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So, I didn't have any classes today due to reasons. I therefore studied for the JLPT, specifically the grammar section. The grammar section is one of the worst bits about the level 1 test, because it made up almost entirely of archaic constructions no one uses anymore.

No one except Ryuunosuke.

And that wasn't even the only way I needed Japanese that can be found in Shinkenger today.

Shinken 5-16 )

This post was originally supposed to just be a front for the Double OP's lyrics, but, uh. Maybe tomorrow? orz

V6 tiem

Oct. 8th, 2009 11:37 pm
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It's been so long since I did a reaction post! I wonder if I still remember how...

Happy Ocotober Birthdays!

Thunderbirds (Japanese Dub) )
Hard Luck Hero )

tl;dr: Dear V6,

Stop being in things I don't understand. This means YOU, Okada.

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So I was going to go places today, but then it turned out my clock stopped and subsequently didn't wake me up in time to catch the train. And then it was all cloudy all day. And then one horrible thing after the next happened on the internet. GEEZ.

Let me get the thing that's making me seethe right now off my chest:

Dear people who are tired of complaints of feminism in sentai,

I do not care if your squee is harshed, or if your escapism isn't quite so escapist, or if your oh-so intellectual self feels that someone is interrogating the text from the wrong perspective. I don't care if you don't see it, or if you feel that because we can't change it it doesn't matter if we complain, or if you asked your Japanese friend and she said she didn't think there was anything unusual. I particularly don't care if you are not interested in furthering discussion about paradigms and media that are harmful to women for any number of misogynist reasons. Trying to silence discussion when someone honestly expresses their feelings that something is making them uncomfortable is despicable.

No love,

And then, a meme I'm sure I'll get no requests for. OH WELL.

Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change. Something tiny (e.g. "and then Fay chose silver glitter instead of gold") or big (e.g. "and then Rose was arrested instead of Jack") and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.
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Dear [ profile] beckerbell,

I don't know if you've seen Geki v. Go-On, but at 1:25 in, I already know you will agree with me that it is the best thing ever.



Go-On v. Geki* the other 50 minutes. )

Okay, so, in other news, things that nearly made me cry:

New Zealand Soap Opera 75-79 )

Um, I also wanted to say something about some being WRONG on the internet *gasp* )
Sorry, maybe I am a little angry.

Anyway, um, I'm seriously about this close to DESTROYING Toshiba. It took them 3 1/2 weeks to find out the hard drive was bad (the 1.5 month old hard drive!!), they had to call to confirm that I wouldn't mind losing the data even though I TOLD THEM EXPRESSLY IN WRITING IT WAS FINE, and now it's been three days and still no word. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REPLACE A HARD DRIVE?

*deep breath*

Just think of the train cafe. Tiny trains ♥
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Yeah, well, in addition to yesterday's capspam, I bring you ~whining~.

Although, not unjustified whining? At least *I* don't think so.

Anon memes and you. By which I mean me. )

Footnote while I'm at it:

Dear everyone who looks at me like I'm insane,

In the English Language, our pronoun for the second person (you probably know it as "you") is both singular AND plural. Like sheep or fish or ninja. This means that some of us use it in in the general, nebulous sense. We don't actually mean you you, you you-you. THIS IS A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE PLURAL PROUNON WE CALL "YOU."

Much frustration,

P.S. If you need to nitpick our pronoun usage, might we suggest our liberal usage of the plural first person (a.k.a. the royal "we") to obscure responsibility and protect ourself using language like the bright little Japanese learner we are. Because that's pretty universally frowned on.

P.P.S. I also use passive constructions and preface every statment of opinion carefully to avoid confrotation. THERE IS PLENTY TO TAKE ISSUE WITH, SO PLEASE TAKE ISSUE WITH THAT.
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あたし・・・すべった? (--;)


Mendol 12 (Actual End) )

...You would not believe.

So, I can't find the post, but the older members of my friends list may recall that I had the brilliant idea that I could get an xbox in Japan and talk to my brother over the internet (since it's not like he does anything but game anyway), and he told me the lag was too great from Japan, he wouldn't play with me. And then today! He tells me I have to get an xbox so I can play Earth Defense Force, which is apparently the best game ever except for how it's not.

Brother: And then, this mothership comes, but instead of shooting robots it shoots giant bugs! Ah, sorry to spoil it for you.
Me: ...I do not see how that is anything remotely close to a plot twist.

But, at least he's obedient enough to bring me tacos ♥

Right now he's having a LAN, and there is a girl here. (That was the cue for half of my friends list to shake their heads and say "poor Token Girl.") And they're playing something with music I recognize but cannot place. ALAS!

I've been going to the gym (woo!), but I was sad because I didn't realize they were showing Batman today until it was too late D: Ah, well, DINO SQUAD was just as good. ...except not. I know I'm not *exactly* the target audience, but, just. I am a big fan of five person teams that have powers deriving from dinosaurs, seriously. (Although this team reminded me of the Jetman team from some reason, even though I know that is not based in fact. Especially because Kaori was a guy and all the UST was between Ryuu and Raita. (This was probably due to the fact that they had no Gai. I TOLD YOU THE PARALLEL DIDN'T WORK, OKAY.)) Even so, this show... Kids can tell if the quality is low, producers. And this show reminded me of one I watched when I was younger (and could tell it was bad) where there were these mutants and, like, one was a shark. (I feel like [ profile] mariko_azrael could tell me what show I'm talking about.) The good thing was, though, that I did want to watch the whole thing, so I didn't give up on running even though I wanted to. *shrugs* In bad children's shows there is training.

In other news, I want to an online course in teaching English, but the internet isn't being very accommodating D< Stupid NVCC, why you gotta be this way??

And! I got a letter from Asami! Half of it was 年賀状, but half of it was a letter with a ~four leaf clover~ pressed inside. Also, her stationary is really pretty. I have mine out to write back to her/write thank yous to relatives, but... I haven't done it yet.

Speaking of things I haven't done, I'm changing my goal to just be the 2008 requests by year's end. Mostly because, the reason I didn't write those other prompts is because they didn't inspire me. Which means five days to write two fics. Should be okay, right? Especially since I don't plan to post this until I have written one of said fics. Oh, look, here it is now.

Title: Species of Vigor
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, Tomasu "Hoji" Houji, Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan
Word Count: 635
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 40
Summary: "You could be doing so much more with talent like yours, you know." GENFIC
Author's Notes: For [ profile] estirose who requested Sen, vigor. I'm sorry, I kind of ended up dragging Hoji into it (^^;)

Species of Vigor )
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Why do you suppose someone would do this in lyrics?

帰り道ナミダ止まらない 僕はずっと
ほろり こぼれてくよ

Ryuusei no Kizuna 3 )
Mendol 4 )
Salaryman Kintarou 3 )
Giragira 3 )
Tokyo Tower )
Yonbun no Ichi no Kizuna )
Sainoudama )
Shinjuku Shounen Tantei Dan )
Shounentachi )
Triple Kitchen )
Kaigo Kazoku -Hana, Sakimakka- )
Mitsuo, Katte ni Nostalgia, Aokisan Uchi no Okusan, Kuruu ga Mama, Haetorigami )
Saiaku no Date, Kowai Nichiyoubi )
Partial Translation: VSA 27 )
VSA 28-29, GnA, Kumagusu 2-3, Tainocchi 2 )
Domoto Kyoudai (K8), Hanamaru Cafe (Hina, Sho, Ohno, Nino, Jun), Utaban (K8, Arashi), MSta (K8, Beyonce, whatever crazy thing Taka and DJ Ozma are doing now) )

So, to summarize where I stand on Arashi's dramas/movies for those keeping score at home: Ohno: 10/10 3/3; Sho: 12/16 6/6; Aiba: 16/17 4/4; Nino: 19/19 6/6; Jun: 16/20 7/8


...So how many pages is *this* one, Andy?
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YOU GUYS. [ profile] dimmie is often provider of amazing things, but if you are like me and too lazy to d/l the Geki v. Bouken Making Of, I feel like this is probably all you need to know.

Chinese Day Four )

Good idea: sleeping.
Okay idea: Watching the finale of a drama OR reading the new chapter of DDG.
Idea you're going to regret in the morning: Doing both.

One guess as to which I picked.

Namida wo Fuite 6-11 (End) )
Romantic Princess 2-4 )
HnA + A million YamaTaro appearances/interviews )

I was going to finally get around to scrying for meaning in "truth" (like I've been meaning to for weeks), but in actually sitting down and looking at the lyrics... There's not much to scry. By which I mean, they're pretty straight-forward, particularly for a drama where 90% of your main character's lines have double meanings. The only thing I caught was a possible reference to death, but even that... *shrugs* (A lot of the time dramas like to hide stuff pertaining to the second half/ending in later verses of the theme song because they know the song will not be released until halfway in. And while I guess I could see it in "truth"....)

So I guess that means I'm forced to watch Romantic Princess until I can watch Maou. Woe is me(?)

Also. Am thinking of replacing OTP icon. Not sure with what yet, though. Maybe that Kagami one I've wanted for a while....
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Dear Northern Virgina Community College,

I realize William and Mary is a (much) higher class establishment than you, but it is *really* that revolutionary to have signs outside buildings telling you what's in them in big letters?

No love,
A student who wandered around hopelessly looking for the stupid bookstore

P.S. Well, and then, when I got there, only two of my three textbooks were in, and those two cost $71. I THINK I'VE SPENT LESS FOR ENTIRE SEMESTERS WORTH OF BOOKS*

*Untrue; I was a *physics major*, after all.

In Tuesday news, Kate and I went to the furniture store of my people! To eat the meatballs of my people! ...And return the cake plate. Somehow I ended up having to tell her the *entire plot* of Maou despite A) her reading my reviews even though she's not watching the show; and B) I only wanted to say something quick about the love triangle. SAA.

We also overheard the people at this other table being all adamant about Star Trek, and Kate was like, "pfft, nerd table." And then I was like, "...You do realize I'm telling you about the intricacies of Japanese law as it relates to Friday night drama, right?"

We then traipsed around sitting on couches and taking pictures of fabric swatches for her mother. And looking at things Kate A) did not need; and B) was not going to buy. Also, a random high school classmate came over and told Kate about her time in Kuwait! (I did not know you were allowed to have that many piercings in the military.)

We came back to my house and I purposefully traumatized shared the *joy* of some of Arashi's finer fashion choices while discovering to my dismay that iTunes was being sneakier about limiting my mp3s than I thought. But, I did eventually win!

We then watched I Dream of Jeannie and she called me her "other" best friend. Now I don't know who this Carmen character is, but he was apparently as offended as me, which I take EVEN GREATER offense to. Kate insists that he is her gay BFF (her GFF, if you will; I checked, animated), and therefore they are two different things, but I AM SUSPICIOUS.

Translation: AnS Staff Blog 8/18/08 )
Yesterday's article OR Arashi is the band that stands at the top of straightness )

This is the most amazing political campaign ever.

I talked to Lindsay AND Fuki today! It's miracle bargain!

Tonight! I 挑戦 yakiniku. Oh boy.
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Dear New Zealand Soap Opera,

Things you do not do: OUT YOUR BOYFRIEND TO HIS PARENTS. Especially when his mom is a crazy person. Geez.

No love,

P.S. Telling them to go Google it was A++++++++++, though :D

Articles: Aiba and Jun + Preview )

So.... I watched some stuff last night, but all I really got is:

Subaru: [Makes unintelligible noises]
Brother: [From the next room] What is wrong with that guy?
Me: Good question.

Instead! Macros! Of old internets memes! Because I'm *really tired* after that FAB entry, OMGeez. (Also, I did actual work today!)

The best part about these macros, is that I only had to translate the first one. )

In conclusion: Why is everyone watching Gaoranger all of the sudden????
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HAPPY AUGUST BIRTHDAYS~! I actually have people on my flist with August birthdays now XD

Haha, and on my calendar, all the moguras are rushing at this "watermelon" (appears to actually be a mogura) to do some suika-wari and there's this crab in front of the stampede that is like, seriously freaking out, and it's ADORABLE. <3

Learned how to tie a tie today! Except with a scarf. It's really simple though... (the basic knot anyway)

So, yesterday I had to go buy curry. And while I was at the supermarket I was like, "I really want to eat a daifuku." But I don't... like daifuku? But so I bought one anyway (And cream bread in case I didn't like it), but it was tasty \(^^)/ Relately, did you know a daifuku has no fat? In fact, it doesn't have much of anything until you reach "sugars" (also protein, but that's after sugars). 20mg sodium, 33g sugar, 4g protein, I think. 300 calories.

V6, TOKIO, Arashi, SMAP(!?), and Otokogumi(!?!?!?) )
MSta Funny face gallery! :D )
Yesterday's Article OR Ohno says: Bros before Hos )

P.S. Staubs, don't even try to play like you didn't think the list thing in my last entry wasn't awesome. srsly.

EDIT: So [ profile] honooko wrote YamaTaro fic (yay! GO READ IT.) and there is a line:

“Well, except for when Saburou almost drowned, but Itsuko found him in time, so it’s fine!” Tarou chirped brightly.

My first thought: Aha! I could kill one of the *children*!

My second thought: ...This is why I'm never allowed to write anymore.
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So. Who's taking the JLPT with me? C'mon, you know you want to. And, for some extra-special historical flavor: it's on December 7th! It will be a magical three hours!

WALL-E (non-spoiler review) )
WALL-E (thoughts) )

Dear Beloved Flist,

As much as I appreciate the effort, you guys are missing my point. I am not looking for you to write prompts from my wishlist. I am looking for you to give me prompts to save me from having to write my wishlist. Which, granted, is still me wanting something from you, but. Stop being overachievers! :P



Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? Finale )
Hokaben Finale )
K8+TOKIO=Hilarity )
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Puncuation LOVE <3

...Sadly, this link was all I managed to write for yesterday.

BUT TODAY. I learned new conjunctions! (Japanese grammar within; I assume you can read hiraganas) )

This entry almost didn't happen, but, I'm so close to being done with my application~~, I decided to take some time tonight to write about things. I only have to do the research plan (whut?) and make copies/get recs from my boss/mail it.

ARASHI: How to Fly/FINAL remix, HnA, AnS, DnA, One Love MS, TFP2, VS Arashi, TSD, Osama no Brunch, HanaDanF special thingy )
Marathon )
Hokaben 8 )

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Dear Fandom,

If you don't give me prompts, I'll have to start killing people again :D
Do you just not love me anymore??

Pining desperately,


P.S. I don't mind if you are just some random person wandering the internet; help with my fandoms can be found in my tags

With this, I am out of prompts/fic wishlists to write. If I have missed yours, please to be letting me know <3

Title: Pillow Conferences
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Characters: Kagami Arata, Tendou Souji
Word Count: 1,068
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary:What? Tendou, it is too late at night for this.” Heian AU; Tendou/Kagami.
Author's Notes: Not quite longer than the story, but you have to give me credit for trying )
Pillow Conferences )
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To Whom It May Concern;

I have written another manifesto. I certainly didn't *completely forget about it*, if that's what you were thinking. But I do confess, the fanworks section feels a bit sparse to me. I'm planning on going through [ profile] finalauraburst when I have some time (ha, time), but if you know of anything I have forgotten, please do let me know. Same with typos or broken links or basically anything; I hadn't had anyone read it due to time constraints.

Many thanks,


Also, I knew there was a reason I liked him.

YAMATARO PICSPAMS WITH LITERARY ANALYSIS. Please excuse me as I retire to my fainting couch; I have been overcome with awesome.

In case you hadn't heard, strike? I haven't sorted my feelings on it yet, so.

Punctuation for the Mighty Warrior.

Periodic: The Tables Have Turned would be a *great* movie.


I should really watch some Toku sometime. Anytime. Or a drama. Something. Because my life doesn't make content on its own.
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I passed the frickin' JLPT. Barely, but I did. ...BLERGH.

Actually, to be completely honest, I'm really proud of myself not for passing necessarily (although I *am* glad about that), but because I am *so much better at Japanese now*. And, certainly, part of that is my devotion to Japanese variety shows that are full of education and are not in any way related to a certain sparkly boy band. But I can *read* so much *more* now, and that's thanks to the JLPT. Obviously, I've still got a long way to go, but.

☆ Is it bad I'm actually beginning to think Fukuda fails harder than Abe?

No, seriously, NO WORDS. )

☆ So, I have a class in the same building as my roommate just after hers, meaning we pass between classes. And this morning, when she sees me coming, she just starts laughing. Finally, when we're close enough, she says, "You invited Aiba over to our room in my dream," with the implication of, "Why would you do such a thing??" So I answered the only way possible: "It was for science!"

Meme about fanfic writing stolen from Etapa )

☆ Do you know the difference b/t ご飯 and ライス? Gohan is in a bowl and raisu is on a plate. Yeah, I was disappointed too.




The best post written about Kabuto ever. P.S. Read the comments.


Hilarious Results of that JE sorting thing )

☆ There is more to say, but I don't feel like saying it. Also, I wrote a fic and may be posting it soon.


Feb. 13th, 2008 07:18 am
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Dear Friends List,


Or, more specifically, this stupid lab report. I have class in three two hours and a one hour lunch break. GAH.



P.S. No, seriously, I'm almost willing to write my thoughts on One Pound Gospel 5. There is nothing on the internets to distract me, and I flounder in a sea of YOU SHOULD DO THIS. YOU SHOULD DO THIS RIGHT NOW.

P.P.S. Maybe if I eat a taiyaki...?

P.P.P.S. Ah! I've figured it out! It's raining. I can't do anything when it's raining. Also, my umbrella broke today D: Figures.

Also, in the kitchen/lounge, there were posters about the STRIKE. Yes, we've made the papers again. Aside from thanks at getting my reading assignment canceled (but there is still class???), I am neutral towards this strike; I have to go to class for the sake of pictures for you all even if I wanted to strike. So.


EDIT: Procedure section finished! Turns out, though, I didn't do all the data analysis like I thought I did. D: D: D:
EDIT3: I kind of accidentally skipped Geology, BUT THE REPORT IS DONE!! REJOICE!!
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Dear Friends List,

(Oh no, she's come back from Internets silence! She must want something!)

(I do.)

So, anyone got some interesting musics lying around that they're like, "Hey! This musics is awesome! I wish someone would ask me about the coolest new thing I'm listening to so I can gush about it!"? I would particularly prefer something in Japanese, and even more prefer something that has a PV in existence (or maybe even one you know where to get...?)

I would, in fact, be willing to trade you something for this information, should you like an opportunity to extort musics/videos/dramas/icons/fics/translations out of me. This post is also locked.

Much appreciated,


P.S. I'm trying to diversify right now, so just about anything you think is ultra cool works for me. Although, if you hadn't already guessed from my RAGING ARASHI OBSESSION, I tend to favor Jpop with upbeat, "you can do it!!" lyrics.


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