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Why don't people sell big pieces of cloth in the United States?? I wrapped my Christmas presents in napkins this year hoping they'd be big enough, but both my mom's and brothers were ギリギリ. Good thing I also bought bows :Db Now I just have to shake down my brother to get paid back for his half of the Christmas presents. Although... I overheard him and my mom talking (it's amazing how people will think you're asleep all the time), and I don't think he has anything for me. And my stuff from my parents is still in the mail. So... I think all I'll have to open is what I bogart of the stuff from our neighbors (^^;)

I organized my hard drive a little better this morning! All the weekly variety shows and some of the dramas have their own folders now, and VSA is actually even all named the same way including the guests in the filename! It's probably stupid to feel like that's an accomplishment, but then, I did end up making 24 new folders...

It was inspired by how I couldn't find *anything* I was looking for last night when Kate came over. Although, I said "give me 15 minutes for Abbreviation Train" when she tried to leave, and it was so worth being vindicated like that when she was like "that was totally worth it show me Ohnoman again" :D:D:D

Did actually go to Ikea with Kate yesterday, where I got some boxes, cookies, and herring. Now, a few days earlier, my mother came in to ask what I wanted to eat for Christmas, and she brought up a Swedish dish I could not spell if I tried that is basically egg salad on crackers with herring on top. So when I went to Ikea, I called her:

Me: You were talking about that herring. Do you want me to get it while I'm here?
Mom: They probably don't have it.

...It's like, if Ikea doesn't have the Swedish food you want, who does?? Also, she's been *totally* holding out on me, because she knows how to make the cookies I like that I buy there. Geez, Mom. Between that and how I apparently did not know how to hard boil eggs...

Before leaving work yesterday (I took today off), I was seriously working double time to finish my Christmas cards. Like, I should have plenty of time, but I got involved in other stuff...

I did, however, get to tell Matt that I finally watched Batman and Iron Man (he's been bugging me about it since the summer), because I did when Kate kidnapped me to be her moral support at cookie making. *shrugs* I tend to mess up measurements, so it's for the best she didn't want help. I definitely missed some of the goings on in Batman due to the mixer, but Iron Man only had baking going on. Well, and, I knew what was going down in Batman, whereas all my knowledge of Iron Man is pieced together from, um, biased sources. Although, I was afraid for Jim Gordon there for a while, because... doesn't, like, his whole family die in one version of Batcanon? I have to be honest, I liked Iron Man better, but I think that was because I just wasn't in the mood for the Joker killing everyone in the world (I rarely am) (MARIKO IF YOU COMMENT DO NOT USE THAT ICON). Most of Batman's other villains I like (in the way you like a villain), but the Joker... Also, why were Bruce and Harvey not friends D: Whereas Iron Man had Samuel L. Jackson. I just don't think it's a fair comparison.

Of course, before I not-really-helped Kate at baking, I made her help me with dinner; we made yakisoba :D I also gave her the leftover tofu I was trying to pawn off on twitter to give to her dad, but then she ended up eating it herself. She, her mother, and I got an e-mail from him yesterday afternoon being like "where is my tofu??" ...I lol'd.


Since I didn't post yesterday, I guess I'll cut one of my crazy ideas; sometimes I think just describing the idea you have is enough and you don't need an actual fic to come out of it.

I think I'll also try to *actually watch* 24 Hr TV on my 5 day weekend. There are still so many parts to d/l though (;_;)

Title: Cassandra's Following
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Miura Issei, Ozaki Seigi, Nogami Airi, Nogami Ryoutarou
Word Count: 410
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Den-O belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Miura knows he's right. GENFIC
Author's Notes: For [ profile] anzupeach who requested Miura Issei - Eep!. Please forgive me for how I tried to recreate Ozaki's weirdo speech patterns (-_-;)

Cassandra's Following )
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(I'm excused from my scathing sarcasm, because I *do* actually watch them like the sad, sad person I am. Also, their horoscopes are *hilariously* mean.)

Single Chart )
No, seriously, I'm talking about it. )

I also watched the Giragira finale. And can I just say: wagatomo kaGAmi had a picture of Tokyo Tower behind him and I laughed. Other than that, I'm not sure I have any thoughts. I *really* not in a writing mood~

This was, like, *totally* going to be a post, I promise. It just, uh... Well.

IS THERE EVEN A-- Yes, I see a meme :D

Copied Verbatim b/c I am lazy! )

1. [ profile] nekokaze - 65 points
2. [ profile] onebrainychick - 58 points
3. [ profile] kades905 - 55 points
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Not because I went to Chinese class and made up grammar that happened to be right, and not because for some reason Caps Lock will now only turn off if I press shift. But because I got to watch TFP2 and then MY MOST FAVORITE ARASHI ANYTHING EVER**

**That I can think of right now.

Ultramen on TFP2 (Nagano, Igarashi Shunji, Yoshimoto-somebody) )

Chinese, Day...7? )

In closing: Nakamaru Yuuichi is surprisingly adorable.
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Spent last night finishing up Go-On, cracking passwords to Japanese fan sites, and then trying not to THROW MY COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW. (I should seriously just call Dell. Especially since the insulation has ripped on my power cord again...) Consequentially, I only finished half the site I wanted to get through. ALAS. Ah, well, there's plenty of time yet.

I also.... Think I may be skipping Kiva in favor of Gao and 555 for the time being. I just... I'm not sure about following something weekly again. ALSO, excitingly, I saw some Jetman on Veoh, but all the numbers were pretty low, and I have the beginning of Jetman. *shrugs* Also! Need Hurricanger like BURNING. Gah, so much Sentai to watch! This is why I stopped for so long in the first place (-.-;)

But, so, Go-On. Conveniently split to not spoil my friends watching the subs (^^)/

Go-Onger 18-28 )
Go-Onger 29-30 )
Best part of Go-Onger )
Meme answers for ant_power and sennetari )

And because no entry is complete without boybands: We were listening to V6 in the car (He agrees with me about "LIGHT IN YOUR HEART", even down to my feeling Ultraman's butt is a *little prominent* at a certain point), and he was like, "Is this actually them on the guitar?" I told him no, and then he said, "One of them should, because then he could get so many more chicks. I mean, come on, lead guitar." Aside from the fact that I think they all probably have more than enough chicks, my mind immediately went to Leader and I laughed.

...I just misread a banner ad as "Because LJ hates you."
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HAPPY SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS! Except for Kate. Not her.

ARFKLAUFNLADSMLSKC LJNVLAIMFMLKMFLDKF. ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME? I take *one* national holiday off, and I come back to find Fukuda has played under even my lowest expectations. I mean, geez. ...Not that things are any better here, but.

Anyway, started writing this last night, so:

So. Working on that Oshareism interview because no one seems to have translated it yet. THANKS FANDOM. Luckily I found a transcription that's not perfect, but it has been a big help with some of the words I couldn't hear clearly (which is the reason I didn't want to translate it in the first place).

Since I can't sit through more than 6 minutes at a time, though (why 6? I don't know.), I thought I'd mosey on over here and start writing about ALL THE STUFF I WATCHED THIS WEEKEND.

MAOU 9 )
Myu no Anpo Papa ni Ageru )
Densha Otoko )
Namida wo Fuite 5 )
Romantic Princess 1 )
C no Arashi 1-5, 26, 29-30 )
DnA, VSA, AnS, Janiben, Amagasa, People Molesting the Cast of Maou, Nagano and Inocchi take the Fail Train )


And finally: NEXT SEASON'S DRAMA LIST. Who knows if I will actually keep up with it?

Ryusei no Kizuna WHY: Kaname Jun, of course. I loved him Kimi, Hannin ja nai yo ne? and Katagoshi no Koibito. And Koibumi.
Salaryman Kintaro WHY: NAGAI MASARU~~ Supporting ex-Toku actors is v. important you know!
Bloody Monday WHY: Satou Takeru. (Note to self: Watch ROOKIES.)
ROOM OF KING WHY: Mizushima Hiro would be MORE than enough by himself, but also SUZUKI ANNE.
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I hate it when LJ goes down *sigh* I wrote this whole entry yesterday and LJ ate it, and *now* LJ is down completely. Well, I mean, not now as in when you're reading, but now as in when I'm writing. Anyway.

Happy July Birthdays!

Bahstahn** + Pics )

BUT THEN I CAME BACK AND HAD 240+ BACK ENTRIES. What did I tell you people about being awesome without me? [EDIT: It appears I *did* actually have an entry on Friday that got eaten as well. Oops.] Especially [ profile] icysnowdrop, who made the art for our Collaboration!! GO AND SHOWER HER WITH PRAISE.

Also, do you know what *kills* me? I totally had a fic idea, and I lost it. D:

When I wrote this entry yesterday, I only had time to get through the dramas, but I have a little more time today, so... who knows? Because I picked a bad weekend to go away as far as my hard drive was concerned, for serious.

Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 9 )
Gokusen 3 8 )
Maoh previews (Ohsama no Brunch; Channel Rock) + TFP2 )
'Truth' and Arashi + Oricon )
HanaDan SP + Ohsama no Brunch )
TOKIO 10th anniversary MS + J-FRIENDS )

For tomorrow: Utaban, HnA, DnA, AnS(?), things I've forgotten today (of which I know there are a lot).

...Is it bad that my reaction to finding out it's Miyake Ken's birthday was, "Oh, he's only 29?"?
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Well, I *could* write about my very confusing outing on Friday. OR, I could babble about nothing.

...I think the choice is clear.

First, my roundup of OMG Kabuto Fic, which, I realize I maintain [ profile] finalauraburst for, BUT. I DON'T EVEN CARE. KABUTO FIC.

ALSO, [ profile] litany_sh used my translation to make subs for HnA 7!

Kimi, Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 8 )
Tensei Kunpuu, D no Arashi, and TOKIO stuff )

The *good* news is, I've looked at the drama schedule for Summer, and it looks like I'll only have to watch four (whoo!): Shibatora (Suenaga Haruka<3); Yasuko to Kenji (Mabo is in it, but really, the plot sounds hilarious); Taiyou to Umi no Kyoushitsu (Um, everybody EVER, but mostly Yamamoto Yuusuke and Nakamaru Yuuichi); and, of course, Maou (Between my vast loves for Ohno and Toma, I mean, really)

So, to continue my Den-O , I have for you a hugely spoilerific AU (I love how Den-O has so many timelines you can write an AU and have it not be an AU) and horrible, horrible ficlet for which I expect to be paid a dollar. Also, a Dekaranger fic, because I can write any pairing as long as it's Dekaranger! ...I hate my life.

Title: Contraband
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Nogami Ryoutarou, (Ko)Hana, Sakurai Yuuto
Word Count: 308
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Hana is a really big spoilsport, for a six year old. AU; Incidentally Yuuto/Airi.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] estirose who requested "Ryoutarou, chocolate," like, a YEAR AGO, AND THIS IS WHAT I BRING HER. I AM SO SORRY I AM A FAILURE AT WRITING MY FRIEND (;_;)

Contraband )

Title: Whispering Truths
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Urataros, Nogami Ryoutarou
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 22?
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Urataros already knew the answer to that, of course, but it was interesting seeing if Ryoutarou would try to lie. Episode tag for 22.
Author's Notes: So, I kind of have this theory (which you may have picked up on in my other Den-O fic(s)) that Urataros's role in Ryoutarou's life is to talk through things with him. (I mean, he does it with Momo.) So... yeah. For [ profile] lazulisong, who kind of requested it.

Whispering Truths )

Title: Hardening Hearts
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan, Lisa Teager
Word Count: 235
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Episode 40 (+ Tetsu's intro)
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Tekkan remembers, just barely, what she was like when she was still "Lisa" and not "Chief." Lisa/Tetsu
Author's Notes: Um. I know this is easy to forget (since his actor is the eldest), but Tetsu is "much younger than" the other Dekas, so... he's like 14 here. And he's 5 when he meets her. Just FYI. For [ profile] niav, who requested Lisa/Tetsu.

Hardening Hearts )

What was my first name again? Oh, right, FAILURE-AT-TITLESでございます. (Only funny if you've seen Odoroki 4, I'm afraid)

Tonight I 挑戦 Moo Shu Chicken. Wish me luck!
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HEY GUYS. THREE GREAT FICS FOR (OMG) KAMEN RIDER. I, personally, can't believe it.

I took a night off of translation (foolish) and watched some stuff. Whoo!
Ryoukiteki na Kanojo 4-5 )
Kimi, Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 7 )
Gokusen 6 )


1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post that to you journal with these instructions.

My letter was 'D' )

I am writing! And it will be long! And it is made up of fake everything! But still! Please don't let me wimp out of writing this, guys.

Moment of the Day:
Co-Worker: When I go to England, I'm going to get drunk. And call everything "pants."
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No, seriously you guys, all I did between dinner and midnight yesterday was translate Himitsu no Arashi-chan! 7 (APPARENTLY IT HAS AN EXCLAMATION POINT), and I only got through Aiba's portion. Now, I *did* have to figure out what that ANNOUNCER was saying (grr. They use too many idioms and big words) and look up the names of all those musicians I couldn't read, but still. And everyone keeps talking over each other and I can't identify any of those ten people by their voices so I just have to guess and MatsuJun has *not* become ANY CLEARER and *this* is why I just do summaries. (-_-) Also, they switched halfway through to having all of Arashi be green and I had to rewind because it was kind of like "There is no way that was Aiba." Thanks for making my life harder, show!

Well, and then 8 popped up on my flist morning and I felt so disheartened. BUT! I will fight on! Because, well... I don't know why, really. Oh, well. The next segment is largely people playing video games, so!

Also, right before Ohno messes up "We can make it!" Jun says "You can do it!" and you have NO IDEA how tempted I was to change that do to make because, well, the LOLZ. I make no excuses.

In happier news, I did at midnight refuse to let my life be totally lame and watched V6 on Utaban. Nakai, I think it's a little late to be defending their virtue. )

So.... Den-O fic. Yeah, about that. I had some grand delusions about actually writing a good fight scene, but. I'm... okay, it's as good as it's going to get, here, have a fic. [ profile] icysnowdrop is drawing arts for it, and while they may not be up any time soon, I will be sure to keep you up to date.

Title: Rules of the Universe Re: Sakurai Yuuto
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Sakurai Yuuto, Nogami Ryoutarou, Momotaros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros
Word Count: 996
Rating: PG for tiny!angry!Yuuto
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Yuuto is not grumpy; it's all Deneb's and Nogami's fault anyway. 99% gen, 1% Yuuto/Airi.
Author's Notes: Collaboration with [ profile] icysnowdrop, whom I thank profusely for encouragement and ideas and loltastic pictures.

Rules of the Universe Re: Sakurai Yuuto )

I have a post-it note on my desk that consists of song lyrics scrawled along with half the kanji mistaken or missing and then scrunched up at the end where they were too long, a rainbow, and five (ACTION!) stick figures with various hats that incidentally include a mistake and one so small that even allowing for perspective it looks like a 10 year old. This post-it makes me so unbelievably happy it's kind of surreal. And sad.

EDIT: Upon further investigation, Nino really *is* that short. Which means I guess I drew Ohno too big.


May. 29th, 2008 08:36 am
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It's because I agreed to translate something, isn't it? ISN'T IT?? It's like, if you wash your car, it rains. If you agree to translate something, your brain hurts and you can barely keep your eyes open.

I'm sure it probably has nothing to do with how I was freaking out about the doctor this morning. Although, I have to say, there wasn't as much freaking out as I was anticipating from my near panic attack on the phone on Tuesday. (I think it was my phone thing COMBINED with my doctor thing, maybe.) I did watch an Arashi concert to make sure I could sleep, and my shower was too cold for me to care about anything else, but then again I also had to leave 15 minutes early because I was so distracted. Also I forgot my medical records. GENIUS.

That said, the exam took, like, 10 minutes TOPS (it was weird). For those following yesterday's drama, I did not end up saying anything because seriously. 10 minutes. I got lost several times looking for stuff and mistaken for a high schooler twice (GRR. What college requires a chest x-ray, I ask you!), but in the end I DID NOT CRY WHEN MY BLOOD WAS TAKEN. THIS IS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT. Especially considering 2005's TB test. Although, the TB test *was* them putting stuff *in*...

Anyway, a lack of tears and panic attacks is always a welcome change (^^)d

...The rest of the contents of my life have been so completely outshone by this morning, I have nothing else to say. SO:

This is not *the* Den-O fic, but it is *a* Den-O fic. Originally going to be titled "I HATE TITLES," it now has a more unique, more lame moniker.

Title: With Deliberation
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Urataros, Nogami Ryoutarou
Word Count: 322
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: He doesn't know what to say if he's not going to lie. GENFIC
Author's Notes: This was written for [ profile] estirose who requested Den-O, on the relationship between Ryoutarou and his Imagin. Originally this was me trying to suss out Ura's role in Ryoutarou's life, but it kind of... turned into something else.

With Deliberation )
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My life is full of Japanese blog entries (-_-;)

Or, should I say, I read and write in mixi, and then I read the archives of someone translating Kokubun Taichi's past entries (must be a member). But guys! He talks about Den-O! He just happened to turn it on to the first episode so he decided to watch it. Except he ends the entry with "Let's turn in lost things to the Police Station." BUT! BUT! That's what Ryoutarou does. Or, I suppose I should say, tries to do. (I was actually freaking out about it at the time.) But mostly it recalled my feelings of that time.


...and this is starting to sound like a Japanese blog entry. ONE DAY! One day I will be able to write like a native English speaker! But that day is not today.

All I watched last night was the TIME Final MC (WHO INVITED HSJ? MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY WASN'T I WARNED?) and a bit of Jani-ben because I was looking for the name of that wrestler woman. While I did not find it, I did learn that my Kansai-ben studying this weekend has actually done some noticeable good. Who would have guessed?

I figured out what bothers me about NEWS, though! They don't end together. I mean, yeah, you're just idols, but aren't you still professionals, guys?? So, I thought, "maybe I'm expecting too much." So I listened to Love You Only, MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE, Naniwa Iroha Bushi, and Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (best I could do with what I had on my mp3 player), and *they* were all together. Which, you know, just makes me madder because that means this is something you should be aware of, Nishikido! GAH.

I'm kind of babbling about boybands because what I actually did in my life this morning was get in a fight with my mom. )

So, it is much easier to be angry with NEWS then worry about this thing with my mother, since I won't be able to discuss it with her soon anyway.


So, Den-O fic? Heyyyy, guyyyys, you know you want to help me outtttt...
How does TV-Nihon translate Yuuto's catch phrase? Does anyone remember?
Because "I'll tell you in advance, I'm very strong" sounds, well, dumb. And, I *could* mess with the translation, but it'd, you know, change things, in which case, if TV-Nihon has a better way of doing it, I am all for it.
And, I guess, I'm open to suggestions for Momo's and Kin's, too. I BLATANTLY disagree with their trans for Ryuu, though, so. Children, never learn Japanese so you won't have to be upset with TV-Nihon. >|
But, so, yeah, gonna go work on this now. (-_-)

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Ahahaha, I had forgotten: I make icons! Silly me.

January and February )

So, for people who don't *care* about icons:

I sucessfully made it back to Williamsburg, though I am not looking forward to class tomorrow. ...Nor the exam and the paper later this week.

On the plus side, I *did* manage to lure [ profile] lillianloop into 嵐 completely unintentionally. It was an amazing sucess! You know how it goes.
"Look at this guy being crazy as he imitates an owl" -> "Look at him and the rest of his band competing to be housekeeping king" -> "THEY DO NUNCHUCKS."

The nunchucks will get you EVERY TIME.

[On the phone]
Her: *in the wiki* Looking at this list, a large portion of your activities I had written off as being normal are actually related to 嵐, aren't they?
Me: Hahaha, you're cute when you're clueless.

So, now she has all their PVs (including my guide) and albums. I haven't heard her thoughts on them yet, but.

In conclusion, I am glad to have someone to gush with. (^^)v


It occurs to me I have slipped back into the habit of not commenting on anything. And I was doing so *well* there for a while! Alas. Please forgive my neglegence, f-list.


I finally saw the episode where Picard is like, "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS." ...And then we started watching First Contact. I <3 China (^^)v

One Pound Gospel wherever I was-Final )

I'm thinking of changing my 嵐 tag to "for dream" so I don't have to switch into j-text all the time, but I feel that's... kind of lame. I'll keep thinking on it.
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So, upon returning to the Burg, I have a list of grievances for Sarah:

1. Not having the door open
2. Not managing the heating properly
3. Not stopping me from obsessing over Arashi
4. Not having the lamp plugged in so I could turn it on

No, really, it's all Sarah's fault. Really.

Anyway, watched some stuff:

Den-O 48 )

I am only going to say one thing about all the Arashi no Shukudai-kun I've watched:

HIP MOP!!!!!

So, today is Coming of Age day. I completely forgot mine last year, so I reminded my kouhai-tachi, and they said we could share (^_^) So I made some furisode and did my hair and got an obi and it was fun. フリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリフリ~


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Okay, first things first: There is a friends-cut on the horizon. It's been a little over a month now with all the friends on my list, and I think have enough experience to adjust. For most of you, this is fine, as I'm mostly just targeting people who never added me back. But, just wanted to give you fair warning, because I know my journal is the light of your life. [/sarcasm]

As an example:
Star Wars Guide to the 2008 election. I LOL'd.

Also, [ profile] estirose has brought to my attention that I am like scarily like Yuuto. This is one of those occasions when you have to stop and examine your life. No, seriously. Fortunately (maybe) I've moved past tiny!angry!violent!Yuuto. In other news, putting this together with my Hikaru-ness makes a disturbing image start to appear.

Speaking of things that make me die, a certain Sakurai Sho is on my bad list. Why? Because he has almost killed me twice today.

Exhibit A: KITTEN!
(Ohno's kitten is pretty adorable, too, to be fair. It just... it looks so unhappy.)
(No, I don't like puppies or think they are cute.)

Exhibit B: This is old news that I just found out today, but Sho is going to be in a movie. That is not in and of itself an unusual thing. It is a movie called Yatterman based on the anime of the same name. An anime with heroes and robots and explosions. Hmm, a live action movie with heroes and robots and explosions? That sounds suspiciously like a TOKU. HE IS GOING TO BE IN A TOKU ASFOUIFNORINGLSDJKVN *BRAIN BREAKAGE*!!!!111oneoneeleven

I gotta say, though, at least it's not the Gatchaman remake because then I would have to die. Die right there. Which would be a great tragedy because I'd never get to see the movie. Of course, then I'd die while watching the movie, like I will when watching this one, particularly I plan to be in Japan in Spring 2009 and-- Rambling stopping.

And for the finale in your death trio, Skya's class has five open slots but they all need instructor permission. CURSES!! *SHAKES FIST* I did e-mail him, though. *crosses fingers*

In conclusion, I really need to get an *iz ded* icon, because apparently heart stopping news is lurking around every corner.
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Remember how I said there was something I was going to write about on Monday? Well, today is still not that day. Because I am locked in mortal combat. With whom, you ask?

Back, JE bands, back! )

But since none of you care about that, I have 感想s for you instead:

w-inds. Best Eleven/CDTV special )

Johnny's Coutdown 2007-2008 )

Oricon Top 100 2007 )

For those of you not clicking on cuts, just wanted to let you know: Climax Jump is number 80 on the Oricon Charts for 2007. Really.

And, because I am in the mood to write but not in any intelligent or productive manner:

Name a fandom and I'll comment with... )
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Well, I'm sure we all remember my last work story. Ready for another?? *maniac glee*

So, I'm testing this site that can be used to schedule appointments, right? Well, there is this button at the bottom that says "Delete Old Booking," and next to it you can put in a date range. Well, I can't not push the button, so I set the date range to erase only the first two or three in the database.

I mentioned this site doesn't work very well, right? That date range? Doesn't work. Oops.

So, the programmer comes in (at 11 AM!) and is like "OMGEEZ did you seriously nuke the database??" And I'm like, "I'm not the one who told me to press all the buttons, including the potentially database erasing ones."

And then he sends me this e-mail:


I seriously has an *iz ded* moment where I was laughing and laying on my desk.

...Reading this over, it's not as funny as it is to me. *Shrug* Oh well, already typed it. :P

Presidential Candidate Quiz )

And guys, I forgot the BEST PART of Den-O 47! )

Thing I love right now? mixi's Den-O community's Illustrations thread [Japanese, must be a member of mixi]. No, SERIOUSLY.

There's this guy who cosplays as Rod Form and walks around doing random things (particularly going to the pet store to look for fish :P) It's like, "Dur dee dur, I'm just gonna push this shopping cart around. OR WORK AS A DOG GROOMER."

My other favorite bit (although it is all full of LOLz) is... you remember when Ura and Momo had to wear those signs saying they wouldn't fight/flirt anymore? I think maybe Kin had one too saying he wouldn't destroy things? Well, if he didn't, this artist completed the set. The best one was for Deneb though: HE MADE A SIGN FOR HIMSELF. And there's this chibi Yuuto in the background going "wear this one!" and it says " I won't put shiitake in food anymore." OMG LOLZ.

Also in the mixi Den-O comm, the intro right below mine (liberal translation):
Hello! I'm joining this comm for the sake of my 2 year old son... is what I'd like to say, but I love Den-O too (^^)

Yeah, Toei, you just keep going with those plans of yours. Because, take it from this 18-30 year old woman: Demographic GET.

P.S. As always, the offer is open to invite any and all peoples to mixi.

See, I was going to write this post today because I had Something Else I wanted to discuss, and it was going to be long, and I needed to keep yesterday's short, so I thought I'd break it up. BUT NOW I'VE WRITTEN SUCH A LONG POST ALREADY.

Also, you may have noticed, I was possessed of the will to update FAB even though it is not my day. And OMG SO MUCH STUFF. Actually, I guess it's like this a lot, I just never notice because I pick it up on Tuesday, and two days *should* have lots of activity, right? *shrug*

It also occurs to me that there must be some component of the fandom to whom I'm just this weirdo who brings their news to them. Like Spiderman. That makes me sad.

Of course, instead of being sad, I could figure out WHAT TO PUT IN THIS STUPID DOCUMENT! Blergh.
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Y Hallo There, Internets.


I have done many things recently. I educated my mother on the Internets (she has a long way to go, but she's trying). I went food shopping (SO MANY KINDS OF RAMEN). I got moar DVDs and an S-VIDEO CABLE (finally; I need it for the super sekrit J-House activity plan).

But, most importantly, I watched Den-O 47 )

There is something else I wish to discuss with you, Internets. Specifically, with my Internets fandom friends. Because you see, I was reading this article on seme/uke structures, but since it is on JournalFen I cannot comment, and, well, I think I need a little discussion on the topic.

Stereotyped Relationships in Our Fandom )


Dec. 28th, 2007 08:54 am
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So, I'm posting a comment in this journal, and I scroll up to look at the entry, then back down again quickly. At the top of the comment it says Comment Form. ...Stop me if you know where this is going. Initial thought, "Is that a form of Den-O?" YEAH, YOU THOUGHT IT TOO, DON'T LIE. I AM NOT A SAD, SAD PERSON WITH NO LIFE.

Anyway, Christmas in three scenes:

Brother: I wonder if I have a shirt to go over this...
Me: ...Don't you mean under?
Brother: No! Don't you know anything about fashion?
Me: Unless it's on a Japanese boy band or a woman, nope, sorry.
Brother: They have good fashion sense. I'd like to dress like them.
Me: ME TOO!!
[Easy Cheese in my stocking]
Me: [Internally] WIN!
Brother: EASY CHEESE!!!!!!
Mother: I'm glad someone liked it.
Me: I do!
Mother: I thought to myself, if I put this in my daughter's stocking, it will end up on her LiveJournal. It's notable.
Me: It will.
Dad: Did you put make-up on?
Me: ...Yes?
Dad: Good!
Me: ...?? (Note: I've been wearing make-up on occasion for at least four years, including everyday I've gone to work.)
Dad: It's part of being a young woman.
Me: How about it's something I can do or not do as a choose.
Mother: You are so lucky I didn't die when you were like 10 and had only him to guide you.

Other than that: My video card is dying, and it makes me upset. Also, I received MANY books for Christmas AND The Search for Spock.

Let me tell you something about The Search for Spock: The guy who plays the first officer of the Excelsior? ALSO PLAYED SHAN-YU! FINALLY, MY BELOVED STAR TREK AND MY BELOVED MULAN HAVE COMBINED!!

But today I am back at work. Blergh, and yet not. I got quite a bit done, but the problem with that is that now i have to do this DOCUMENT. I HATE DOCUMENTS.

...Also I think Matt (was he otherboyintern or otherotherboyintern? The one I like as opposed to the creepy ones) is making fun of my made up organizations >| Just a misunderstanding; they were actually making him laugh.

Anyway, coming back to work now as oppose to January is good because I only have to work two days this week and four the next. Only one full week of work this time! WIN!

Also, SEE THAT TITLE? JTEXT AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, OMGEEZ, did anyone watch Jeopardy! last night??? The categories: "We are Young" "Heartache to Heartache" "We Stand" "No Promises, No Demands" "'Love' is a Battlefield" "Yeah, it was the 80's"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came in between "heartache" and "we stand", and I started laughing into the couch (I was on my stomach), and my dad was like "...???", and my mom was like "You are dumb. These are the lyrics to 'Love is a Battlefield'." And, of course, the question to the first answer was "Who is Pat Benetar?" XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Also, my parents don't know who Alton Brown is. It's like Jack Davenport ALL OVER AGAIN. Luckily, I'm sure Rachel has an Alton Brown poster I can borrow :P

Sushi from Safeway? No, no, I think not.

Also? Disturbing.

This is getting kind of long to have no cut, so I'd either better start talking about fandom things or just post it...
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So, to everyone who celebrates: Merry Christmas!

Man, I just realized, I was going to go to midnight Mass because, you know, AWAKE, but I forgot to tell my parents and I dunno if they're going or what... Also, they would not appreciate me just leaving in the middle of the night. Saa. Guess I'm getting up for 8AM tomorrow... BLERGH.

But, but, but. Positive things.

A) I do not believe it, but I won 1st place this week at [ profile] toku_icontest! It's probably just because everyone was too busy to put a lot of time into their icons this week, but. もうひとつの夢が叶えた! 皆さん、これからも応援してくれてね☆

B) You are not going to BELIEVE this show, but Princess Princess D has not only Takeru (Ryoutarou) and Channaka (Yuuto), BUT ALSO KAI. It's like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? The world of dramas is very small, isn't it?

C) HYAKUNEN NO MONOGATARI IS ON CRUNCHY ROLL!! I *seriously* love this drama, so you should all go see it! It's about woman, her daughter, and her great-granddaughter as their story stretches out over the 20th century (hence the title). It's really interesting from a historical perspective, particularly the American Occupation part I thought, but of course it's also a drama, so. No, really, I'm so excited about this. GO WATCH IT!

Well, I think I'm going to update my "dramas seen" list. Original

This table is, in fact, kind of huge. )

And, finally, November and December's icon post (week 14's happenings won't be until the new year, I realized), as well as a happy(?) surprise.

Ahoy! )

In closing, I wish you all the best of tidings!

ھ the otp meme ھ

C'mon, you know you want to.

P.S. [ profile] nekokaze is not a valid answer, Kate, try to be more creative please.


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