apple juice. Verdict: while not the same, interestingly tart with a honeyed aftertaste. I approve.

Today I larked about frivolously with Kate. We made a total of nine bank deposits and ate at Taco Bell and (wait for it) WATCHED MULAN. And then we picked up my brother from lacrosse practice. No, I woke up before noon, really.

I've also listened to my w-inds. CD at least 10 times since I got it yesterday, and a significant amount of the time in between I've been asleep.

I *really want* the Kabuto Hyper Battle video since it's the awesomest thing since ever, but I think I'll have to get it from TV-Nihon b/c I haven't seen any raws.

I also wanted to make something clearer about Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.

Details ensue )


So, I'd like to ask advice from the Toku community: I'd like to write a ship manifesto. Should I do Sen/Umeko or Satora first? I have the intention of writing both, unless something goes horribly wrong, but I'm not sure about the timing. So. Which one first? P.S. Resources for either pairing would be mucho appreciated.

I apparently have not content in my life. Actually, that's not true. I have no content in my life I wish to put on my public journal. And at this moment I'm not inclined to ramble in an f-locked post no one will read.

I am just a ray of sunshine.
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meme LOLZ )

Now that that is out of the way:

It's good to be back in the 'Burg! Though my nasal passages need time to get numbed again (Caf smell; food taste). I have *got* to get some solution to this meal plan problem. REALLY REALLY.

Anywhoodle, my new roommate, Rachel, is really nice. We seem to be a lot alike.

Adventures today included Activities Fair (56 new people!) and going to the Shack of Radios. Speaking of which, I saw a lot of people including Stephen Reader (didn't say 'hi' to me, bah), Sam Davis and his friend Niji (Me: You're a rainbow? Him: Nijimaru. Me: OH!), that short girl who always hangs out with Duty (who knew who I was. Weird.), and Kelly from Chantilly.

Beth, Christine, Krystle (does she have an LJ?): do you know this Kelly of Chantilly Marching Band? I think I was introduced to her through Beth, but...

And, um, classes start tommorrow? I still have no books, but whatev. Should be interesting, at least.

Okay, okay, I *know* I promised you that fic I've been working on. I'm gonna give it to you straight: It's not done. It's not going to be done until at least Thursday because tommorrow's pretty full. UNLESS. If you want the first half (up to the commercial break), I could transcribe that tommorrow; I have a block of time between classes that is *really* not long enough to do a Super Hero Time summary but too long to do nothing constructive, and I have nothing to study yet. And, of course, you'd have to be willing to accept I might have to make some edits if the ending requires them. Just saying.

Bah. I hurt. It is time for sleep.
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My Mom is Totally Going to Remus Wendy. )

Dear Internets,

You make me weep BIG TEARS. This is because I can barely manage 1kb/s on the Boukenger torrent. To which I say, "WHY!?!" I'm not asking much; despite the fact I would much prefer it done *now*, I can wait 12 hours. Surely this is not unreasonable? I suppose I will just go over here and cry some more now.

No love,


I did get Kabuto 26 done, though... )

I was thinking of maybe when I went back to school starting a Sentai fic archive. Any thoughts? Is there one out there? I'm not aware of one, and everyone has seen the selection, I assume. LJ (and [ profile] finalauraburst) is the best way to find currently, I think.

Title: Rubbing It In
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan and Akaza "Ban" Banban
Theme: 13. "What a Waste."
Word Count: 192
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: It has Tetsu in it...
Summary: Umeko laments being the only one in DekaBase who can't seem to get a date. Ban/Tetsu, kind of Umeko/Ban or Tetsu unrequited(?)
Author's Notes: I apologize for the lameness of this fic in advance, but I just couldn't get it to behave. For [ profile] lkwreader.

Rubbing It In )
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Dear F-list,

Why is there so much drama surrounding me? Do I really come off as being judgemental and hateful? Because this is getting riddiculously out of hand, and I think I need to know if I'm crazy or the world is.

What do you mean, you want context? )

Now I've been accused of writing off three people without so much as a second thought. I have a post I've written, but I feel like it, too, will be completely misinterpreted.

Said post )

I'll ask it again, f-list, do I come off as judgemental? Is it really that hard to interperet my opinion? Because I can think of many, many examples of me having to set someone straight because they've got things comepletely wrong.

Thank you, f-list, and sorry to have to inflict this upon you, but something MUST be done.


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Today I had another BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. I also braved a look at the nutrition facts, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought it'd be. AND it has 12 grams of protein. Barely anything else I eat had protein (as my diet is mostly breads), so this is good. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS is not for those on the Atkins Diet, however, as there is a staggering 92g carbohydrates. In that case, it is a good thing I am not on said diet, though I really never could be due to aforementioned diet based off breads. If I substituted something with less sugar for the Mountain Dew, it would probably be a lot better for me. But then, it would not be BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS, now would it?

mixi is a party in a bag, although I *am* having a bit of a problem with the timing. When I'm home, everyone in Japan is asleep. So, I do all my stuff, and then when I wake up in the morning there are a MILLION BILLION mixi e-mails. I obviously do not have enough time to deal with them all then, as I cut my getting-ready-for-work-time pretty close, so I go to work. But at work there is no Jtext support (I tried, but Windows hates me), so I can read but not respond. And then I get home and they've all gone to sleep and the whole cycle starts over again. I imagine this will be better after college resumes and I just use my own laptop all the time, but.

I kind of want to bully more people into doing mixi, but everyone's either not good enough at Japanese (or think they aren't), or I don't know them well enough to accost them. >|

Also, tried Za Blue X last night (finally), but it gave me guff. I was able to get into the sysetm, but it said something was wrong with my Linux, and I am not skilled enough in the ways of the Linux to know how to fix it (T.T)

Did I mention the elevators at work are creepy? Because they are. I have a thing about elevators anyway, but these are second only to the one at TJ which trapped me and I was very upset.

Parents are going white water rafting tomorrow. So, they're doing that, TheBug is at summer camp, Kate is in NEW YORK CITY(!?!?!), and I... go to work. At least Mr. Lee and I have a work ethic! ...when I'm not on LJ and he's not going home to watch baseball games.

Anyway, MAIL FROM FUKI MAKES ME HAPPY. Not even kidding. She's apparently going to Singapore.


I just updated my schools list to include all of my elementry schools and my other middle school. It appears, however, I am the only person in my grade at any of them. STEPHANIE, YOU ARE SLACKING! ...and so is Pribble if he has an LJ, which he may or may not, I don't know. Eh, I knew it was a long shot anyway, finding someone in my grade, who was in my class, AND who I remember? I barely remembered Andrew, and that was only, what, four years? But still. I did find Stephanie, after all ^^

Filtering woes, and Why My Journal is Public )

Zen and the Art of the LJ-cut. )

In other news, I think I shall write a "Five Things that Never Happened to Nishihori Sakura," but I think I still need a fifth thing... It may also not be in strict drabble form like my last one, but rather a series of short ficlets.

I am at an impasse. It appears Wikipedia has failed me about Mountain Dew in Japan. Yet, I would like to write about BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS on mixi. I do not know how to spell Mountain Dew in Japanese, so I'd have to make it up, and I am *bad* at that (see my variations on "William and Mary" that I changed throughout my essay and Tim-sensei ATTACKED VICIOUSLY with his red pen). Got it: マウンテンデュー. It was in the artcle about Pepsi, the soda. Whatever, Japanese wikipedia. My Wikipedia-fu wins in the end (honed through countless Wikipedia races).
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First(I meant to do this yesterday and I forgot), I would like to direct all persons of Virginia residency to Tim's LJ because he has something very important to say about voting and stuff. EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH HIM, it is important to vote, and Tim gives lots of good information as to how to register and stuff. So, click on the link. It's important.

Okay, no more serious stuff. Guess what I had for breakfast! ...It was a PORK BUN!!!!! The tastiness!!! I think the last time I had one was in Kyoto. We were visiting temples and stopped at a convenience store for lunch and then ate it across the street in a park. YAY FOR PORK BUNS. And Mountain Dew, for that is what I am drinking now. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.

Equally, I saw a commercial for insomnia medicine with Abraham Lincoln in it.

My dad bought many suits yesterday. This was mainly because he could get a $1300 suit for $250. It was a good deal. He also got a lot of shirts and ties. It was funny because we took out all of his ties (including the four he bought he owns about 10) and, in order to prevent the "Honey, which tie goes with this shirt?", had him play a matching game. He actually got four out of five, but be threw him off with one of my brother's ties. Thankfully he did not pick any of his thin ties ^^ (Yes, he still has those, mainly because he can count the number of times he has worn a suit on one hand.) It was kind of weird, though, because my brother's $12 Wal-Mart tie and his new $40 Jos A. Banks tie were hard to tell apart, quality wise. Anyone know what makes one tie better than another? Also, he is so getting ties/a tie rack for Christmas to make up for 19 years I could never buy him one for Father's Day.

I put my hair up like Sakura's today, or at least I tried. (This hairstyle is generally on that looks good on me due to the necessity of having hair around my face to make it look smaller but also trying to control its UNRULY PUFFINESS.) Haruka-san's hairdresser (*giggle*) is superhuman or something. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Look closely )

Some how it's parted at just the spot the hair would cover so there's like this line, and HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

Something I forgot about: I could write a case for Masumi being madly in love with Natsuki with only episode 20. While 14 was important for their relationship too, the *only thing* Masumi does is be completely focused on Natuski. ...Especially on how Natsuki was getting along with Eiji. Actually, I read something funny that Eiji should sleep with one eye open because Sakura and Masumi are going to have to come and kill him due to Satoru and Natsuki's reaction to him. That is, squeeage. Someone could write a Satoru/Eiji or Natsuki/Eiji right now and I would totally believe it. I wouldn't like it, but I'd believe it. In the comments on my Boukenger 20 summary I also used this information to divine the reasoning behind Masumi's "Sakura-neesan." She is teaching him the art of making all her dialogue to be about one person because she's madly in love with him even though she won't admit it!!! Well, at least she doesn't outright deny it like Masumi. He is cruising on a river in Egypt, and I do hope he doesn't think *anyone* is buying that he's not in love with her. Because he is.

It looks like the whole cast will be getting one of these before I'm done... Ah, I wish I had uploaded some of those Souta caps I've done for [ profile] shinosaisei... I'll add them later. Added. Five Things We Know about Mogami Souta, and One We Don't )

EDIT: Man, I wish I did fic challenges, because, well... As you may have noticed, the title of this Souta essay is taken from a fic challenge "Five things that never happened to [name] (and one that did)" that last bit being optional. What follows is five short pieces, AUs basically, and sometimes the last being a "real thing." I wish I could challenge people to write the same thing using those five points in my essay and see how they interpret them, with an optional one at the end illustrating the author's opinion of whether or not he *is* trustworthy. But, I think it's kind of a narrow thing, and it's not like there's a fic community for Boukenger. Le sigh.
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Back in the saddle again. Nothing much interesting has happened between last night and now, except that the computer and the voicemail wouldn't let me in this morning. I was supremely upset, but Syed fixed it for me. w00t. Not that I had any messages razzafrazza little red light...

Kate... is not here. I thought she would be since she asked me if I would be here, but alas she is not.

The OotM vote was way close this month. Of course, Yemi won due to my stellar recommendation and strong influence.

Speaking of which, something occured to me: Kate, you and I are BNFs. I'm not really sure what to make of this revelation, but whatever.

Note to self: you probably have a dentist appointment soon. Find out when it is. And start flossing.

You know, my cousin is thinking of going into graphic designing or acting. Any tips for him, artistically inclined friends? I would say "Particularly you, [ profile] komikitty," but we all know she only reads LJ when the moon is full and there's a neap tide and you say her name three times while spinning in a circle and throwing ice cubes in the toilet.

Ha! I have broken the writer's block (at least a bit)! I present to you (un-beta'd, so please be gentle) my first Boukenger fic! From a bunny I thought up in my Sakura essay.

Title: Mistake
Fandom: Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura and a bit of Akashi Satoru
Word Count: 493
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: None really, unless you didn't know Sakura was in the Special Forces (Hamelin's Flute)
Summary: Sakura has completely and utterly destroyed her future. Or so she thinks. GENFIC
Author's Note: As Japan is forbidden an offensive force by Article IX of its constitution, it instead has the Japan Self-Defense Force (SDF). I would conjecture Sakura was in the Maritime Self-Defense Force (Navy), but that's just a guess. It was the Ground Self Defense Force.

Mistake )

Any feedback, esp. errors, would be much appreciated, as it appears betas are hard to come by around here.
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Kind of old news, but still funny:

Mom: I hope it's not flooded at our house.
Me: I could call Kate and ask...
Me: Is it flooded there?
Kate: Uh, no?
Me: Is it flooded at my house?
Kate: How would I know?
Me: You could go look.
Kate: Yes, Amanda, I went to your house and everything was flooded. In fact, a sewage pipe broke right over your bed.
Mom: So why isn't she over there bailing it out? She should put on the Commodore Hat and stake it out in a rowboat.
Kate: Uh, I decline because of the sewage.

Interesting note: I did not tell my mother my new hat was a Commodore Hat. She says you can tell just by looking at it, but... Whatever, it is, in fact, my Commodore Hat, so it doesn't matter how she knows this,

...Have I told the story of the Commodore Hat? Well, here it is all in one place )

Loser Uncle's arrival is iminent. I am not looking forward to this, because it's going to become VERY LOUD very shortly. Especially with two babies. >:( At least maybe we can be tired and cut out early? If only.

I just read an essay on why McG is evil. It wasn't even a particularly *good* essay. Thankfully there was a rebuttal. But still... I'm sure you *could* come up with halfway convincing reasons she's evil, but all of it would be conjecture. It'd just be so... cheezy. stupid. pointless. moronic. etc. McG is, in fact, the most awesome character period. Even if she was evil, I wouldn't think her any less awesome. Therefore, I don't think anyone who's arguments are "she's boring" and "she's dumb" has a leg to stand on.

Got past my writer's block a little today to write a post (albiet a v. short one) for my brother. Aha I think he hates the Academy. As well he should. I'm trying to think of the best way to get out of this. I have two fics and a post I want to work on, but I just end up staring at the screen. BAH HUMBUG.

Ahaha, meme time (Stolen from [ profile] lkwreader): Grab 21 random people from your F-List (or that you know, if you don't have that many LJ users friended), without looking at the questions below. Then answer the questions. (NOTE: This list was first pared down to people I know fairly well, then by who is most likely to read LJ or who I think it might be funny to answer a question about. So, no hard feelings.)

1. [ profile] aethelfrith
2. [ profile] brotorious
3. [ profile] capncosmo
4. [ profile] cimby
5. [ profile] daitryk
6. [ profile] futuredm
7. [ profile] jgrafton
8. [ profile] k_dawg05
9. [ profile] komikitty
10. [ profile] kumokasumi
11. [ profile] lillianloop
12. [ profile] moki_blog
13. [ profile] nekokaze
14. [ profile] onebrainychick
15. [ profile] rapierwit713
16. [ profile] redrangergo
17. [ profile] scyhunter
18. [ profile] seti_girl
19. [ profile] tjefferson
20. [ profile] tubamuffin
21. [ profile] twinofmunin

Questions )

Okay, so, they just arrived, and my parents have been reduced to nonsensical speech in falsetto.

My aunt is from Canada. It's in the way she says "house."

EDIT: There is a block party nearby, and so far it sounds like a band camp dance. I would go, if, you know, I liked band camp dances.

EDIT2: Courtesy of Yeff:

What did the capacitor say to the resistor who failed to pay his rent?
I'm a-farad you've lost your ohm.

EDIT3: I know, I know, I'm a loser.

How did I meet you? Please tell me.

I don't need answers from (alphabetically by f-list) airunicorn, amazonstorm, amyga87, aquachic2000, genuinesmile29, gilenaki, icknay, jgrafton, khawk05, komikitty, laszlow, lkwreader, marshmellin, poufchica05, rapierwit713, raven7421, razcyeknomylgu, redrangergo, rhapsodicmelody, saetherion, samrh, seti_girl, shinosaisei, thatgirlilove, thespeedofdark, and thewilcoboy. This is not because these people are any more or less important to me, my memory is just very... strange... it what stays and what goes. And if you are on this list, feel free to answer anyway. I might be wrong about how I think I met you ^^;

EDIT4: Did you know Furuba only have two chapters left? DID YOU KNOW THE ENDING IS spoiler )
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Oh, but wasn't last night's storm a doozy? Getting to work today was an adventure, let me tell you. I agree with Tim Smith.

But more to the point, because at least 90% of f-list *knows* about this storm, I'd like to tell you the story of the 8PM Mass at GMU. Mercifully, we got in before the rain began. We had discovered in the car there we had only one umbrella and three of us. This posed a bit of a problem.

Appropriately, the reading was a story about Jesus saying "Let's go across this lake." So, they get in the boat and go, but then this GIANT STORM COMES UP AND STARTS SINKING THE BOAT AND OH NOES WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! Jesus is asleep. So they're like "OMJESUS WAKE UP WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" and Jesus does, and basically tells the sea to take a chill pill. It does. He then chastises them for not having enough faith and goes back to sleep.

The homily was about having more faith, and God will be with you in a storm, etc. (Aside: I like this guy's homilies. Not as much as Fr. Becket-Soule's, but they're good.) Obligingly, the part where he talks about the storm was punctuated by some thunder.

So, Mass over, still raining, still only one umbrella. We all crowded under it, but the flooding did not make my sandals happy. I imagine we looked pretty hilarious both while trying to navigate under the umbrella and when we broke apart, and everyone got soaked. Well, actually, I kept my shirt fairly dry. But I did slide down a hill on the mud. And then my dad had the nerve to be like, "Did you see that downpour?" Yeah, Dad, we know where you sleep.

In Which I Discuss Percy Weasley )

...It has been far too long since I was on [ profile] finalauraburst. GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND READ EVERYTHING UNCULTURED HEATHENS

In Which I Discuss Kabuto. )

In which I squee over this week's Boukenger )

In Which I Take Some Time to Discuss Satora )

Funny from GCF I'm too dignified to post )

As previously stated, I am leaving town tomorrow. I'll have the cell, and I'll have the compy, though I may have to trek to Starbucks or someplace to use it. We shall see. I'm going to try my utmost to get at least Boukenger done before I go. I still have the issue of... Kabuto 20, so we'll see. I'm also kind of committed to watching the second half of the WATERBOYS movie with the Bug and I haven't cleaned or packed yet, not to mention I haven't prepared any kanji study materials. Curse you, interesting P/O fic!

EDIT: Oh, great, I just looked outside. I really was hoping I'd be able to take Guinea home...

EDIT2: Kate, o knower of all, what's the deal with King Arthur and Percival?
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Dear College Friends,

Do we know a boy with long blonde hair? Because the best I can come up with is Andrew, and his hair is fairly short. I ask, because my dad appears to think we do. In fact, he said I said goodbye to said guy as we were leaving. Of course, the last person I had to say goodbye to was Will who is, in fact, a brunette. I don't even think it could have been a girl Dad was mistaking for a boy, because I still don't think we know anyone with hair like that. Is he just on crack?

With Many Thanks,


I regret to inform you, I did not food Mr. Lee but rather the entire office. This is because revenge is a dish best served cold, and baked goods are room tempurature. Next time, though. Just you wait, Mr. Lee. I might bring you back something from my crazy grandparents. Or maybe from my neighbor's yard. Only time will tell.

My brother finished WATERBOYS last night. I did mention the first time I watched it I was a bit disappointed by the Shindo-Asako plotline resolution, right? Because watching it again just emphasized I was. I mean, don't get me wrong, they had to end it there, but... *spoilers* Shindo has not only Asako's behavior and what Hanamura tells him (which is usually enough for Japanese television to assume a future relationship), he has what amounts to INCONTRAVERTABLE EVIDENCE in BOTH the picture and the song dedication. Like, they might as well just have gotten married right there. But no, we get one interrupted conversation and Shindo shoving the ticket in her hand and then leaving. I'm sorry, but how is that not a let down? Look at Tanaka and Hanamura! They go through that whole, "Oh, I'm sorry, I have a crush on Shindo" drama, and then he asks her out in front of everyone ever at the performance. That's a resolution. Not, "have this ticket bye." Srsly. *end spoilers*

A summary of the entire goings on of the GCF. Kind of. )

You know what else? My computer restarted itself last night (probably due to the storms WHOA DID YOU SEE THE GIANT PUDDLE ON GUINEA), and now it's behaving so much better! w00t.

I must motivate myself to do Kabuto 20 before Sunday. I am a bad person.

Oh, P.S. Next week I am going to New York. Leaving on Tuesday, coming back on Sunday. Work on the 3rd, but not the fourth. Okay? Okay. Good.
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More from yesterday, as I was supremely lazy about it:

My parents were introduced to this movie, or, more specifically, the second scene. For those unaware, it's a movie some kids made for extra credit in English class with a rap about Hamlet. The large majority of the movie is way lame, but the second scene (you can fast forward until the screen goes to black and indicates it is later) has one of the kids dressed up as the main character's mother, who flips about a B+ on his report card (as they have come all the way from that far away China to born him here.) It is very hillarious.

My mother, however, expressed her disappointment. "I always thought Asian parents could give some tips or something. How is this different from our house?"

So there you have it, Asian friends. You don't just have my word my parents are just as crazy as yours. Now you have my mother's.

We also saw Nacho Libre. It was okay. Here, I'll make a chart:

See it now!
See it
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Ahaha. I like charts.

Also, I need Many much Textbooken. )

It seems Christine forgot about the game idea, so it's okay that no one helped me out. Kind of.

Speaking of which, PBS has a very interesting series of articles about American Speech and dialects and all that good stuff. Actually, a few of the pronounciation things I found I was doing wrong(? I feel this is debatable.) But, yeah.

Today was Katana's five-year anniversary, but I doubt she cares.

My brother needs a haircut! Any suggestions? I think he wants to keep it medium-long-ish (it current covers his eyes entirely, if that gives you an idea of the length), but the problem is it *curls* right at the ends. So, yeah, any cool-or-stylish cuts would be appreciated.




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