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A third post!? And at a time when I am super busy and therefore should probably not be nudging this particular nugget of Cesium with my wet hands? Well, I'm kind of upset and antsy at the moment, and as I've said before, do your worst! And hey, even I'm not always right, so :D


Thoughts from one Yamato Nadeshiko to another )
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I am going to tell you something I'm sure you will find shocking, utterly shocking:

I am not prepared for the kanji kentei that's in a week.


I mean, I'm certainly *better off*. But for a test you need a 70% to pass, uh, yeah, no.

Anyway. [ profile] vintage_belle came and stayed and we went to ikebana class and a doll store and I bought several phone straps and ate Wendy's and KFC and finally went back to BookOff to get me some HikaGen.

I of course bask in love and adoration from my students. Even if I did have a problem with Takano-sensei last week that had me ready to destroy things. I *did* get to complain about having to learn HSJ, but no sooner did I get 9(!) of them right, they asked me about B.I. Shadow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY orz We started a reading-writing club for kids who wanted to come. I've been kind of surprised at the turnout! Exciting~

I've also tried to get better at kendama, because I'm seriously fail. Although, given I have that test in a week, maybe I should spend the time practicing *kanji*...

Anyway, I'm sorry, I remain unmotivated to write *anything*, even though I really do want to.

I did clean my entire apartment, at least? It was way hardcore.

...Okay, I'm going to bed.

Me: [Eats squid]
2-3: どう?
Me: 味がない。
2-3: 鯵がなかったら、買ってあげる。 :P
Me: *facepalm*

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Blah blah no one wants to read this, probably not even *you*, Staubs. )
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Yeah, well, in addition to yesterday's capspam, I bring you ~whining~.

Although, not unjustified whining? At least *I* don't think so.

Anon memes and you. By which I mean me. )

Footnote while I'm at it:

Dear everyone who looks at me like I'm insane,

In the English Language, our pronoun for the second person (you probably know it as "you") is both singular AND plural. Like sheep or fish or ninja. This means that some of us use it in in the general, nebulous sense. We don't actually mean you you, you you-you. THIS IS A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE PLURAL PROUNON WE CALL "YOU."

Much frustration,

P.S. If you need to nitpick our pronoun usage, might we suggest our liberal usage of the plural first person (a.k.a. the royal "we") to obscure responsibility and protect ourself using language like the bright little Japanese learner we are. Because that's pretty universally frowned on.

P.P.S. I also use passive constructions and preface every statment of opinion carefully to avoid confrotation. THERE IS PLENTY TO TAKE ISSUE WITH, SO PLEASE TAKE ISSUE WITH THAT.
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I've been up to a lot of stuff, including TRYING TO GET TO JAPAN. It's hard, man. Which is why, even though I've been keeping up with my dramas, I don't have any kansous for you today. Other then ASFKSDJNKSJN VOICE. Because, uh, yeah.

OH, COMPUTER WOES. So, I want a desktop, right? Because my laptop is sad and likely to die in a year and also not able to handle my obsessive multitasking. But. I don't want Vista. *shakes fist* VISTA! On the other hand, I'm not too enthused about switching to Mac and/or Linux. Why can't I just have XP!? I'll pay for it (even though I shouldn't have to)! Just give me XP! I guess I'll just have to wait until Windows 7 comes out and cross my fingers it's not HORRIBLE like VISTA. (Because that's happening.) ALAS.

Went to Ikea with Kate yesterday. We of course partook of the meatballs of my people, but then I bought a snake (shoehorn) and two more octopi (clothespin hanging things), since they had two new colors and my mom needed one since Mr. Tako-san is coming with me.


And while we are talking about "my people". I've made a few comments in passing over here and and twitter and in other people's comments about "Racefail09," but I've mostly kept out of it. The reason why would be: the last time I got involved in a discussion of racism on LJ, there weren't any insults, or any angry words (I don't even think there were any grudges), but I started a conversation that was not relevant to the discussion, and. I learned not to do that. (Incidentally, I was able to contribute constructively in a different way, so: don't ever stay silent because you're afraid you might mess up; even if you do, like I did, that doesn't mean you can't contribute something valuable as well.) My experinces with racism are not relevant to the discussion, and I can't appropriate PoC's experiences in this country (and in others when it is brought up but that is a different discussion). It isn't my fandom, but it is my fight. And right when I'd decided to say something, the first post about it actually popped up on my flist.

If you don't know what I'm talking about (many of you probably don't, since we all play nicely in Toku/Arashi fandom (have I told you guys lately that I love you?)), I direct you to [ profile] metafandom and [ profile] rydra_wong. I urge you to read it, as much of it as you can. And then, if you feel like having all those powerful words followed by my disorganized thoughts, most of which is just a restating of points already made, come back.

Four Thoughts in Four Stories )

And so that is what I have to say on the subject. Again, I urge listening to the people linked on [ profile] metafandom and [ profile] rydra_wong over me. But, silence was not an acceptable option. It never is.

If this is unacceptable for you to have someone on your flist saying, remember it's always defriending amnesty day. And friending amnesty day, for that matter.
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I have been meaning to say something about this for a few weeks now, but. Japanese speaking friends, what do you make of the first two lines of this song? Because a translator whose work I respect a lot interpreted it the opposite way from me. Namely, one of us thought it means "It's okay to just be who you are/It's best to not say anything" and the other "It's best not to say things like/It's okay to stay the way I am." My opinion has to do with what fits in context with the rest of the song, I'm not sure what her reasoning is (although I have asked her?). What do *you* guys think?

Bought some stuff at YesAsia yesterday due to that I will no longer be able to get the cheap Korean and Hong Kong versions when I am in Japan. Like, for example, I finally bought a copy of YamaTaro for $44 AS OPPOSED TO $200 FROM JAPAN. I also tried to use my YesStyle coupon, but, uh, well. I guess that's what I get for trying to by a shirt from Asia~~

Gao 36-51 (End) + Movie )
Gao v. Super Sentai )
Maskman 1-7 )
Uta no Oniisan 4 )
Love Shuffle 5 )
Voice 6 )

Finally, a word about social media, since my stupid elitist social media friend is stupid.

Specifically what I am talking about started with a comment about Livejournal users not "graduating" to Facebook, but I am going to take the opportunity to discuss some social media topics in general.

All this basically comes down to is, 'Andy, you're stupid,' since with the rest of my flist they already know what I mean. )
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Oh, New Zealand Soap Opera! I give you way too little credit sometimes.

Shortland Street 24-25 + Asexy Stuff )

Go-On 33 )

Nothing exciting happened in Chinese class, either, aside from me realizing that 机 is the simplified 機, which means it is not a desk. (Laoshi: This is wrong. Me: No, it's Japanese. Laoshi: Where does it say desk? Me: [Points] It says it right here. Me: [Thinking] Not like you can read it. Laoshi: That's strange.)

In conclusion, way to many articles, way too little time:

MISS (Aiba)
Baoa (Jun)
SEDA (Nino)

Fineboys (Nino)
...V6 on Channel a? :D?

Follow up with that V6 article that I may have to just translate

Wish me luck.

Soredewa, Lunch with co-workers! :D
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You guys! I won the solicitation! Which means I am now proud holder of the ~crown~ :P (It's on my cow.)

Chinese test was fine, although I did forget how to say "repeat after me." It was a weird test, though, b/c the questions would be, like, the same. I know it's only a chapter's worth of material, but. Also, who holds class after a test? Like, I guess she didn't want us studying through the lesson, but. Geez.

I watched a lot of news! I'm... tempted to cut it, but, can you have spoilers for news?

Firstly, Sho told me about the recall election that I guess Japan is actually having? For those not paying attention, in a repeat of Abe (why would you copy Abe?), Fukuda bugged out earlier this month, leaving Japan trying to find a new PM. Aso was mentioned. Of course. (This is his third or fourth bit for LDP head and, by extension, PM.) But he actually did it this time! And at first I was all ":/" but then! Sho tells me elections will be on October 3rd, and the LDP is in really bad shape, so it's possible Aso will only be Prime Minister for nine days. I would laugh SO HARD, you guys. There were also lots of graphics explaining how you dissolve the House of Representatives, who the other failures at PM were (four other PMs who all served for a double-digit number of days), and the cute names for dissolutions in the past, such as the "You're Stupid" one in 1953. Apparently they all have cute names, so Sho asked Murao to come up with one for this dissolution, but it was LAME. (Sho is also going to be getting a text from his mom about messing up :P) Also, apparently, something about Japan's food being poisoned? The uploader only put Sho's part up, so I only got the commentary on that, and the Beeb didn't say anything.

Next, Jon Stewart informed me about OMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TREASURY'S BAIL OUT BILL. I JUST. CAN YOU. NON-REVIEWABLE???? The US Gov. is SERIOUSLY SCARY recently. (The scarier part is that the Today Show had two senators on to talk about why the opposed the bill and neither mentioned that was in the bill.) Also, Bill Clinton was on! I don't really... have... an opinion on Bill Clinton. Which I guess is because, he's new enough that there isn't much in the way of "lookbacks", and so all my info comes from what people say and what I remember from the news growing up, which was mostly about his sex scandal(s?). But anyway, it was a good interview, I really did think so.

And finally, the Today Show told me it is vitally important that I convince my parents to vote for Obama, because apparently McCain can't with without Virginia(?) They went to Williamsburg, so it was linked on [ profile] william_mary (which was the only reason I watched it). What was hilarious was, most everyone had a McCain or Obama sign but one guy had a WARNER sign. Just. What. Nobody cares about Senate elections!! Also, I don't even know who he's *running against*, and I literally just looked it up in Wikipedia. That's how much it's not even an issue. The Today Show also told be about some woman who's toddler is "missing" (but she apparently probably killed her), Palin (ugh) and the French First Lady be-bopping around New York, and Clay Aiken coming out, which, aside from me having already heard from [ profile] metaquotes (Your source for news!), I thought, wasn't he the A one? ALAS.

Now, yesterday, I watched Go-On 31 and New Zealand Soap Opera, which, it was really interesting, because as a woman, it had me reacting very differently to kind of the same thing.
No, please, tell me about this apparently selective feminist lens )

I also saw the new Ryuusei no Kizuna CM, and I am reminded of those roles Nino *used* to play. You know, the crazy serious overdramatic people? SEE: Ao no Honoo, Akimahende, the beginning of Namida wo Fuite, Abunai Houkago. So, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what he does with it *now*, now that he's had so much more experience, if it does indeed turn out to be that way. And, um, also three new interviews can out and I might have to translate them. orz. At least I can't do the one where Ryo calls Nino a cloud and Nino marvels at how Ryo gets along with Jun, because there aren't may people outside Arashi who can deal with him because the words are cut off. Even if I do find it hilarious Ryo accuses Nino of being popular with the ladies, and Nino being like "huh??" (It's the magic.) Or how Nino scares Ryo a little before informing him, don't worry, I won't be like Nagase. Or Nino reading idol magazines to get info about Ryo. ...Basically Nino is very awesome, and I would be very scared if I were Ryo. But I'm not, so :D:D:D

This is going to be a GRATE drama :D:D:D

I may be going to DTRA for a meeting tomorrow. I REALLY hope not.
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I'm sorry for the two entries so close to each other, but this is a very important question:

And I will get these other short things no one cares about out of the way )

Also, I have my microphone out, so I guess it's a good a time as any to do that voice post meme. Urgh, can't find it, guess I'll have to make it up:

Give me a topic and I will make a "voicepost" about it :D
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I told myself I wasn't going to talk about this anymore for a while, because I... am weird about what I percieve to be people's expectations of me. But then this post appeared in [ profile] asexuality, and now I feel kind of sick.

Cut because of length/irrelevance to life )

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think *someone* won a race and *I* am going to go be excited over that.
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In doing FAB today, there was this Kabuto fic, and I mention it only because it's someone new and on, so I was wary, but it's not half bad, so. Take it as you will.

Also, in doing FAB, I felt great gratitude towards [ profile] mariko_azrael for marking her fic properly and not making me go look up all the Jetmen's last names. THANK YOU, MARIKO ♥

Gakkou e Ikou MAX )
Daidaman 2 )

Someone interrupted me in the middle of DASH, though, so I don't know if any of them made it to Ise Shrine within 3000 steps (although it wasn't looking good for Leader, and Taichi was getting dangerously low, too). ALAS. ALSO, Leader was all natsukashii'd over Nara, but I did not see a single deer. I THOUGHT NARA WA SHIKA DE YUUMEI DESU. WHY YOU GOTTA LIE TO ME, TIM-SENSEI??

Also, updated my One Love translation for what (should be) the last time, seeing as the single insert deviated substantially from the scan I originally used. About the single: The paper was really nice! I haven't watched the DVD yet (although I hear there's nothing much on it), but. I like paper :D Also the paper in "It's My Soul" (one single does not free shipping make) is really neat and SHINY. Also, I knew about the nota!woman on the inside of the insert thanks to MS (the reason I decided on this single), but the back was hilarious too! If you're not familiar with cover, you can see it here. The obi has the back of a "woman" running away, so it looks like they're chasing after "her" with the gifts, but on the back you can see all of them looking depressed (BECAUSE THEY GOT REJECTED LOL), and Ryo has dropped one of the ice cream cones and you can totally tell it's plastic. Lesson: girls want real ice cream!

So... The other night, my dad (as usual) wanted me to "meet people" because apparently my internets friends aren't good enough since I don't actually "know them" and/or they could be "deceiving me." OKAY, FRIENDS LIST, COUGH UP THE SOCK PUPPETS. DON'T THINK I CAN'T SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES. So, let's have some tl;dr thoughts/almost a rant, shall we?

The best thing about coming out is now I can be righteously indignant when he maligns my friendships. )

And OMG did you see this/this?? This is scary.
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Application: T minus 8 days )

Also yesterday, I went to the H and eel was on sale!! They were also having a time sale, and something insane in me wanted to participate, but... I didn't even need ground pork/beef. I would have used Shishou Ikegami's technique, though (take it in advance and go back for the sticker).

I am probably going to Boston next weekend. This is exciting, if INCREDIBLY RECKLESS. More on this story as it develops.

I really wish my best friend would stop asking me to marry her, because every time I am more and more tempted to call her bluff, except she would call mine, and it would end in a trip to Canada because we are both too proud to back out. (Or, actually, California, because I *really* like San Diego and I think that would be a nice place to get married.) And, really, 20 is to young for her to marry her best friend just because whatever. Also, I would get tired of endlessly explaining that she is straight and I am A and we are just married because she is insane and I am reckless. Because I think being married might give some people the wrong idea about us. Just a little. AND I don't think it would help The Cause at all, which is reason enough not to do it. GEEZ KATE.

Even though the only people I've heard from are people who already love Boukenger, it's this or my applications; like *that's* a choice.

Boukenger! You should watch it! )

In related news, TOMALICIOUS RELEASED THE HANAKIMI SPECIAL. You know, the one in which they all argue over who was the awesomest toku actor. Words cannot express my love for it, really. Well, and HanaKimi, because where else can you get two Kamen Riders, two Rangers, and an Ultraman? (And I hear two have gone on to be in Kiva and one in Go-Onger.) Besides Gokusen or WATERBOYS, I mean. AND APPARENTLY YAMAMOTO YUUSUKE CRIES A LOT. <3<3<3<3<3<3 (I wonder, if I rewatched Kabuto, would my love of Yamamoto Yuusuke overcome my dislike of Tsurugi?)
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Warning in advance: This entry has no flailing about fandom, or really anything that couldn't be understood by someone incredibly pedestrian about reading my journal so picks up no context and then complains later. So I won't feel bad if you guys want to skip it and give me a fanfiction prompt instead.

Interesting information: THE POST OFFICE TAKES HOSTAGES.

I realllllllllly want to know what the package I have to sign for is, because I know what I should hope it is (My letters of Rec), but I also know what I actually hope it is (SPARKLY JAPANESE BOYBAND CDS that I accidentally sent to Williamsburg a month ago), and while the slip (no lie) says "Sender: FROM: JAPAN" and Kitamura-sensei should still be in the country, it *also* says it's a "large envelope or magazine" AND it came Registered Mail, which I don't think I ordered.

EDIT: It was my letters of rec (;_;) I don't know what to do now, because I didn't mean to have her pay for POSTAGE from JAPAN, but I also don't want to be like, "here, have some money," because THAT will most likely get me into battle of, "oh no, I couldn't possibly" "oh no I insist," and I *hate* those.

(Yes, I did write Japan a thank you note for the package in my mixi (Japanese Journal). Geez, what do you people think, I have no manners?)

(I just realized I don't know *anyone* on my flist who would wonder if I had properly thanked Japan for sending me something. ....)

(I'm in a weird mood today, could you tell?)


Do you know what I hate? When there's just that *little* bit left in the soda can and you can see it but no matter how you tilt your head it *won't come out*.

ALSO, I have to pick a time to go to Boston... I *really* wish I knew what my family was doing this summer.

Thoughts on how I (and maybe you?) think about language )

And *this* is why I much prefer to spazz over guys in spandex/rubber suits and sparkly boybands. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW, ANDY AND JEFF.
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...Of course, it could just be making up for Last Friends 8 )
Gokusen 3 7 )
Blah blah blah ARASHI and my adventures as a member of hey_say for six minutes )

OH HEY. So, I figured out last night that I am ドS! See if you can follow this logic: )

ALASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I SHOULD BE WRITING FICCCCC. But I'm kind of in one of those stages when I hate everything, even, like, e-mails and comments. D<

EDIT: So, I'm poking around in comments, like you do, and I see BEST ICON EVER in use by someone. So I click on their pics to see what eles they have that might lead to lolz, and she's using one of mine. SHOCK! No, obviously she didn't comment like I told her too (I suppose finding it accidentally gets me the feedback I was looking for anyway), but more importantly, I'm looking at it, and I realize: DID I MESS UP THE SIDE OF THAT ICON? Sure enough, all THREE versions are messed up. *headdesk* This is why I hate my laptop screen sometimes D
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What? Me? A pathetic fangirl? I think you must have mistaken me for someone else.


*weeps* How has 嵐 *done* this to me??

*coughs to try and regain dignity*

Actually, also, I had a MOMENT OF HORROR where I realized I can name all of NewS. Well, except YamaPi (The irony), but that's okay because I can use process of elimination. WHY, OH WHY??

Also in news of despair, last week was SO INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE, OH MY GOSH. When Friday came? I went to sleep after class at 2PM, setting an alarm for dinner which I slept through for 50 minutes. After turning it off, I proceeded to sleep until 2AM, at which point I got up to eat something. I began falling asleep at my keyboard and was forced back to sleep at 4. I slept until 12.

For those not keeping score at home, that's 12 + 8 = 20 hours.

I feel like this trend towards mandatory undergraduate work is just going to kill about half our young people. The new natural selection? Maybe.

***meme time***

Thoughts on Presidential Candidates )

AND THEN [ profile] cimby SPAMMED ME.

Thoughts on Global Warming )

Thoughts on The Amazing Race )

Thoughts on favorite non-Japanese tv/movie )

Thoughts on Aliens )

Thoughts on packing to go to a deserted isle )

Thoughts on favorite foods )

So, right now, I just really want to get this posted, but I can't even really remember what's in it or stuff... Saaaa. ゴメンね。
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Thoughts on underwear. )

Thoughts on secrets. )

Thoughts on singleness. )

Since I planned EXCEEDINGLY poorly re: workload this week, this meme is of course still open.

Quick list )

Blergh. When am I going to sleep??
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First, since March is the best, I bring a marquee + incredibly complicated and extravagant 絵文字:

HAPPY MARCH BIRTHDAYS!! *<(*^-')ノ☆お;:*め:;☆:で☆;と:*:;う☆ヽ('-^*)>*ご★ざ:*い:;☆ま※す>o('ー'*)>*

Let it not be said I have no self restraint. Because I, in fact, did NOT spam you, f-list, when at 2:24PM on Friday I got my PACKAGE RECEIPT NOTIFICATION (it's always capitalized; that's not me). ALAS, CDS, ALAS. You'd think with names like "w-inds." and "嵐" they'd be pretty quick, BUT I GUESS NOT.

As promised, I have properly begun using my break to figure out what I'm doing with my life next year or so. Well, to be more precise, figure out how I'm going to get medical insurance. Because I can get it for free until I'm 23 assuming I'm a student, but as I'm not currently planning on entering a graduate program until next March, this is a bit of a problem for the interim.

Thoughts on options (which I imagine will become very relevant to half my f-list this time next year). )

In other news, basically everything that has come out of my father's mouth this visit has been accidentally belittling/insensitive. I feel like he must just not realize how he sounds, but still. It makes me glad I didn't tell him what I would *actually* like to do, because since being a professor of Japanese Literature is apparently an incredibly horrible horrible job, I mean, like, d00d. And now they're like "Work for the government! Work for the government!" And yeah, okay, maybe for a *little* while, but, come on. I speak Japanese, which is a pretty cushy posting, and I have ZERO interest in Arabic, which is the critical skill that they need.

It kind of upsets me that they think they're being so helpful when they're not because I can't tell them my real ambitions/goals.

OKAY, ENOUGH OF THAT. I mean, this is an LJ, but.

YESTERDAY. Family friends came over, and I think I managed to convince them a certain band with a certain video filled with RAINBOWS and DANCING and JOY is the best music video ever. Ahaha. Also:

[Cleaning the bathrooms, I put on my driving playlist with consists entirely of 嵐's upbeat singles/TIME album]
Brother: You know, you and I have the same taste in music.
Me: ...!?
Brother: Well, there's the rock and the alternative...
Me: I don't think you mean what you are saying.

And now my brother has eaten all the almond cake. ALAS.

[There used to be a fic here, but then I got bored and stopped writing. So, next time? It is a Timeranger fic!!]
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HEY INTERNETS! Want to read a paper? ~2500 words, poorly formatted (I'm sorry), cites Star Trek, Stargate, DC Comics, Sailor Moon, and Fruits Basket. I'm tinkering with working Den-O in, but that would be hard, and it might be good like it is? [singsong]I'll love you forever....[/singsong]

Should Memory be Protected from Tampering? )
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(This is a long one, guys.)

Happy December Birthdays!!

List for rest of semester. )

Got almost all my Christmas shopping done, though. ONLY KATE REMAINS. I *would* tell you what I got her already, but, you know, on my f-list. Hmmm. I also bought some frozen eel. YUM.

...Since I am deranged and HAD TO KNOW (THE JLPT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME??) Kanji-> 鰻


So, US News and World Report has apparently ranked my old high school as the best in the country, which... doesn't really surprise me. But you know what? MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS!!!!! THEY DON'T DIE!!! (Actually, it's only been two years, so. BUT.) [For reference, I did not do this project, lest you all ASSUME again, but Tom, whom I am older than, did. I was just amused because TWO people in the video mentioned it.]

Also, note to self: RETURN THAT BOOK. I know, I know, I'm a failure who hasn't been back in forever. Saa.


You know what cracks me up? Hey Hey Hey Telephone Box. I NEARLY DIED.

Continuing with links, actually kind of serious thoughts about fandom and community [via [ profile] metafandom]: The Lurkers support us in e-mail

And in fandom we have PICTURES OF AWESOME from Geki v. Bouken.

Aside from Yasuka's hair, I'm really excited. Especially after the *last* crossover... Also, dark!leather!Sakura will be very helpful for my fanfictions, I think ufufufu~


So, I've been thinking about how to explain away one of my mother's "arguments" against me being A, and I'm not really getting anywhere. And we all know what I do when I need ideas: ask my f-list. So. Labels and You )

And with that, I bid you adieu, because OMG THE JLPT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.
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Wawa Mashed Potatoes, let me tell you about them. You see, as a college student, it is my sacred duty to do things at all hours of the night (like right now). The only food-type establishment open close to campus at all hours is Wawa. Therefore, we make many trips there. I had heard of the mashed potatoes because my best friend *loves* them, and a on a whim I decided to try them.

The thing about these potatoes? They're buttery.

You think I'm kidding, I'm not. I generally am not a fan of potatoes w/o a spot of gravy, because, you know, potatoes, but these have no gravy. No pomp of any kind. Just buttery.


Scheduling and Deciding Things in my Future )


What's that you say? Den-O 40? )


An update on SPAranger: Apparently it's not only Red, Yellow and Purple, but all kind of Toku alums, according to the wiki. The weird thing is, most of them were Kamen Riders.


So, in other news of GEEKERY, the JLPT is in three weeks (OMGEEZ FREAKING OUT). So, I was studying, and these two kanji were together: 思 & 恩. The on-yomi for these are "shi" and "on," respectively. SHI and ON??? SHION?? SION???? Yeah, you'd all do it too, don't deny it.

Anyway, I have to restart my computer now before it KILLS ME TO DEATH. Sore ja.
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It's been a while, huh? Well, I come back from my self-imposed exile while in the middle of a problem set (as always), because, well. Recently I've been... uninspired. Lethargic. Disconnected. I think I am maybe not the only person feeling this way? Therefore:

Lessons in Archiving, or, a Love Letter to my Fandom )

[Love letter actually starts here] )

P.S. d00ds, have you seen the last macro in this post??? A perfect example of off-topic lolz that need to be shared and adored RIGHT NOW. GOGOGO!!


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