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I have a test to study for, so of course I am posting on the internet instead!

555 13-16 )

Mito Koumon )
Zettai Reido 10 )
Yatome 9 )
Variety )

As for the KanKen... I'm honestly not sure. I'm getting like 80s and 90s in certain sections and 50s in others (you need a 70 to pass), and of course the most important section is the hardest/my worst. We shall see how it goes. And then afterward we will go see Iron Man 2 :D

In other kanji news, I've decided to do a project for the Kanjipocalypse, so, watch this space!


May. 8th, 2010 11:51 am
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Yatome 3 )
Variety )

Title: Zankan (残寒)
Fandom: Yamada Tarou Monogatari (JDrama)
Characters: Mimura Takuya, Yamada Tarou, Ikegami Takako, Mimura Seiichi, Isogai, Various Yamadas, OFC
Word Count: 1,279
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: YamaTaro belongs to TBS and Ai Morinaga, not me.
Summary: It's right, or it's wrong, or maybe it's both or neither. Tarou/Takuya, Takuya/OFC
Author's Notes: I've had this written for at least 6 months, but I haven't posted it because I really have no idea if this makes any sense at all, particularly due to my apparent inability to tell a story in a linear fashion. [ profile] vintage_belle suggests it may need a "sequel" from Tarou's point of view, but, I guess we'll see.

Zankan )
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Last predictable post for the foreseeable future. KAZUYOSHI, GET ME INTERNET IN MY HOUSE.

Young Victoria )
Alice in Wonderland (2009) )
Meitantei Conan: Tenkuu no Lost Ship )

The Maltese Falcon )

Kaibutsu-kun 1 )
Goseiger )
Double )

And that's all I guess, until I either get a driver's license or internet in my house. D:
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So I *could* write about the horrible thing that happened to me that got fixed so it's okay OR I could tell you this story I keep forgetting to tell you.

In the Mandrake, I am systematically working my way through "other tokustasu" while Lisa is in the Arashi section next to me.

Lisa: [shows me one] Who *is* this on the cover?
Me: Um, well that's Aiba and that's.... Who is that?
Me: [Actually reads cover]
Me: Oh, this isn't an Arashi doujin, it's a Shinkenger one! So, like I said, that's Aiba...
Lisa: lololol


Especially because I can just see Nino "accidentally" taking the wrong Aiba with Arashi at the end and Aiba's hilariously outrageous reaction.

And now:

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Lisa really wanted to see this, and I did too, so.

I'm warning you, though, you'll probably be disappointed. )

In other news, I very much enjoyed Arashi on Utaban tonight. Not least because:

Palm reader guy: Sakurai-san, Ninomiya-san, you have this one line (blah blah). What's odd is that I mostly see this in the 2-choume crowd, like Haruna Ai, Ikko, and Osugi and Piko.
Nakai: Now that you mention it...
Nino and Sho: No no no no no.

If even Nakai is shipping you, you guys....

And I suppose I will end with this.

Me: *finishes book cover for yaoi doujin* Yay!
Takano-sensei: What's that you've got there. Oh wow, that's pretty.
Me: Thank you. I made it from a misprinted worksheet.
Takano-sensei: What kind of book is that?
Me: ...
Takano-sensei: Is it an English book?
Me: No, it's in Japanese.
Takano-sensei: Wow, you're so awesome.
Me: No, no, I run into kanji I can't read a lot.
Me (in my head): SAFE.

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W 9 )
Kuuga 27-49 (End) )
Blade 1 )
New Zealand Soap Opera 80-82 )

I also watched some of Arashi's variety appearances, and Jun on HaneTobi was GOLD. I love how he was right, but he had the STUPIDEST reasons for being right. Oh Jun ♥
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I bet since I haven't marathoned a drama in a while you all forgot I could. HAH.

My Girl 2 )
My Boss My Hero 1-10(end) )
Yuukan Club 1-10(end) )
Tiger and Dragon SP & 1-11(end) )
Love My Life )

ATTN: It's getting to be the time of year where I have to buy New Year's Cards, which means I need to know how many I need, which means I need the addresses of those of you who have moved this year. To be safe, I'd rather have all your addresses, but I know I have certain people's written down, um.... somewhere. とにかく! Speak up if you want a card and you don't think I have your address.
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I keep forgetting! I have Dreamwidth codes on the off chance there's someone on the internet who doesn't have one yet. So.

Untouchable 1 )
My Girl 1 )

And also I wish you would all sing moar D:
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Translation: AnS Staff Blog 3/9/09 )

(yeah, I know)

So, sick since Monday. We'll see how that goes.

Decided in a fit of insanity to try taking some more tests, so my Sundays in November will be pretty (not) busy. Tests! )
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So, for all of you who listened to my last voice post, you know I was whining about a DS, eventually deciding against buying one.

FF3 )

I have also been SO BORED as to actually watch Japanese TV.

SmaxSma, Buzzer Beat, AnS )

And in closing, I've heard the hidden track of the new Arashi album (waiting on 5x10 'til I actually get the thing), but I have to say, unfortunately nothing will ever beat the sheer awesome of the one on V6's VOYAGER album. ...Unless Arashi did one in that style.

Off to getting kicked out of the net cafe and in search of a CD player!

P.S. Pokemon playing friends, what Pokemon are you playing?
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I am going to tell you something I'm sure you will find shocking, utterly shocking:

I am not prepared for the kanji kentei that's in a week.


I mean, I'm certainly *better off*. But for a test you need a 70% to pass, uh, yeah, no.

Anyway. [ profile] vintage_belle came and stayed and we went to ikebana class and a doll store and I bought several phone straps and ate Wendy's and KFC and finally went back to BookOff to get me some HikaGen.

I of course bask in love and adoration from my students. Even if I did have a problem with Takano-sensei last week that had me ready to destroy things. I *did* get to complain about having to learn HSJ, but no sooner did I get 9(!) of them right, they asked me about B.I. Shadow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY orz We started a reading-writing club for kids who wanted to come. I've been kind of surprised at the turnout! Exciting~

I've also tried to get better at kendama, because I'm seriously fail. Although, given I have that test in a week, maybe I should spend the time practicing *kanji*...

Anyway, I'm sorry, I remain unmotivated to write *anything*, even though I really do want to.

I did clean my entire apartment, at least? It was way hardcore.

...Okay, I'm going to bed.

Me: [Eats squid]
2-3: どう?
Me: 味がない。
2-3: 鯵がなかったら、買ってあげる。 :P
Me: *facepalm*

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Blah blah no one wants to read this, probably not even *you*, Staubs. )
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I am writing. An LJ post. Guah.

Happy June Birthdays!

SO. In "hilarious things my students have said":

Takano-sensei: The era before this was called Showa. And of course now is Heisei. What will the the next era be called, I wonder?
6-2: Godzilla!!

In "travels":

So I went to Todai to see Fuki's dance performance except I don't think I did. I had to leave because it was POURING. So hard I actually stopped in Ohmiya to buy new clothes. And also to eat ~real cookies~. But.

And then yesterday I went to hang out with Lisa in Maebashi. Oh, Gunma. We decided to go to Niigata next month!

I'm also going to try and set up my summer vacation to go all the way down to Kyuushuu and then leapfrog my way back up through Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya. And then maybe go North? I'm also not sure when I should visit Alia... Dude, Alia, we should go see the temple made of stone!

And [ profile] vintage_belle: 7/21-22 (Tues.-Wed.); 8/20-21 (Thurs.-Fri.).

In "idol magazines":

For all the people that saw the July Popolo interview and were cautious about the translation, today was the first day of magazine sales for us mere mortals, so here you go:


Uh, yes, he did say what you think he just said. But I would also put forth that we should take into account that it's *him* saying it.

And now I'm just kind of... out of steam. Some post is better than no post? BACK TO KANJI STUDYING. ...Or maybe a nap.
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I really am working on that longer reaction post, I promise.

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE A ISSUE WITH WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT SEXISM, SPECIFICALLY RE:JAPAN: This is not the meta you're looking for. Also, Spoilers for the most recent Shinkenger.

Okay! Now that *that's* out of the way.

So, as all the poor suckers on my flist know, two of my main fandoms are Toku (Yeah Toku side of the flist yeah!) and Jmusic, specifically JE (Yeah boyband fans, represent!). These two fandoms can have some interesting overlap sometimes.

My favorite overlap? How [ profile] megthelegend and [ profile] still_ciircee are steadily molding their children into becoming the next generation of fans. You guys should share tips, seriously. (If [ profile] still_ciircee was on my flist, I would make it happen you guys. It'd be like those crazy crossover fics we love, except real life.)

But another, less hilarious commonality has arisen: People objecting to the sexism they see in their media.

I'm going to cut it here, because it's probably going to get long. THAT'S THE WAY I ROLL, OKAY. )
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So it's my birthday (yay), and as such I can do what I want. Namely, not make my post about training right now. Suckerssss~~~

Uh, no, so. First let's talk about how awesome it is to be in Japan: Door to Door )

And then, I know it's my birthday, so you all should be showering *me* with gifts, but [ profile] beckerbell is simultaneous sick and being threatened with a watery grave, so. This is just a snippet, obviously I can't just sit down right now and write the whole thing, and I do have to SLEEP a little before I go to the city office (orz), but. A scene that's been rolling around in my head from Kaga Bishin and Ten Dousouji:

After an early fight, in Kaga Bishin's main room )
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This was a lot like pulling teeth to get written, so excuse the reliance on chat logs in bits. At least I didn't share the bit about MatsuJun and Nakai and sequins.

Toire no Hanako )
Ketsuekigata Betsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Houhou 4 )
Love Shuffle 7 )
Voice 7-8 )
Mei-chan no Shitsuji 6-7 )
Denjiman 5-6 )
PVs! )

And as for the animated Believe PV: I did not know Nino was moonlighting as Tuxedo Kamen. (Full disclosure: I did not intend that pun, but when I noticed it, I used it deliberately.)


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