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I was reading an essay involving Batman when I came upon this:

Bruce Wayne is a Prince. He is the scion of a family that has lived for generations right outside of Gotham City in Wayne Manor. The Waynes have always been wealthy and influential, raised with a sense of noblesse oblige.

(If you do not understand, please go watch Kamen Rider Kabuto and then read this again.)

I never did the year in review meme~! 4th Annual! Yes, let's! )

I finished Chinese! As long as I didn't tank the final (which I don't think I did) I got an A! I finished making that agedashi toufu. Unfortunately, I didn't finish *eating* it. Leftovers, anyone? I finished Kaitou St. Tail, but the end was kind of anti-climatic. I also finished

RnK 10 (End) )
Mendol 10-11 (End) )
Can!Jani 9-11, VSA, Oshareism Aiba & Jun )


So I thought to myself, you know, it would be nice to finish all of 2008's prompts in 2008. I have four left I'm *going to write* ([ profile] estirose, [ profile] anzupeach, [ profile] mariko_azrael, [ profile] beckerbell, wait for me~~!), three other prompts from when people gave me more than one, and two stupid, stupid ideas. And a partridge in a pear tree. Which is exactly the same as the number of days left in the year. ...Hmm...

Title: Godliness is Unlikely
Fandom: Juuken Sentai Gekiranger
Characters: Gekiranger Team
Word Count: 771
Rating: PG for questionable hygiene
Disclaimer: Gekiranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: It was a complete disaster the morning Retsu forgot to set his alarm clock. Gen as Gekiranger gets.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] kurifurinkan who requested Gekirangers - Hygiene. I suppose it is lucky for them I watched Geki in between when the prompt was given and now :P

Godliness is Unlikely )
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ALDKNFLDJFNKDJFNK. So here I was, at the VSA page in Wikipedia trying to figure out what number episode was this week's, and I see a link to Itou-san's page. Now, as much as I adore Itou-san, I don't actually know much about him, so I went to go look at his page. AND THEN I SAW THIS. (Or, in English, this.) I know it's supposed to be a really bad movie, but Itou-san is in it. Itou-san is in a movie. I just. Wow. Wow. Itou-san.

RnK 9 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 9-12 (End) )
HnA 34, VSA 35, Janiben )
MnA 27-38 (End) )

Ack, I am just not doing well today. I think I will go home and then watch MatsuJun's Movie Where He Had Better Be Using The Force Or My Expectations Will Be Betrayed to try and forget, before writing more resume. orz


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:08 am
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SO. MUCH. TO WRITE ABOUT. But I have not been doing it.

Mostly because I have been on a fanfic binge of a pairing that makes no sense~ (for me). AND YET. It was like. It had a plot other than the massive angst/UST of the two main characters! There was fighting! And explosions! AND OTHER PEOPLE IN THE STORY BEING AWESOME. It's been such a long time since I got to read something like that. *sigh*

But also because OMG JLPT. Especially because, you will never guess what word was on it. As for how it went... it's hard to tell. I think that kanji and vocab went basically the same as last time (which isn't good because you need 70% to pass, not 60%). But I nailed the listening section (OH WHAT A SURPRISE.) and I actually understood all the passages in the reading. Or should I say, I understood the words in the passages. Reading comprehension (or rather, tests of reading comprehension) has always been my downfall. So, I dunno. I do have to say, I'm sad I wasn't taking level 2.

Also got praised by Laoshi :D

RnK 8 )
Mendol 9 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 7-8 )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/8/08 )
5LDK 8, AnS 112-113, HnA 33, GnA 18-19, VSA, Narutomo, AneCan 09.1 )
MnA 2-26 )
Go-On 41 )

I need to get out of this reading stage, and quick, because I keep forgetting to do FAB when I'm not posing myself orz
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❀Someone PLEASE tell me they have a copy of "V no Honou." PLEASE~ Tudou is lacking, and after the MASTERPIECE that was V no Arashi, I just--

LOOK AT THIS SUMMARY (Emphasis mine):
The volleyball club of Tsukimi High School is about to be abolished, due to insufficient members. The two remaining members, Hayashi & Miyake, are trying desperately to convince their schoolmates to join the club. They managed to recruit Inohara, Nagano, Sakamoto & Okada to make up the team, however Hayashi is unfortunately killed in an accident. Shortly after, Morita, who is a dead ringer for Hayashi, is transferred to Tsukimi High from another school. Although the rest of the volleyball club members are perplexed by his likeness to the late Hayashi, Morita soon wins over their trust, with his enthusiasm and passion for the game. And so, starts their amazing journey to win the Inter-high Volleyball championship...


❀For the discerning RnK fan: "Letters from Canada" is a famous song from 1978, so I imagine that means it is not a reference to Iwojima. Unless, they decided to get a two for one? But that is something I learned today, at any rate.

❀We did actually send that e-mail to Aiba's radio show telling him his English wasn't wrong. Just in case you were wondering about JUSTICE.

❀Having gotten behind on dramas and my "Other Bands", let us try and catch up.

RnK 7 )
Mendol 7-8 )
Giragira 6-7 )
Bengoshi no Kuzu 1-6 )
5LDK, MnA, VSA, HnA )
A Skosh about BUI SIX + Best Hits Kayousai )

❀I am not making this title up.
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For those not on Twitter, I will update my status:

After several long months, last Friday D9QNKT71 lost his battle with CCFD. Luckily, since he is a computer and not a person, Dell reckons they can fix him next week. He just needs a new power cord, fan, and motherboard. Until then, I'm on the family computer, which means limited dramas this week.

Also, saw the "Star Trek" trailer and it made me SO SAD INSIDE. SO VERY, VERY SAD.

Ryuusei no Kizuna 6 )
Room of King 8 )
Shaberedomo Shaberedomo )
GnA, VSA 32, AnS 111, TSD, ARASHI )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 11/24/08 )
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I was mostly cut off from the internets this weekend due to my relatives coming (ALAS), but. That doesn't mean I don't have my ways?

Ryuusei no Kizuna 4 )
Ikebukuro West Gate Park 1-3 )
HnA, VSA 30, Utaban, MSta )
Go-Onger 35-38 )

At least I am not the only KY in my family, tho. *sideways look at parents* That's the last time I'm giving them detailed information about something that they will ask probing questions about leading back to something I do not want to discuss at that juncture. Sheesh.
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Why do you suppose someone would do this in lyrics?

帰り道ナミダ止まらない 僕はずっと
ほろり こぼれてくよ

Ryuusei no Kizuna 3 )
Mendol 4 )
Salaryman Kintarou 3 )
Giragira 3 )
Tokyo Tower )
Yonbun no Ichi no Kizuna )
Sainoudama )
Shinjuku Shounen Tantei Dan )
Shounentachi )
Triple Kitchen )
Kaigo Kazoku -Hana, Sakimakka- )
Mitsuo, Katte ni Nostalgia, Aokisan Uchi no Okusan, Kuruu ga Mama, Haetorigami )
Saiaku no Date, Kowai Nichiyoubi )
Partial Translation: VSA 27 )
VSA 28-29, GnA, Kumagusu 2-3, Tainocchi 2 )
Domoto Kyoudai (K8), Hanamaru Cafe (Hina, Sho, Ohno, Nino, Jun), Utaban (K8, Arashi), MSta (K8, Beyonce, whatever crazy thing Taka and DJ Ozma are doing now) )

So, to summarize where I stand on Arashi's dramas/movies for those keeping score at home: Ohno: 10/10 3/3; Sho: 12/16 6/6; Aiba: 16/17 4/4; Nino: 19/19 6/6; Jun: 16/20 7/8


...So how many pages is *this* one, Andy?
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Ack. Ack. I don't feel like writing an entry, but I guess I need to, sheeeeesh.

Do you know what you should be watching? ROOM OF KING. Why?

Ryuusei no Kizuna 2 )
Salaryman Kintarou 2 )
Giragira 1-2 )
Mendol 1-3 )
Mukodono 2-End )
Nijuuroku Ya Mairi )
Propose 1 )
Bokura no Yuuki -Miman Toshi- 2-10 (End) )
BOYS BE... Jr. )
AnS, HnA )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 10/27 )

Because my math friends don't read through the cuts:

Does anyone know how to solve this math problem? If a three digit number ABC is multiplied by the number with its digits reversed, CBA, it is a multiple of 2002. What is the factor my which it is multiplied?

ABC * CBA = 2002 * x, find x.

Aaaand, this really gives no indication of the sheer volume of dramas I have watched in the past few days. Ah, well.
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Another season has come and gone, and as we look to the next one, let us take a minute and update this gigantic drama list.

Dramas Seen List )
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I discovered today, the Maou soundtrack goes well with the newspaper.

Chinese was... yeah. There was some whining, as per usual, but mostly it was her teaching us almost everything about telling time ever. Also, we discussed what not to give at weddings (clocks; umbrellas) and what are lucky/unlucky numbers. And then went home to watch the debates :Dv

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 3 5-9 (End) )
TFP2 Ryuusei no Kizuna Cast )

So, while I was watching ROOM OF KING, I posted to Twitter:

When I saw Jun's new haircut, I thought, I've seen that on someone recently. IT WAS MIZUSHIMA HIRO. And I don't like it on either of them.

And then [ profile] nicocoer wanted pix, so, here you go, have some horrible hair: )

Ah, I'm so behind on dramas and stuff~ How can that even *be*?? *sigh*
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Translation: An-An 2008.10.01・Ninomiya Kazunari x Nishikido Ryo Competing in Earnest Talk. Acting, Music, and also Each Other )

NOTE: The credits/wardrobe stuff got cut off on the first page. I did my best on the credits, but I don't think anyone really cares about their wardrobe, so. If you do, for some reason, want to know about everything they're wearing on the second page, leave a comment and I'll translate it.


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