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Things that are epic: my life.

Details at 11 )

I've been meaning to say his for a while, but, does anyone have any thoughts on Toei's apparent obsession with the name "Kaoru"? Off the top of my head I can think of three Kaorus (Kuuga, Agito, Shinken) and one kind-of Kaoru (Magi) which is kind of... a strange pattern, don't you think?

In one of my classes I have two Kaorus, one girl and one boy, and the boy wants to be a detective.

Gosei 3 )
Double 24 )

And, I'm bored, so have a meme. Which I'm sure you'll all give me a fandom for.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.
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W 9 )
Kuuga 27-49 (End) )
Blade 1 )
New Zealand Soap Opera 80-82 )

I also watched some of Arashi's variety appearances, and Jun on HaneTobi was GOLD. I love how he was right, but he had the STUPIDEST reasons for being right. Oh Jun ♥
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I wanted to say, "I watched stupid W and it was stupid," but OMG CAN I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE DOUBLE??

Kamen Rider W 1-8 )

Also, Kuuga!

Kamen Rider Kuuga 1-26 )

And now back to watching KR and editing the tags on FAB. (Geez, you don't mod a comm for 6 months and look what happens. Conversely: this is why should tell people how systems work instead of keeping it all in your head.)


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