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We open to the Goseigers fighting. It was SUPER LOUD. No for serious.

Anyway then Shitari comes out of the Sanzu River, and is then shocked by the Doukoku-shaped SHADOWY FIGURE that comes out of the river.

Meanwhile, at the Observatory, Alata is going shopping and everyone is totally taking advantage of him to make him get stuff for them. Hyde even told him which two stores to go to to get the two things he wanted :Db

On his way to the store he intercepts some STRANGE MONSTERS. What could they be? He transforms.

But then! Takeru, having the bell thingys, shows up. He, of course, gets rid of all of them. He also does this awesome thing where he throws his tsuba up in the air and catches it on the hilt and it's AWESOME.

After the battle, Alata is like, "Oh, so you're ShinkenRed. I've heard all about you. I'm GoseiRed. Let's work together!"

Takeru: Okay.

Just like that. Really.

Alata takes Takeru back to the observatory, where he gets successively embarrassed by the kuroko for making him a tatami seat-thing, and then Jii for almost telling them the Grand History of the Shiba Clan.

The Goseigers puzzle over Takeru for a little while, and Lungfish asks Datas for "all the data on samurai". ALL THE DATA.

A little later, Ryuunosuke shows up in giant kimono, but at least sans make-up. The Goseiger... do not react exceptionally graciously, especially since Lungfish, after reading ALL THE DATA, decides the key to understanding the Shinkengers is wearing topknot wigs (even Datas). I think you can already hear Ryuu's hissy fit in your mind's ear.

But, so, monsters appear so the seven of them head out. The Goseigers get cut off from Takeru and Ryuu by the MotW, who can just eat up their tensou powers and spit it back at them. Chiaki shows up dramatically mid-fight, and Ryuunosuke almost kills himself climbing over a railing in joy.

Then the SHADOWY FIGURE appears. Anyone who's up to date on Goseiger will not be surprised when I reveal it to be Chimatsu no Bureidoran. AND he has a plan!

He gets the mooks to grab Chiaki and Ryuu so he can BiBi Takeru up and then kidnap him.

This, of course, upsets Chiaki and Ryuu, who ditch the Goseigers.

Since the Goseigers are very smrt, they decide the best plan is too..... intercept Mako and Kotoha?

Eri and Agri show up at the airport pretending to be Kuroko. Mako goes with it, until Eri says she can't lift the kago because it's too heavy (lolz). Agri says he'll carry it by himself, so she gets in too.

Meanwhile, Kotoha is confused at the train station until she sees Ryuunosuke! Uh, except, it's Lungfish.

Kotoha: Huh? Where'd Ryuu-san go?
Hyde: He wasn't here.
Moune: We're here to pick you up. We're angels.
Kotoha; But I'm not dead!
Hyde and Moune: ...
Kotoha: And if you're angels, where are your halos and wings?
Hyde and Moune: Please just come with us.

Alata comes up behind Ryuu and Chaki, who are apparently working on their genius plan of "throwing rocks in the water, and tells them not to give up. Then the Agri taxi arrives. And then Kotoha comes around the corner but turns around to give Hyde and Moune some sweets from Kyoto. (They appear to have given up on her by the time they get there.) (Ryuu: Kotoha! You've gotten so big since the last time I saw you! (it's off camera but I assume he pinches her cheeks))


The Goseigers transform and start fighting, but the Shinkengers are frozen in "NOOOOO! TAKERU!" They basically wait for firey death to rain from above, but Alata steps in front of the attack. Then, GoseiKnight and Genta show up to save them. They happen to use their attacks at the same time, which makes it EVEN STRONGER.

They go back to put Alata under the Blanket on the Couch. The Landsick siblings go off to make rocks, and Chiaki and Kotoha show up. Chiaki's like "pfft, I've seen that before." And then Kotoha makes a rock too :D

They all decide to combine the mojikara and the tensou stuff but of course this takes PRACTICE. They keep practicing over and over while Genta makes Alata some sushi.

Alata: 味は普通けど





Ryuunosuke squishes Alata's head on the ground because 頭が高い! (lolz), and Kaoru asks Alata to come with her....

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