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Um... College? Yes.

Classes and Sundry )

Speaking of crazy things, WHY IS THERE A CRAZY COPYRIGHT POLICY NOW? It makes lounges "public areas," meaning if we watch movies in there we're violating copyright law. Unless it's Disney. ...or Japanese? Apparently Japanese copyright law allows people to watch things in public as long as no money is changing hands. I don't know if that comes with Japanese works, though, or if it's applicable to things in Japan... I'm hoping the former, because then if anyone calls me on it, I have in print, as opposed trying to argue "educational purpose" and "fair use." And... I'll have to read what the handbook has to say; more research! What fun. Of course, I also know how to write a letter to get permision for that.

Why I care? Because I'd like to show the Lafcadio Hearn Movie. It's actually fairly easy to argue educational intent for that, but... I don't *want* to argue, I'd just like to be able to do it. Not that the entire rule isn't BS anyway. I *live* here. The lounge is like my living room or something.

Okay, I'd just like to share this.

Anyway, happier things. Saw a lot of "souls" (including Danielle XD), am teaching Irene HTML/CSS in the future, am going through Crystal Light Ice Tea like it is going out of style, am the stupidest person ever for NOT BRINGING RICE, etc.

I'm disappointed but not surprised we're in a state of emergency and the college doesn't care. CANCEL AFTERNOON CLASSES! DO IT!!!! Because I don't want to spend my morning in the bookstore reading three chapters. Just saying.

It just occured to me Alia theoretically has a copy of this book... too late now, I suppose.

Also, at least the PS3 will be used by *somebody*.


Two of my favorite characters meet, and the pigs are cute. COMMODORES FTW.

Also, I've been listening NON STOP to POP STAR by Hirai Ken. The video is really amazing (especially around 3:40) because he plays EVERY PART. (I also know the dance XD) I think I have no choice but to get his single collection. It's actually kind of a travesty I don't have it already, what with ハリソン and all, but.

Kanji learned to date: 宝 (たから、ホウ)(takara, hou) - treasure. THANK YOU, BOUKENGER. No, I'm *really* not kidding, it's how I learned the word *and* the kanji.
定(テイ、ジョウ、さだ)(tei, jou, sada) - decide, fix, establish

...okay, so I have a ways to go. Look, I got a PERFECT SCORE on lvl. 4 kanji. So now I suppose I should take lvl. 3 and fail see what happens. As of right now, I'm planning on taking lvl. 2, but I might go up to lvl. 1 if it becomes clear to me I should. ...I don't think it will. Also, you know what's surpising? I'VE STUDIED JAPANESE OVER 1,000 HOURS! Wow. Just, wow. I suppose it make sense I'm "suddenly" able to understand TV and stuff. See, I never tried until Boukenger *made* me. Maybe I could have done it sooner? Although, it doesn't excuse the SORRY STATE of my vocabulary. Hopefully be solving the kanji problem, I will solve that as well. One can hope...

ABSENTEE BALLOT THINGY is going in the mail. Perhaps you should do one, too?

Oh, and a meme )

And finally:
Kate: He's like white trash but better.
Me: White Recylcling?
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Dear Ninth Grade self,

I just recieved your letter courtesy of Mr. Charnitski. But I have a question for you: what are "ill pants"?


Present self it apostrophizing if you're talking to yourself?

Dear Salient, Anna, and Aldius,

You guys are funny liek WHOA. Much <3s.




...But not as many <3s as you.


Dear Fairfax Corner.

I still hate you. Centreville has the times up, you know. And EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOU.

No love,


Dear Self,

You'd better follow your new schedule ) or else.



P.S. Stop writing letters to youself.
P.P.S. That was masterful use of HTML and CSS. ...Don't waste so much time like that again.





(The irony does not escape me I already knew every single one of those.)

EDIT2: Dear [ profile] grrliz,

Thank you for linking a certain fandom wank in your journal a while ago. Not so much for the wank (boring) but for this hillarious comment.



EDIT3: Dear f-list,

You guys disappoint me. Really. Because Number 3 on my Movie Meme is from The Wrath of Khan. You know, they're in the cave and they've been marooned at the center of a dead planet burried alive burried alive? And they're talking about "ZOMG, Kirk how can you eat at a time like this?" and about him cheating to beat the Kobayashi Maru. And then Spock calls and everyone's like 0.o. And he takes a bite of the apple and says "I'd don't like to lose." And it's just so... Kirk.

Geez. I guess you'll all have to commit hara-kiri now.


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I realized while writing a massively huge e-mail to Fuki (I'm sorry ^^;) that I should probably have a little more confidence in my Japanese skills. Or, you know, like, some. For all I'm snobby about it (Re: ARUDIASU AKONE), I really am very hesitant about giving advice or translations or talking to Japanese people. As I pointed out to myself, however, there is only one more level of Japanese. Then there IS NO MORE. I may not be fluent, but by golly I must know a lot. So, I gave out some advice on [ profile] japanese, and it was way awesome because I was not only seconded, but fourthed! *niko* Also, my Japanese-fu found Nakamura Chise's blog. Ahahahahahahahahaha.

If I only knew kanji, then I could read and everything would be right in the world!

Mallets make me cry. This is because they are very expensive and, of course, you need FOUR of them. Well, it could be worse. I could break them all the time. I was thinking of the soft grey and the medium rattan vibes from Innovative, mostly I guess because I'm used to them and I like them. Even though I am madly in love with rattan and could get the marimba mallets in that too. Yeah, between that and my shopping cart at I'll spend, like, two day's pay 200 samoas. Boo.

I really wish I could just be like, "ACHERON GUYS! ARE YOU GOING TO POST ANYMORE!?" Because just when I think we're done, something new gets put up. Not that I mind. It's just, you know, I've already written the next post and it's kind of dangerous writing posts as far in advance as I have been. Like, you never know when you're just going to turn out to be the Odales. Not that I mind that either. But, I'm bored.

And then I go home, and I fall asleep instead of summarizing Kabuto like I'm supposed to. If I could do it here, it would have been done already, but I can't. Bah.

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OMG SQUEE! You thought it was over, but it's not.

<3 JULIAN!!!

What brought this on, you ask? New colorbar thanks to the TOTALLY AWESOME [ profile] marshmellin! (see [ profile] ds9agogo or user info for linkage) Also, since I solved a mystery for her, I get to request an icon! Finally, Star Trek: Taking beautiful women into the arms of foliclely-challenged men will become a reality!

(In case you hadn't noticed, I'm excited)

I think I'll use my birthday and grad money for this. Oh man, so awesome. If only it was not so much with the monies! Still, 30% is probably the best I can do, and it beats my Borders discount, and there is FREE SHIPPING. Of course, I could also be bitter that TNG is cheaper because it's 40% off and Voyager is just cheaper even though it's only 25% off. *cries*

Someone make me come to my senses before I do this crazy thing.


Okay, enough of that.

Went to practice. Jon FOUND MY CD!!! ^^

The new show is JUST LIKE GLORIA. Christine: [Gloria] really sucked. Jon: No, tell me what you really think of it. They even do the double gong-bass drum thing. I was totally having flashbacks.

Went to the OPTOMETRIST. Still glasses free, although my right eye is a little messed up. *shrugs* I got some REALLY COOL SUNGLASSES and a croissant out of the deal, so I'm okay with it.

OMG ROSA PARKS GUY! Also the one who thought Mr. T was a terrorist. And the redshirt story! I'll have to write down all my work anecdotes.

I think I'll take DiffEQ after all due to the fact that Will is and I don't want to take it by myself. Anthro will just have to wait. ::sad::

So, should I do pep band or not? I might have to play... drums. *sigh*

ANDY DESOTO: You can't avoid me forever. I'll call you on the phone if I have to! Don't make me do it!

That's all for now.

EDIT: So, I just passed the lower-level computing requirement test, and I'm indignant. The questions I "missed" are a matter of opinion, and they have no right to say theirs is more valueable than mine. *huffs*

But I did get a very nice e-mail from CCM. Andrew? Andy? Up for an adventure? I guess the rest of you godless heathens will sleep or something.

EDIT AGAIN: I just realized my mass buddies have the same name. *sigh*
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Kate and I are going to see REVENGE OF THE SITH at 12:01 at Fairfax Corner. Any friends or pathetic life forms are welcome to come with.

So, I finally broke down and checked out Alexander Hamilton from the libary. I'm at the point where he's about to go to college. I don't know enough about him yet to really form an opinion, but I am impressed that while the other founding fathers were like, "I'm on a cushy plantation," or, "I'm in a peaceful New England town," Alexander Hamilton was like, "I'm an illegitimate child living in the Carribean who's father left, mother died, guardian cousin committed suicide, uncle disinherited, and now have no money or education."

What's up with everyone wanting to go to my college? At first it was just Kate and me and we were like, "Yay W&M!" but now I can't even keep track of everyone. As a side note, Will Ames and Andrew and Christine have just as a legitimate claim. It's all those regular decision houligans.

Speaking of college, fear not Kate, for I am getting very good at making Ramen Plus (Not Beefy)! Mushrooms and beansprouts and maybe even a little chicken enhance Ramen Plus (Not Beefy) and make it seem actually like a real meal and not a steaming bowl of fat and salt.

Finally submitted my Border's job application yesterday. I kind of feel bad about my answers to such questions as "When someone makes a mistake you correct them," "You are not afraid to tell someone off," and "You are more likely to get angry than nervous when things are rushed."

Solo and Ensemble yesterday. If my solo wasn't unlisted I feel confident I would have gotten a I from the comments the judge gave me afterwards. He was really nice. Em (of course she was there) and I were really scared, though, when we walked past the sign saying "Percussion: Steve Ballard." Good thing for us he did all his judging in the morning.

I should be looking up Supreme Court cases about now... I'm sure it'll be done. (No worries, Christine.)
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TROMBONE PLAYING FRIENDS: Why are you not as cool as this guy?

BOYS DOING YATTA!: I found a tutorial. By using said tutorial you may be better than last year's bunch, which would not really be hard, now that you mention it.

Kate, I really need to talk to you. I had a dream we were talking last night, that's how bad it is.


no words

Mar. 9th, 2005 03:27 pm
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I think (and hope) Wikipedia has failed me. This is basically because it just told me Koizumi died yesterday, but no one else seems to know anything about it. This is disturbing for two reasons: Wikipedia failed me I think; I care more about some other country's leaders than my own. I feel like a milkshake.

Maneuvered my way into Library both blocks and out of an 8th period abscence/an uncomfortable conversation with Mr. Latham. Also, since all of my pieces were unlisted, I decided to go with "The New Downfall" for Solo and Ensemble. I think I'll practice this year. Especially since we're apparently having a senior recital, so I'd like to have something to play.

Since I haven't written in a while, I'll try. Bowling with host students, party, festival, Fudds, talent show, DC, Kate's, Boy Scouts for Japan presentation. Wow, I was like not home at all this past weekend.

Emi's leaving today to go to Christine's. I don't really know how to feel about it. So I won't.

I read the Japanese Constitution today. 103 articles! And I thought the US's was long. Government is very hard to figure out, I figure.

Emi's looking that the Bridget Jones's diary website. I'd like to see that eventually... Her English teacher is Austrailian, so I asked her if she thought American accents were weird/hard to understand. I think she says they're okay, but Brittish accents are better. I can't blame her. I like Brittish accents, too.

This entry feels wierd, sort of like a stream of conciousness. Maybe I'll tack this onto my mind dump. Speaking of mind dumps, I should probably write some more poems between now and English tommorrow.I was thinking of trying to coordinante a renga. Wouldn't that be cool? I'd only be able to do it with a few people, though, because I'd have to turn it in to Ms. Stegall. (for those who don;t know, a Renga is a Japanese poem that is like a round robin tanka marathon.) Anybody interested?

Ha! School finally ends!
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So, since I last updated on Thursday...


I did algebra HW in band for there was no Ulrey. Gov was NO FUN. Algebra was... algebraic interesting, I guess. I think it's just a little TOO easy, if you know what I'm saying. But I figured how to do matricies on the 89, so it's all good. Skipped senior class meeting to practice and see Jon. Memorable conversation:

Sub-lady: Are you Amanda and Kristen?
Krystle: We're Amanda and Krystle...
Sub-lady: Oh, okay. And the curriculum fair is going to be in here?
Me: I think it's in the chorus room...
Sub-lady: Okay. (leaves)
Me: What was that?
[a few moments pass]
Krystle: She meant KHawk and Amanda D!
Me: OOOHHH! It makes so much more sense now.

On Friday Andy was out gallavanting so I went home. Watched 6 hours of M*A*S*H, among other things. Day one of eating tacos.


I slept a lot, then had to finish off my backload of TV (Star Trek). Then I went to church and saw Andrew, so I helped him with his little baskets of happy lenten books. He really doesn't have the knack. He collaborated Kate's story that Christine denied, so there. I just realized how ironic it is that I would more easily believe Kate than Christine since Kate is much more likely to embelish and/or use questionable sources. He also seems to have memory problems, which too is ironic seeing as he was the one who recognized me three years later, not the other way around. Oh, the irony overload.

After doing my good deed for the day, I set out to buy a present for my soon-to-be 13-year-old brother. He's seriously getting to be as bad as me about everything he wants not being in a regular store. Also got Valentines for family. Here's a question: Why don't they make "Brother" cards? They make "cousin" and "caretaker" and even have hugeoid Spanish displays, but not one "brother." You know, I love my brother. I bet most people love their brothers. SO WHY ARE THERE NO CARDS!?

Speaking of brothers, mine disappeared for a long time, so my mother sent me to get taco bell. Day two of eating tacos.


Got up. Read fics, which is unusual and I hope I don't make a habit of it, especially because I had forgotten just how many bad 7th grade fan girl fics there are. Then went to chuch. Then read more fics. Then my brother's little friend came over to watch the Superbowl. Thank goodness he's gone. Although I did love that commercial where football players are all singing "Tommorrow" and then at the end it says, "Tommorrow... We'll all be undefeated again." I think I might watch Mulan II again soon. Also plan to have Mulan II party, although I don't know when since my brother's b-day party is soon... *shrug*

And there you have it. Now if only [ profile] lbpeople was cooler and would let former students join. (Don't worry, TJ people, it's nowhere as cool as ours AND admits it's a total ripoff :P)

EDIT: I forgot to say this to [ profile] lillianloop, and I doubt she reads her comments anyway, but the way to get around EVERYONE you've friended reading your locked journal is to create a custom group, which is very simple and an faq can be found here. I employ such a filter because I friend things I want on my friends page for convenence, and it was easy to do.

Deja vu...

Jan. 8th, 2005 10:12 am
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I found the music!!!oneone

Two hours to learn it, go!
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Firstly, All District Summary )

Secondly, Some stuff that doesn't deserve it's own cut:

I want to find Dido's White Flag (mp3) but it is not to be found. Anybody got a lead?

Today is my brother's birthday. Yay.

Christine, Fuki wants to share. And I did the thing; it's only 41%. Ha, I win. Fat lot of good does me.

Printed pictures. More on that later (see second cut).

*sparkle* to Katana! Have fun tonight!

Went to King Street Blues. It was badness. This may have been a by-product of my own current state, but...

Vigilance, POM, and LJ want comments! umyumyum, comments. Please?

Thirdly, I have decided that the first time I go drivig by mysel it will be to CVS-ish place. Note this conversation )

And finally, my dad's latest, greatest theory. THIS is bound to get me some comments. Finally )

And that is all. w00. Night, now.
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Looking through the newspaper, I see this picture of the bass line and the back of Willy's head. Caption:

"The Thomas Jefferson Color Guard waits in the hallway last Saturday for" blah, blah, blah. Yes.

So, my Japan app thing sent me lookng for a picture of like "candid-ness". So, off I go to find this pic. I go in the BIG BIN OF PICTURES (tm) and find nothing more recent than 1999. No go. I do, however, find Mama's pictures from the early-mid eighties. Like ones of some guy hitting on her. And the montage of the friends holding the French Onion Dip. She says she'd tell me if she remembered.

FinalAngelRevisi: your mom was a hooligan.
SailorC9: I know!
FinalAngelRevisi: what can we say.

I got to the digital pictures and chose one from Homecoming, freshman year. Note to me and anyone who may see me: I am NOT allowed to look at Homecoming pictures EVER.

Now, I love my new desktop background. I wish you all could see it. It's my dad and my cousin at my other cousin's wedding, and it's just great.

Right. So, the moral of this story is, I like pictures. Just not when I'm in them. My mo thinks the moral of the story is I look very nice with a little bit of makeup and nicely combed hair. But that's the wrong moral. Right.
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Hating my grades. Hating my schoolwork. Hating my band.


I am extra genki though, due to my sleep deprivedness and relatively high emotional levels. This is not good.

I am getting that tingling in my left arm that tells me it's time to go to bed. But I must first write to Fuki.


"Fine biscuits! Fine, like Halie Berry. These biscuits are *so* fine!"
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Today, my physics book gave me the answer to a burning question: Why oboeists fail at tuning. You ready?

An oboe reed does not, like other reeds, move using simple harmonic motion. Therefore, amplitude counts. i.e., the pitch depends on how hard you blow. "A skilled musician can compensate for such differences."

Wow. That was amazing. I also did some calc and e-mailed Mrs. Suetterlein (finally). I have to write some DOD thingy, which I really don't wanna do, but Mama says I can take my TJ essay and substitute "DOD intership" for "TJHSST". Mama rocks, Unfortunately. we can't figure out which was the final version...

Lisa/Erin are my heroes.

And, I get sushi tonight!! B/c Dad & Bug are going to wrestling, Mama and I are going for sushi!

Now I begin to BS this essay... Jaa.
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Quizzes stolen form Sherurururururu )

Went to Kiimu's B-day paatii last night. 'Twas fun. And I saw THE most complicated diagram ever. I think I shall make one too. :P

Played Butt mode DDR. Ate pho (insert accents where nescissary). And met Miimu, newest member of the Iimu Chiimu.

Then I came home and watched Star Trek. It only reinforced my opinion the Julian is uber Kawaii. But v. arrogant. Thank goodness that goes away with time. I think somehow we're going to have to go to DS9, and I suspect it will be on the "Why don't we exist?" mission.

Stupid cell phone woke me several times. Attack of sneezes returns (see: District Band Audition, Sat., Jan. 10). Katana has not yet posted and she said she;d do it yesterday. Book overdue. Poo on it. I have to renew the others. Or maybe just return it because it's bad...

Tiimu didn't know who the G-boys were. *sad*

If your name is Andy DeSoto, don't read this )

E-mailed Allie.

um, I think that's it. Sore ja... Sayonara.
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Quiz na no )

*coughs* Anyway... Grab a sandwich for this one people. Because I am talking about <b>GUNDAM</B>!!!!11 )

Er-- I support Cheryl and her LJ post. You can read it if you're motivated enough to click on my sidebar/friends page.

Yeah, I'm sure I have more to say, but I can't remember it. Oh well. Jaa na.
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Woah. It's a long time since I've blogged. And by long time, I mean a few days. Well, I shall try to remember all the stuff that happened.

Citrus "chillout" - Line of the day: "Before you ask, no, I will not run him over." "Oh, c'mon. Ten points."

It was actually pretty slow today. I dropped the last box though because my left hand couldn't get a grip on it. Stupid box.

Winter "chillout" - Kim lost the DDR tournament. For shame. Christine and I rummaged about and duped a freshman into giving up whipped cream on two (disgraceful) hot chocolates. And that is the end to the MB money.

Sketchbook - I HATE HUM!

It wouldn't even be so bad if I hadn't been so rudely awakened this morning. Of course, my rude awakening turned into a character idea. But I can still complain.

FDTF - According to my sources, the FDTF will be closing forever on the 20th of January, which is in three days. I had some good times with that dog...

No snow day was STOOPID!

The Ulrey had no voice yesterday.

I am in Optics and Modern Physics Lab. And the peasants rejoiced. Speaking of getting things, omedetou to Katana.

Even though the lyrics to "White Flag" have been on Vigilance for a while, I caught something new today. Yeah.

Watched GundamW for about three hours this morning. DDRed, Gundamed, Star Trekked last night. Which brings me to:

The Coolest Character on DS9! )

Steamed Anza!!!!11

Er... I'm babysitting later today. I don't think anything else interesting happened, so it's time to watch some more GUNDAM!!!


Jan. 13th, 2004 05:14 pm
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EVERYONE should look at Amanda's LJ (see friends page) for Sunday, Jan 11. I am NOT kidding. Seriously. Do it. Now.

CALCULUS DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just explained some Japanese on the Animelyrics list.

I didn't even know this custom still existed )

Katana really needs to call me. And she needs to tell me about Braddock's physics teachers.

I have SOOO much work to do this week. I NEED it to snow tommorrow. Or Thursday. Or both. Preferably tommorrow. Well, preferably both, but...

I need to study. And to eat beacause I am HUNGRY. *mini-celebration* Okay. Yoshi. Wish me not-death.


Jan. 11th, 2004 11:15 am
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*does double take*

What now? I got into District Band?????????

And what about Willy who was ranked tenth but didn't? Or... What? I don't understand.


Jan. 10th, 2004 02:55 pm
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They were bad.

And I started sneezing uncontrolably.


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