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Happy New Year!

There are too many music programs on today, but I don't mind :D


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Title: Heartbreaker
Fandom: Enjin Sentai Go-Onger
Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,241
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Go-Onger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Heartbanki is out to ruin Valentine's Day, but there's no way the Go-Ongers would allow that!
Author's Notes: For [ profile] viridian_blue5, who requested "Hiroto, Chocolate." It's only kind of related, but *shrugs* SPECIAL THANKS TO [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge and [ profile] vintage_belle for looking this over and catching all my stupid typos. Oh, and also for not making me feel like a horrible writer :Db

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So, let me tell you a story. As you may know, I live (more) out in the middle of nowhere (than I did before), and due to my move I had no The Internets (D:D:D:) Since there is not enough magical stuff on the TV to amuse me, and I cannot legally drive, it had me in kind of a bind. Near my house, however, there is a Family Book, which is an all-purpose Book/CD/DVD/Stationary/Snack/Cell Phone store that also does rentals. So, I said to my Lisa, I said, "Lisa, we have this shiny DVD player but nothing to put in it. What say you and I go to the rental place?"

So, we get there, and we're like "hmmmmmmmmmmm". And then Lisa is like, "Hark, the Kamen Rider section!" And of course I cannot say no to that. But which one??

Lisa: Which one was the good one? Kiva?
Me: *literally crouched down on the floor laughing*

Eventually we decided on Ryuuki because I've wanted to see Ryuuki since forever (no seriously; I was easy prey to Shinji) and yet I haven't seen the however many episodes I'd seen in forever (unlike Blade). Now, they have a special where if you get 5 at once it is cheaper, so we took out the first 5. And then we returned those in short order and went to take out the next 5. Except....

Me: You know, if we don't take out the other two, we're probably gonna want to shoot ourselves in the face.
Lisa: Yeah, you're right.

Those of you who have seen Ryuuki, feel free to continuing laughing, but remember I had no internet!!

So we finish disc 11 and are like, "well I guess it's time for the 13 riders special."

Me: Don't pull a Decade on us and have nothing to do with anything!

It had nothing to do with anything.

Lisa and I valiantly tried to continue, but something wasn't adding up. So we decided to stop so I could set up the internet so we could find out....



I don't know if we just weren't being careful, or if the stupid Family Book actually doesn't carry 12 and Episode: Final, but. Without further ado.

Kamen Rider Ryuuki 1-45 (NO REALLY) )

And next week is Golden Week, so I am off to Osaka to do a Kanjani 8 tour :Dv
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So I *could* write about the horrible thing that happened to me that got fixed so it's okay OR I could tell you this story I keep forgetting to tell you.

In the Mandrake, I am systematically working my way through "other tokustasu" while Lisa is in the Arashi section next to me.

Lisa: [shows me one] Who *is* this on the cover?
Me: Um, well that's Aiba and that's.... Who is that?
Me: [Actually reads cover]
Me: Oh, this isn't an Arashi doujin, it's a Shinkenger one! So, like I said, that's Aiba...
Lisa: lololol


Especially because I can just see Nino "accidentally" taking the wrong Aiba with Arashi at the end and Aiba's hilariously outrageous reaction.

And now:

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Things that are epic: my life.

Details at 11 )

I've been meaning to say his for a while, but, does anyone have any thoughts on Toei's apparent obsession with the name "Kaoru"? Off the top of my head I can think of three Kaorus (Kuuga, Agito, Shinken) and one kind-of Kaoru (Magi) which is kind of... a strange pattern, don't you think?

In one of my classes I have two Kaorus, one girl and one boy, and the boy wants to be a detective.

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And, I'm bored, so have a meme. Which I'm sure you'll all give me a fandom for.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.
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So, this weekend was exciting! We went Hina-meguri-ing, because as it turns out, the town I live in has a whole thing where basically all the stores put out hina ningyo and you can just wander in and see them. There were some SUPER old ones! And also ones shaped like giant strawberries :Db It was also good for finding out what was actually around there, because I didn't really know.

Then, we went to karaoke, which was awesome because A) we are awesome, but B) I had made Lisa watch the Kyuushuu summer special from GeI (I MISS YOU, GeI!!!) because I had just recently seen it myself and it's seriously one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. Maybe even beating out Nagano's license. I have not seen V6's debut concert (although I have heard tell), but at one point in the episode they reference it. Apparently, Sakamoto just randomly yelled "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" at some point in "Made in Japan," so Ken, Nagano and Inocchi start yelling "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" to mock him when they play the song on this trip.

So Lisa and I sang "Made in Japan", and, having not seen CONCERT FOR THE PEOPLE, yelled "MAAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIIN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" at every opportunity since we didn't know where in the song he did it.



I think it may have to become one of our karaoke standbys. Even as we were looking over our shoulders to make sure the people weren't going to come and tell us we were bothering the other customers.

Speaking of, thank you to everyone who answered my poll about what to do for the KHK Kouhaku (EXCEPT ALL OF YOU WHO WANT ME TO DIE. I SEE HOW IT IS.) I was really leaning towards "Step and Go," especially after I found out that there were some teachers willing to back me up in dancing, but in actually going to karaoke and singing this weekend... I think I finally figured out how to make the best performance, which is by performing (don't laugh at me, I'm slow :/), and I think I can *perform* best to "Dakishimete TONIGHT," so that's what I'm going to go with. Now I just have to choreograph a dance I can actually do. And, I suppose, try and become flexible so I can kick up to my chin D:

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Dear Toei,

You couldn't release the Shinkenger movie on DVD two weeks earlier? It's really cruel of you to leave us in limbo like this :/

No love,

Shinken Final )
Double 21 )

So in conclusion:
Sensei: (in Japanese) This is the Godaime (5th Generation head) of the Ohara School of Ikebana. *shows picture*
Lisa: ...The Godaime is pretty hot.
Me: *dying*
Sensei: ???
Lisa: You don't have to tell her I said that.

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So remember how I mentioned in the post before this how I always stare sadly at the bookshelves but they never have Hero Vision?


And, in the spread for Shinken vs. Go-On...
Me: *points to picture* See, I told you he thinks everyone in the world is his girlfriend.
Lisa: *eyebrows lost above hairline*
Me: ...You didn't believe me until just now, did you?

Anyway, most of my life recently has been spent on ~video letter~, which I got completely edited, mailed, EVERYTHING today :Dv Which means I can enjoy tomorrow's movie guilt free.

ALSO, d'you know how people have irrational crushes on things? I will confess: I have one on Joe Biden and his love of trains. ♥
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Lalalaaaaaaaa I haven't posted anything in EVER.

Happy January Birthdays?


I also went to Nagano this weekend, which means ONE PREFECTURE LEFT. I'm excited. Especially because I will get to LOOK UP AND SEE MOUNT FUJI.

And ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, yeah, I bought the Shinken photobook/Double Character book because I am WEAK. (More because I want Hero/Heroine Vision and I can never find it so I buy other things to pull me out of my depression). Does anyone know if they've been translated? Because man, there are some short interviews at the back that would take me ten second and would bring the lolz. (Although, Shogo's handwriting is kind of illegible maybe I should reconsider that)

Yay Asexual fandom!

And Hello, New V6 friends! I would make cheesy V6 jokes since I just went to Nagano, but I kind of used them all while I was up there (^^;)
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Happy New Year!
Happy January Birthdays!

Yay, Kobe! When I get back to my house, I am planning on making an actual post of all the stuff I did and stuff. You know, stuff. But, for right now...


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First, before I forget! Everyone who asked for my address should now have access to my where to find me post. I still have 9 cards left, by the way *hinthint*

Second, let's play a game! Which character type do *you* think Takeru fits best?
1. Kuudere 2. Defrosting Ice Queen 3. The Woman Wearing The Queenly Mask

Yes, I am aware they are all mainly female archetypes; it is not my fault Takeru is written the way he is.

The game is actually for me to see how many of you I can lure into TV Tropes Wiki, so leave a comment expressing your outrage, please :Db

Third: If you read my post titles you are often confused you may have noticed a recent one asking [ profile] vintage_belle to write a fic idea we had discussed. AND SHE DID. GO GO GO. For someone who has only seen, like, two full episodes, she's suprisingly easy to get fic out of :D:D:D

Finally, in other Shinkenger fanwork news, I have a present for you~ Please bear in mind my scanner was "trying to hold my digital camera really still," but I cleaned up as best I could. And was then lazy with coloring :Db P.S. If anyone knows how to make Genta more Gold and less Goldenrod, please tell me, I would appreciate it.

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So I read the two recaps of the KR movie(s) linked here (warning: there are a few factual errors in those (well, mostly the 4chan one), but then, I don't know ANYTHING's name, so.), and I find it SUPER INTERESTING that my recap of the movie and those two read COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY. Not to give anything away, but most of the emotional line of the story was glossed over or absent, and there was no specific mention of the events that made me, like, swoon at the beginning of Begins Night.

I guess I am a girl after all?

I suggest if you only read mine, you should read those too (or at least Igadevil's) because they give a much better picture of the action bits of the story.

I just realized I forgot (and they did too) to mention the monster in yellow boots. lololololololol yellow boots. This is why I took notes, so as not to forget HILARIOUS things like that.

Um, also the ad for a company whose slogan is: We solve any ploblem!

Shinken 42 )
Double 14 )

I got some toys on clearance at the supermarket, but they only had Shishi, Saru, and Kame origami, so I can only make a legless Shinken-Oh D:
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So it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. Why? BECAUSE MY NOSE IS LITERALLY DRIPPING. Instead I am under my futon trying desperately trying not to wake Lisa up. Not fun :/

Since I can't sleep, I thought I'd be productive, and tell you about the OMG MOVIEEEEEEEEE

Decade/W movie )
Thoughts on the movie )

Okay, gonna try sleeping again, actually tired now.
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In other news, in a discussion of where everyone at the Narumi Tantei Jimusho sleeps, [ profile] vintage_belle had a brainstorm and figured it out: Akiko in the office, Shoutarou and Philip on futons in the mecha :Db

I've had a very KR day.
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Yesterday I went with Lisa to Mito! So, now that I've seen Kairakuen, I only need to get to Kourakuen in Okayama and I'll have seen all the Great Gardens! ...Not that I really care.

We took the train (of course) and ate lunch at an Italian restaurant where the lady assumed she had to speak English at us until I told her to stop (it was painful) but conversely there was pasta, and then we went to Kairakuen and then did purikura and then went home.

And if you're wondering what else I do besides wandering around Japan...

I watched stupid Decade and it was stupid )
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Dear [ profile] beckerbell,

I don't know if you've seen Geki v. Go-On, but at 1:25 in, I already know you will agree with me that it is the best thing ever.



Go-On v. Geki* the other 50 minutes. )

Okay, so, in other news, things that nearly made me cry:

New Zealand Soap Opera 75-79 )

Um, I also wanted to say something about some being WRONG on the internet *gasp* )
Sorry, maybe I am a little angry.

Anyway, um, I'm seriously about this close to DESTROYING Toshiba. It took them 3 1/2 weeks to find out the hard drive was bad (the 1.5 month old hard drive!!), they had to call to confirm that I wouldn't mind losing the data even though I TOLD THEM EXPRESSLY IN WRITING IT WAS FINE, and now it's been three days and still no word. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REPLACE A HARD DRIVE?

*deep breath*

Just think of the train cafe. Tiny trains ♥
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I am going to tell you something I'm sure you will find shocking, utterly shocking:

I am not prepared for the kanji kentei that's in a week.


I mean, I'm certainly *better off*. But for a test you need a 70% to pass, uh, yeah, no.

Anyway. [ profile] vintage_belle came and stayed and we went to ikebana class and a doll store and I bought several phone straps and ate Wendy's and KFC and finally went back to BookOff to get me some HikaGen.

I of course bask in love and adoration from my students. Even if I did have a problem with Takano-sensei last week that had me ready to destroy things. I *did* get to complain about having to learn HSJ, but no sooner did I get 9(!) of them right, they asked me about B.I. Shadow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY orz We started a reading-writing club for kids who wanted to come. I've been kind of surprised at the turnout! Exciting~

I've also tried to get better at kendama, because I'm seriously fail. Although, given I have that test in a week, maybe I should spend the time practicing *kanji*...

Anyway, I'm sorry, I remain unmotivated to write *anything*, even though I really do want to.

I did clean my entire apartment, at least? It was way hardcore.

...Okay, I'm going to bed.

Me: [Eats squid]
2-3: どう?
Me: 味がない。
2-3: 鯵がなかったら、買ってあげる。 :P
Me: *facepalm*

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Blah blah no one wants to read this, probably not even *you*, Staubs. )
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I am writing. An LJ post. Guah.

Happy June Birthdays!

SO. In "hilarious things my students have said":

Takano-sensei: The era before this was called Showa. And of course now is Heisei. What will the the next era be called, I wonder?
6-2: Godzilla!!

In "travels":

So I went to Todai to see Fuki's dance performance except I don't think I did. I had to leave because it was POURING. So hard I actually stopped in Ohmiya to buy new clothes. And also to eat ~real cookies~. But.

And then yesterday I went to hang out with Lisa in Maebashi. Oh, Gunma. We decided to go to Niigata next month!

I'm also going to try and set up my summer vacation to go all the way down to Kyuushuu and then leapfrog my way back up through Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya. And then maybe go North? I'm also not sure when I should visit Alia... Dude, Alia, we should go see the temple made of stone!

And [ profile] vintage_belle: 7/21-22 (Tues.-Wed.); 8/20-21 (Thurs.-Fri.).

In "idol magazines":

For all the people that saw the July Popolo interview and were cautious about the translation, today was the first day of magazine sales for us mere mortals, so here you go:


Uh, yes, he did say what you think he just said. But I would also put forth that we should take into account that it's *him* saying it.

And now I'm just kind of... out of steam. Some post is better than no post? BACK TO KANJI STUDYING. ...Or maybe a nap.


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