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Another season has come and gone, and as we look to the next one, let us take a minute and update this gigantic drama list.

Dramas Seen List )
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Things that are upsetting:

  1. The questions in French/German/Chinese on the past entrance exams. I really don't think I could teach myself French AND German while taking Chinese and studying for the JLPT. ALAS.

  2. The fact that it's unclear which parts of that exam I'd even have to take.

  3. The fact that I'm not allowed to take the "foreign language" exam in English.

  4. The fact that the two exam dates I could find out are at opposite ends of February.

  5. The fact that the document I *hated* last summer is coming back to me AGAIN.

  6. The fact that one of my work tasks is to spoonfeed info to people because they are too lazy to read the document we wrote and linked to in big letters on the first page.

  7. The fact that I forgot to do FAB yesterday...

Things that are awesome:

  1. The fact that I am getting so much better at reading thanks to those articles.

  2. The fact that I'd been trying to remember "sesquipedalian" for, like, a week, and it was the word of the day today.

  3. The fact that Sho is ♡.

  4. The fact that there is curry for dinner.

  5. The fact that CSS can number a list in hiragana in the iroha order :P

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So. Who's taking the JLPT with me? C'mon, you know you want to. And, for some extra-special historical flavor: it's on December 7th! It will be a magical three hours!

WALL-E (non-spoiler review) )
WALL-E (thoughts) )

Dear Beloved Flist,

As much as I appreciate the effort, you guys are missing my point. I am not looking for you to write prompts from my wishlist. I am looking for you to give me prompts to save me from having to write my wishlist. Which, granted, is still me wanting something from you, but. Stop being overachievers! :P



Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? Finale )
Hokaben Finale )
K8+TOKIO=Hilarity )
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So, something weird happened on yesterday's AnS, and I'd like to discuss it. I've been talking about the Japanese language a *lot* recently, haven't I? )

MY APPLICATION IS DONE! Well, except for the fact that I don't have my LoR from my boss even though I asked for them by yesterday. BUT I DID ALL MY STUFF XDXDXD I can only hope they won't DQ for the copy of my diploma I'm sending instead of the real thing. ACTUALLY, I was looking at Waseda's requirements, and they want one, too. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL, JAPAN.

I also emailed the post office, except it bounced, so I called them and left a VM. *sigh*

So tomorrow I go to Boston! This is exciting but also kind of freaking me out because I'm not prepared at all. OH WELL.

And! I updated my One Love translation, so all those kanjis should be correct now. I *also* learned how to furigana, which was fun. Wheeee.
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HEY. WHO HAS HEARD THE WORD DIPSET BEFORE? My brother informs me it is slang, but I told him none of the cool kids (read: people on the internets) were saying it, so.

You guys. I miss Kabuto. I mean, I know they jerked us around and teased us and dropped plotlines and confused us and never really resolved anything and expected us still to love them anyway, but time has a way of blurring all that and leaving me only with the joy of Tsurugi being dumb and Daisuke and Renge and Tendo and TADOKORO-SAN and MISAKI and KAGAMI. But I really don't have *time* to re-watch it. (;_;) And, I suppose, I did get a little bit with my Hokaben/Zettai Kareshi double header a couple of weeks ago. (If only I was watching Puzzle too... NO! NO, YOU MAY NOT WATCH PUZZLE OR OSEN OR ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL THE SEASON IS OVER.)

I *did* go to the wiki and read the episode title list to get the events straight, though, because I was all like, "so Dark Kabuto is like, here have some red shoes. No, wait, he... kidnaps Hiyori? Wait, wait, wait. Reina... kidnaps Hiyori? And gives her to Dark Kabuto? ...They were on the same side?? But she's... not a Native. Isn't Dark Kabuto a Native? Wait, but we don't know about Natives until the red shoes, which is... after... GAH." I think I've got it mostly sorted in my head. But, hey, man, two seasons ago is a LONG TIME ago.

Although, it would be a good chance for me to get some more caps since I've been living off the same 10 episodes for [ profile] toku_icontest, and now that all the pending banners are up, I have to do more work if I want any more. (;_;)

Speaking of things that abuse you and expect you to love them anyway, let's talk about OMG LAST FRIENDS 7 )
Top Sales 1-3 )
Ryokiteki na Kanojo 3 )
Muri na Renai 7 )
Zettai Kareshi 6 )
Arashi blah )
Daidaman a.k.a. Name that Sentai Theme )

...What else did I promise you people? Oh, right. Well, to cut off the one: I did edit a fic this weekend. It wasn't the Den-O one. Sorry. I forgot to send it here.

Ah, ah, I'm feeling all nervous and bad and shaky just talking to the doctor's answering machine. PULL IT TOGETHER MAN.

Okay, in the absence of dorky Arashi videos, I know a sure fire way to cheer myself up: BABBLE ABOUT STUFF.

'Masculinity' and 'Femininity' in the US and Japan )

Lastly: As you may or may not know, marquee is not a real, recognized tag. This is sad, because who doesn't want one of these??


(Neither is blink guys, sorry to disappoint. *cough*text-decoration: blink;*cough*)


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First day at work! Exciting!

Although, I'm really, really tired right now, and I haven't even done much work. DX Probably from all the hellos and the forms.

Second day of work! Boring!

Although, I did get my dentist appointment rescheduled and all my forms turned in and my doctor's appointment...

(I'm kind of seriously freaking out, now, though, because I found out I need blood work done. AND I'm going to have to make a phone call to the doctor to see if she won't schedule my chest x-ray in advance, which is just wreaking havoc on my social anxiety there.)

AND I finally got my replies to Hiro and Asami done! Even though, the wa-puro I'm using leaves MUCH to be desired. Like, for example, KATAKANA.

Anyway, you don't care about that. You probably don't even care about all the dramas I'm about to tell you about.

Ryokiteki na Kanojo 1 )
Zettai Kareshi 5 )
Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 6 )
Gokusen 3 5 )
VS Arashi 6 (I certainly didn't translate the entire episode...) )

I really wish someone would teach me how to sub so my translations could go to good use.

I'm also renaming my dumplings. What to, you ask?


Yeah, I learned how to do the sparklies just for this. 文句ある??? >|
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二十歳です! はたちです! ハタチです~‼ *<(*^-')ノ☆お;:*め:;☆:で☆;と:*:;う☆ヽ('-^*)>*ご★ざ:*い:;☆ま※す>o('ー'*)>*

EDIT: ...21歳になってしまいました(-_-;)
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So, to everyone who celebrates: Merry Christmas!

Man, I just realized, I was going to go to midnight Mass because, you know, AWAKE, but I forgot to tell my parents and I dunno if they're going or what... Also, they would not appreciate me just leaving in the middle of the night. Saa. Guess I'm getting up for 8AM tomorrow... BLERGH.

But, but, but. Positive things.

A) I do not believe it, but I won 1st place this week at [ profile] toku_icontest! It's probably just because everyone was too busy to put a lot of time into their icons this week, but. もうひとつの夢が叶えた! 皆さん、これからも応援してくれてね☆

B) You are not going to BELIEVE this show, but Princess Princess D has not only Takeru (Ryoutarou) and Channaka (Yuuto), BUT ALSO KAI. It's like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? The world of dramas is very small, isn't it?

C) HYAKUNEN NO MONOGATARI IS ON CRUNCHY ROLL!! I *seriously* love this drama, so you should all go see it! It's about woman, her daughter, and her great-granddaughter as their story stretches out over the 20th century (hence the title). It's really interesting from a historical perspective, particularly the American Occupation part I thought, but of course it's also a drama, so. No, really, I'm so excited about this. GO WATCH IT!

Well, I think I'm going to update my "dramas seen" list. Original

This table is, in fact, kind of huge. )

And, finally, November and December's icon post (week 14's happenings won't be until the new year, I realized), as well as a happy(?) surprise.

Ahoy! )

In closing, I wish you all the best of tidings!

ھ the otp meme ھ

C'mon, you know you want to.

P.S. [ profile] nekokaze is not a valid answer, Kate, try to be more creative please.
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最初に言っておく: If you don't speak Japanese, I know it'll be difficult, but wait for the subs on this one, folks. Really.

Den-O 46 )

Den-O Special Talk )

Don't leave me, Den-O ;_______________________;


Um, so, I did a [ profile] 10variations, but I can't post it in the comm yet, and I want something with a time stamp. I *was* going to do the bimonthly icon post early, but Week 12's results aren't out, and I ended up being really bored and making icons for Week 13 too... Anyway:

My OT3 is lost in the desert!! )
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Since I have two take-home tests and a paper to do, I thought I'd make a logical compliment to the Kamen Rider Friending Meme:

The Sentai Friending Meme
I... have no sparkles. I'm sorry.

Let's all make new friends! Or, at least, let me know what ice cream flavor you are :P

And don't forget to check out the fandom newsletter for all your Tokusatsu needs!! [ profile] finalauraburst!!

EDIT: Dudes, I'm just, like, friending everyone. So.
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So. Much of nothing. Except that EVERYONE IS LEAVING ME and also MY STUPID COMPUTER WON'T PLAY MY CARRANGER. No, seriously, VEXATION. On the plus side, I finally burned a lot of DVDs and therefore can watch things on the TV in the lounge. It's *amazing*

Went to see "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... SUPERMAN!" on Friday, mostly out of duty to my best friend (who was, of course, very amazing and moving and in-tune and broke many legs). For those wondering what the play was like, mentally revise Superman into the 60's Batman TV show, add more music, and there you go. I give them points for sticking with the 60's theme, although I'm not sure they had a real choice. Anyway, the breakout star was very clearly Abner, the mad scientist. No, seriously. He was *amazing*. I'm glad I went.

Also, we got ボゲル to read Snarry. Well, I should say, Lindsay did. I got him to read "The Way We Get By" by [ profile] mistful, because I adore Maya and also it is not full of explicit gay lovin' like Lindsay's DIRTY DIRTY SNARRY. Or explicit het, for that matter. Basically just awesome all around. GO READ IT.

In other news, I watched Swing Girls for the first time. It was very much like I expected, but also MIKAMI WAS IN IT. I was like, "...HOWHAT??" Yeah. It was fun, I liked it.

Den-O 38 )
Atlantis: Doppelganger )

And, finally, I am surprised by this, but I have been winning things in [ profile] toku_icontest. So, please excuse the awards/resources post that is upcoming. Ive been thinking about it for a while so as to clean up my user info, but now with two new banners (at least), I think it deserves a post and a cut of its own.

Also, the lesson I learned but could not tell you about earlier: DO NOT MAKE TRANSPARENCIES OF PEOPLE WITH COMPLICATED HAIR (read: Mele). OMGeez, that was horrifying. Also, the stars in this week's were a MAJOR PAIN to cap (Yes, I capped them from the Deka ending. I am crazy and/or foolish, I know). No, seriously. Does anyone have a better program than VLC to use?

I leave you with: おしりかじり虫 (The Bottom Biting Bug) has moved up to #7 on the Japanese charts.

EDIT: How did I forget? Scheduling! )

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So, yeah. Cleaned some stuff. Read that book. Saw Transformers. )

Anyway, who's ready for a fun work story in which I inadvertantly destroy a marriage?

So, you all know I'm making phone calls. I'm in the middle of a list of an even thousand at the moment, and dragging myself into work at o'dark thirty so I can hit as many voicemails as possible and just *get through it* (Which explains my odd LJ posts; I *have* to sleep when I get home, and it is my custom to spend nights reading.) Anyway, we're making sure no one needs help registering for our conference. It's a matchmaking conference for small businesses and larger businesses so the small guys can find a larger company who needs something like they're developing. Anyway, this morning I had this conversation:

Me: *schpeel*
Woman: Well, I can take a message for [guy I was trying to call].
Me: *assumes she is his secretary* *continues schpeel*
Woman: So what is this thing.
Me: Well, it's a matchmaking conference--
Woman: [angrily] This is his wife. I don't think he's interested.
Me: ??? Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't--
Woman: *click*
--Ten Minutes Later--
Me: Oh! She thought--!!

So, yes, I am a HOMEWRECKER. I hope that guy didn't get into trouble...

So, I feel the urge to write meta. On being a writer and how *weird* it is. )
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So, apparently I have to call a million billion* people to get them to come to this conference thing because the hosting agency did not do their job and send out the invitations. And I'm just one of six callers. Saa.

*Actually more like 7 hundreds of

Also, the family friends with the chibichans are temporarily back in the country and coming to visit us today/tommorrow. I'm hoping Rosie has outgrown the incessantly trying to brush my hair phase. She should be in middle school by now, I think.

Poll for everyone in the Toku fandom )
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Well, I got on mixi for the first time in months, and what awaited me but news of a Tokyo Bathhouse explosion. Fuki said she walked past the bathhouse on her way to school. Tragic.

In happier thoughts, Ga'arth, the Klingon Fashion Designer!

So, today I found out has stopped offering International Economy shipping. On one hand, this is bad, because International express is more expensive, and shipping is already riddiculous. But on the other hand this is good because a) it will only take 2-5 days, and b) they changed because each package has a tracking number so they can keep better tabs on stuff. Which is, you know, good because who wants the post office to eat their mail?

Also, in case you cared, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie is on sale for $5 and is part of the 4-for-3 promotion. Just. Sayin'.

So, been reading news of the Beeb. (Is that how you spell it?) Anyway, I found this article which interviewed 3 Chinese teenagers and 2 Japanese teenagers about what they were taught about WWII. For a country who's textbooks are so "wrong," I find it interesting both Japanese students said they thought Japan was the bad guy in the war. And for a country so interested in the "truth," I find it interesting all three Chinese students were fixated on how they were taught Japan was "bad." Of course, here they go making things worse...

Review time! Impulse: Reckless Youth )

Flash: Rogues )

Flash: Ignition )

In which I revise my three-year academic plan. Again. For the LAST TIME. )
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An entry! An entry, I say!

Well, good news: I posted. w00t for me. I have to post again tomorrow and then make Kate post, but.

I backed up my hard drive. This was a long and horrendous process.

I reread HBP. And I realized it's printed plainly in the book that Snape isn't evil. B/c Hagrid overhears this conversation where Snape and DDore were having this fight about something Snape *really* didn't want to do but he had already promised. And I was like, "thx Hagrid lolz". Just like that.

I have to get up early tomorrow to get my car inspected. Boo.

I ordered some Flash tpbs last night. I have decided I need a little more joy in my life, and also, I don't buy manga anymore really, so.

Oh, right, that Movie With The Ending Of Which We Shall Not Speak. Yeah, saw it. Um, well... I guess it was good as a movie goes. As a devoted Norrington fangirl fan of the series, however, it left a lot to be desired. I kind of wish we could put the genie back in the bottle and just leave off at the (mostly) happy ending of CotBP, but. It's still worth seeing, and I especially loved the spoiler ). That was HILARIOUS. But... Yeah. Now we just have to wait for the disappointment that will be OotP and the circle will be complete.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Rachel tells me SG-1 never aired on Friday, so we won't be doing that. But I did see Den-O 17 )

And... that's all. See ya'll tomorrow at work!
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I have been productive all day, even through lunch, so it is time for a short break.

I finished the thing I was working on yesterday. Or, at least, as finished as I could get it, seeing as not all the info was available. But, whatever.

Anyway, now I'm working on two new things. Well, one new thing, and one old thing that has reappeared again in a slightly new way.

One is the DTRA FAQ, which was one of my projects from last summer. This time I'm updating it to reflect the fact that we have a million of these things going on at once now since we won more contracts, and each one has different specs. As such, I'm using Access and VBScript (which I'm just copy-pasting; I don't actually know anything about it) to make it display different text based on different session ids. Whee.

The second I'm nore excited about, especially because I'll get to learn something new. We had a meeting this morning about trying to consolidate the programming/web design people and pool resources. As such, we need to get both a list of people and their skills and past projects, and also a list of all the various sample code and software we have lying around so people don't have to go looking for it when they need it. My first lead is Microsoft SharePoint, which appears to be a very complicated, but potentially very rewarding lead. Especially because there's one called service that comes with Server 2003, and one called Server you need a whole nother licence for, and one called designer, which is actually FrontPage in disguise. Since FrontPage is getting the axe. I would dance for joy, but I do have to give FrontPage credit for being better than Word. Anyway, so this is, like, the perfect project for me: figure out new software, and create extensive lists of links and archives by poking around looking for stuff. Never fear, I'll still be filling your friends pages with lists of links and archival cuts! But to get paid for it will be fun.

Saw Shrek 3 with Christine last night. Fun was had all around, especially when I was almost late. Mostly because I had to drive clear across Fairfax to Centerville, but. Anyway, you don't care about that, you care about the movie. Um, it was good, I guess. There were a lot of funny parts, but it was also a little contrived. Above average for killing time, but not something you'd want to watch a million times. It also has body switching. And Julie Andrews hums DoReMi. So.

See it now!
See it
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Haha, now it is time for a frantic post scramble because the Tristanator's on the warpath. Again. I'd just like to say for the record, Tristanator, that I am the only one up to date on my paperwork. Of course, I haven't finished an Empire post in, oh, what? A month and a half? Yes, well. And anyone who wants to take issue with (temporarily) dropping Masters can be directed to my Tale of woe and sorrow. Yes, that was five seperate links. It's a long tale.

I don't understand why I lose focus so much in the afternoon. Like, right now, I just want to click randomly on windows. Which, you know, might actually provide a *little* amusement since I have 14 open right now. This morning I was a working machine, though. Saa. I got a lot done today, so... It's fine I guess.

Oh, and, I changed classes again. It's a Philosophy class in Blair at 9, which is no good, but it actually sounds interesting and isn't the second semester of 2. I'm going to keep looking, though.

So, Kate and I are going to Chili's. ...This promises to be interesting.
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On the school front:

I turned in my final paper for Lit. at 1 AM. It was 14.5 pages long, which she's just going to have to live with. I'm pretty sure I was able to do what she wanted me to, though.

I dropped PHYS 402 in favor of GOVT 304. This is also the second semester of 2, but, frankly, the second semester sounds more interesting (in the same way that stabbing one's legs with a fork is preferable to stabbing one's eyes with a fork). It's also on the first floor of Morton and fulfills GER 7. I think this is more important.

On the work front:

I appear not to have an actual job. As of right now I'm copy-pasting from a website into a database. Which just reinforces what a good idea it was in my mind to start that fanfiction database (currently at over 200 entries). Otherwise I would have been clueless in Access. Also, it helped me last night because one of the fics I read said they took inspiration from a fic I had read a while back, and because of my database I was able to find it no problem and link it to them. A w1nn4r is me.

I am a bit miffed, however, by the lack of firefox and Java. I was able to raise my spirits with some DVORAK learning, however.

Cool thing: my co-worker watches Heroes on the internets while she works. How cool is that?

On the social front:

Tuesday and Wednesday have already been snatched up! I have such a busy social calendar.

Stuff to do this summer )

20 Things about Deka I consider my personal canon )


Apr. 26th, 2007 11:05 am
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So, I've really been neglecting my life, haven't I?

As of Sunday night at 2051hrs I am officially finished with Stargate SG-1.

I... don't have any coherent comments yet. But I am indeed glad I watched it.

Even though it's pretty late: HAPPY APRIL BIRTHDAYS. Yeah, I'm a lo0ser.

Also, I guess it's time for that Fall Schedule thing )

From [ profile] mariko_azrael

I will write a drabble for the first ten people who comment with one request. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal.

EDIT: Um, anyone up for being my signifcant other to help me particpate in a psych research tommorrow night? ...I thought not.

*headdesk* I am so. dead.

Edit to the edit: Another study opened up! Yay for not having to trick someone into dating me in the next 24 hours!


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