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Hi! I'm back from Australia, but in general very busy and also feeling like a slug. So, to all my kanjipocalypse peeps: I'M SORRY FOR LETTING YOU DOWN. This week I will start putting them up again, okay? PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I just... need some time to be a slug, it seems.

Also! I went to see the KR/Gosei movie, which was awesome, and I ended up taking 14 pages of notes! I tried to write (in colored pen) when something was illegible what I had meant, but... well, you know. Comprehensive thoughts are on the last page. Spoilers, obviously, and image-heavy. )

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Lisa really wanted to see this, and I did too, so.

I'm warning you, though, you'll probably be disappointed. )

In other news, I very much enjoyed Arashi on Utaban tonight. Not least because:

Palm reader guy: Sakurai-san, Ninomiya-san, you have this one line (blah blah). What's odd is that I mostly see this in the 2-choume crowd, like Haruna Ai, Ikko, and Osugi and Piko.
Nakai: Now that you mention it...
Nino and Sho: No no no no no.

If even Nakai is shipping you, you guys....

And I suppose I will end with this.

Me: *finishes book cover for yaoi doujin* Yay!
Takano-sensei: What's that you've got there. Oh wow, that's pretty.
Me: Thank you. I made it from a misprinted worksheet.
Takano-sensei: What kind of book is that?
Me: ...
Takano-sensei: Is it an English book?
Me: No, it's in Japanese.
Takano-sensei: Wow, you're so awesome.
Me: No, no, I run into kanji I can't read a lot.
Me (in my head): SAFE.

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Two pictures!

Geki/Gao and Shinken (no spoilers) )

Naturally, it was kind of awkward when my co-worker asked to see my drawings and I realized I only had pictures of poly wedding ceremonies. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE IT, YOU GUYS.
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So remember how I mentioned I have this bad habit of when I go to the store and I can't find the book I'm looking for, I buy other (inevitably more expensive) books to keep myself from being sad?

...I have a feeling my scanner and I just made some new best friends.

Spoilers for the end of Shinkenger )
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First, before I forget! Everyone who asked for my address should now have access to my where to find me post. I still have 9 cards left, by the way *hinthint*

Second, let's play a game! Which character type do *you* think Takeru fits best?
1. Kuudere 2. Defrosting Ice Queen 3. The Woman Wearing The Queenly Mask

Yes, I am aware they are all mainly female archetypes; it is not my fault Takeru is written the way he is.

The game is actually for me to see how many of you I can lure into TV Tropes Wiki, so leave a comment expressing your outrage, please :Db

Third: If you read my post titles you are often confused you may have noticed a recent one asking [ profile] vintage_belle to write a fic idea we had discussed. AND SHE DID. GO GO GO. For someone who has only seen, like, two full episodes, she's suprisingly easy to get fic out of :D:D:D

Finally, in other Shinkenger fanwork news, I have a present for you~ Please bear in mind my scanner was "trying to hold my digital camera really still," but I cleaned up as best I could. And was then lazy with coloring :Db P.S. If anyone knows how to make Genta more Gold and less Goldenrod, please tell me, I would appreciate it.

Reaction to Ep. 42 (no spoilers) )
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Woo, I have at least one job interview lined up! YUSH. I've applied for 9 jobs so far, 7 English teaching and 2 tech support. Only the tech support ones are in Tokyo, but it looks like the shinkansen runs through most of them? I found out that there is not yet a shinkansen stop in Kanazawa, though, and after Miura-sensei's OMGEEZCOMETOKANAZAWA nengajou... Anyway, I'm kind of hoping a lot of them come through, but then also kind of not, because the ones that sound the best are in Tohoku and Kyuushuu, which, in case you didn't know, are on the far ends of Japan. Also, TOHOKU IS COLD. And my exposure to Kyuushuu-speech consists of Utahime. ALAS. The one interview I have is for a position in Tochigi. ...At least it's in Kanto? But I'd rather end up in Kansai, I think, because won't it be COLD? ALASALASALAS. Well, and, of course there are no options in Ishikawa or Wakayama, which is where I actually have some loose semblance of friends (that isn't Tokyo). SIGH.


My Christmas presents finally came, which was awesome ♥ Because if you guessed "Christmas presents" is code for "half of Arashi's discography," you'd be right :D ALSO HIKARU GENJI. Ah, 80s pop~ The best part, though?

Me: You ready for some 80s Japanese Pop?
Dad: Uh...
Dad: [is bopping his head with the beat]
Me: HA! Everyone loves 80's pop!

Also, I will NEVER STOP LAUGHING OMG. Look at the relationship chart for UtaOni! )

And, of course, I also watched stuff.
Hurri 17-22 )
KOUHAKU UTA GASSEN 2008 and other Kayousais )
Arawaza 1-4, AnS 116, That Ninja SP )

And now, I have to get a webcam. Anyone have a webcam they like?
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Odoroki no Arashi 5 )


This is the last one! I saved it for last because, well, I liked the idea the best. (Even though I wish I could draw so I could make it a manga.) And also, I had to make a graphic. See?

Title: The Ballad of Kaga Bishin
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Characters: Kaga Bishin, Kaga Biryou, cameos by Kagami Arata and the Tendou-Kusakabe siblings
Word Count: 800
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kabuto belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: "The name in that file! Maybe that wasn't Kagami Arata. Maybe it's Kaga Bishin? In other words, someone else." - Kagami Arata, Episode 27
Author's Notes: I think this is *technically* my own fault, but I'm going to go ahead and blame it on [ profile] beckerbell anyway :Db You can read the original comments here.

The Ballad of Kaga Bishin )

EDIT: Now with bonus omake of Kaga Bishin + Ten Dousouji in the comments.

...So, anyone got anything they want to see written in 2009 :D?
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Dearest friends: It's the beginning of August~ Which means it is that time of year to remember the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki again. And while I know it's no longer that attractive young man giving the memorial speech, please do wish for peace and work for peace. Let's use nuclear materials for powering cities, not destroying them.



My keysmash (in gTalk) to Sarah did, in fact, close Winamp, minimize AIM, and open two search windows. )
Utaban )

Something about yesterday, though: I made hiyashi ramen because I thought it would be a good idea. I thought, even though I don't like soba cold, ramen will be different!

...It wasn't.


And now, a small icon post, because I never released the one I did for [ profile] toku_icontest in March, those other three were messed up, and who doesn't love Demon Kogure?

10 icons + 1 Banner :D )

Okay, okay, work to do, things to translate, stomach to try and shut up with one of the tiny servings of kitsune udon WHY DID WE NOT HAVE ANY LEFTOVERS/FROZEN THINGS??.

Also: David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in the same play?? I mean, seriously.
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Dear New Zealand Soap Opera,

Things you do not do: OUT YOUR BOYFRIEND TO HIS PARENTS. Especially when his mom is a crazy person. Geez.

No love,

P.S. Telling them to go Google it was A++++++++++, though :D

Articles: Aiba and Jun + Preview )

So.... I watched some stuff last night, but all I really got is:

Subaru: [Makes unintelligible noises]
Brother: [From the next room] What is wrong with that guy?
Me: Good question.

Instead! Macros! Of old internets memes! Because I'm *really tired* after that FAB entry, OMGeez. (Also, I did actual work today!)

The best part about these macros, is that I only had to translate the first one. )

In conclusion: Why is everyone watching Gaoranger all of the sudden????
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I hate it when LJ goes down *sigh* I wrote this whole entry yesterday and LJ ate it, and *now* LJ is down completely. Well, I mean, not now as in when you're reading, but now as in when I'm writing. Anyway.

Happy July Birthdays!

Bahstahn** + Pics )

BUT THEN I CAME BACK AND HAD 240+ BACK ENTRIES. What did I tell you people about being awesome without me? [EDIT: It appears I *did* actually have an entry on Friday that got eaten as well. Oops.] Especially [ profile] icysnowdrop, who made the art for our Collaboration!! GO AND SHOWER HER WITH PRAISE.

Also, do you know what *kills* me? I totally had a fic idea, and I lost it. D:

When I wrote this entry yesterday, I only had time to get through the dramas, but I have a little more time today, so... who knows? Because I picked a bad weekend to go away as far as my hard drive was concerned, for serious.

Kimi Hannin ja Nai yo ne? 9 )
Gokusen 3 8 )
Maoh previews (Ohsama no Brunch; Channel Rock) + TFP2 )
'Truth' and Arashi + Oricon )
HanaDan SP + Ohsama no Brunch )
TOKIO 10th anniversary MS + J-FRIENDS )

For tomorrow: Utaban, HnA, DnA, AnS(?), things I've forgotten today (of which I know there are a lot).

...Is it bad that my reaction to finding out it's Miyake Ken's birthday was, "Oh, he's only 29?"?
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Puncuation LOVE <3

...Sadly, this link was all I managed to write for yesterday.

BUT TODAY. I learned new conjunctions! (Japanese grammar within; I assume you can read hiraganas) )

This entry almost didn't happen, but, I'm so close to being done with my application~~, I decided to take some time tonight to write about things. I only have to do the research plan (whut?) and make copies/get recs from my boss/mail it.

ARASHI: How to Fly/FINAL remix, HnA, AnS, DnA, One Love MS, TFP2, VS Arashi, TSD, Osama no Brunch, HanaDanF special thingy )
Marathon )
Hokaben 8 )

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Okay, okay, I don't want to get too excited because this might come to nothing, but we might have a shot at changing the DSM?? I... wow.

ANYWAY. Here's all the flailing I wasn't able to do yesterday + today's:

Ans 88: Fuji. Saki. MARKET. )

Me: I am translating One Love BECAUSE I AM A CRAZY PERSON

One Love )
All the other random caps I had on my computer (Arashi, V6, TOKIO) )
And some pictures from my personal life, including a Wawa adventure )
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Warning in advance: This entry has no flailing about fandom, or really anything that couldn't be understood by someone incredibly pedestrian about reading my journal so picks up no context and then complains later. So I won't feel bad if you guys want to skip it and give me a fanfiction prompt instead.

Interesting information: THE POST OFFICE TAKES HOSTAGES.

I realllllllllly want to know what the package I have to sign for is, because I know what I should hope it is (My letters of Rec), but I also know what I actually hope it is (SPARKLY JAPANESE BOYBAND CDS that I accidentally sent to Williamsburg a month ago), and while the slip (no lie) says "Sender: FROM: JAPAN" and Kitamura-sensei should still be in the country, it *also* says it's a "large envelope or magazine" AND it came Registered Mail, which I don't think I ordered.

EDIT: It was my letters of rec (;_;) I don't know what to do now, because I didn't mean to have her pay for POSTAGE from JAPAN, but I also don't want to be like, "here, have some money," because THAT will most likely get me into battle of, "oh no, I couldn't possibly" "oh no I insist," and I *hate* those.

(Yes, I did write Japan a thank you note for the package in my mixi (Japanese Journal). Geez, what do you people think, I have no manners?)

(I just realized I don't know *anyone* on my flist who would wonder if I had properly thanked Japan for sending me something. ....)

(I'm in a weird mood today, could you tell?)


Do you know what I hate? When there's just that *little* bit left in the soda can and you can see it but no matter how you tilt your head it *won't come out*.

ALSO, I have to pick a time to go to Boston... I *really* wish I knew what my family was doing this summer.

Thoughts on how I (and maybe you?) think about language )

And *this* is why I much prefer to spazz over guys in spandex/rubber suits and sparkly boybands. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW, ANDY AND JEFF.
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So let's ignore it and talk about a drama for two and a half pages!

Hokaben 5 )



No, no, that's not true.

What I hate is when something doesn't come out right the first time, because while I'm good at editing *other* people's stuff, I look at my own and just kind of fall into a depression about how bad a writer I am. But, here. Look. This is a request from a long time ago, actually, and I wrote the first draft back in February. I even discussed how to make it better with my Best Friend/the Requester. But it's taken until now for me to even look at it again, and even this is because I'm so BORED. GAH. Well, you know, here goes nothing.

Title: 180 Degrees
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Mogami Souta, Nishihori Sakura, Akashi Satoru, Mamiya Natsuki, Inou Masumi, Takaoka Eiji
Word Count: 1,411
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Masumi worries, Natsuki squees, Souta laughs, Sakura fails at being aggressive, Satoru is unable to repress, and Eiji, the only one with any sense, is largely absent.
Blame: [ profile] lillianloop

180 Degrees )
Bonus macro! )
EDIT2: HAHAHA, EXPRET icon to go with my EXPRET macro!!

So, I wanted to kill some time, and I tried to find a meme. Unfortunately, the Internets didn't really help me. But I *did* look at all the entries in the draw yourself as a teenager meme. So that's something?

*headdesk* I should be tagging things. That's my Big Project, you see. Tagging FAB. Blergh, two years worth of stuff is hard.

EDIT: Oh! I also showed my mom the ending credits to Fantastipo, which consists of Toraji*Haiji + Crack + dancing, because my parents came home while I was learning the dance and were like, "...what."

For your viewing/listening pleasure.

Anyway, no lie:

Mom: [Referring to the one in black (Domoto Tsuyoshi)] Is that a girl?
Me: No.
Mom: How about getting a hair cut like his?
Me: ...Actually, I already have a Japanese pop star whose hair style I really like.
[The subs cut out in the second verse to display the actor's names]
Mom: What is he singing? Is he singing those names?
Me: ...No.
[At the end]
Me: So?
Mom: Yeah, that was weird. But in a good way.

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Ahahaha, I had forgotten: I make icons! Silly me.

January and February )

So, for people who don't *care* about icons:

I sucessfully made it back to Williamsburg, though I am not looking forward to class tomorrow. ...Nor the exam and the paper later this week.

On the plus side, I *did* manage to lure [ profile] lillianloop into 嵐 completely unintentionally. It was an amazing sucess! You know how it goes.
"Look at this guy being crazy as he imitates an owl" -> "Look at him and the rest of his band competing to be housekeeping king" -> "THEY DO NUNCHUCKS."

The nunchucks will get you EVERY TIME.

[On the phone]
Her: *in the wiki* Looking at this list, a large portion of your activities I had written off as being normal are actually related to 嵐, aren't they?
Me: Hahaha, you're cute when you're clueless.

So, now she has all their PVs (including my guide) and albums. I haven't heard her thoughts on them yet, but.

In conclusion, I am glad to have someone to gush with. (^^)v


It occurs to me I have slipped back into the habit of not commenting on anything. And I was doing so *well* there for a while! Alas. Please forgive my neglegence, f-list.


I finally saw the episode where Picard is like, "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS." ...And then we started watching First Contact. I <3 China (^^)v

One Pound Gospel wherever I was-Final )

I'm thinking of changing my 嵐 tag to "for dream" so I don't have to switch into j-text all the time, but I feel that's... kind of lame. I'll keep thinking on it.
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So, to everyone who celebrates: Merry Christmas!

Man, I just realized, I was going to go to midnight Mass because, you know, AWAKE, but I forgot to tell my parents and I dunno if they're going or what... Also, they would not appreciate me just leaving in the middle of the night. Saa. Guess I'm getting up for 8AM tomorrow... BLERGH.

But, but, but. Positive things.

A) I do not believe it, but I won 1st place this week at [ profile] toku_icontest! It's probably just because everyone was too busy to put a lot of time into their icons this week, but. もうひとつの夢が叶えた! 皆さん、これからも応援してくれてね☆

B) You are not going to BELIEVE this show, but Princess Princess D has not only Takeru (Ryoutarou) and Channaka (Yuuto), BUT ALSO KAI. It's like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? The world of dramas is very small, isn't it?

C) HYAKUNEN NO MONOGATARI IS ON CRUNCHY ROLL!! I *seriously* love this drama, so you should all go see it! It's about woman, her daughter, and her great-granddaughter as their story stretches out over the 20th century (hence the title). It's really interesting from a historical perspective, particularly the American Occupation part I thought, but of course it's also a drama, so. No, really, I'm so excited about this. GO WATCH IT!

Well, I think I'm going to update my "dramas seen" list. Original

This table is, in fact, kind of huge. )

And, finally, November and December's icon post (week 14's happenings won't be until the new year, I realized), as well as a happy(?) surprise.

Ahoy! )

In closing, I wish you all the best of tidings!

ھ the otp meme ھ

C'mon, you know you want to.

P.S. [ profile] nekokaze is not a valid answer, Kate, try to be more creative please.
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最初に言っておく: If you don't speak Japanese, I know it'll be difficult, but wait for the subs on this one, folks. Really.

Den-O 46 )

Den-O Special Talk )

Don't leave me, Den-O ;_______________________;


Um, so, I did a [ profile] 10variations, but I can't post it in the comm yet, and I want something with a time stamp. I *was* going to do the bimonthly icon post early, but Week 12's results aren't out, and I ended up being really bored and making icons for Week 13 too... Anyway:

My OT3 is lost in the desert!! )
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Dudes, dudes, dudes, I'm sorry for killing your f-lists. m(_ _)m It's just... Well, hubris, I suppose, in thinking that people would come over from [ profile] finalauraburst to be friendly with us. No, really, the only people who did the friending meme were people who have me friended already. ;_; Therefore, the massive x-posting. AND BOY DID IT WORK. Like, OMGEEZ, people are coming out of the woodwork from all over! w00t.

So, last week I was possessed of the will to share with you the story behind making my icons for [ profile] toku_icontest, but could not post it until the results were up. Therefore, I give you Iconzz Making Xtreme!! *rock music* )

As for this week's icons, well, I did have an adventure of firsts this week, but overall they weren't very inspired. So.

Den-O Hyper Battle Video )
Den-O 42 )
僕は妹に恋をする )

And that is all for now. Hello again, school. Blargh.


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