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I should get back in the habit now, huh?



The premise is very run of the mill, but I like the way it's exectued. I also like the reckless woman detective whose heart BURNS WITH JUSTICE. She's like Ban but 25x awesomer. (Also, she isn't perpetually yelling.)

I'm not going to lie, I also partially love it because I don't ship her and Kyouju. In fact, I ship her with her friend from detective school and oh my gosh the show has actually given me a little hope, be still my fannish heart.

Mostly I like it because it's really funny.


So. Goseiger. I actually caught up with it before watching the last episodes, but I don't really remember what happened because... I didn't really care. I share the popular fandom opinion that Gosei was kind of (very) lackluster, and lacking in plot/characterization/awesome.

[personal profile] niav has already written all about it, so, I'm not going to waste the bits.

I will say, though, I can't believe they didn't erase everyone's memories. Now THAT would have been an ending :Db

Goukai 1-3
I LOVE IT. Those of you who follow my twitter already know this.

(I did calm down this week, though.)

I actually can't pinpoint exactly why I love it, I just do. It's just SO AWESOME.

I will say, I am hoping for some more character episodes because I feel like I know very little about Pink and Blue (although, given the track record, Aihm is probably going to get the shaft).

Oh, also, WHY AkaRed thought it was a good idea to give the chest of sentai keys to Marvelous, of all people. Seriously.

I also enjoy pixiv and it's doodles already. Soon I will make a rec post of art, but... not right now.

So, I just tuned back into Tacobar about a month ago and haven't caught up with what I missed (oops). That said, I do actually enjoy it quite a bit.

Especially last week's (*.*)

Someone on the internet wrote about how they didn't like the first half of the last arc (I dunno how they feel about yesterday's), but I have to disagree, because despite it being a lot of set-up, well, 1) I'm used to that, but 2) I don't know anything about...... whatshisface. Not even his name. And maybe that's because I haven't been watching, but I enjoyed getting to see a little of what was going on with him.

Did we not know he was a doctor? The show seemed to be teasing us with that information. idk, I liked seeing his personality, since the rest of what I've seen of him is "oooo medals oooo"

I also enjoyed Eiji harassing everyone, but that was on a purely lolz level.

And, the person I find most interesting right now is Gotou.

In other news, I recently rewatched Kabuto, and I actually have no new thoughts on it. Deka, on the other hand... I'm pining for Tetsu, you guys. (We're actually stopped on the episode before he gets introduced.) This is not cool.


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