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Last predictable post for the foreseeable future. KAZUYOSHI, GET ME INTERNET IN MY HOUSE.

Young Victoria )
Alice in Wonderland (2009) )
Meitantei Conan: Tenkuu no Lost Ship )

The Maltese Falcon )

Kaibutsu-kun 1 )
Goseiger )
Double )

And that's all I guess, until I either get a driver's license or internet in my house. D:
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Me: Hi.
Kate [on phone]: Hi. I'm in New York.
Me: :O
Kate: I don't know how we do these things either.

LOL my life.

Up in the Air )
The Blind Side )
The Invention of Lying )
Goseiger 7 )
W 28 )

Finally, an announcement:

[ profile] itsbuttery and I have decided to read and discuss The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler, and while I have full confidence that we will have EPIC and MAJESTIC conversation on our own, I felt it rude not to invite you all. So, if you want, we will be discussing the first five chapters here one week from now. Invite your friends! Or, have a life. You know, whichever.
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Sherlock Holmes (2009) )
Gosei 6 )
W 27 )

I also watched Mulan in Mandarin in this weekend, and dudes! I could understand very short sentences!! I guess I am not completely hopeless in Chinese after all :Db

I also WILL at SOME POINT type up all the V6 lyrics translations I've been doing in preparation for READY?. So, you know, hold me to that.

In other news, have been thinking about moving to DW... we'll see.

EDIT: [ profile] megthelegend wrote me a really awesome and hilarious Carranger fic! Go read it!!
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I bet since I haven't marathoned a drama in a while you all forgot I could. HAH.

My Girl 2 )
My Boss My Hero 1-10(end) )
Yuukan Club 1-10(end) )
Tiger and Dragon SP & 1-11(end) )
Love My Life )

ATTN: It's getting to be the time of year where I have to buy New Year's Cards, which means I need to know how many I need, which means I need the addresses of those of you who have moved this year. To be safe, I'd rather have all your addresses, but I know I have certain people's written down, um.... somewhere. とにかく! Speak up if you want a card and you don't think I have your address.

V6 tiem

Oct. 8th, 2009 11:37 pm
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It's been so long since I did a reaction post! I wonder if I still remember how...

Happy Ocotober Birthdays!

Thunderbirds (Japanese Dub) )
Hard Luck Hero )

tl;dr: Dear V6,

Stop being in things I don't understand. This means YOU, Okada.

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I return!

Happy February Birthdays!

Ack, I have a lot of stuff to sort through, don't I?

Movie: New in Town )

Voice 3 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 3 )
Room of King 9 (End) )
Go-On 48-49 )

And still so much stuff to watch! Like, uh, Ultraman Movie. And also Love Shuffle 3 and Voice 4 and NAGASE ON ANS and VSA. And also Decade...

But first I guess I have to clean OH MY GOSH EVERYTHING IS A TOTAL DISASTER. orz
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HAPPY SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS! Except for Kate. Not her.

ARFKLAUFNLADSMLSKC LJNVLAIMFMLKMFLDKF. ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME? I take *one* national holiday off, and I come back to find Fukuda has played under even my lowest expectations. I mean, geez. ...Not that things are any better here, but.

Anyway, started writing this last night, so:

So. Working on that Oshareism interview because no one seems to have translated it yet. THANKS FANDOM. Luckily I found a transcription that's not perfect, but it has been a big help with some of the words I couldn't hear clearly (which is the reason I didn't want to translate it in the first place).

Since I can't sit through more than 6 minutes at a time, though (why 6? I don't know.), I thought I'd mosey on over here and start writing about ALL THE STUFF I WATCHED THIS WEEKEND.

MAOU 9 )
Myu no Anpo Papa ni Ageru )
Densha Otoko )
Namida wo Fuite 5 )
Romantic Princess 1 )
C no Arashi 1-5, 26, 29-30 )
DnA, VSA, AnS, Janiben, Amagasa, People Molesting the Cast of Maou, Nagano and Inocchi take the Fail Train )


And finally: NEXT SEASON'S DRAMA LIST. Who knows if I will actually keep up with it?

Ryusei no Kizuna WHY: Kaname Jun, of course. I loved him Kimi, Hannin ja nai yo ne? and Katagoshi no Koibito. And Koibumi.
Salaryman Kintaro WHY: NAGAI MASARU~~ Supporting ex-Toku actors is v. important you know!
Bloody Monday WHY: Satou Takeru. (Note to self: Watch ROOKIES.)
ROOM OF KING WHY: Mizushima Hiro would be MORE than enough by himself, but also SUZUKI ANNE.
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Welcome to: The Story of My Life!

So, I sit down to do the first ten practice problems in my JLPT book. It's the kanji section, to they write a sentence, underline between 3 and 5 words, and then ask you what the reading for those kanji are. Passing score: 31/44. My score: 21/44. Yeah, well, but, we knew that was coming. (It wasn't until problem 3 that I ran across one I knew).

So, as you can tell, most of the problems I was getting, like 2/5 (mostly from guessing). EXCEPT QUESTION 8. On which I got a perfect score!

8. The actor who appeared in that play was able to make each line project through the theater.

GUESS YOU CAN TELL WHAT I'VE BEEN TRANSLATING. (For the record: Arashi magazines: 4, One Love: 1) *headdesk*

ALAS. I forgot to upload my new version of that broken Kabuto icon to see if it actually is fixed. And my macros! ALAS. (I also, made, like, 5 Demon Kogure icons and a new LJ header that I don't know if I'll like or not.)

Kamikaze Girls )
0.0 5 )
Yasuko to Kenji 4 )
Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten 5-6 )
VSA 17, DnA 100 )
Article! And future plans? )

In conclusion: Things that are hilarious: Sarah's sudden and passionate love for Ikuta Toma. Her indignation will keep a smile on my face for *weeks* to come :D:D:D

EDIT: I thought I had nothing to say about HnA 17. I was wrong. Because who would have guessed Sho would wear a *rainbow lightning bolt* and guess that the thing everyone has is a "warm heart." ♡♥♡

Or that Nino would open with how tired he is. Or ♡HARUNA AI♡. OR AIBA! OR OMGEEZ THE SENSEI AND HER HUSBAND.
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So. Who's taking the JLPT with me? C'mon, you know you want to. And, for some extra-special historical flavor: it's on December 7th! It will be a magical three hours!

WALL-E (non-spoiler review) )
WALL-E (thoughts) )

Dear Beloved Flist,

As much as I appreciate the effort, you guys are missing my point. I am not looking for you to write prompts from my wishlist. I am looking for you to give me prompts to save me from having to write my wishlist. Which, granted, is still me wanting something from you, but. Stop being overachievers! :P



Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? Finale )
Hokaben Finale )
K8+TOKIO=Hilarity )
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When was the last time I made an *actual post*? Ah, January 14th. Wow.

Happy February Birthdays!

Let's try this, shall we?

Yasashii Jikan )
Abunai Houkago )
Akimahende 1-2 )
Ao no Honou )
27 Dresses )
One Pound Gospel 2-4 )
Honey and Clover 2-4 )
Honey and Clover Movie )
Yoiko no Mikata 1-5 )
TOKIO 1-15 )
D no Arashi 1-49 )
Arashi no Shukudai-kun 1-18, 36, 52, 54, 64-69 )
Golden Rush Arashi 2-4, 11-16 )
58th Red and White Song Battle )
Kiva 1-2 )

AHAHAHAHA. I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said I was too busy to be on the internets? Actually, I just didn't want to talk to anyone. No, really, no one. So, sorry for being moody and neglecting you?

And (kind of) relatedly: STEP AND GO PV )

Things I've actually been up to:

J-House Activity: Because I live in a special language house, in the spring semester each pair of roommates is required to put on an activity that is educational (and hopefully fun) about Japan. Most people do this by showing a movie and serving some kind of food. But Sarah and I, we are AMAZING. So. We put up our posters to advertise our triumphant presentation on the Awesome Incarnate that is Junichirou Koizumi. And ramen, because that's his favorite food. BUT! THERE WAS A SHOCKING TWIST! KARAOKE AT THE END! Perhaps this explains my cryptic request for music...? :P Anyway, I think it went over really well.

Should you like to see our MOST TRIUMPHANT presentation, I have uploaded it here, although I'm afraid it would have my stunning narration. Be sure to actually watch the show, because there are several animation effects. (^^)v

And, while I was at it, I finally uploaded that intro to Stargate presentation I made for my best friend. It doesn't cover Atlantis Season 4, though, b/c I haven't been keeping up (^^;)

Renga: So, let me share some wisdom with you. If you ever feel the urge to try and read old school Japanese poetry, DON'T. No, seriously. That said, I am enjoying the renga as much as is possible I suppose, and I'm slowly but steadily learning how to read Japanese poetry. It's just... yeah. I never thought I'd say this, but there are TOO MANY HIRAGANA. *weeps* Actually, I was thinking on this...

Travesties the Japanese Language has Visited upon Me:
*HORRIBLE HORRIBLE STRESS over all those kanjis
*Illiteracy over all those kanjis
*Illiteracy over lack of kanjis
*Inability to transliterate
*Loss of vocabulary pertaining to female chickens
*Confusion in science when using lambda
*Conjunctions just hanging out at the end of all my sentences, so.
*Mixed body language including uncontrollable urge to bow
*Roundabout polite language impulses
*Social anxiety about how to be polite to people
*Realization upon just how horrible English is

And many other things, I'm sure. GO BACK! GO BACK NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

(Actually, I love Japanese to little tiny pieces. If only Japan was a place I could love to little tiny pieces...)

Lent: D00ds, what is up with Easter this year? No, seriously. Anyway, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to do for Lent. I have a lot of ideas, but. Hmmm. I should probably get on that. I'm leaning towards something designed to mitigate my tendencies towards procrastination, because they're beginning to get me in trouble this semester.

Also, best thing about Ash Wednesday? The sandwich from Wawa at 12:30AM on Thursday.

Brother's Brithday: The 7th was my brother's sweet 16 (AWWWW). For this purpose I wrote him a card, and then wrote his thank you card to me for him for the T-shirt he linked me to on the internet and I ordered. Obviously I do not still have the card, but it went something like this:

Best thank you card EVER )

Unfortunately, what I received was this, over gTalk:
Him: hahs I enjoyed reading your card
and thanks for the shirt

ALAS! OUR HUMOR IS TOO DIFFERENT! Because if it had been sent to me, the sender would be receiving that card verbatim in the mail in the next few days. *sigh*

Historical History!: I went to the library! (What what?) And I got some books on Japanese history so I could visualize the renga. Including that famous history manga (^^)v


I also got some books on ikebana, but it seems to be difficult due to the books all saying different things but none really being helpful. ALAS.

Interesting revelations: So, I was reading on the Internets (like you do), and I found cause to look up an older episode of the Daily Show. Upon watching the show, I came across this interview.


Heisenberg Principle: If you have power, you can't help but corrupt you.

Yeah, didn't know that.

Shocking thing about high school: So, earlier somebody was talking about their scheduling woes, and it made me think about what I took in high school in relation to what was useful in college. On paper, I didn't do too terribly much: US History, Gov., Calc 1+2+3, Lin. Alg., and writing/foreign language exemptions. But I think a lot of it has come in handy anyway, which makes me happy.

The shocking bit, though: I was always aware of the possibility of three year graduation, but I didn't pay much attention to it; I think one kid I knew in middle school did it? Anyway, the basic diploma is 22 credits, so if you take one high school course in middle school/summer school, you can do three years no problem. You could even do the 24 credit advanced diploma if you did like me and took three high school courses in middle school/did summer school. But, and this is what blows my mind, it is possible to do the 27 credit TJ diploma w/o a senior year. Well, assuming they'd let you, and they seem to frown on that sort of thing. But. Because I spent a lot of my senior year despairing about how I could have graduated already (almost) with a lesser diploma. But I moved some classes around, and *I* could have done it in three years. Like, dude.

Sample using my courses for those curious )

Yes, all of those were actual classes I actually took. *Totally* possible, except for the fact that the frowned on letting you do classes early. Of course, then I would have been in college for four years, so. *hands like scales* free public education, $15,000+ year of college, hmmmmmmmmm.....

Meme time? )

And also? Make me take pictures. Ask me to take a picture of whatever you want, from my favorite spot in the house to the mug I usually drink my tea into, blah di blah. You can ask me to photograph as many things you want, the more the better.

I wonder how many cuts are in this post? Hmmm...
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Long Wedding Road )

HanaKimi 6-7 & KataKoi 5-6 )

Hana Yori Dango )

Coffee Prince 1-12 )

Den-O 29 )

Inazuma!! Spark Bonus )

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2, 11-44 )

So, my adventures of late. Well.

Okay, I suppose my biggest adventure was when Kate and I followed directions to this sushi place, except we couldn't find it! And then when we were going back, having finally given up, Kate forgot to reverse a direction, and lo! the sushi place! It was good, and we ate ice cream and stuff.

Also, yesterday, I went back there to get the cake for Margaret's birthday because Angela's car broke down. So it was valuable experience.

My parents went away this weekend, so it was just me and my brother, chillaxin'. And seein' Rush Hour 3 with Christine. Basically, all I have to say about it is, if you liked the first two, you'll probably like this one. If you didn't like the first two, you won't like this one. Simple.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Also, [ profile] lillianloop needs to be mocked. I found a note on my desk (indicating she broke in!) adressed to "かんおじょう". Now, I have no idea what one of those is. She apparently lost ALL ABILTY TO DO JAPANESE, especially because "かのじょ" is NOT hard to remember. Jeez. (P.S. Some with J-text, please let me know if those don't read kan'ojou and kanojo, because, you know, no J-text at work.) Ironically, she could remember the kanji for "茶", so. Anyway, please mock her. MOCK MOCK MOCK.

Gosh, I just need to get this thing OFF MY COMPUTER before it EATS IT UP and/or TAKES OVER COMPLETELY. So I leave you with the following:

I was in the car, and "War" came on the radio, and war is apparently only friend to the undertaker, and suddenly I got a flash of an undertaker J-Drama:

"Putting people's spirits at ease by taking good care of the bodies of their loved ones is the best way I can help them in such a trying time. It's an important duty to offer that kind of compassion. I want to do my best to become a great undertaker!"
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So, yeah. Cleaned some stuff. Read that book. Saw Transformers. )

Anyway, who's ready for a fun work story in which I inadvertantly destroy a marriage?

So, you all know I'm making phone calls. I'm in the middle of a list of an even thousand at the moment, and dragging myself into work at o'dark thirty so I can hit as many voicemails as possible and just *get through it* (Which explains my odd LJ posts; I *have* to sleep when I get home, and it is my custom to spend nights reading.) Anyway, we're making sure no one needs help registering for our conference. It's a matchmaking conference for small businesses and larger businesses so the small guys can find a larger company who needs something like they're developing. Anyway, this morning I had this conversation:

Me: *schpeel*
Woman: Well, I can take a message for [guy I was trying to call].
Me: *assumes she is his secretary* *continues schpeel*
Woman: So what is this thing.
Me: Well, it's a matchmaking conference--
Woman: [angrily] This is his wife. I don't think he's interested.
Me: ??? Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't--
Woman: *click*
--Ten Minutes Later--
Me: Oh! She thought--!!

So, yes, I am a HOMEWRECKER. I hope that guy didn't get into trouble...

So, I feel the urge to write meta. On being a writer and how *weird* it is. )
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An entry! An entry, I say!

Well, good news: I posted. w00t for me. I have to post again tomorrow and then make Kate post, but.

I backed up my hard drive. This was a long and horrendous process.

I reread HBP. And I realized it's printed plainly in the book that Snape isn't evil. B/c Hagrid overhears this conversation where Snape and DDore were having this fight about something Snape *really* didn't want to do but he had already promised. And I was like, "thx Hagrid lolz". Just like that.

I have to get up early tomorrow to get my car inspected. Boo.

I ordered some Flash tpbs last night. I have decided I need a little more joy in my life, and also, I don't buy manga anymore really, so.

Oh, right, that Movie With The Ending Of Which We Shall Not Speak. Yeah, saw it. Um, well... I guess it was good as a movie goes. As a devoted Norrington fangirl fan of the series, however, it left a lot to be desired. I kind of wish we could put the genie back in the bottle and just leave off at the (mostly) happy ending of CotBP, but. It's still worth seeing, and I especially loved the spoiler ). That was HILARIOUS. But... Yeah. Now we just have to wait for the disappointment that will be OotP and the circle will be complete.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Rachel tells me SG-1 never aired on Friday, so we won't be doing that. But I did see Den-O 17 )

And... that's all. See ya'll tomorrow at work!
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I have been productive all day, even through lunch, so it is time for a short break.

I finished the thing I was working on yesterday. Or, at least, as finished as I could get it, seeing as not all the info was available. But, whatever.

Anyway, now I'm working on two new things. Well, one new thing, and one old thing that has reappeared again in a slightly new way.

One is the DTRA FAQ, which was one of my projects from last summer. This time I'm updating it to reflect the fact that we have a million of these things going on at once now since we won more contracts, and each one has different specs. As such, I'm using Access and VBScript (which I'm just copy-pasting; I don't actually know anything about it) to make it display different text based on different session ids. Whee.

The second I'm nore excited about, especially because I'll get to learn something new. We had a meeting this morning about trying to consolidate the programming/web design people and pool resources. As such, we need to get both a list of people and their skills and past projects, and also a list of all the various sample code and software we have lying around so people don't have to go looking for it when they need it. My first lead is Microsoft SharePoint, which appears to be a very complicated, but potentially very rewarding lead. Especially because there's one called service that comes with Server 2003, and one called Server you need a whole nother licence for, and one called designer, which is actually FrontPage in disguise. Since FrontPage is getting the axe. I would dance for joy, but I do have to give FrontPage credit for being better than Word. Anyway, so this is, like, the perfect project for me: figure out new software, and create extensive lists of links and archives by poking around looking for stuff. Never fear, I'll still be filling your friends pages with lists of links and archival cuts! But to get paid for it will be fun.

Saw Shrek 3 with Christine last night. Fun was had all around, especially when I was almost late. Mostly because I had to drive clear across Fairfax to Centerville, but. Anyway, you don't care about that, you care about the movie. Um, it was good, I guess. There were a lot of funny parts, but it was also a little contrived. Above average for killing time, but not something you'd want to watch a million times. It also has body switching. And Julie Andrews hums DoReMi. So.

See it now!
See it
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Haha, now it is time for a frantic post scramble because the Tristanator's on the warpath. Again. I'd just like to say for the record, Tristanator, that I am the only one up to date on my paperwork. Of course, I haven't finished an Empire post in, oh, what? A month and a half? Yes, well. And anyone who wants to take issue with (temporarily) dropping Masters can be directed to my Tale of woe and sorrow. Yes, that was five seperate links. It's a long tale.

I don't understand why I lose focus so much in the afternoon. Like, right now, I just want to click randomly on windows. Which, you know, might actually provide a *little* amusement since I have 14 open right now. This morning I was a working machine, though. Saa. I got a lot done today, so... It's fine I guess.

Oh, and, I changed classes again. It's a Philosophy class in Blair at 9, which is no good, but it actually sounds interesting and isn't the second semester of 2. I'm going to keep looking, though.

So, Kate and I are going to Chili's. ...This promises to be interesting.
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I find it very sad going back 10 entries in my journal equates to roughly two months.


So, the most exciting news is that I finally updated [ profile] finalauraburst!!

Okay, maybe actually more sxciting than that is that I've begun keeping a database of all the fanfiction I read in order to keep not only a record, but also the number of tabs down. So far I'm only about 90 entries in (open tabs and recs under the links tag), and not even all of those are complete, but it's a start. I figure if anyone's interested I could put up periodic updates so people could see what I'm reading if they were looking for something. Luckily, I added a yes/no column as to whether or not I liked it.

Well, actually, maybe the *most* exciting is that I signed up to do that Satora essay. You know, in [ profile] ship_manifesto. ...Yeah...

Song that I really love: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulter. He's the guy doing that song-a-week podcast or whatever it was. The point is, THIS SONG IS SO COOL OMGEEZ. LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW. [Video, Humor]

Because it is a form. [Humor]

This entry has become more stream of conciousness than I expected )

Oh, I, um, finished Season 3 of Atlantis, catching me up for the year. Wow, Stargate. Geez. Also, I was spoiled for "Sunday", and to be honest I felt a lot better about it than I think I would have going in blind. So, if any of you rabid SGA fans who read my journal want me to tell you (I don't think you exist, but.), I will. It'll be better than reading the wiki article. I would have been upset just reading the wiki article. So, Rachel, if you didn't already tell your mom, you should. That is all (for now).

Saw Spiderman 3 Friday. Wow, was it CHEESY. Like, NOT EVEN KIDDING. But running in the rain was fun ^^

See it now!
See it
Uni Mall
Don't see itX

Well, recently memes haven't been having such a big turnout for me, but I guess I'll copy this one in too. It's been all over my f-list, but the person I actually physically copied it from was [ profile] etcetera_kit.

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return (and if inspired), I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

(I was going to do those quizzes from Staubs/Rachel, but they were tedious and way off base. Example: One called me extroverted and only 67% intellectual.)

I <3 Teal'c

Apr. 5th, 2007 08:43 am
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So, Stargate. )

So, um, now I guess I'm kind of upset. Katie is complaining about noise again, which isn't the problem; the problem is I had to find out from someone who overheard her. Otherwise when Dawn knocked on my door I would have had no idea what was going on. Gosh, I don't know why this bothers me so much. I just don't know how Katie could have possibly thought this was the right decision, and how she expects me to respect her now. Bah.

And, um. I watch a lot of Stargate? You knew that. Let's see if I have some links for you.

Ha ha fanfiction cliches. The sad/horrifying/comepletely awesome part is that everyone I found hillarious enough to share with Rachel is in SG-1's 200th episodes.

OMGeez, how did I forget this? So, one of our words was "Gisei" (sacrifice), and as anyone who was in the SM fandom Back In The Day that has to remind you of our good old friend Giseino Shinzui, Sailor Orion, giant among the otaku senshi. So I did some snooping on the internets, and there's a forum dedicated to it that helped me track down the author's website. What is Meghann McCall doing now? She's apparently professionally writing lesbian novels. [ profile] merryshannon (as she is known to the internets) actually amuses me: She said the most important thing in writing is to finish what you started. And that's your random interents history for today.

Well, I think there are other things in my life, but I don't feel like writing about them right now. Best I can do is to copy paste from my mixi. ...*sigh*

TMNT and Reign Over Me )
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So, I went to the dentist. Since I didn't throw up, I count it as a win. Then I saw Music and Lyrics with Christine. It's HILLARIOUS. Not even kidding, there was one part there were tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. It's about a washed up 80's pop star (Hugh Grant) who needs to write a song in a week or else his career is basically COMPLETELY over (even Knott's Berry Farm canceled on him), but he can't write lyrics. The woman who waters his plants, it turns out, is a born poet, and he tries to convince her to help him write the song. I really don't remember when the last time I saw a movie this funny was (but we know my memory.) Anyway, my rating. (Warning: It *is* a romantic comedy. But it's SO GOOD.):

See it now!X
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

It also occurs to me I never reviewed Casino Royale, which I saw earlier in the week. While I liked it, there was something about it... I dunno. Like, for a suposed "beginning," I felt like we needed more backstory to know what was going on. I've seen parts of several Bond films, and *I* felt kind of lost sometimes. Still, he runs through a wall. If you're looking to see an action movie, this one was good.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

ZOMG, Japan, Why are your DVDs so expensive!? )

I leave you with a repository of links:

Oh, the Swiss. Your pretend invasions are so funny. [News, Humor]

I wish *I* could have taken Fandom Studies in high school. [Meta, Humor]

Venn Diagrams are the best explanations ever. Also, all OT3s should have a scene like this. [Meta, Humor, Stargate]

I want comics like this back. [DC, Humor]

Ten People who could Take Captain Kirk in a Fight. [Humor]

I can think of no better character to do an icon set to White and Nerdy with. [Calvin and Hobbes, Graphics]
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HAPPY MARCH BIRTHDAYS!! ヽ(゚・^*)^☆.。.:*・゚☆祝☆゚・*:.。.☆^(*^・゚)ノ BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!!

Aaaaand, it's time for: DRUNK RACHEL!

Yes, folks, the comedic sensation that's sweeping our location has returned again, and this time yours truly got the chance to talk to our new star.

Interview! )

While it wasn't as classic as her unforgettable "THEY TOTALLY DO!", that Rachel never fails to deliver.

Um, so, I folded some origami flowers? See the mixi if you're interested. And I actually finished my work for tommorrow and it's not even 1. HAHA.

Fun Fact: Kato-sensei? Stole example sentences from Jim Breen's WWWJDIC too.

Saw The Number 23 on Saturday. I don't want to say too much about it, because the mystery is definitely part of it. The only problem is, as the movie goes on, you begin to realize there is NO POSSIBLE ENDING that will make you happy. Well, and the boys said 'it was totally predictable'. I like it. WARNING: May induce need to make all numbers seen into 23.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

So, I have apparently lost my DA PUMP CD, which makes me very sad. It might be in my house, so I'm not completely despairing. On the plus side, the w-inds. CD coming out on Wednesday? Being mailed to my house, baby. I can't wait to listen to ハナムケ over and over again without having to click on the YouTube tab every time it finishes XP Also, Sarah made me a mix CD!!

...If only I could listen to it... My CD drive gives HORRIBLE FEEDBACK for some undiscernable reason, so I think I'm going to have to dig up me warranty and be angry at them like Kate was. Maybe they'll do something about the connection problems with my headphone jack/power cord too... Hey, a girl can dream. And as I type this, I realize I can play it on my Playstation, so all is well ^_^ I'll listen to it tommorrow after classes (which will be less death than usually expected).

Which leads nicely into my upcoming death. THREE MIDTERMS. IN A ROW. Well, almost. Lit, Anthro, and PHYSICS are COMING TO KILL ME OMG. I think the Anthro situation is getting better (I'm trying to get through Yow a bit at a time, and we divided the other book up between the five us to make study guides for), and he's been devoting the last few classes in physics just to solving problems, so it's becoming clearer. Lit, well... It's an essay test. What are you going to do? We get to bring the books, though, so.

As for the Toku: Den-O brings big ♡s. Especially the scene the week before last where Momo makes Hana move so he can pose XD Geki... is settling. It's convinced me to watch Epi. 4, at any rate. And [ profile] shinosaisei? He's definitely sexy.

You'd think with so long without posting I'd have something more to say, but I really don't.

I leave you with my plan for break:

Friday: Go home and watch all the Heroes episodes I hope Andrew has uploaded so I'm finally CAUGHT UP. Then burn DVDs so there is some space on my computer.
Saturday: Sleep.
Sunday: Sleep.
Monday: Get ID at WAY TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING. Come back and sleep.
Tuesday: Listen inscesantly to w-inds. CD while on hold with tech support.
Wednesday: Go to Ikea with Andrew, Hiro, and Hiro's sister.
Thursday: Sleep.
Friday: Possible dentist appointment. ...Can I sleep through that?
Saturday: Buy shoes and food.
Sunday: Drive back.

I am, in fact, open to suggestions for other things to do. But they have to be better than sleeping, which is hard, I know.

Next time is a link dump. Just FYI.

Bored now.

Jan. 19th, 2007 03:33 pm
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I know almost all the words to POP STAR. This is slightly disturbing.

I saw a linguistics joke on a bumper sticker (I think)! It said, "I stop for k, g, p, b, n, m" and some other letters too that I can't remember right now BUT.

Apparently my tires are irrepairably damaged, so we're going to replace all four of them tonight, even though only two actually need it. It'd be nice if we coudl just, you know, keep the other two around or something... And I did my sewing while I waited for them to look at my tires and tell me they couldn't fix them, so that's done. I think I'll bring my vest to sew while I wait tonight. I also talked to the other girl that was there.

I started watching my obscene amounts of M*A*S*H last night. Man, I love that show, even its completely incongruous weather. Well, the weather makes sense because they obviously couldn't tell the story of a three year war in eleven, so time was obviously going to be a little screwy.

So, I heard a song on the radio that sounded JUST LIKE the FFIX (I think) boss battle theme! Okay, the melody wasn't exactly the same. But it was set up the same way with the drums like babadababadababadababada and then the synthesizer and then later the base notes and whoa.

Blah blah GCF )

I may be courting disaster with this comment, but: d00ds, the thing I just wrote for work has been soaked in the blood of grammatical heretics red pen. And I wrote it. If I can find that much wrong with my own work, is it any surprise I have a lot of corrections to make when I read other things?

It was requested I repost the movie list I was talking about yesterday, so here it is. Also, something I didn't notice the first time? Samuel L. Jackson: Afro Samurai. Oh, please no.

100 Movies for 2007 )


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