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While everyone is practicing, Bureidoran reveals his EVIL PLAN. You see, he's managed to make a Sanzu no Pond, and utilizing the blah blah mumbo jumbo he's going to open a path to Gosei World and then send the Sanzu water in after it in kind of a waterspout of death. Shitari is not surprised that Bureidoran was just using them for his own purposes, perhaps because Shitari is not stupid.


Bureidoran send in Dark Elvis Takeru, and they all fight him, uh, 10 on 1. <--- This is a fair fight, you guys. It's a sword fight, but despite the fact that at least three of the Shinkengers are canonically close to being as good as Takeru, no one can touch him. (Plot, okay???) They're all, like, laying on the ground in defeat, and Takeru goes to get Alata, but the Shinkengers send a mojikara protection to repay him for earlier. And then, through the power of LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP, they break the dark power controlling him. By which I mean, we get a flashback to what Alata was doing with Kaoru, and she gave him a Shiba Family Mojikara Tensou card to bring Takeru back to himself. :Db

And then (this is awesome), Alata gives Takeru's words from the beginning of the movie about working together back to him.

SO! The twelve of them go stand on a cliff and transform and pose and stuff (see also: the previews). And then! CHANCHANBARA CHANBARA! They kick some butts! They use the gattai-ed techniques they'd practiced before, as well as old-fashioned weapons. The highlight of this was Genta fighting with GoseiKnight:

Genta: I'll finish them off! *hyaku-mai-oroshi*
GoseiKnight: *also attacks*
Monsters: *Blow up*
Genta: ......or maybe you'll finish them off.

Anyway, they keep fighting, and Daigoyou gets lost. AND STUMBLES UPON THE GOUKAIGERS.

Who know it's a movie

The Gokaigers are so meta, I love them already. Anyway, they do the fighting with Shitari and his group of mooks he's gotten together to oppose Bureidoran, including Green tricking the monsters with "look! over there!", and then they turn into THE REDS!!! Specifically, Bouken, Magi, Deka, Geki, and ... Go-On, I think. (Somebody have the picture that was floating around the internet?) (They did this in Gokai 1 as well IIRC)

After finishing the battle, they spot Daigouyou. (Green tries to hide behind Yellow, as if that would work). Pink is super polite, and Red asks Daigoyou not to tell anyone about seeing them. Then they leave. :Db

Meanwhile, back at the battle, they're left with Bureidoran(s). By which I mean, he has somehow managed to get all his forms in one place at one time. I don't know either. He has opened up the path to Gosei World and is about to send the Sanzu water through.

AND THEN. AND THEN. The Goseigers!!!! They made Tensou cards so all the Shinkengers could use Elvis-mode at once!!!!!!!!!!

The Shinkengers use the sealing character to get rid of the Sanzu water, and then, it's Giant Robot Tiem!

There is lots of fighting, and Shinken-Oh gets bara-bara-ed, so only Gosei Great is left. But, as is the custom with Goseiger, their wish to save the world creates a NEW CARD: Grand Hyper Gosei Great.


Anyway, the Shinkengers get to come aboard too, and they defeat(-ish) Bureidoran and the MotW.

And then Genta makes them do the clap :Db

Finally, they have a heart warming moment of, you know, heart-warming. Which includes a lot of insulting each other :D

After the Shinkengers leave, the Goseigers talk about how cool it would be to be Samurai. But who would be their tono? They think about it for approx. 2 seconds before deciding Alata-tono would not work.

And then the closing is awesome with them doing ridiculous poses :D

So, when I was looking at the previews of this, I was wondering why they were giving so much away. Then I watched it and found out, it's because they had to show the awesome stuff to save the even more awesome stuff secret!

This team up was, dare I say, perfect. It showed off the good points of both the Gosei and Shinken teams and didn't waste time with nonsensical fighting each other (or being bffs after 10 seconds). It was really funny, and actually had an internally consistent plot. (I assume the Shinken production team did the writing?) Oh, and KAORU was in it, did I mention that?

Also, someone, please, I beg of you, ship Chiaki and Moune. Please.

I cannot wait for the DVD of this so I can watch it over and over and over again.

on 2011-02-19 10:15 am (UTC)
scifisentai: shinkenger, chiaki plus shinkenmaru (chiaki)
Posted by [personal profile] scifisentai
Gah, stop telling me how awesome this is when the dvd won't be out for months. D: *claws at internet*

And hah, I've been tentatively shipping Chiaki/Moune since the previews, on nothing but the basis that it would be awesome, so I'm glad that they do indeed seem to get good moments together. :)

on 2011-02-19 10:53 am (UTC)
scifisentai: faiz, takumi and yuji coming to terms (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] scifisentai
March? That soon? o_O Even the movie isn't out yet, how's it that soon? Not that I'm complaining because I really want to see it, I'm just confused now.

*shrugs* I'll take what I can get. :)

on 2011-02-19 11:01 am (UTC)
scifisentai: faiz, takumi and yuji coming to terms (aguri)
Posted by [personal profile] scifisentai
Ah, okay. That would make more sense, yeah. :) I kept thinking the vs specials came out around now but then it only just came out at the cinema and I'm used to having to wait months for something after that so I got all thrown off.

on 2011-02-19 11:30 am (UTC)
defeatedbyabridge: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge
I'm so glad it was fun.


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