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Okay, first, I had to go to Google to get this, but [ profile] mercurystar came through for me:

According to our patron saint Linus VanPelt, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the most sincere pumpkin patch on Halloween and then flies through the air to deliver toys to all the good little children in the world.

To commemorate this glorious holiday occasion, the Great Pumpkin Icon Meme of 2007 has been created.

1. Take your default icon and doodle a pumpkin on it.
2. Copy and Paste this description in your Livejournal so others can do it
3. Wait in your pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin on Oct 31. :D

Second, I was going to write about this at the time, but I forgot.

Thirdly, I forgot:

Mega Vol. 6 )

I leave you with: People have been saying a lot about DDore's outing by JKR. My personal thoughts fall along these lines, but really? [ profile] grindeldore.

HP fandom never disappoints me.
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So. Much of nothing. Except that EVERYONE IS LEAVING ME and also MY STUPID COMPUTER WON'T PLAY MY CARRANGER. No, seriously, VEXATION. On the plus side, I finally burned a lot of DVDs and therefore can watch things on the TV in the lounge. It's *amazing*

Went to see "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... SUPERMAN!" on Friday, mostly out of duty to my best friend (who was, of course, very amazing and moving and in-tune and broke many legs). For those wondering what the play was like, mentally revise Superman into the 60's Batman TV show, add more music, and there you go. I give them points for sticking with the 60's theme, although I'm not sure they had a real choice. Anyway, the breakout star was very clearly Abner, the mad scientist. No, seriously. He was *amazing*. I'm glad I went.

Also, we got ボゲル to read Snarry. Well, I should say, Lindsay did. I got him to read "The Way We Get By" by [ profile] mistful, because I adore Maya and also it is not full of explicit gay lovin' like Lindsay's DIRTY DIRTY SNARRY. Or explicit het, for that matter. Basically just awesome all around. GO READ IT.

In other news, I watched Swing Girls for the first time. It was very much like I expected, but also MIKAMI WAS IN IT. I was like, "...HOWHAT??" Yeah. It was fun, I liked it.

Den-O 38 )
Atlantis: Doppelganger )

And, finally, I am surprised by this, but I have been winning things in [ profile] toku_icontest. So, please excuse the awards/resources post that is upcoming. Ive been thinking about it for a while so as to clean up my user info, but now with two new banners (at least), I think it deserves a post and a cut of its own.

Also, the lesson I learned but could not tell you about earlier: DO NOT MAKE TRANSPARENCIES OF PEOPLE WITH COMPLICATED HAIR (read: Mele). OMGeez, that was horrifying. Also, the stars in this week's were a MAJOR PAIN to cap (Yes, I capped them from the Deka ending. I am crazy and/or foolish, I know). No, seriously. Does anyone have a better program than VLC to use?

I leave you with: おしりかじり虫 (The Bottom Biting Bug) has moved up to #7 on the Japanese charts.

EDIT: How did I forget? Scheduling! )

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Dear Bridge,



(For sense: Timestamp 5:50)

Anyway, from [ profile] itsbuttery:

Choose three completed stories you've done, and list at least one thing about each you wish you would've done differently when you wrote it.

You assume I don't blast all fics I dislike into digital oblivion. )

And from [ profile] mariko_azrael:

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Oh, my WiPs. The horror. 5 under the cut. )

So, you see, I did *try* to do the Prompt-a-thon, it just... didn't get finished. Or started, really. I have this problem with being unable to decide endings. This is most notable in the one with Sakura's son. I could *not* decide who was dead, and who the father of that child was. Which is why it has been neglected for nearly a year. So.

Oh, and if anyone wants me to do that other meme, leave me a list of 12 characters in the comments. I just wasn't getting anywhere.

Anyway, things that are really awesome:
The Digimon 10th Anniversary CD. You can d/l it over at [ profile] digimon if you want. I like it because of all the uplifting songs. I mean, of course they are. But. Lines like, "Because flowers will always, always bloom," and stuff. They are the stuff of Japanese idealism love. Also, Try Again sounds like a song from StrongBad's e-mails.

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark!. I NEARLY DIED. NO SERIOUSLY. Especially at the spoken "Judgement time chick chick chick chick chick Delete Approval!" I AM DOING THAT FROM NOW ON.

Flash: Blood Will Run. I would write an actual review, but basically it comes down to my undying love for Wally even when he's a jerk. So.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, well, it was what I expected at least. I can't believe they didn't help Dean Thomas, though. Anyway, I would have Deep Thoughts, but I am just Too Lazy.

KataKoi 2-4. You may recall me telling you not to watch anymore, but that doesn't mean I stopped. Besides, I still like Nagai Masaru. Anyway, I'm learning a lot of new vocabulary like "cheating." And how to threaten someone for bashing the JSDF if you are a flamboyant gay man. Also, there is random 80's music.

HanaKimi 5. Have I mentioned my deep, undying love for Mizushima Hiro lately? Because I do. Have deep, undying love. Anyway, the little old lady was awesome. And, um, Mrs. Namba. And their giant light up sign. Also, I have now figured out how everyone was seeing it before me (veoh, while I was actually d/ling it), so I can watch it early too. HA!

This Post. No, seriously, GO READ IT NOW.

Okay, that's my list for now. I leave you with the goings-on of my family:

[Talking about hypothetical grandchildren]
Mom: I will be no one's "Grandma." They'll call me "Nana."
Me: about "Swinging Matriarch Tammmy"?

[My dad doesn't want any apple pie]
Me: You're un-American! We should have you hauled up in front of the HUAC, you Communist!
Dad: I'm sure my 27 years of military service won't count.
Me: Doesn't matter! The only way you can get out of it is to rat out your communist friends!
Dad: Anyway, the Communists aren't the enemy anymore, it's the terrorists.
Me: Ah, but what about the Communist Terrorists?
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So Angela has kind of made me responsible for her calls, which I was afraid of, but it's not like I'm doing anything *else*.

I bought four books today, because I already have one (victory!), and philosophy has not listed the books. Speaking of, I have edited my class schedule (as well as Where to find me) to accurately reflect the changes. So, the books:

In which there is a booklist )

Anyway, so. I wasn't going to say *anything*, but Kate COMPLETELY SEPERATELY brought up an interesting crossover. So. Mine is Bill Weasley/Vala Mal Doran OTP OMGTHERELOVEISSOLIBERATING (for the treasure that is). And hers... I dare someone to write this fic: The Trust infiltrates the Brittish government, and Teal'c recruits Samuel L. Jackson to go and fight the "snakes." No one can pull one over on Kingsley Shacklebolt, however, and the three of them try to eliminate the Goa'uld once and for all.

I am singularly unmotivated to write the various reviews for stuff I've watched/read. Well, except to say, Observe! Den-O 26 thoughts. )
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I FINISHED MY PHONE CALLS!!!! 1,000 CALLS ARE DONE!!!! Yes, I'm awesome, I know. I don't know what my total calls somes to, but I think it's something like 1,500 so far. Man, I hate phone calls. I'm going to make some for Angela, though, because her father had a heart attack and she's been out.

So, I read this meta yesterday on the slashing of best friend pairs, and I was just going to leave a comment, but I actually have something to say about it, so.

Friendship is Valid Too! )

Or, if this is tl;dr, just go listen to "Guy Love."

On a semi-related note: I finally got around to rewatching the end of Bouken, and I must have been tripping or something. real!Mr. Voice is a *lot* younger than I remember. So, yeah, hearby retracting my suggestion someone should write her with Souta.


So, I got tagged to do this meme.... )

Well, today being Thursday, I am finally allowed to break my spoiler embargo. I'm not actually writing my thoughts, but this is still something you'd need to have read the book for. Unsurprisingly, I am APALLED at fandom. )

Well, I'm still bored. So let's try another meme: Title Examination Meme )

Follow up to Monday's Meta )

And now I will end this symmetric entry with:

Yesterday I played a Guitar Hero clone with me brother, and I have to say the keboard makes a surprisingly good guitar. Or is it a keytar...? So, anyway, I am *very* bad at guitar hero, but the one song I can play well? "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence!!!!!!!! Oh yeah.
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Greetings and Salutations, Denizens of the Internets!

As you may well know (or have assumed), I will be absent from the internets starting tonight and ending... well, whenever I finish the book. Which I cannot predict, because on the one hand I am trying to make it last, but on the other hand patience is not my strong suit.

Anyway, this journal is and will remain spoiler-free for the next five (5) days. I anticipate coming into some time next Thursday, though, so then or Friday would be when my thoughts would be going up.

Many <3s

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An entry! An entry, I say!

Well, good news: I posted. w00t for me. I have to post again tomorrow and then make Kate post, but.

I backed up my hard drive. This was a long and horrendous process.

I reread HBP. And I realized it's printed plainly in the book that Snape isn't evil. B/c Hagrid overhears this conversation where Snape and DDore were having this fight about something Snape *really* didn't want to do but he had already promised. And I was like, "thx Hagrid lolz". Just like that.

I have to get up early tomorrow to get my car inspected. Boo.

I ordered some Flash tpbs last night. I have decided I need a little more joy in my life, and also, I don't buy manga anymore really, so.

Oh, right, that Movie With The Ending Of Which We Shall Not Speak. Yeah, saw it. Um, well... I guess it was good as a movie goes. As a devoted Norrington fangirl fan of the series, however, it left a lot to be desired. I kind of wish we could put the genie back in the bottle and just leave off at the (mostly) happy ending of CotBP, but. It's still worth seeing, and I especially loved the spoiler ). That was HILARIOUS. But... Yeah. Now we just have to wait for the disappointment that will be OotP and the circle will be complete.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Rachel tells me SG-1 never aired on Friday, so we won't be doing that. But I did see Den-O 17 )

And... that's all. See ya'll tomorrow at work!
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That link dump I promised )

Recently I've been reading a lot of people's back entries for fics, and do you know what I love?

Fic by Month 2006 )

Which brings us to our next meme. The meme sayeth: Post a list of your top five fics favourite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

Answers below! )

I... should study. Bah. My arms are cold.
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Ah, Fall Break. A chance to relax, unwind, prepare for upcoming midterms. What have I been doing with it?

Certainly not watching the entirety of PRSPD if *that's* what you were thinking. )

I also went to the dentist. This was good in the fact that I got two "good teeth"s and no lectures! Not even the golf-club question! This was bad in the fact I had to do the flouride (oh, I just shuddered thiking of it), and it made me throw up outside Staples.

Speaking of Staples, they did NOT have a rubber band ball! As a matter of fact, they were generally unhelpful. Bah. At least I got a pencil sharpner...? WHY ARE CRAYON SHARPENERS SO EXPENSIVE*!?

*When compared with other sharpeners.

And... Watched some stuff with Staubs. Have some choice words for Ed. Gyoza for dinner...

Sunday? SASHIMI. Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. Although, I was unable to identify many a fish this time...

Also... Clothes shopping. I have three new pair of jeans, so my mother will stop complaining about how I need new ones, and I also got some sweaters :)

My brother got a service award! He apparently went to every single Boy Scout service event last year. So, he's going to be in the local newspaper! *And* he got promoted to Life Scout, so there's only five merit badges (two I'm told he's almost finished) and the project to go! (I think. Boy Scouts is dumb, so I have not devoted time to puzzling out its crazy system.) We have decided to have a joint Eagle-Gold ceremony because this is cool :) Also, quote of the awards ceremony: "If there was a Babe Merit Badge, he'd have it."

So, my dad. I've got three stories!

-Get home to find my dad opening and closing the garage door. You know, just pushing the button. He was "fixing it".
-Leave today and it's raining. He opens the window, then turns on the windshield wipers. Water poors in through the window. Best. Facial Expression. Ever.
-Dad: We're going to [Brother]'s awards ceremony Monday night. And that 'we' includes you. He's getting life scout.
Me: I suppose I'll have to sit through his Eagle ceremony too...
Dad: Hey, how many band concerts--?
Me: He didn't go to my Gold Award Ceremony.
Dad: *looks confused*
Mom: You didn't have a Gold Award Ceremony.
Dad: What!? You had me going there! I was thinking, "Did I go to that? Maybe it was when I was in Iraq...?"
Me: >D

The model [ profile] fanficrants: Brief, blunt, HILLARIOUS.

An amusing old article from the GUIdebook: "The Riddle of the Right Mouse Button." It wonders why anyone would need a two button mouse. Ironically, I used the right mouse button to open it in a new tab :)

MAYBE THE BEST DEKA FIC EVER. I'm not kidding. If you have not read "Coffee Flavored Kisses," DO IT NOW.

Speaking of Deka, SATORU ATTACKED UMEKO!? )

In conclusion, I didn't even do the Zen reading for class tommorrow. I'm doomed.
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Apparently I asked the best question today:

When speaking about Schrödinger's cat, should one use あります or います?

Other then that, got some interesting mail: PACKAGE FROM FUKI!! Also, ballot and paraphenalia to that effect. I don't know who to vote for for the Senate. TIM, WHERE ARE YOU!?

Kendo was... okay. I wasn't tired, but I was completely bad. I couldn't hit anything. Bleargh.

Have to go to the bank tommorrow, and also leadership seminar. At least it's in Andrews...


Broke one of my plant pots :( I super-glued it back together, but... At least it didn't have a plant in it at the time.

Card swiping system was down, so laundry was HORRIBLE! Just finished, roughly 12 hours later :( Well, actually, it was done a while ago, but I forgot about it. So here I am, running across the compound in my pajamas thinking, as Staubs so eloquently put it, "OH LOOK OVER THERE IS IT A MURDERER? NO IT'S A PLASTIC BAG." with only my pop-up hamper. Luckily, I knew I would know how to protect myself thanks to Goggle Blue.

Goggle V 3 & 4 OR Scarves!!111oneonesquee )

Proof I am Crazy: Sentai I've Got (for reference) )

Link collection
* Pic w/ Cranky Masumi. I greyscaled it because, as you may recall, I was having some trouble with the coloring. I would suggest reading the fic, too, because it's really cute.

* The much-linked OotP promo shots. UMBRIDGE IS STILL CREEPY. I simultaneously cringe and rejoice.


Musashi! Ooooh, do it again. Musashi! Ooooh. Musashi! Ooooh. Musashi, Musashi, Musashi!

...I'm surrounded by an idiot.
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HA! I am very proud of The 15pairings Hall of Fame! Why? Because even though you can't see it, I have used my ninja coding skills to create an entry for each claim AS WELL AS archiving every single fic. MUAHAHA.

Speaking of which, I'm supposed to remind [ profile] lillianloop to WRITE THINGS. You're only 6 away, you know. The closest of anybody, currently. C'mon, you know you want to... You know what else you want to do? POST. But, failing that, you should at least give me a little I can write while you're down and out so that I can continue the storyline.

And, also, I meant to do this earlier but... m4d HTML s|<1||z ensue to bring you tables for 30_deathfics and 10_laughs )

As expected, I ran out of iced tea yesterday. Rasberry Ice is good... but it's not the same.

I've been reading an HILLARIOUS review of Prisoner of Azkaban. Be warned, though, the guy doesn't like Harry Potter, so don't flame him. HE HAS THE BEST THING EVER ABOUT BATMAN, THOUGH.

THE BATMAN hillarity, cut for length )

Erm... content? Mythical. I had something I wanted to say about Boukenger... other than the fact that whoever can tell me WHAT Eiji is drinking will be my hero forever. I'm going to hold off on Timeranger because I only saw Case 6 today, though Case 6 *was* hillarious.

...I got some cleaning done? So, aside from my desk, everything looks nice ^^ Also, MALLETS CAME!! Someone kindly left a marimba in the middle of the hall, and who was I to refuse? :P

Okay, maybe you already know this, but... Consider the Outer Senshi, specifically Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. What's special about them? Among MANY things, they are the holders of the three talismans: Space Sword, Deep Aqua Mirror, and Garnet Orb. Or, a sword, a mirror, and jewel. WHICH ARE THE THREE SACRED TREASURES OF JAPAN!!1asdfghjewiuh;j Oh, so much MAKING SENSE!

Okay, fine. To make up for lack of content... a fic. XD  And a bonus script of that whole scene... Notes from making the fic, I thought with lack of subs (or summaries >< gomen!), you might like to see it? ...Be warned, it's very rough. VERY rough.

Script of scene from Boukenger 26, Sakura enters the Prince's World )

Title: Glass Sin (The Heart's Desire is a Dangerous Thing Remix)
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura, Akashi Satoru...?
Word Count: 1,010
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: ehe, Episode 26 liek whoa
Summary: She couldn't think of anything she wanted more than to stay right here, with her Prince, forever. "With you. I want to be with you." Satora, in a way. AU
Author's Notes: Take off of Epi. 26 and [ profile] amazonstorm's "Glass Sin," though I suggest you read mine first as it has some surprise in it? Maybe? Anyway, probably about 75% of the dialogue is taken directly from the episode. ...whoops. Oh, well, I hope you enjoy my embelishments as I write the way I *wished* the episode would have gone.

Glass Sin (The Heart's Desire is a Dangerous Thing Remix) )
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Um... College? Yes.

Classes and Sundry )

Speaking of crazy things, WHY IS THERE A CRAZY COPYRIGHT POLICY NOW? It makes lounges "public areas," meaning if we watch movies in there we're violating copyright law. Unless it's Disney. ...or Japanese? Apparently Japanese copyright law allows people to watch things in public as long as no money is changing hands. I don't know if that comes with Japanese works, though, or if it's applicable to things in Japan... I'm hoping the former, because then if anyone calls me on it, I have in print, as opposed trying to argue "educational purpose" and "fair use." And... I'll have to read what the handbook has to say; more research! What fun. Of course, I also know how to write a letter to get permision for that.

Why I care? Because I'd like to show the Lafcadio Hearn Movie. It's actually fairly easy to argue educational intent for that, but... I don't *want* to argue, I'd just like to be able to do it. Not that the entire rule isn't BS anyway. I *live* here. The lounge is like my living room or something.

Okay, I'd just like to share this.

Anyway, happier things. Saw a lot of "souls" (including Danielle XD), am teaching Irene HTML/CSS in the future, am going through Crystal Light Ice Tea like it is going out of style, am the stupidest person ever for NOT BRINGING RICE, etc.

I'm disappointed but not surprised we're in a state of emergency and the college doesn't care. CANCEL AFTERNOON CLASSES! DO IT!!!! Because I don't want to spend my morning in the bookstore reading three chapters. Just saying.

It just occured to me Alia theoretically has a copy of this book... too late now, I suppose.

Also, at least the PS3 will be used by *somebody*.


Two of my favorite characters meet, and the pigs are cute. COMMODORES FTW.

Also, I've been listening NON STOP to POP STAR by Hirai Ken. The video is really amazing (especially around 3:40) because he plays EVERY PART. (I also know the dance XD) I think I have no choice but to get his single collection. It's actually kind of a travesty I don't have it already, what with ハリソン and all, but.

Kanji learned to date: 宝 (たから、ホウ)(takara, hou) - treasure. THANK YOU, BOUKENGER. No, I'm *really* not kidding, it's how I learned the word *and* the kanji.
定(テイ、ジョウ、さだ)(tei, jou, sada) - decide, fix, establish

...okay, so I have a ways to go. Look, I got a PERFECT SCORE on lvl. 4 kanji. So now I suppose I should take lvl. 3 and fail see what happens. As of right now, I'm planning on taking lvl. 2, but I might go up to lvl. 1 if it becomes clear to me I should. ...I don't think it will. Also, you know what's surpising? I'VE STUDIED JAPANESE OVER 1,000 HOURS! Wow. Just, wow. I suppose it make sense I'm "suddenly" able to understand TV and stuff. See, I never tried until Boukenger *made* me. Maybe I could have done it sooner? Although, it doesn't excuse the SORRY STATE of my vocabulary. Hopefully be solving the kanji problem, I will solve that as well. One can hope...

ABSENTEE BALLOT THINGY is going in the mail. Perhaps you should do one, too?

Oh, and a meme )

And finally:
Kate: He's like white trash but better.
Me: White Recylcling?
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Do you want a laugh? It's pretty much hillarious.

Hmmm, I should be packing right now... but instead I am watching Carranger. Is this surprising? I thought not.

HAH! I have the answer: CANDY. This will solve all my lethargy problems.

Well, I did some packing and stuff.... And I'm done for tonight. I have all of tommorrow.

I forgot about Thursday! It started at the DMV. Oh, this is not a promising beginning. I was with Kate getting her driver's license (as my mother said, I am a good friend). It took them THREE TIMES to get "Organ Donor" on there. d00ds. For srs. And then we went to the Haloween store where all the costumes for women were slutty (there was actually a Gryffinwhore! Kate said she'd make me a Ravenclaw tie instead if I wore it. ...No. (One might say there's a *reason* it's not already a Ravenclaw tie)). And THEY HAD ALL SORTS OF PR COSTUMES THAT WERE FOR CHILDREN and I was very jealous. Actually, the HurricaneBlue was the WRONG COLOR. And then I found out they had D-Arms!! But no SPD licenses :( What kind of lo0ser store is that, anyway? Then we got pretzels and set out for Woodbridge.

Woodbrige? Why would we travel so far? FOR SWEEDISH MEATBALLS, THE MEATBALLS OF MY PEOPLE, THAT'S WHY!!! They were so tasty. I also got some dishes, and plant holder thingy, and a clothes dryer that looks like an octopus XD And ligenberry jelly for my mom, that too.

Thursday night was spent at Christine's house with her and Tom playing Settlers of Catan, going to Little Korea to eat IHOP(?), and then watching Call Me Madam. We learned Tom is just jealous he can't get girls like guys who can tap dance do.

Since you already heard about Friday, let's skip to today. That would be the doctor in the morning (blegh), the Commissary (always an adventure; I got Batman soup XD), packing, and then adventures in TRYING TO FIND TWO MORE SMALL CACTI OMGEEZ WHY DOES NO ONE HAVE ANY!? See, I went to Wal-Mart. There I got CD/DVD holders I needed. Alas, no Cacti. So I continued on to Target where I got a three in one car opener for 99 cents, but no plants. So then I went to Home Depot, where I got my little cactus in the first place, and stood in line FOREVER returning a hose for my mom only to find they only had BIG cacti. HONESTLY. What is the world coming to that I cannot get a decent cactus?

So, tommorrow brings Mass, phone shopping, She's the Man (I hope), and putting all my stuff in the car. Yes. Adventures. Don't expect for it to be easy to get a hold of me until I get settled in the 'Burg. Sorry to all of ya'll dying to talk to me... :P

ZOMG SAKURAELLA! I MUST SEE IT!! Mainly because it's a Sakura episode, but also because I might *finally* have the other half of my ship manifesto. Look!! Looklooklook!. Of course, then they point guns at each other... IT MUST BE LOVE!!! P.S. Satoru, I wouldn't take her on if I were you. :P (In all seriousness, it looks like two nods to Deka in this episode: target practice and CROSSDRESSING.) And, final proof? Everyone is frozen in fear, but not Satoru! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MEANT FOR EACH OTHER IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

(DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen the episode yet, and was actually too lazy to do anything but look at the pictures. So I suppose I could have misinterpreted something. But not likely!! :P)

And in conclusion, no one should allow me on Rangerboard when there is Satora goodness to be found instead of me packing/writing a post/finishing one of my fics/other things I supposed to be doing but am not.
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I have a lot to write about today... And most of it is not actually about my life. So, rider cutting. Starting with a meme and working my way towards content from there.

Apparently everyone at Hogwarts is in love with me. )


A Fanfic Rant (or two) )

A Jumbly-Half-Essay on Eiji and Relationships )

A cool fanart site for Sentai! (courtesy [ profile] mariko_azrael)

There are two left turn lanes. The truck *knows* it has to make a left turn immediately after this, but gets in the right turn lane and tries to merge while going 10 mph.
MOM: Why didn't the truck just turn into the left lane in the first place?
ME: Because "this truck makes wide right turns."
MOM: It should have come from the opposite direction.
ME: ...Why?
MOM: So it could make a left turn--go straight--a right turn!
ME: *laughing*
MOM: Shut it or I'll give you a wedgie.

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Billy Joel meets Harry Potter.

Boukenger 24! Kabuto 28! Kakuranger 1! )

How many Triangles are in This Picture?: A Semi-Serious Semi-Essay about the Sankakukankei of Boukenger. )

Note to self: go to church tommorrow. Srsly.

Also good news: BRTRC wants to have me do remote testing over the school year. YATTA n da!


Margaret wants me to test the eval site, but... I really don't understand how it works. AND it gives me errors every two seconds, which I know I'm supposed to be finding, but.

TheBug has a lappy now. I'm kind of wary, but he did get the ZOMG PROTECTION plan, so...

Last night at dinner (It may help to know my entire family is on a diet by order of my mother):

Me: Are sweedish meatballs on the diet?
Mom: I don't know, why?
Me: Because I figured since we can't go to the museum, we could go to Ikea instead.
Mom: What does it say about you that the place you second most want to go is Ikea?

The conversation goes on with my father registering his astonishment at Ikea selling meatballs, my mother vehemently denying we are Norweigan (and I guess we're not. I always knew the countries didn't add up, but I just shrugged and put it in the same mental folder as "1/3 Irish"), and my family deciding to go to Ikea after we get back unless, of course, there is an Ikea in Florida, in which case we could eat the meatballs of all our people.
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Super H Mart, I would compose you an ode, but I'm much too busy. We had fun trolling around last night. And tonight we dine on turtle soup sushi! w00t. P.S. My brother is now madly in love with Suntory BOSS. I suppose there's a reason why they've been Boss of them all since 1992.

I think I have found the challenge community for me: [ profile] 30_deathfics. When I am done with [ profile] 15pairings I think I shall hop on over there and challenge it up (I really don't want to overextend myself by doing more than one challenge at a time). Of course, you have to pick *one* character. I think I shall pick Sakura, because she is fun to torment easy to write for. So none of ya'll better go over there and claim her before I do because you saw this here, else I shall be very displeased. But, no, I think most everyone else on my f-list would much prefer to do something like [ profile] 30_kisses instead. It's not your fault, ladies and gentlemen, I just have the gift :P

Pearls Before Swine )

We finished Blaise Zabini for [ profile] 5_nevers! It's called, Five Things Blaise Zabini Isn't, and What His Ancestors Must Have Thought. The crack starts here.

Still taking open, multi-fandom requests!!!!

Title: A Big Problem
Fandom: Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Nishihori Sakura, with mentions of the rest of the team
Word Count: 360
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Eiji's in it.
Summary: Sakura tries desperatly to cling to rationality when she finds out Chief and Eiji are involved. Sakura/Satoru unrequited, mentioned Satoru/Eiji
Author's Notes: This is an add on to [ profile] amazonstorm's Satoru/Eiji ficlet "Caught in the Act". Basically all you need to know is that Satoru and Eiji are not very discreet in their making-out, and Sakura and Souta walk in on them.

A Big Problem )

Title: His Best Interests
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Aira "Tetsu" Tekkan and Reimon "Jasmine" Marika
Theme: 12. Between the Sheets
Word Count: 359
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: It has Tetsu in it...
Summary: Tetsu realizes Ban always has his best interests at heart when he's tricked into doing the Space Police's laundry.
Author's Notes: My gosh, this is so sappy and contrived, I can't even believe I wrote it. But then, I wouldn't put it past Ban to orchestrate something like this; my Japanese teacher always said it was the duty of the Sempai to get his Kouhai a date :P For [ profile] amazonstorm.

His Best Interests )
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It is a good thing we are going to Super H Mart tonight, because I am out of pork buns.

My life is a little sad, isn't it?

Still taking open, multi-fandom requests, and I need 4 more Dekaranger pairings for [ profile] 15pairings.

Title: Doomed
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Kodou "Umeko" Koume, Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi, mentions of other female chacters and Ban
Theme: 6. Elope
Word Count: 302
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Dekaranger (and Magiranger and Abaranger) belong to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: You pretty much have to have seen the entire series/movies to catch every reference, though you don't need it to know what's going on.
Summary: Umeko wants to elope. Or, failing that, at least get a bath in. Sen/Umeko
Author's Notes: Just a bit of happy fluff. ^^

Doomed )

Title: Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself
Fandom: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Characters: Akazan "Ban" Banban and Kodou "Umeko" Koume, talking about Enari "Sen-chan" Senichi
Theme: 3. Only Playing/Pretending
Word Count: 510
Rating: PG for character death
Disclaimer: Dekaranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Episode 46
Summary: Ban tries to help Umeko through tough times by making her realize she's not alone. Ban/Umeko
Author's Notes: What Sen says in Epi. 46 is "Ii yo. Muri shinakute." Unfortunately, this does not come across well in English. So, please imagine like he's actually saying that and not English. For [ profile] lkwreader.

Someone to Tell Her to Be Herself )

Title: Five Things Blaise Zabini Isn't: TheBee
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Blaise Zabini and his mother
Word Count: 578
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to HRH JKR. TheBee belongs to Toei
Spoilers: Half-Blood Prince
Summary: Blaise Zabini is shocked to find out he has inherited his father's superhero identity.
Author's Notes: The weirdest one, and also the 5th, this was inspired by Kamen Rider Kabuto and the fact that one of the Rider's names is "TheBee", just like Blaise's last name. You don't need to know anything about Kamen Rider, as a matter of fact I tried to make it rather generic. But, that's where the idea came from.

TheBee )
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Is Jack Bauer the new Chuck Norris?

Still taking open requests, and I need 4 more Dekaranger pairings for [ profile] 15pairings.

Master list of requests )

Okay, okay. I'm going to show the world I can write something other than Boukenger fic. Namely, a riddiculous set of [ profile] 5_nevers co-written with my best bud, [ profile] lillianloop. She's got 1, 3, & 4, and I've got 2, 5, and possibly 6 (something he *is*). 1 and two are done, though who knows when Kate will type #1. It is hillarious, though. It's about him being a white girl with blonde hair and blue orbs pools. We decided to start with that and work our way into the riddiculous. #2 (as can be seen below) is a Zamboni driver. #3 is Tiger Woods because he is Black but has "slanting eyes" and so could be part Asian? #4 is Harry Houdini. And #5 is quite possibly the biggest pun in the world, and the one that started it, ザビー二. That's right, he's TheBee 2! (read zabiini, which is SO CLOSE.) We haven't decided on 6 yet, but it's optional for the challenge, so we have some time yet I suppose.

Kate Kate Kate!! I forgot the profanity! Comment so I can add it, please?

Title: Five Things Blaise Zabini Isn't: A Zamboni Driver
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 348
Rating: PG for a bit of profanity and contemplation of death by Zamboni.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to HRH JKR. Zambonis belong to Zamboni.
Spoilers: none, really
Summary: Blaise Zabini hates his life, but he loves his Zamboni.
Author's Notes: This is actually the second part of the [ profile] 5_nevers challenge [ profile] lillianloop and I are doing. You may notice it is riddiculous. But then, you haven't seen the second part I'm writing yet >D A Zamboni, for those who do not know, is a large machine like a riding mower used to polish the surface of ice skating rinks and etc.

A Zamboni Driver )
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TheBug thinks I should wear the Commodore Hat to DMC. I dunno... I suppose it depends on the state of my feathers :P

Speaking of which, who knows where that unreliable Katana is?

ZOMG, my Amazon stuff came today, and I've been rocking out. Esp. to NEXT LEVEL because I LOVE THAT SONG. I think I'll put it up when I go back to school. Hmmm... You think I could Za Blue X my way into the W&M network? I'd really like to work on my whole college site, as it's fairly non-descript, and I know CSS now. *beams*

Good news is that DA PUMP's CD is good. I was a little worried (it was an impulse buy, and I rarely do those). THEY SING "CIRCLE OF LIFE." You know, like, Lion King Elton John? That "Circle of Life"? Between them and Koda Kumi I now have two Japanese pop stars singing Disney songs. (Kumi sings "A Whole New World" as part of the Around the World in 80 Days soundtrack.)

Also really enjoying the Abaranger CD. I put it on while I was in the shower at a very irresponsible volume. Such decadence :P

Anywhoodle, setting up PHP now with my Shishou. He didn't say anything about me calling him "Shishou," but then, I let him call me "The Admiral" so I guess it all evens out.

Today/Tomorrow I have to go to the Ward's Fourth of July party. Blegh. At least they make good food? And I can slip away fairly easily since I only live next door. Bah, I hate awkward social situations. Or, social situations in general. I would scowl, but I am under the impression it is humourous as opposed to scary, therefore defeating the purpose. I am cute like a mighty warrior?

...Shishou has been very quiet for a while now... Wakaran.

I think I'm going to get the USAA Credit Card. My parents think I should start building credit for the eventuality of car/house/student loans. I suppose they're right...

Okay, that's it. Tomorrow I'm taking Sorcerer's Stone and アズカバンの囚人 and finishing the research for my stupid scene I'm stuck on in the Koushirou fic. Between that and doing Kabuto 22 I should be back in the writing groove. And then on Wednesday it's time to put my nose to the grindstone and begin my gruelling schedule. ...Feh.

Did I mention I love Mitsuomi? Because I do. He had this hillarious account of going to film on location, and it being COVERED IN A SEA OF BEETLES. 気持ち悪い indeed.

Obligatory Boukenger name stuff: Eiji = Ag = Silver. Haha, writers, you're so funny. His last name is after this Buddhist prince guy. I dunno...

Okay, this entry is done.


Jul. 2nd, 2006 06:13 pm
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I am on the way to destruction. I have no chance to survive, make my time. Because I've gone and been an idiot and agreed to help with the coding for GCF. STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID. Well, at least I'll learn PHP and be one step closer to world domination becoming a 1337 h4x0r.

I did mention I LOVE [ profile] mistful and her fic If You've a Ready Mind, yes? Because it is THE BEST THING EVER. The most recent chapter (IX) was one giant *sporfle*. I would try to share the best parts, but I *can't* because I would be quoting the *whole story*. Not that I don't love her other fics, mind; she is an incredible writer. But Ravenclaw!Draco is just so... awesome. Yeah, I'll shut up about that now...

An Ariport Adventure )


Killing time until Kabuto 22. Am so psyched, especially since person-with-amusing-boukenger-comics also was squee-ing in his/her journal.

Just finished 22. It was... kind of weird? I dunno, I have to watch it again, I guess.


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