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Why don't people sell big pieces of cloth in the United States?? I wrapped my Christmas presents in napkins this year hoping they'd be big enough, but both my mom's and brothers were ギリギリ. Good thing I also bought bows :Db Now I just have to shake down my brother to get paid back for his half of the Christmas presents. Although... I overheard him and my mom talking (it's amazing how people will think you're asleep all the time), and I don't think he has anything for me. And my stuff from my parents is still in the mail. So... I think all I'll have to open is what I bogart of the stuff from our neighbors (^^;)

I organized my hard drive a little better this morning! All the weekly variety shows and some of the dramas have their own folders now, and VSA is actually even all named the same way including the guests in the filename! It's probably stupid to feel like that's an accomplishment, but then, I did end up making 24 new folders...

It was inspired by how I couldn't find *anything* I was looking for last night when Kate came over. Although, I said "give me 15 minutes for Abbreviation Train" when she tried to leave, and it was so worth being vindicated like that when she was like "that was totally worth it show me Ohnoman again" :D:D:D

Did actually go to Ikea with Kate yesterday, where I got some boxes, cookies, and herring. Now, a few days earlier, my mother came in to ask what I wanted to eat for Christmas, and she brought up a Swedish dish I could not spell if I tried that is basically egg salad on crackers with herring on top. So when I went to Ikea, I called her:

Me: You were talking about that herring. Do you want me to get it while I'm here?
Mom: They probably don't have it.

...It's like, if Ikea doesn't have the Swedish food you want, who does?? Also, she's been *totally* holding out on me, because she knows how to make the cookies I like that I buy there. Geez, Mom. Between that and how I apparently did not know how to hard boil eggs...

Before leaving work yesterday (I took today off), I was seriously working double time to finish my Christmas cards. Like, I should have plenty of time, but I got involved in other stuff...

I did, however, get to tell Matt that I finally watched Batman and Iron Man (he's been bugging me about it since the summer), because I did when Kate kidnapped me to be her moral support at cookie making. *shrugs* I tend to mess up measurements, so it's for the best she didn't want help. I definitely missed some of the goings on in Batman due to the mixer, but Iron Man only had baking going on. Well, and, I knew what was going down in Batman, whereas all my knowledge of Iron Man is pieced together from, um, biased sources. Although, I was afraid for Jim Gordon there for a while, because... doesn't, like, his whole family die in one version of Batcanon? I have to be honest, I liked Iron Man better, but I think that was because I just wasn't in the mood for the Joker killing everyone in the world (I rarely am) (MARIKO IF YOU COMMENT DO NOT USE THAT ICON). Most of Batman's other villains I like (in the way you like a villain), but the Joker... Also, why were Bruce and Harvey not friends D: Whereas Iron Man had Samuel L. Jackson. I just don't think it's a fair comparison.

Of course, before I not-really-helped Kate at baking, I made her help me with dinner; we made yakisoba :D I also gave her the leftover tofu I was trying to pawn off on twitter to give to her dad, but then she ended up eating it herself. She, her mother, and I got an e-mail from him yesterday afternoon being like "where is my tofu??" ...I lol'd.


Since I didn't post yesterday, I guess I'll cut one of my crazy ideas; sometimes I think just describing the idea you have is enough and you don't need an actual fic to come out of it.

I think I'll also try to *actually watch* 24 Hr TV on my 5 day weekend. There are still so many parts to d/l though (;_;)

Title: Cassandra's Following
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Characters: Miura Issei, Ozaki Seigi, Nogami Airi, Nogami Ryoutarou
Word Count: 410
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Den-O belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: Miura knows he's right. GENFIC
Author's Notes: For [ profile] anzupeach who requested Miura Issei - Eep!. Please forgive me for how I tried to recreate Ozaki's weirdo speech patterns (-_-;)

Cassandra's Following )
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I was reading an essay involving Batman when I came upon this:

Bruce Wayne is a Prince. He is the scion of a family that has lived for generations right outside of Gotham City in Wayne Manor. The Waynes have always been wealthy and influential, raised with a sense of noblesse oblige.

(If you do not understand, please go watch Kamen Rider Kabuto and then read this again.)

I never did the year in review meme~! 4th Annual! Yes, let's! )

I finished Chinese! As long as I didn't tank the final (which I don't think I did) I got an A! I finished making that agedashi toufu. Unfortunately, I didn't finish *eating* it. Leftovers, anyone? I finished Kaitou St. Tail, but the end was kind of anti-climatic. I also finished

RnK 10 (End) )
Mendol 10-11 (End) )
Can!Jani 9-11, VSA, Oshareism Aiba & Jun )


So I thought to myself, you know, it would be nice to finish all of 2008's prompts in 2008. I have four left I'm *going to write* ([ profile] estirose, [ profile] anzupeach, [ profile] mariko_azrael, [ profile] beckerbell, wait for me~~!), three other prompts from when people gave me more than one, and two stupid, stupid ideas. And a partridge in a pear tree. Which is exactly the same as the number of days left in the year. ...Hmm...

Title: Godliness is Unlikely
Fandom: Juuken Sentai Gekiranger
Characters: Gekiranger Team
Word Count: 771
Rating: PG for questionable hygiene
Disclaimer: Gekiranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: It was a complete disaster the morning Retsu forgot to set his alarm clock. Gen as Gekiranger gets.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] kurifurinkan who requested Gekirangers - Hygiene. I suppose it is lucky for them I watched Geki in between when the prompt was given and now :P

Godliness is Unlikely )
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If you guessed I'd spam one of my friends with Star Wars references/how Star Wars doesn't go like that when I watched The Last Princess last night that night I watched this (Monday?), you'd be right.

Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin: The Last Princess )
Translation: AnS Staff Blog 12/15/08 )

TRUTH. [General; Internet]
Best OC Ever [DC Comics]
Incredibly awesome game [Puzzle game]
And finally, maybe the best manip ever go shower [ profile] niav with love right now omgeez [Arashi; Humor]
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HEY INTERNETS! Want to read a paper? ~2500 words, poorly formatted (I'm sorry), cites Star Trek, Stargate, DC Comics, Sailor Moon, and Fruits Basket. I'm tinkering with working Den-O in, but that would be hard, and it might be good like it is? [singsong]I'll love you forever....[/singsong]

Should Memory be Protected from Tampering? )
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So. Take home test due in t-minus 5 hours. Question 1-a completed. No motivation to work AT ALL. No, seriously, this is bad.

So, I will instead post this stuff I wrote about Stargate earlier:

And now, a new season of Stargate means a return to me writing about the new season of Stargate!

Atlantis: Adrift and Lifeline )

Also: I may or may not be downloading Arashi's entire discography. I also may or may not be CRAZY. Like a fox.

In conclusion: Icon 9.
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So, I had half of this well-thought-out essay on Yuuto and the ethics of time travel and whatever, but... I never finish things*


So, maybe I'll do it later? People pestering me would be appreciated. But, I had things I want to post for IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. Which is TOTALLY how I work.

Speaking of how people work, I've loved this website for a while now, but now it has an LJ archive: [ profile] ennatrek_lj. It's the ennagram personality ma-bobs with essays about fictional characters displaying them. Primarily Star Trek, but also HP and Heroes and Smallville and... maybe something else? Anyway, I like them, so.

(The reason why I thought of that is because the paragraph before last showcases mightily my degenerate connection to 7 as a 5. HAHAHA science. ...Or something.)

Anyway, I had a test that went... poorly, so I could use some adoring comments from the masses. And the best way to get them?


In related(?) news, I think someone need to inform this particular autobot what "in disguise" MEANS. This is a real car. )
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So, two and a half weeks later, I return! What have I been up to? GOOD QUESTION.

Uh, because of [ profile] estirose's impassioned plea, I ended up making two icons for [ profile] toku_icontest in, like, an hour? No, seriously, you can tell (#6 & #10). I was actually kind-of happy with 10, but 6 is pretty blurry. There was another one (incidentally from the same scene as #9), but it was SO blurry I just couldn't submit it. Of course, I had forgotten how much I like messing with graphics, and so I therefore d/led a copy of the GIMP for my very own. Of course, I had a grand total of three screencaps from Gekiranger, all from the end credits, so I had to sift through the 5 episodes still on my hard drive (5-9) looking for caps. I also learned a VERY IMPORTANT LESSON, but I'm going to have to tell you about it later so as not to bias voting. In conclusion, I think next week's theme should be Boukenger because I have a MILLION BILLION Boukenger caps. That or something like a general theme or lyrics challenge. Particularly because

CAAAAAARANGER FINALLY CAME! Of course, I am an idiot. They stuffed 12 episodes into each volume and as a result there are only four volumes, so now I'll have to pay for shipping AGAIN just to get number 4. I'm kind of hoping someone in the house needs something too and we could split shipping, because between this and the workbooks I ordered (BOOK SHIPPING IS SO EXPENSIVE), it's just not good.

Anyway, I kind of slacked off on [ profile] finalauraburst this week and had to pay for it yesterday when there was SO MUCH to wade through. I also slacked off on my laundry, which I will be doing tomorrow (this?) morning. SAA.

We had our first debate in Contemporary Moral Issues. This was basically categorized by us smacking the oposition down. (Topic: Should Same-Sex Marriage be Allowed? Side: Yes.) This is mostly because you cannot make a case for banning it without appealing to religious rationales, which we weren't really allowed/supposed to do. Although, there was some serious scrambling on the other side when I asked if they could prove there was a difference in dynamics between homosexual couples and heterosexual couples (I was the "defender." Therefore my position was one of the two best for delivering smackdownage, along with our attacker, Devin, who was also amazing). And, OMGEEZ. So, half their argument was that same-sex marriage would lead to polygamy. Since studies on polygamy suggest a detriment to women and children (as opposed to studies which say same-sex parents are just as good/maybe even a little better parents), so the "harm" arguement is enough to shut that down. Then they said, "Well, but those studies are just on past forms of polygamy. You can't predict the future." To which I said, "Well, yes, but the little research on polyamory there is seems to suggest it can be just as unstable..." (Note: I don't actually have a problem with polyamory, but I did find a couple of statements saying this, so.) And she just LOOKED at me and was like, "...poly-what?" GUYS! IF HALF YOUR ARGUEMENT IS ABOUT GROUP MARRIAGES, I SUGGEST YOU ACTUALLY DO SOME RESEARCH INTO GROUP MARRIAGES! Of course, there is also the point that if a group marriage could be arranged that *was* positive, what would be wrong with having it? *headdesk* Actually, I do feel bad for them, seriously, they got the short end of the stick.

So, uh, these are kind of terse, but.
HanaKimi 11-12 )
Watashitachi no Kyoukasho )
Den-O 32-34 )
Mega Vol. 5 )
Coffee Prince 17 )
At Home Dad Special )
Aba Vol. 2-4 )
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan )

So, the other thing that has recently grabbed me is music videos by Arashi. Gosh, they are EVERYWHERE! I really had no idea, but they ARE!!

Anyway, this fic should be called "Be Careful What You Wish For." But as you can see, it isn't. Ah, well. This satisfies, like, three prompts.

Title: World's Finest
Fandom: Mirai Sentai Timeranger/GouGou Sentai Boukenger/DC Comics
Characters: Domon, Sion, Ensemble
Word Count: 2,118
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Timeranger belongs to Toei, and Batman and co. belong to DC comics, so don't look at me.
Summary: Batman is going to die of skin cancer, and Superman is not invited to the funeral because it is entirely his fault. Superman/Batman, or, Domon/Sion. Mentioned Batgirl I/Nightwing or maybe Tatsuya/Yuuri.
Author's Notes: BLAME MARIKO.

World's Finest )

Notes. About names and WHERE THIS CAME FROM. )
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Dear Bridge,



(For sense: Timestamp 5:50)

Anyway, from [ profile] itsbuttery:

Choose three completed stories you've done, and list at least one thing about each you wish you would've done differently when you wrote it.

You assume I don't blast all fics I dislike into digital oblivion. )

And from [ profile] mariko_azrael:

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Oh, my WiPs. The horror. 5 under the cut. )

So, you see, I did *try* to do the Prompt-a-thon, it just... didn't get finished. Or started, really. I have this problem with being unable to decide endings. This is most notable in the one with Sakura's son. I could *not* decide who was dead, and who the father of that child was. Which is why it has been neglected for nearly a year. So.

Oh, and if anyone wants me to do that other meme, leave me a list of 12 characters in the comments. I just wasn't getting anywhere.

Anyway, things that are really awesome:
The Digimon 10th Anniversary CD. You can d/l it over at [ profile] digimon if you want. I like it because of all the uplifting songs. I mean, of course they are. But. Lines like, "Because flowers will always, always bloom," and stuff. They are the stuff of Japanese idealism love. Also, Try Again sounds like a song from StrongBad's e-mails.

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark!. I NEARLY DIED. NO SERIOUSLY. Especially at the spoken "Judgement time chick chick chick chick chick Delete Approval!" I AM DOING THAT FROM NOW ON.

Flash: Blood Will Run. I would write an actual review, but basically it comes down to my undying love for Wally even when he's a jerk. So.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, well, it was what I expected at least. I can't believe they didn't help Dean Thomas, though. Anyway, I would have Deep Thoughts, but I am just Too Lazy.

KataKoi 2-4. You may recall me telling you not to watch anymore, but that doesn't mean I stopped. Besides, I still like Nagai Masaru. Anyway, I'm learning a lot of new vocabulary like "cheating." And how to threaten someone for bashing the JSDF if you are a flamboyant gay man. Also, there is random 80's music.

HanaKimi 5. Have I mentioned my deep, undying love for Mizushima Hiro lately? Because I do. Have deep, undying love. Anyway, the little old lady was awesome. And, um, Mrs. Namba. And their giant light up sign. Also, I have now figured out how everyone was seeing it before me (veoh, while I was actually d/ling it), so I can watch it early too. HA!

This Post. No, seriously, GO READ IT NOW.

Okay, that's my list for now. I leave you with the goings-on of my family:

[Talking about hypothetical grandchildren]
Mom: I will be no one's "Grandma." They'll call me "Nana."
Me: about "Swinging Matriarch Tammmy"?

[My dad doesn't want any apple pie]
Me: You're un-American! We should have you hauled up in front of the HUAC, you Communist!
Dad: I'm sure my 27 years of military service won't count.
Me: Doesn't matter! The only way you can get out of it is to rat out your communist friends!
Dad: Anyway, the Communists aren't the enemy anymore, it's the terrorists.
Me: Ah, but what about the Communist Terrorists?


Jul. 11th, 2007 08:02 am
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OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG, [ profile] finalauraburst took SO LONG today yesterday. Saa.

So, I just saw this icon with ducks, and all I could think of how much it looked like a diode and how they should be going the *other* way. Saaa.

I can NOT seem to motivate myself to do anything. Saaaa.

Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen )

Flash: Rogue War )

Katagoshi no Koibito 1 )

I made curry for dinner last night. My parents were painfully willful.

Um. Yeah, my life just isn't very exciting right now.

Title: Paned
Fandom: GouGou Sentai Boukenger
Characters: Inou Masumi, Nishihori Sakura, Ensemble
Theme: 17. Redemption
Word Count: 174
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Boukenger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Spoilers: Task 46
Summary: He stared at them all and repented. Sakura/Masumi AU
Author's Notes: For [ profile] lkwreader who requested a sequel to Motivation and [ profile] 30_deathfics. Prompt Table

Paned )
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So. About Nagai Masaru, and how I have to watch shows with him in it now. I *could* blame Mariko here, but I would have seen Timeranger eventually. )

Also, I feel kind of bad for タブ and Mariko, because I think we filled up their inbox with comment notifications. Oops. It didn't occur to me until later that you would be getting them too, sorry.

Last night was also kind of difficult because it was the first time in a while that I was using J-text substantially, and since I now have Swedish (öäå, everybody!), I had to change the way the shortcut keys work, and it's still weird...

I cannot *tell* you how much the comments on this post (Cover to Countdown #41) make me laugh.

HAHAHA! I am down to three rows of tabs! (That was my goal.) I have become too lazy to continue archiving things, so at three rows it stays. But.

So, Memes Tabu tricked me into. I take back any sympathy expressed above. Also, I have made many asides to him assuming he will read my answers... Don't click on this, itsbuttery, or I won't be responsible for the consequences! )

Now I am depressed. I need a life.
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So, recently, people on my f-list have been talking about the new drama Hanakazari no Kimitachi e, mostly because it is full of smokin' hot guys former toku actors. I wasn't going to watch it, but then Fuki was like, "I forgot to set the VCR! Has anyone seen it?" So... Off I went.

Hana Kimi 01 )

You know, you'd think I'd have something in my life to write about, but I don't. Saa.

For those doing the OK Cupid test and MADLY WONDERING about me: backentry. I am not wasting my time doing it again. Oh, and upon rereading the text: I can't afford to refuse to date someone dumber than me because, alas, approximately 99.9% of the Earth's population is. (See how not anal I am? I stopped at the tenth!!) Anyway, people who aren't *that* much dumber than me are welcome to apply :) And for all of you that think I should be The Priss, I hate you.

OMG~ THIS CHART, LET ME SHOW YOU IT!. It's the "Geek Heirarchy," and it's hillarious!!!

Also, I enjoy Bonus 1 on this list. I would buy it, too.

Okay, so, how about that manifesto I'm supposedly writing... )
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Thanks, Mariko. Now there *has* to be quiz-spam )

Okay, now that *that's* out of the way:

STOP IT, JAPAN, JUST STOP IT. Yes, friends, a Japanese minister has been shamed out of office because he said the dropping of the atomic bombs was, from the American perspective, the only way to end the war and stop Russia from invading. Oh, and he doesn't have a grudge. Meanwhile, hibakusha are staging protests in outrage and saying Japan should demand an official apology from the US, and Abe rips this guy a new one (believe me, that's pretty harsh language). d00d, Asia, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!? I'm just glad I'm not stupid enough to go into diplomacy.**

**I am knocking on SO MUCH WOOD right now. Physics is bad enough, thank you.

And then we have Poland. *headdesk*

Adventures with a Murderer )

Flash: Crossfire )

Turbo 5 )

OH, I have been neglegent! The Findings of my Survey )

Okay, look. I promised Mariko a fic and SHE IS GETTING IT EVEN IF I HAVE TO DIE FIRST.

Also, I am now allowed to post this:

Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you and I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your f-list work! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

Title: In Which Domon Gets Revenge
Fandom: Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Characters: Kara (OFC), Domon, Sion
Word Count: 449
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Timeranger belongs to Toei, so don't look at me.
Summary: "You have no idea what you've done." Domon/Sion in the slightest of ways.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] mariko_azrael with the prompt "chaos incarnate". I suggest you read everything she writes, but particularly In Which Domon's Life is Never Ending Pain and all appropriate prequels before this.

In Which Domon Gets Revenge )
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Hallo! I return!


Well, I *could* talk about Florida, but the fact is: we did nothing. No, really. I did get some sushi out of the deal (a very little bit), but mostly it was just lazing around doing nothing and/or watching Star Trek. Actually, I got to see that episode I first watched a while back and now I can't find the entry, but it was the frist time I ever thought Picard was awesome because there are these aliens who are like, "Stuff stuff we hate you bye." and Picard keeps getting cut off, but then he uses their own treaty to win AND cuts them off AND makes them wait AND wanders over to see if anyone's dusted the bridge while doing it AND IT WAS AWESOME. My uncle is actually just watching Voyager for the first time, so he's all excited about it (I would be too if I hadn't seen the end >|). But, um, mostly we did nothing.

Friday was also mostly nothing, although I did venture to Springfield to get Kate and then discovered she had never seen Toon Titans and promptly made her watch hillarious episodes until her brains fell out. Or, you know. So.

Saturday, though, we adventured to Leesburg to visit the SteinMart. Now, I have been to SteinMart before seeing as there is one in the Food Lion shopping center in the 'Burg, but this time we were actually looking for stuff since EVERYONE MY MOTHER WORKS WITH LOVES STEINMART. We also went to the Dulles Town Center, and I saw a sign that said: "HAMILTON 9" (as in I was 9 miles away from Hamilton, eat your heart out Erin Hayes :P)

(As an aside, what does "eat your heart out" actually mean? I have no idea, so I use it sparingly, yet indiscriminately.)

Actually, I was also forced into going to the optomotrist, but since my eye pains have (mostly) stopped, I was UNAFRAID. Although, her tests kind of confused me. Because she said, "stop me when you can read it." And I foolishly did not think to ask whether she meant when I *can* read it, or when it actually looks like letters and not a series of blobs that I can figure out what they're supposed to be until halfway through the test, and I wasn't going back and doing it again. I could read the tiny line, though so I don't know what problem she could possibly have with me.

Interesting fact: there are 12 flavors of ice cream in my house. Fried Ice Cream, Vanilla, Double Vanilla, Creamy Vanilly, Chocolate Brownie Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Fudge Tracks, Baby Ruth, Rocky Road, O NO I AM BLANKING HELP ME. Needless to say, it's a lot.

I was recently over in Beth's LJ since IE IS DUMB AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT I'M LOGGED IN TO LJ I had a reply to a comment to reply to, and I toyed with the idea of stealing her tags scheme. It's actually a riddiculously detailed way of doing it, which is of course why I love it. Since I failed at locating that entry today (GOOGLE WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?), it occurs to me I should perhaps invest in better tags. What I REALLY want, though, it some way to be like, "Show me everything tagged --- but not ---" or "show me everything tagged ---- and ---" because my tags are arranged in a heirarchical system currently, and sometimes I want to see just the rectangles that aren't squares! ANYWAY. Actually, really, I have decided I have to see Beth more b/c my tag only hits three entries and I <3 Beth and THIS IS A TRAVESTY I AM A FAILURE AT FRIENDS BUT ALSO CATS SO I REALLY WILL DIE ALONE. *cough*

Someone is eating something that smells good. I think I must venture after my own sandwich.

Thank you for flying [ profile] capncosmo's LJ. We have now arrived at the end of real life events. If you are continuing with us to Tokusatsu reviews, please remain in your seats. Otherwise, thank you and enjoy your time on your friends list.

Turbo 1-4 )

Mega 2&3 )

Den-O 22 )

I would also like to direct you to a wonderful meta on Imajin by [ profile] estirose so you can comment and add depth to the discussion.
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Well, I got on mixi for the first time in months, and what awaited me but news of a Tokyo Bathhouse explosion. Fuki said she walked past the bathhouse on her way to school. Tragic.

In happier thoughts, Ga'arth, the Klingon Fashion Designer!

So, today I found out has stopped offering International Economy shipping. On one hand, this is bad, because International express is more expensive, and shipping is already riddiculous. But on the other hand this is good because a) it will only take 2-5 days, and b) they changed because each package has a tracking number so they can keep better tabs on stuff. Which is, you know, good because who wants the post office to eat their mail?

Also, in case you cared, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie is on sale for $5 and is part of the 4-for-3 promotion. Just. Sayin'.

So, been reading news of the Beeb. (Is that how you spell it?) Anyway, I found this article which interviewed 3 Chinese teenagers and 2 Japanese teenagers about what they were taught about WWII. For a country who's textbooks are so "wrong," I find it interesting both Japanese students said they thought Japan was the bad guy in the war. And for a country so interested in the "truth," I find it interesting all three Chinese students were fixated on how they were taught Japan was "bad." Of course, here they go making things worse...

Review time! Impulse: Reckless Youth )

Flash: Rogues )

Flash: Ignition )

In which I revise my three-year academic plan. Again. For the LAST TIME. )
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Many things happened yesterday!

First, I finished the technical and stylistic tweaks to my lastest fic, so as soon as I hear back from [ profile] lkwreader about canon and characterization, it should be coming to you shortly. Unless, you know, she finds a major error. I've also started on the companion piece that runs in parallel (although it's a lot slower going than the first)!

Second, another Flash trade came. )

Third, I finished Timeranger! )

And, that's all I got. Now I'm off to dinner with my dear [ profile] lillianloop who I somehow convinced to write Bouken fic. I am directing her to post at [ profile] sentai_ai/[ profile] sentaislash so. Watch your f-lists.

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Finished my security clearance papers yesterday. I'm going to wait to print and sign them until Tuesday, though, because Suzie, the person I have to give them to, is only in on Tuesdays.

I was also in a GINORMOUS meeting taking notes. It was like, GAH DEATH. But it gave me something to do, which I appreciate. I just hope I don't have to read the proposal when the changes come back. Because that would be horrifying.

I would like to sing you the ballad of Tony the Dell guy. But his story isn't finished yet, so let's just have this line here as a reminder to me.

OMG THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. ...I need a watermelon tag, I think.

I just did the ethics training online program thing. It amazes me how I can use the EXACT SAME thoughts and justifications and yet arrive at a different conclusion of... ethicality. Boggles the mind.

Yesterday, three more of my Flash trades came. Unfortunately, this has just made me want to go out and buy the rest. *headdesk* Born to Run, The Return of Barry Allen, and Dead Heat )

I wrote a fic today, but it needs some eyes before I post it. Especially due to the fact that I don't know what to rate it. And the fact that I've forgotten a great deal of Boukenger. I've tried to make it canon compliant, but I can't rewatch Boukenger tonight. So, if anyone familiar with Boukenger wants to do me a favor and read my fic in advance, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Happy June Birthdays!

Okay, exciting news for everyone who loves the Den-O opening: iTunes music store sells music by AAA, the group who sings "Climax Jump." Unfortunately, Climax Jump itself is not (yet?) available, but it sounds like their other songs are along the same lines. So.

Now it's time for fun times with my mom:

[In a discussion of how poor my father's table manners used to be]
Dad: She kicked my under the table one time!
Mom: I'm sure I've kicked you under the table more than once.


[While Watching The Wedding Date]
Mom: You've seen this before?
Me: Yeah. But back then I didn't know who Jack Davenport was, so I have to watch it again.
Mom: Who's Jack Davenport?
Me: ...It continues.
Mom: ???
Me: That's Jack Davenport.
Mom: Why should I know who he is?
Me: *headtable*

And, a bonus:

Me: You have a song by Mariah Carey?
Brother: [Shifty-like] That--That's not mine.

So, I think this Summer of Rock thing is a great idea. The problem is, I've only heard two of the songs ("You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Stairway to Heaven"). I'm thinking maybe I'll use other rock songs? I've heard quite a few (I listen to the Classic Rock station on and off), and there are a lot I really like. Of course, I am also a big fan of 50's and 60's Rock, but I'm thinking this is more of a 70's/80's thing. Either way, I'm doing it. I should load the School of Rock soundtrack on my mp3 player for work on Monday.

SGA: Sunday )

One of my trades came today!! And even though it is the fourth trade, I could not wait. Flash: Terminal Velocity )

I am not used to how long my hair is now. I'm like, "ZOMG SOMETHING IS TOUCHING MY ELBOWS/ARMS/WRISTS oh it's just my hair haha silly me." SAAAA.

I also REALLY need to get my computer fixed. This J-Text thing is killing me, mainly the not having it.

I shall sign off now. Ta ta!
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Whoa. I just updated the history section of Life's a Show. I haven't done so in, like, a year. Man, note to self, never do *that* again. Anyway, two PMs and two posts later, I emerge victorious to await fleet mission instruction and something brilliantly masterful from Katana. w00t. Now I just have to start writing the beginning to Time is Too Short. Well, and deciding how I want it structured. But.

So, this morning I got up an hour early to get my car inspected, and yet I was late to work. This is not fair. Of course, maybe if I hadn't waited until the end of the month, it wouldn't have been a problem. Oops?

Okay, I have two COMPLETELY ADORABLE things to link you to:

Blue Beetle is awesome. I have NO IDEA who he is, he's still awesome. [Scans, DC]

I want to be Jay Garrick when I grow up, too, Nightwing. [Scans, DC]

No, seriously, Jay [Flash I] is the coolest d00d around. Not even kidding. And I love how the Flashes are all buddy-buddy with their rogues.


Well, my car is registered, my checkbooks balanced, and everyone here apparently has NOTHING THEY NEED DOING. Christine gave me this tiny thing that took me AT MOST half an hour. But that's it. I have also finished reading the Barry Allen tag at [ profile] scans_daily which actually has this really interesting reposting of parts of the whole time when Barry was on trial for killing Reverse-Flash (in 11 parts!).

I must have written more than I thought last summer to keep myself amused.

20 Things in my Personal Bouken Canon )

And now I work. Or perhaps talk to Kate some more.
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An entry! An entry, I say!

Well, good news: I posted. w00t for me. I have to post again tomorrow and then make Kate post, but.

I backed up my hard drive. This was a long and horrendous process.

I reread HBP. And I realized it's printed plainly in the book that Snape isn't evil. B/c Hagrid overhears this conversation where Snape and DDore were having this fight about something Snape *really* didn't want to do but he had already promised. And I was like, "thx Hagrid lolz". Just like that.

I have to get up early tomorrow to get my car inspected. Boo.

I ordered some Flash tpbs last night. I have decided I need a little more joy in my life, and also, I don't buy manga anymore really, so.

Oh, right, that Movie With The Ending Of Which We Shall Not Speak. Yeah, saw it. Um, well... I guess it was good as a movie goes. As a devoted Norrington fangirl fan of the series, however, it left a lot to be desired. I kind of wish we could put the genie back in the bottle and just leave off at the (mostly) happy ending of CotBP, but. It's still worth seeing, and I especially loved the spoiler ). That was HILARIOUS. But... Yeah. Now we just have to wait for the disappointment that will be OotP and the circle will be complete.

See it now!
See itX
Uni MallX
Don't see itX

Rachel tells me SG-1 never aired on Friday, so we won't be doing that. But I did see Den-O 17 )

And... that's all. See ya'll tomorrow at work!
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I don't know why this paper is so hard to start. Just by answering all the questions Prof. Hamada strictly asked, it should approach the 15 page requirement, I think. Somehow the due date just doesn't feel real, I guess. Even though I have to be in Washington with said paper in less than five hours. *And* I'm starting to feel tired. If I thought I could trust myself to wake up from a short nap, maybe I'd do that, but...

Nope, instead I've been reading SG-1 fic, which has actually been full of JOY. I do so *love* joy.

Speaking of my paper, Prof. Hamada doesn't seem to think my findings support my hypothesis that Asians accept contradictions better than us Westerners. I think she must be illiterate if she read my paper and thought that. But, just out of curiosity, any of ya'll got any thoughts on contradictions? Like, for example, if I told you that when something moves at speeds approaching the speed of light, like in a spaceship, people moving along with it in the ship will measure that object to be lighter/longer/faster than people standing on a nearby planet. So, like, the thing weighs both a lot and a little at once. Time moves differently for the person on the planet and the one in space. This is not possible by conventional thinking, yes? You might call it a contradiction to have a meter stick simmultaneously be a meter and shorter than a meter. If someone just asked to accept that wholesale, would you be like, "fine"? Or would you be like, "You crazy"? I appreciate the input.

How to be a Superhero's Girlfriend [Humor]

Christine already linked this, I think, but for the other two groups of f-list: Map of Online Communities [Humor]

So, I know almost nothing about the Fantastic Four, but these four panels are HILARIOUS. Because the Thing apparently has an infinite well of snark. [Humor]

Best story about pretending to be a lesbian to get rid of a guy EVER. [Humor]

Professor X has some accreditation trouble. [Humor]

(As a side note, I have no idea if "acceditation" is a real word; my computer can't decide if it's on battery or AC, so it keeps flickering and breaking my concentration.)

An Idiot's Guide to Reviewing. As a side note, sorry Tem's Anthro group; I was laughing at this, not you. [Humor]

Roy and Ollie are such saps. [DC]

Thoughts on 'The Tao of Rodney' and 'The Shroud' )

...I am printing another copy of the group paper and going to sleep. This is riddiculous.


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