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So, I had another nightmare last night. I think it has to do with the fact that there is a JERK on the INTERNET whom I don't want to link to because A) he will make you sad, and B) jerks don't deserve more internet traffic. So instead of being :/ at the jerk and my parent's insensitive comments; WELCOME HOME, I thought I would respond to this post instead (WARNING: The background gif is kind of disturbing; I will try to include all relevant parts of the question in my response, so hopefully you won't have to go there if you don't want to), because I always love meta about asexuality and writing and writing asexuality.

Describing the Elephant: How I handle character's sexualities when I write )

And now, I will go back to be anti-social/borderline sick/depressed/useless :Db
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Title: Unadorned (素)
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Characters: Hidari Shoutarou, Philip, Narumi Akiko, bits of Terui Ryuu and the Fuuto Irregulars
Word Count: 2,278
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Kamen Rider W belongs to Toei. This is a not-for-profit derivative work with no connection to Toei, and no infringement is intended.
Summary: Shoutarou would be anyone for Philip, but who he wants to be most is himself.
Warnings: SPOILERS for the end/epilogue of W, and, kind of, the new movie(?) (If you haven't seen the movie, you wouldn't even notice them). Contains characters expressing mild homophobia, mild violence (Akiko), manhandling, sexual themes(?).
Author's Notes: Set not long after the epilogue, but before the movie. When I write, I can sort of see it in the TV of my head, and this is written in a spare sort of style (I'd rather it be a doujin, but I can't draw), so I'd advise you to do the same. Shoutarou always sits on the left because dude's friggin' name is "left" for pete's sake.

Unadorned (素) )


May. 8th, 2010 11:51 am
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Yatome 3 )
Variety )

Title: Zankan (残寒)
Fandom: Yamada Tarou Monogatari (JDrama)
Characters: Mimura Takuya, Yamada Tarou, Ikegami Takako, Mimura Seiichi, Isogai, Various Yamadas, OFC
Word Count: 1,279
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: YamaTaro belongs to TBS and Ai Morinaga, not me.
Summary: It's right, or it's wrong, or maybe it's both or neither. Tarou/Takuya, Takuya/OFC
Author's Notes: I've had this written for at least 6 months, but I haven't posted it because I really have no idea if this makes any sense at all, particularly due to my apparent inability to tell a story in a linear fashion. [ profile] vintage_belle suggests it may need a "sequel" from Tarou's point of view, but, I guess we'll see.

Zankan )
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Lalalaaaaaaaa I haven't posted anything in EVER.

Happy January Birthdays?


I also went to Nagano this weekend, which means ONE PREFECTURE LEFT. I'm excited. Especially because I will get to LOOK UP AND SEE MOUNT FUJI.

And ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, yeah, I bought the Shinken photobook/Double Character book because I am WEAK. (More because I want Hero/Heroine Vision and I can never find it so I buy other things to pull me out of my depression). Does anyone know if they've been translated? Because man, there are some short interviews at the back that would take me ten second and would bring the lolz. (Although, Shogo's handwriting is kind of illegible maybe I should reconsider that)

Yay Asexual fandom!

And Hello, New V6 friends! I would make cheesy V6 jokes since I just went to Nagano, but I kind of used them all while I was up there (^^;)
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W 9 )
Kuuga 27-49 (End) )
Blade 1 )
New Zealand Soap Opera 80-82 )

I also watched some of Arashi's variety appearances, and Jun on HaneTobi was GOLD. I love how he was right, but he had the STUPIDEST reasons for being right. Oh Jun ♥
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Dear [ profile] beckerbell,

I don't know if you've seen Geki v. Go-On, but at 1:25 in, I already know you will agree with me that it is the best thing ever.



Go-On v. Geki* the other 50 minutes. )

Okay, so, in other news, things that nearly made me cry:

New Zealand Soap Opera 75-79 )

Um, I also wanted to say something about some being WRONG on the internet *gasp* )
Sorry, maybe I am a little angry.

Anyway, um, I'm seriously about this close to DESTROYING Toshiba. It took them 3 1/2 weeks to find out the hard drive was bad (the 1.5 month old hard drive!!), they had to call to confirm that I wouldn't mind losing the data even though I TOLD THEM EXPRESSLY IN WRITING IT WAS FINE, and now it's been three days and still no word. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REPLACE A HARD DRIVE?

*deep breath*

Just think of the train cafe. Tiny trains ♥
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I am going to tell you something I'm sure you will find shocking, utterly shocking:

I am not prepared for the kanji kentei that's in a week.


I mean, I'm certainly *better off*. But for a test you need a 70% to pass, uh, yeah, no.

Anyway. [ profile] vintage_belle came and stayed and we went to ikebana class and a doll store and I bought several phone straps and ate Wendy's and KFC and finally went back to BookOff to get me some HikaGen.

I of course bask in love and adoration from my students. Even if I did have a problem with Takano-sensei last week that had me ready to destroy things. I *did* get to complain about having to learn HSJ, but no sooner did I get 9(!) of them right, they asked me about B.I. Shadow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY orz We started a reading-writing club for kids who wanted to come. I've been kind of surprised at the turnout! Exciting~

I've also tried to get better at kendama, because I'm seriously fail. Although, given I have that test in a week, maybe I should spend the time practicing *kanji*...

Anyway, I'm sorry, I remain unmotivated to write *anything*, even though I really do want to.

I did clean my entire apartment, at least? It was way hardcore.

...Okay, I'm going to bed.

Me: [Eats squid]
2-3: どう?
Me: 味がない。
2-3: 鯵がなかったら、買ってあげる。 :P
Me: *facepalm*

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Blah blah no one wants to read this, probably not even *you*, Staubs. )
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Oh, New Zealand Soap Opera! I give you way too little credit sometimes.

Shortland Street 24-25 + Asexy Stuff )

Go-On 33 )

Nothing exciting happened in Chinese class, either, aside from me realizing that 机 is the simplified 機, which means it is not a desk. (Laoshi: This is wrong. Me: No, it's Japanese. Laoshi: Where does it say desk? Me: [Points] It says it right here. Me: [Thinking] Not like you can read it. Laoshi: That's strange.)

In conclusion, way to many articles, way too little time:

MISS (Aiba)
Baoa (Jun)
SEDA (Nino)

Fineboys (Nino)
...V6 on Channel a? :D?

Follow up with that V6 article that I may have to just translate

Wish me luck.

Soredewa, Lunch with co-workers! :D
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You guys! I won the solicitation! Which means I am now proud holder of the ~crown~ :P (It's on my cow.)

Chinese test was fine, although I did forget how to say "repeat after me." It was a weird test, though, b/c the questions would be, like, the same. I know it's only a chapter's worth of material, but. Also, who holds class after a test? Like, I guess she didn't want us studying through the lesson, but. Geez.

I watched a lot of news! I'm... tempted to cut it, but, can you have spoilers for news?

Firstly, Sho told me about the recall election that I guess Japan is actually having? For those not paying attention, in a repeat of Abe (why would you copy Abe?), Fukuda bugged out earlier this month, leaving Japan trying to find a new PM. Aso was mentioned. Of course. (This is his third or fourth bit for LDP head and, by extension, PM.) But he actually did it this time! And at first I was all ":/" but then! Sho tells me elections will be on October 3rd, and the LDP is in really bad shape, so it's possible Aso will only be Prime Minister for nine days. I would laugh SO HARD, you guys. There were also lots of graphics explaining how you dissolve the House of Representatives, who the other failures at PM were (four other PMs who all served for a double-digit number of days), and the cute names for dissolutions in the past, such as the "You're Stupid" one in 1953. Apparently they all have cute names, so Sho asked Murao to come up with one for this dissolution, but it was LAME. (Sho is also going to be getting a text from his mom about messing up :P) Also, apparently, something about Japan's food being poisoned? The uploader only put Sho's part up, so I only got the commentary on that, and the Beeb didn't say anything.

Next, Jon Stewart informed me about OMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TREASURY'S BAIL OUT BILL. I JUST. CAN YOU. NON-REVIEWABLE???? The US Gov. is SERIOUSLY SCARY recently. (The scarier part is that the Today Show had two senators on to talk about why the opposed the bill and neither mentioned that was in the bill.) Also, Bill Clinton was on! I don't really... have... an opinion on Bill Clinton. Which I guess is because, he's new enough that there isn't much in the way of "lookbacks", and so all my info comes from what people say and what I remember from the news growing up, which was mostly about his sex scandal(s?). But anyway, it was a good interview, I really did think so.

And finally, the Today Show told me it is vitally important that I convince my parents to vote for Obama, because apparently McCain can't with without Virginia(?) They went to Williamsburg, so it was linked on [ profile] william_mary (which was the only reason I watched it). What was hilarious was, most everyone had a McCain or Obama sign but one guy had a WARNER sign. Just. What. Nobody cares about Senate elections!! Also, I don't even know who he's *running against*, and I literally just looked it up in Wikipedia. That's how much it's not even an issue. The Today Show also told be about some woman who's toddler is "missing" (but she apparently probably killed her), Palin (ugh) and the French First Lady be-bopping around New York, and Clay Aiken coming out, which, aside from me having already heard from [ profile] metaquotes (Your source for news!), I thought, wasn't he the A one? ALAS.

Now, yesterday, I watched Go-On 31 and New Zealand Soap Opera, which, it was really interesting, because as a woman, it had me reacting very differently to kind of the same thing.
No, please, tell me about this apparently selective feminist lens )

I also saw the new Ryuusei no Kizuna CM, and I am reminded of those roles Nino *used* to play. You know, the crazy serious overdramatic people? SEE: Ao no Honoo, Akimahende, the beginning of Namida wo Fuite, Abunai Houkago. So, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what he does with it *now*, now that he's had so much more experience, if it does indeed turn out to be that way. And, um, also three new interviews can out and I might have to translate them. orz. At least I can't do the one where Ryo calls Nino a cloud and Nino marvels at how Ryo gets along with Jun, because there aren't may people outside Arashi who can deal with him because the words are cut off. Even if I do find it hilarious Ryo accuses Nino of being popular with the ladies, and Nino being like "huh??" (It's the magic.) Or how Nino scares Ryo a little before informing him, don't worry, I won't be like Nagase. Or Nino reading idol magazines to get info about Ryo. ...Basically Nino is very awesome, and I would be very scared if I were Ryo. But I'm not, so :D:D:D

This is going to be a GRATE drama :D:D:D

I may be going to DTRA for a meeting tomorrow. I REALLY hope not.
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I'm sorry for the two entries so close to each other, but this is a very important question:

And I will get these other short things no one cares about out of the way )

Also, I have my microphone out, so I guess it's a good a time as any to do that voice post meme. Urgh, can't find it, guess I'll have to make it up:

Give me a topic and I will make a "voicepost" about it :D
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Well, since Go-Onger 18 is TAKING ITS SWEET TIME loading, I suppose I should start writing about my massive watchings.

Maou 11 (end) )
HnA, VSA, DnA )
Gekiranger 26-49 (End) + Movie )
Go-Onger 4-17 )

Other things:
-Got Chinese text support! Kind of at a loss for how to use it... But 老师 has promised us a tutorial, so I'm not too worried.
-Speaking of my computer, it keeps downloading trojans every ten minutes? I'm not too terribly worried, because my virus scan promptly catches them and puts them in the SLAMMER, but I think this must be symptomatic of some larger problem...

Chinese, Day 6 )

And for those of you on Twitter, you may have noticed that I mentioned Gekiranger distracted me from ranting about my father. I don't really... Obviously I'm not as upset now as I was four days ago, but, you know, I just *knew* he didn't actually get the asexuality thing.

So apparently asexuals can't love. )

I also worked really hard yesterday, guys. See what withholding the finale of a drama from yourself can do? :P
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AH! My new office is so awesome! We have a door to the balcony and climate control and I got the back part of the office. <3<3<3

New Zealand Soap Opera )
Maou 10 )
KCE World Series )
YasuKen 8 )
CnA )
GeI, VSA, old Utabans, &c. )

I've been wanting to do a meme for a while now... So, here are all the "you-comment-I-respond" memes that appeared on my flist in the last 500 entries. (That would be back to August 25th.) Pick one! Pick all! But don't pick none, because there is nothing sadder than a meme with no answers. Which is why I'm giving you 7 choices.

7 Memes )

In other news, I got a twitter, mostly because I think I will either not use it OR abuse it mercilessly. Experiment GO! If you want to risk you sanity, please feel free (same username b/c I am creative), but. As a sample, first entry will be: I am being driven slowly insane by "Gimmick Game". Or rather, the second entry, as I believe I am obligated to make some kind of first entry first. *shrugs.
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I told myself I wasn't going to talk about this anymore for a while, because I... am weird about what I percieve to be people's expectations of me. But then this post appeared in [ profile] asexuality, and now I feel kind of sick.

Cut because of length/irrelevance to life )

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think *someone* won a race and *I* am going to go be excited over that.
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[ profile] capncosmo: Bringing you the Issues that matter to me.

Asexuality! And, Autism! And also, pr0n? Bonus: Writing Asexual Characters~ )

Last night I made noodles, but they were a pretty big failure. Alas.

AnS 97 )
TSD, Namida wo Fuite 3-4 )


[ profile] megthelegend mentioned in an entry (see [ profile] finalauraburst, I'm too lazy to link) that "if everyone was writing Minesweeper slash, she would too." Not that she knew what that would entail. So.... Have some crack?

Skip to the end of this entry

EDIT: I changed the title to be ZONE lyrics (^^)v

They're starcrossed lovers! )

Do you realize that to the numbers in Minesweeper, the mouse must look like a Star Destroyer?

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Dear New Zealand Soap Opera,

Things you do not do: OUT YOUR BOYFRIEND TO HIS PARENTS. Especially when his mom is a crazy person. Geez.

No love,

P.S. Telling them to go Google it was A++++++++++, though :D

Articles: Aiba and Jun + Preview )

So.... I watched some stuff last night, but all I really got is:

Subaru: [Makes unintelligible noises]
Brother: [From the next room] What is wrong with that guy?
Me: Good question.

Instead! Macros! Of old internets memes! Because I'm *really tired* after that FAB entry, OMGeez. (Also, I did actual work today!)

The best part about these macros, is that I only had to translate the first one. )

In conclusion: Why is everyone watching Gaoranger all of the sudden????
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So. Who's taking the JLPT with me? C'mon, you know you want to. And, for some extra-special historical flavor: it's on December 7th! It will be a magical three hours!

WALL-E (non-spoiler review) )
WALL-E (thoughts) )

Dear Beloved Flist,

As much as I appreciate the effort, you guys are missing my point. I am not looking for you to write prompts from my wishlist. I am looking for you to give me prompts to save me from having to write my wishlist. Which, granted, is still me wanting something from you, but. Stop being overachievers! :P



Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? Finale )
Hokaben Finale )
K8+TOKIO=Hilarity )
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In doing FAB today, there was this Kabuto fic, and I mention it only because it's someone new and on, so I was wary, but it's not half bad, so. Take it as you will.

Also, in doing FAB, I felt great gratitude towards [ profile] mariko_azrael for marking her fic properly and not making me go look up all the Jetmen's last names. THANK YOU, MARIKO ♥

Gakkou e Ikou MAX )
Daidaman 2 )

Someone interrupted me in the middle of DASH, though, so I don't know if any of them made it to Ise Shrine within 3000 steps (although it wasn't looking good for Leader, and Taichi was getting dangerously low, too). ALAS. ALSO, Leader was all natsukashii'd over Nara, but I did not see a single deer. I THOUGHT NARA WA SHIKA DE YUUMEI DESU. WHY YOU GOTTA LIE TO ME, TIM-SENSEI??

Also, updated my One Love translation for what (should be) the last time, seeing as the single insert deviated substantially from the scan I originally used. About the single: The paper was really nice! I haven't watched the DVD yet (although I hear there's nothing much on it), but. I like paper :D Also the paper in "It's My Soul" (one single does not free shipping make) is really neat and SHINY. Also, I knew about the nota!woman on the inside of the insert thanks to MS (the reason I decided on this single), but the back was hilarious too! If you're not familiar with cover, you can see it here. The obi has the back of a "woman" running away, so it looks like they're chasing after "her" with the gifts, but on the back you can see all of them looking depressed (BECAUSE THEY GOT REJECTED LOL), and Ryo has dropped one of the ice cream cones and you can totally tell it's plastic. Lesson: girls want real ice cream!

So... The other night, my dad (as usual) wanted me to "meet people" because apparently my internets friends aren't good enough since I don't actually "know them" and/or they could be "deceiving me." OKAY, FRIENDS LIST, COUGH UP THE SOCK PUPPETS. DON'T THINK I CAN'T SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES. So, let's have some tl;dr thoughts/almost a rant, shall we?

The best thing about coming out is now I can be righteously indignant when he maligns my friendships. )

And OMG did you see this/this?? This is scary.
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Application: T minus 8 days )

Also yesterday, I went to the H and eel was on sale!! They were also having a time sale, and something insane in me wanted to participate, but... I didn't even need ground pork/beef. I would have used Shishou Ikegami's technique, though (take it in advance and go back for the sticker).

I am probably going to Boston next weekend. This is exciting, if INCREDIBLY RECKLESS. More on this story as it develops.

I really wish my best friend would stop asking me to marry her, because every time I am more and more tempted to call her bluff, except she would call mine, and it would end in a trip to Canada because we are both too proud to back out. (Or, actually, California, because I *really* like San Diego and I think that would be a nice place to get married.) And, really, 20 is to young for her to marry her best friend just because whatever. Also, I would get tired of endlessly explaining that she is straight and I am A and we are just married because she is insane and I am reckless. Because I think being married might give some people the wrong idea about us. Just a little. AND I don't think it would help The Cause at all, which is reason enough not to do it. GEEZ KATE.

Even though the only people I've heard from are people who already love Boukenger, it's this or my applications; like *that's* a choice.

Boukenger! You should watch it! )

In related news, TOMALICIOUS RELEASED THE HANAKIMI SPECIAL. You know, the one in which they all argue over who was the awesomest toku actor. Words cannot express my love for it, really. Well, and HanaKimi, because where else can you get two Kamen Riders, two Rangers, and an Ultraman? (And I hear two have gone on to be in Kiva and one in Go-Onger.) Besides Gokusen or WATERBOYS, I mean. AND APPARENTLY YAMAMOTO YUUSUKE CRIES A LOT. <3<3<3<3<3<3 (I wonder, if I rewatched Kabuto, would my love of Yamamoto Yuusuke overcome my dislike of Tsurugi?)
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Meme from the flist )


Who wants to write number 20?? HUH HUH, WHO?? Oh, wait, that would be me. WHO'S WRITING NUMBER TWENTY ONE???

(P.S. I really liked eighteen, too, but I think she may still be working on it?)

Title: Five Arrangements: A Love Stories
Fandom: Yamada Tarou Monogatari (JDrama)
Characters: Mimura Takuya, Mimura Seiichi, Yamada Tarou, Isogai
Word Count: 1,180
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: YamaTaro belongs to TBS and Ai Morinaga, not me.
Summary: Takuya is lost when it comes to his two most important people. Tarou/Takuya & Takuya+Grandpa Mimura
Author's Notes: kadou = flower arranging seiza = formal sitting position Thank you to [ profile] lillianloop for reading this in advance! I have a lot to say about the structure of the story, but I don't think you care; feel free to ask me if you do.

Five Arrangements: A Love Stories )


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